Street NameNumber of HousesYear(s) BuiltBuilt byReason For Street NameRemarksPhotograph
High Street5Circa 1857
Hylton Bank24
Hylton House1Late 1700’sEdward Potts.Edward Potts was a Shipbuilder. This is now a Grade II Listed building. It was once owned by John Dawson, Dawson’s Pottery and the Lindley family who managed the South Hylton Gas Light & Coke Company. Hylton House is the oldest building in South Hylton.
Hylton Walk32Circa 1966RidleyA walkway off Hylton Bank.
John Street2George Anthony CarrDuring WW II, John Street suffered hits from German bombs resulting in a number of fatalities
Keelman's Row1After the keelboats
Kepier Gardens61962RoseberryMedieval Hospital at Durham.Kepier is a location in County Durham. It is situated on the River Wear, close to Gilesgate, Durham. It lies in the parish of Belmont.

Kepier is notable as the location of the medieval Hospital of St. Giles at Kepier. The name derives from 'Kipe weir', meaning a weir with a fish trap and the convenience of being close source of fish (a major part of the monastic diet) may have influenced the location of the hospital. It dates back to 1112.
King Edward Road28King Edward VIIContinuing the Royal Theme of Victoria Avenue and Coronation Terrace.
Laburnum Close91907/1908George Anthony CarrAfter the flower
Lavender Street51907Thought to be by BarwickAfter the flowerThe owner of No: 2 reports that the front windows were blown out (blast damage) by a bomb sometime in the 1940’s.
Lilac Street14Between 1896 and 1919George Anthony CarrAfter the flowerThese houses were built on a “as wanted” basis.
Lion Place2
Lisa Avenue8