Street NameNumber of HousesYear(s) BuiltBuilt byReason For Street NameRemarksPhotograph
Maling Park61987Barratt HomesAfter the Maling Pottery.
Mayfield Road431970’sRoseberry ConstructionThe site of Mayfield Road was originally known as Ferry Farm Estate. Another owner said the filed was next to Saul French and was called “Mayfield”.

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Meadow Drive22
Meadow Grove24
Mount Close28Mount Close is semi-circular and on a slight slope. Hence “Mount Close”.
New Street13
North View30Circa 1952North facing
Offerton Close161975Roseberry Home Construction
Near Offerton Farm.Formerly “Lancey’s Bank”.
The Poplars4After tree
Pottery Lane0Lane leading to Dawson's Pottery
Pottery Villas4After Dawson's Pottery
Primrose Street29Between 1896 and 1901After the flower
Railway Terrace22c1854After the Railway Station
Riverside - “Garden House”1

Riverside Lodge1
Riverside Park151986/1987Private builderLooks down on the river
Riverside - “Whiteheugh”1
Romaldskirk Close61980Pinedale Builders
Ruislip Road441980Pinedale Estates Ltd, BurnleyAfter the town of RuislipIn the 1930’s, the people of Ruislip donated a sum of money “for use for the benefit of poor persons in South Hylton with a preference for those who were unemployed either in grants of money or gifts in kind”. A Registered Charity was set up in 1967 to administer the fund. The charity closed in November 2008 with the balance of the fund, approximately £1,000, being handed over to the South Hylton Community Building Project, Registered Charity No: 1097068.