Street NameNo: of HousesYear(s) BuiltBuilt byReason for Street NameRemarksPhotograph
East Grove16East facingEast Grove
Estuary Way461980/1982Barratt HomesEstuary of the River WearEstuary Way
Fairmead Way31Fairmead Way
Floral Dene5Floral Dene
Ford Avenue17Village name of “Ford”Ford Avenue
Ford Crescent32Village name of “Ford”Ford Avenue
Ford Lodge322007/2008Miller HomesAfter original buildingThis development was originally to be called “Church View” as the site overlooked St. Mary’s Church. With the intervention of the History Society, all parties agreed to continue the name “Ford Lodge”Ford Lodge
Frederick Street111901?Frederick Street
Gill House
1Late 18th CenturyUnknownIn 1978 Gill House was documented as a Grade II Listed Building. According to the Council Conversation department, it was de listed in 1994, but the reason why is a mystery!
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Gill House
Green Bank Drive83Durham & Co; Athol Const; Ridley and some self built.
Built on a green field on the bank of of a nursery garden called Greenbank
Grindon Avenue10
High Elms
102005/2006Gentoo (formerly S’land Housing Group)