Low Row, down on the riverside.  the farthest building is the original Jolly Potter.
Low Row, down on the riverside. the farthest building is the original Jolly Potter.

Date:  06:02:2009
From:  Neil K
Where from:  Sunderland
Message:  is the same email address still used by society as I’ve emailed a couple of times and had no reply.Once again what a web site.
Reply:  The simple answer is yes Neil. We have had one or two problems which as a result we didn’t receive your e-mail address to reply.  This has now been rectified.

Date:  03:02:2009
From:  Angela Algaraf (nee Shipley)
Where from:  Tobruk, Libya, N  Africa
Message:  MY sister who resides at Grindon and I have just visited the web site and had a walk down memory lane in south Hylton village which brought back lovely memories of my childhood. Living abroad I don’t often get back home. It brought back memories I had completely forgotten about. It reminded me of how lucky I was to be brought up in such a lovely community where everyone knew each other.It’s very strange for me to see all the changes. Thank you for the site it’s going to be nice to show my children where I was born and bred.

Date:  06:01:2009
From:  Bruce Bloomfield
Where from:  Cape Town, South Africa.
Message:  I have just received a copy of your “With Hylton in mind”.  I would like to congratulate you on your publication.  In your interview with Vera Brass (nee French) my mother is mentioned (Greta Galey).  It is nice to see a picture of people she has spoken to over the years.  I received your book from my cousin Ann Lawson whose mother Olga was my mother’s sister.

From:  Edith Freeman
Where from:  Rossendale Valley, Lancashire.
Message:  Discovered your site by accident whilst searching for details of my ancestors.  Whilst I am unaware of any family connection with South Hylton I found your site so interesting that I just kept browsing & found it fascinating.  Many congratulations & keep up the good work – wish more areas would do as you have done.

Date:  17:12:2008
From:  David Staincliffe
Where from:  Wiltshire
Message:  Excellent site with great photographic section.  Keep up the good work.

Date:  08:12:2008
From:  Kathleen Wilson
Where from:  St. Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada
Message:  My father, Robert M Wilson was born in South Hylton.  Your site has given me a lot of information on his ancestors.  It would be nice to see more web sites like this.  Good job!

Date:  26:11:2008
From:  Linda Clark (nee Hipley)
Where from:  Grindon
Message:  Brill Site doing things with it for my web design learning and digital photography not being very successful but getting there I know how much work went into it thanks for the memories.

Date:  24:11:2008
From:  Jeanne Hensey (nee Haldon)
Where from:  Burtonwood, Staffordshire.
Message:  Very informative – doing my family history.  Found that my Gt. Grandfather was born there and because I live away from the area found it very useful.  One address they lived at was Waterside Row – next to the Leopard Inn – does this still exist today?  Family name I am researching  is “Haldon” although they were listed under “Harding” on 1861 and 1871 Census.
Reply:  Unfortunately not.  All the trades/public houses/accommodation etc has long gone from the riverside.

Date:  05:11:2008
From:  Mavis Nicholson
Where from:  Bedfordshire.
Message:  Congratulations on this site.  It brings back fond memories of my childhood in the village.  My maiden name was Wigham.

Date:  27:10:2008
From:  Joanne Eden
Where from:  Washington.
Message:  A very interesting site and just what I need to get information for my university course.

Date:  15:10:2008
From:  David Marshall
Where from:  Northants
Message:  Lived in South Hylton between 1950 & 1961 left to join RN.  Sister Dianne and brother Albert lived in Church St, and then Evesham.  Best friends Alan Stothard and Jean Hawkins. Lost touch with June Robinson who initially told me about the society.
Reply:  DAVID, Could you please get in touch with us.