Date: 28/08/2012

From: Diane Birkenshaw

From: Fantastic Site. I have visited the Site regularly. Very Informative and a pleasure to Browse.

Live: Durham.

Date: 11/07/2012

From: New Zealand

Message: My ancestors lived in South Hylton they lived in Church Street and Dawson Street in the 1800s. My x4grandfather was John Holmes and he was a shipwright and I gather his father William Holmes was a potter and I think he worked for Dawson Potteries.  If anyone has any information on the above I would really appreciate it I also have a family tree that shows John and Elizabeth nee Charlton came to NZ and remained there for their life time
Regards Bronwen Inness

Date: 09/07/2012

From: Jean Robson (nee Hawkins)

Message: I can’t tell you what a wonderful find this site has been. Not only has it helped enormously with my ancestry search, but it has brought back SO many happy memories of my childhood in South Hylton.

Live: Holbeach, Nr Spalding, S. Lincs

Date: 09/07/2012

From: Fred Sedgwick

Message: = I believe William Kearsley was father to my Grandmother Mary Kearsley. He was the son of Peter Kearsley and Jane Kearsley in Wear Street, 1871. His wife was, I believe, a Mary Hunt, from Whitby.
Live: Newcastle upon Tyne

Date:  04/06/2012

From:  David Gladwin

Message:  While writing a new transport book I came across a Christmas Card from W. H. Jolly which I guess dates from the 1940’s, together with a sort of poem.  From this I began to look up the local history area, and a jolly good site you have (and I’ve found some turgid confused shockers).  Well done and thanks.

Live:  Ewyas Harold HR2 0EQ

Date: 02/05/2012

From: Val Everson

Message: Love the site.  Am particularly interested in the Talbot family – can update tree.

Live: Sherburn Hill, Durham

Date: 25/04/2012

From: Christine Rixon

Message: My Grandmother Beatrice Maggie Wake born in 1894 Ford, South Hylton.  She married Thomas Milner in 1912 at St. Mary’s Church, South Hylton.

Live: Buckinghamshire

Date: 31/03/2012

From: Allan and Cynthia Simmons

Message: Hi

My name is Allan Simmons and I am married to Cynthia (nee Wild). She is a descendant of Benjamin Wild and Elizabeth Milner who sailed to Australia in 1857. We currently live in South Australia and will be visiting Sunderland from 12-18 April in a few weeks. I would love to get in contact with Joyce Milner who has contributed to your society. We would love to meet her!I have done a very extensive tree of the Wild family that dates from 1750 to today. Would you be interested in it?  P lease let me know


 Live: Adelaide, South Australia

Date: 11/08/2011

From: Charles White

Message: I found my great grandfather John Ayre on the 1861 census. He was the son of William and Margaret Ayre of South Hylton. Thank you.
Live: Clay, New York, USA

Date: 07/08/2011

From: Howard Mills

Message: It was a real pleasure to visit this web site. I think I’m probably a descendant (through my mother)of the ‘Chilton’ family mentioned on your ‘family trees’ page. I may be able to help fill in some gaps.So I will talk to my mother and her sisters when I am up in the North East next week and see what I can find out.


Howard Mills

Date: 04/08/2011

From: Malcolm Normington

Message: I lived at Pyrex social club my dad was the steward & green keeper.  I worked at the paper mill as a fitter until it closed in 1971.  I was transferd to a paper mill in Devon from there I moved to Zambia and worked on the copper belt.  In 1980 i moved to South Africa.  I would like to get in touch with the other fitters just to see how they are doing
LIVE: South Africa

Date: 02/08/2011

From: Chris Ridley

Message: Hello
First of all I want to congratulate you on an absolutely fantastic site…Well Done.
I am researching my GGGG Grandfather ‘Henry Ridley’ and I was wondering if there is any way of knowing if he came from or worked in South Hylton at some time. I don’t know his birth year but it may around 1805 -5. What I do know is that two of his children were born here (St Mary’s Baptisms)
1.) John Walston Ridley Bap. 27/07/1834
2.) Robert Ridley Bap. 26/02/1836.
Then between 1836-38 Henry, his wife Sarah, John and Robert, moved down to Wales. While I have a lot of information on the Ridley family from that time on, it is Henry who is almost unknown to me.
Henry worked as a mineral surveyor so maybe he was working in South Hylton when they had the children or maybe he was born there???
I have an account with and various other research companies but to no avail. He is and has always been a stumbling block.
Any help would be more than appreciated and if I can help in any way with Western Australian queries I will gladly do that.

Kind regards


Reply: Unfortunately, we hold no business records whatsoever.  As you will be aware, the Census Returns only started in 1841 and there it would be impossible for us to be able to help you on this occasion.

