Ferry Farm in the Winter of 1954.
Ferry Farm in the Winter of 1954.

The last major industry was, of course, farming.

It is not possible to know now where all the farms were but in the 1920’s there were still 7 farms within the parish.

The Hutchinson family were prominent farmers in South Hylton. They were the last owners of the High Farm and there is a tombstone in the church yard which shows they were at Ferryboat Farm in 1840.

Other farmers traced were:-

1828 -Thomas Bainbridge, S. & T. Hewitson, Mark Hutchinson, Wm. Scott, John Streaker, Thomas Thompson.

1829 -Wm.. Bulmer

1830 – Ralph Hewison, George Hodgson, Thomas and Lancelot Hutchinson, High Ford. Ralph Lawson, Wm. Proudfoot – North Farm, Wm. Scott, John Straker – South Farm.

1831 -Mrs. Hodgson, John Hope (Claxheugh), Ralph Kirtley, Ralph Lawson (High Ford), Caleb & William Richardson, Robert Brook, Lancelot Hutchinson (Ferry Farm)

1832 -Robert Brock (Low Ford), Wm. Proud (North Ford), Eliz. Walker, Richard Hopper, Lancelot Hutchinson, R. Kirtley, Ralph Lawson.

1833 -Mrs. Ann Gales was farming at The Cottage (The Grange). The Hutchinson’s, Lancelot, Nicholas and Thomas were at High Ford, and Thomas Lowes was farm steward at Claxheugh.

1834 -Christopher Charlton was at Mussel Hill, name later changed to Ford Farm by 1885, John Breck Pattison was at Low Ford farm and Thomas Willis at Garden House Farm.

The last occupant of Ferryboat Farm was Wilfred Thompson; of Page Pastures Farm was G. W. Pattison, and of Claxheugh, George Browell. Middle Farm formerly Brekon Hill was last occupied by Joseph Hutchinson.