Street NameNumber of HousesYear(s) BuiltBuilt byReason For Street NameRemarksPhotograph
Saint Mary’s Vicarage1circa 1855Thomas Moore
Salisbury Street8George Anthony CarrAfter Lord Salisbury
Southside Gardens842005/2007Miller HomesSouth side of River WearThis site was occupied for many years by various forges. The last occupant was Harry Marsh who vacated the site in Early 2005. This was the last of the industries of South Hylton in over 150 years.
South View291921Faces South
The Birches202004/2005Gentoo (formerly S'land Housing Group)This was formerly part of the original Ford Oval site
The Elms4
The Terrace1Late 18th centuryKnown as 41 High Street.
Union Street5Various builders.Consist of:

E & C Ho Ltd

South Hylton Pharmacy

South Hylton Primary School

South Hylton School House

South Hylton Surgery
Vicarage Lane1 - The Vicaragecirca 1855Thomas MooreAfter St. Mary’s Vicarage.The main photograph is looking up Vicarage Lane with the Vicarage on the left. The photograph, inset, is looking down Vicarage Lane, with the Wesleyan Methodist Church on the right, before demolition.
Victoria Avenue281946/7
After Queen VictoriaContinuing the Royal Theme of King Edward Road and Coronation Terrace.
Violet Street321907Henry Alexander WoodhillAfter the FlowerThe property was sold to Mary Jane Hutchinson for £260.00.
Wear Street23After the river Wear
Wear View8After the river Wear
West Grove14West facing
William Street3 (originally 4 houses)1852Thought to be William Dodd Pratt
After the builder.