Date: 17/07/2011

From: Patricia Lancaster

Message: I was brought up on page pastures farm, and was wondering could I have all the history on it as I can’t seem to find anything.  I have visited again last week and so much has changed, it was very emotional but enjoyable going back to my roots.  It’s 50 yrs since we moved from there and seems its some sort of an educational place now. How old would the farm be please.

Live: Thorney Close.


Date: 22:06:2011
From:  Jeanette Thomas
Message: My great grandfather lived in South Hylton and moved to Stockton on Tees. I think your site is very informative and I have enjoyed reading the history of the area.
Live: Stockton on Tees


Date: 06:06:2011
From: Jen Douglas-Robson
Where From: Lilac Street, South Hylton
Message: I was looking to see if there were any ref to ghosts etc following an encounter earlier today but couldn’t seem to find anything. Great site though.
Live: Lilac Street South Hylton


Date: 12:05:2011

From: Linda Ellis (nee Ferry)
Message: I often look on this site and wonder why more don’t leave messages as so many have moved further afield or maybe like me have looked for years and not left a message till now .i worked at Hylton paper mill from 1967 till 1969.  Ii would love to here from anyone who worked there at the same time
Live: Leeds.


Date: 25:04:2011

From: Bill Archibold

Message: Photo of Hylton Colliery band crossing the river on their way to the Big Meeting I can recognize two of the players, Boss Haley the euphonium player and Teddy Ward who played the G-trombone. Don’t know date but it brings back happy memories. Thanks.

Live: Basildon, Essex.

Date: 10:04:2011

From: Pat Burton (nee Cooke).

Message: I was born in South Hylton in 1954 to Gordon and Nora Cooke (nee Conaboy). We moved to the South when I was about 6 or 7 and it took me a long time to settle. Nobody understood my accent to start with! A little bit unsettling for a young girl. My Dad in 1948, was awarded the Humanitarian Medal for saving 3 lives from the River Weir – I believe near the Ferry Boat. He always regretted that he could not save all the lives in the water that day.

Live: Chichester.


Date: 04:04:2011

From: Jill Gittins

Message: My Thanks to Edward Harker for compiling the Harker family tree (Henry Harker b.1863 was my father’s mother’s father). And thanks to everyone else for creating this very interesting web resource. I’ve enjoyed my visit and I’ll come back again. Jill

Live: Chislehurst, Kent.


Date: 26:03:2011

From: Stephen Hall

Message: Thank you for all the work done in your web site. I have been able to fill in a few holes of my family history and trace the Hall family in South Hylton.

Live: Preston.


Date: 26:03:2011

From: Fred Salem.

Message: I have just traced my Great grand parents to South Hylton and found your web site, it is a fantastic web site and I have seen the family in the section 1891 census. Thanks to all the people that must have worked so hard to provide all the information. the actual street was Blithe St and the pictures were great, have you any idea what year the pictures are of Blithe St.
Many thanks

Live: Widness


Date: 16:03:2011

From: Brian Walton.

Message: Particularly interested in shipbuilding at S Hylton. My great grandfather was Wm Jackson of Forrest and Jackson and I would like more information on the sailing vessels he built.

Live: Cornwell.


Date: 28:02:2011

From: Jessie Barnes.

Message: Great pictures. My Aunt and Uncle, Sadie & Tom Bellamy used to run The Golden Lion Pub about sixty years ago. As children we loved going over on the ferry. I am researching my family history Sadie was my father John Johnson’s sister. Thanks for the memories.

Live: Northamptonshire.


Date: 24:02:2011

From: Frank Naisbit.

Message: i have just started to read the history of the village and find it very interesting.  I worked at Hylton paper mills and had the unpleasant task as shift foreman to SHUT the mill down on the last shift of production JULY 1971.

Live: 3 Wear Street South.


Date: 22:02:2011

From: Judy Anderson.

Message: Came across this web site and found it absolutely fab. I’m researching the RYLES family originally from Staffs. There are quite a few of them scattered around and quite a few of them have the same Christian names! I am interested in AARON RYLES my great. grandfather who was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne about 1841. His father was MOSES b.1816 in Hylton.  His grand/father was AARON EPHRAIM RYLES B.1789. The information from this site will help a great deal. THANK YOU
Live: Newcastle-on-Tyne.


Date: 22:01:2011

From: Jim Winn

Message: Great Site.

Live: Sunderland.


Date: 17:01:2011

From: John Hartford.

Message: Tracing family tree (Minnikin) and your web pages are brilliant for information and pictures.
Good luck.

Live: Eastbourne.


Date: 17:08:2010

From: Paul Anderson

Message: Fantastic web site!!, I married into the davey family 11 years ago today!my father in law is Keith Davey(the golfer)his dad Syd davey (the weightlifter) any body got any stories about the davey’s?
Live: Millfield.





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