Trade directory for Christies 1875-1876.

SurnameChristian NameProfessionAddress
Anderson W. Tailor and Hatter Alma Street
Armstrong J. Innkeeper
Banks J.D. Draper Dawson Terrace
Banks W. Hosier and Bootmaker Cambria Street
Bartram G. Shipbuilder Railway Terrace
Bartram R.A. Shipbuilder Railway Terrace
Bell M. Beer Retailer Railway Terrace
Brayfield (Mrs) E. Provision Dealer Church Street
Broad T. Greengrocer Bewick's Buildings
Brown J. Rivet Manufacturer Hylton House
Browning J. Gentleman Ford Lodge
Bulmer T. Provision Dealer Church Street
Burton J. Gentleman Mount Pleasant
Byerley A. (Mrs) Cambria Street
Callis (Reverend) William The Vicarage
Carr (Miss) A. Dressmaker Wear Street
Carr C. Joiner and Undertaker John Street
Carr G. Joiner Frederick Street
Chambers George Gillhill Terrace
Chilton W. Shipwright Frederick Street
Davis T. Joiner Union Street
Davison (Mrs) R. Baker Gillhill Terrace
Dickenson J. Butcher
Edward W.F. Tailor
Gibbon (Mrs) C. Greengrocer Bewick's Buildings
Graham E. Iron Shipbuilder Cambridge Terrace
Gibbon J. Provisions Dealer Church Street
Gibbon J. Worsted Dealer Church Street
Gibbon M. Beer Retailer
Gibbon N. Shipbuilder
Gowens A. Grocer
Grieveson J. Greengrocer Mount Pleasant
Hall J. Ferryboat Owner Ferry Boat Row
Horsfield Dr. J.W. Surgeon Railway Terrace
Hutchinson J. Innkeeper
Hutchinson L. Farmer
Jefferson J. Innkeeper
Jenkins G. Provision Dealer Ferry Boat Row
Jolly B. H.M.C. (?) Railway Terrace
Jolly (Mrs) Tailor and Draper Cambridge Terrace
Jolly (Mrs) M. Sunnyside
Kirtley T. Shipwright
Kirtley W. Provision Dealer
Knox J. Innkeeper Church Street
Lee J. Butcher Wear Street
Lee John M. Butcher
Lister J.G. Ship owner Railway Terrace
London J.A. Manager-Ford Paper Mill The Rock, Claxheugh
Lowden J. Engineer Cambria Street
Lowden J. & Sons Engineers Cambria Street
Lyle J. Cart Proprietor
Mather W. Grocer and Druggist Church Street
Maw J. (Mrs) Provisions Dealer Railway Terrace
Miller J. Cart Proprietor Sunnyside
MIlner J. Butcher Sunnyside
Milner J. Butcher Frederick Street
Milner T. Butcher Wear Street
Moir J. Joiner
Naizby (Mrs) A. Ship owner Frederick Street
Naizby G. Hosier Dawson Terrace
Nichol J. Grocer Lion Place
Nicholson T. Agent Railway Terrace
North East Railway Station
O'Cain D. Beer Retailer Dawson Terrace
Outterside J. Provision Dealer Blythe Street
Parker W. Provision Dealer Railway Terrace
Pattison J. Innkeeper
Gowens A. - Post Office Postmaster
Pratt E. (Mrs) Railway Terrace
Pratt T. Gentleman Field House
Primitive Methodist Chapel
Raine Brothers Rolling Mills
Raine N. Iron Manufacturer Ford Lodge
Reay and Usher Iron Manufacturers Cambria Street
Reay T. Shipbuilder
Redhead R. Tailor Mount Pleasant
Richardson W. Shipbuilder Alma Street
Robinson J.A. Innkeeper
Robson J. Innkeeper
Rodham J. Gentleman Bank Top
Routledge T. Managing Director Ford Paper Works
Scott J.Y. Gentleman Sunnyside
Shepherd J. Innkeeper Wear Street
Short J. Butcher Dawson Terrace
Short T. Beer Retailer John Street
Stokoe J.M. Grocer and Draper Mount Pleasant
St. Mary's Church Church Street
Shipwright's Institute Church Street
St Mary's National Schools Church Street
Smiles N. Cart Proprietor
South Hylton Cement Co. A. Lawson-Proprietor
Surtees N. Blacksmith Albion Street
Talbot J. Innkeeper Lion Place
Thompson J. Provision Dealer
Thompson R. Cartwright Ferry Boat Row
Todd J. Joiner Albion Street
Trotter J. Joiner Frederick Street
Twizzel R. (Mrs) Cambria Street
Twizzel T. Stationmaster - NE R'wy
United Methodist Free Church Sunnyside
Usher R. Iron Manufacturer
Usher T. Ironmaster Ford Villa
Walker G. Shipsmith
Walker G. Ironmonger Mount Pleasant
Wakefield M.S. (Mrs) Innkeeper Railway Terrace
Wesleyan Chapel
Whitelaw J. Provision Dealer Blythe Street
Winskill R. Bootmaker Blythe Street
Ford (in a separate section).
Brack R. Farmer Low Ford
Ford Works Company T. Routledge - M.D.
Gales (Mrs) A. Ford Cottage
Hodgson I. (Mrs) Farmer
Hutchinson N.L. Farmer High Ford
Kirtley R. Farmer
Scott J. Bottle Manufacturer Ford Hall
Walker C. Farmer Brecon Hill