44 Cambria Street, the village Police Station until the 1950's.
44 Cambria Street, the village Police Station until the 1950’s.

Date:  16:11:2009

From:  Gary Buckley

Where From:  Rosemount, South Hylton

Message:  could spend hours looking at the web site. found the parish registers of great interest lots of Gibbons on there a bit spooky in a way to see the names of your ancestors ….thoroughly enjoyed thanks


Date:  09:11:2009

From:  Ian McDougall

Where From:  Bishop Auckland

Message:  Congratulations on an excellent web site – a truly fantastic resource!


Date:  31:10:2009

From:  David Barker

Where from:  Sarasota, Florida, USA

Message:  Loved the photos of then and now, found you through a group of people called Bring back the Jolly Bus. Pleased I did. Living in sunny Florida now but think about South Hylton every day.


Date:  19:09:2009

From:  Pauline Wardle

Where from:  Rugby

Message:  I keep trying to post a message but failing! Here goes again. I have forebears in both the Lister and Bartram families, as well as Whitfields. If anyone can fill me in on any details about Lister’s shipbuilding activities, or about the Golden Lion and the ferry close by, I’d love to know more. This is an excellent web site, full of helpful information. Thanks!


Date:  17:09:2009

From:  Chris Ridley

Where from:  Perth, Western Australia

Message:  Thanks to your wonderful site and your lists of Baptisms etc. I have managed to find and date the whereabouts of my GGGG/F and 2 of his children, something I have been stuck on for years. If it wasn’t for sites like this and the people willing to put the effort in, things would be so much harder for a lot of us. I thank you once again.  Kind Regards


Date:  05:09:2009

From:  George Mclaughlin

Where from:  Washington

Message: I have enjoyed your web sit.  I was born in Cambria street in 1952 in the forge houses were my dad worked I would be happy if you could put in your guest book. To see if anybody knows me too get in touch I moved from Cambria street to Ford Oval till left when I was 21. Thank you George Mclaughlin.  PS and I now live in Washington Tyne and Wear.


Date:  02:09:2009

From:  Mena Odonnell

Where from:  London

Message:  Is a great source of history. It helps me to see what life was for my great grand father who worked in the shipyard in his later years after service in the coastguard’s both in Ireland and England.


Date:  25:08:2009

From:  Carolyn Moss-Williams

Where from:  Bangor, North Wales

Message:  Hello, I am very interested in learning more about South Hylton as my Mother was born there (in 1919) and lived in the village until she was 16. She worked in the paper mill for a while and still remembers many stories from her early years. I will show her the information you have on your web site – I’m sure she will be so interested to see the photos of the village as it was – I imagine that will be how she remembers it. Your web site is very informative – thank you!


Date:  18:05:2009

From:  Christine Cassap (nee Birtley)

Where from:  Silksworth

Message:  we lived in south Hylton until 1983 , my dad was the caretaker of south Hylton and Ford schools, my granddad was Aaron Birtley and great granddad Jack.  My aunty and uncle were Tommy and Alice Gales.


Date:  03:05:2009

From:  Dorothy Edward

Where from:  Methlick, Aberdeenshire

Message:  My mother, Gladys Bowen, was one of the large family of the Bowen’s, 15 in total, who lived in South Hylton from about 1890 until about 1914/15.
I am told that my grandmother ran a sweet shop on Waterside (where they lived ) and sold teas on Sunday’s in the summer, from the back garden, which was next to the Golden Lion. My grandfather, William Bowen ran the ferry, presumably part-time and he also worked at Wigham’s.
There was a family named Mitchell who had a daughter called Sarah.  She married someone called Taylor and I remember Sarah and her family who later lived at Pennywell.
Any info re the Bowen’s would be most welcome.