Public Buildings

Public BuildingsAddress
Christian Lay Church High Street
Church Sunday School Ford Terrace
County Police Office 44 Cambria Street
Fire Brigade Station Cambria Street - R. Collinson, Superintendant
Ford Council School Albion Street - Headmaster - T.D.Collingwood, Mistresses - Miss Burleton and Miss Groves
Hylton Ferry Landing Superintendant - J.F.Pattison
North Eastern Railway Station Stationmaster - R.Hall
Picture Hall-Hylton Picture Palace Church Street
Post Office High Street - Postmistress Miss G. Gowens
Primitive Methodist Church High Street
Rural District Sanatorium Hylton Road -Matron Miss G.Watson
Salvation Army Barracks Sunnyside
South Hylton Rowing Club Whiteheugh
St. Mary's Church Vicar - W.M. Teape
Wesleyan Chapel Church Street

People and Businesses

Surname/CommerceChristian Name(s)/Other entriesOccupationAddress
Adamson John Furniture Remover High Street
Allen George - Bricklyer 26 Cambria Street
Allison Mary 3 Ford Terrace
Anderson William 2 Alma Street
Armstrong John South Ford Farm
Askew Mrs W. 19 Violet Street
Atkinson John R. Wheatsheaf Inn High Street
Attwood Ernest E. Joiner Lilac Street
Bagnall Charles J. Engineer Ford Lodge
Bagnall Isaiah Forgeman Frederick Street
Bagnall R.S. and Sons Limited Forgemasters, chain makers and Engineers
Bainbridge Ralph Furnaceman 42 Cambria Street
Barwick William Fitter 2 Lavender Street
Beattie Richard S. John Street
Beattie William S. Forgeman 2 Primrose Street
Bell Bryan Fitter 17 Violet Street
Bell William Joiner Gill House
Bell William Paper Maker 1 Albion Street
British Chain Manufacturing Company Cambria Street (Hylton 31)
Broad Arthur Nicholas Golden Lion Inn
Broad Nicholas Plater Castle View, Dallas Street
Brooks Mrs Mary Shopkeeper 3 Cambria Street
Browell Alfred Draughtsman 24 Primrose Street
Browell George Farmer Rock House, Claxheugh Grove
Browell George Joiner 13 Dawson Terrace
Browell John George Paper Maker 22 Primrose Street
Brown James C. Shipwright 17 Wear Street
Brown Joihn Colin Plumber 2 Cambria Street
Brown Miss Louie 11 Railway Terrace
Brumby Thomas Fried Fish Dealer High Street
Bryant Mrs Margaret Shopkeeper 1 Wear Street
Bryant Richard Joiner 1 William Street
Bryant Robert Fitter Ford Well Cottages, Hylton Road
Burge Isaac Gardener West Lodge, Grindon Hall
Carr George Joiner Church Street
Carr Mrs Jane 20 Cambria Street
Carter William Storekeeper 28 Wear Street
Caven George Hairdresser Ford Terrace (lived at Dawson Terrace)
Cay John Paper Maker 1 Violet Street
Cay Thomas S. Blacksmith 25 Primrose Street
Charlton Christopher Ford Farm (Hylton 7)
Charlton Mrs W. Railway Pin and Key Maker 40 Cambria Street
Chilton Mrs Jane 7 Frederick Street
Chilton Thomas Beer Retailer 4 Railway Terrace
Chilton Thomas Grocer 19 Dawson Terrace
Chilton William 1 Alma Street
Chilton William Edward Beer Retailer Alma Street
Clasper James Paper Maker 4 William Street
Clowes John Shopkeeper 22 High Street
Collins Septimus Hairdresser High Street
Collinson Robert Superintendant of Fire Brigade Cambria Street (lived at Salisbury Street)
Cook Arthur L. Manager of British Chain Manufacturing Co.
Cooper Mrs Annie Fruiterer 34 High Street
Cooper William Joiner5 New Street
Cornett James Porteous Manager Claxheugh Grove (Sunderland 135)
Coulthard George Shipwright 14 Cambria Street
Coulthard Miss Isabella Dressmaker 7 Alma Street
Coulthard William Shipwright 3 Lavender Street
County of Durham Electrical Power Distribution Co. Ltd Whiteheugh
Cousin John Blacksmith 6 Frederick Street
Coutts Robert Marine Engineer 13 Primrose Street
Curd Thomas J. Paper Maker 6 Cambria Street
Daniells George Carpenter Sunnyside
Dixon Andrew Caretaker at school Cambria Street
Dixon Mrs Ellen Shopkeeper High Street
Douglas James Cement Worker 37 Albion Street
Doxford Mrs Arthur Greenbank (Hylton 9)
Doxford Sir William Theodore J.P. Shipbuilder Grindon Hall (Sunderland 401)
Doxford William Shipbuilder The Oaks (Hylton 15)
Draper Joseph Clerk 6 Primrose Street
Emmerson John W. Beer Retailer Whiteheugh
Ennew Thomas Painter 2 John Street
Evans George Joiner 38 Albion Street
Fairbairn Archibold Moulder 37 High Street
Ferry William P. Rivetter 34 Cambria Street
Foggin Gilbert Forgeman 27 Violet Street
Ford Paper Works Limited - Paper Makers (Sunderland 135)
Forrest Mrs Mary A. Baker 3 Ford Terrace
Frail James Engineer 2 Violet Street
Francis Harry A. Paper Maker 38 High Street
Francis Joseph Paper Maker 15 Primrose Street
Fraser Miss Christina Salvationist 8 Albion Street
Galey Walter Rivetter High Street
Galey William Shopkeeper 2 Dawson Terrace
Gibbon Mrs R. Grocer 4 Cambria Street
Gilmore James W. Fitter 11 Violet Street
Gilmore Thomas 28 Violet Street
Gowens Anthony Grocer High Street and Sunnyside
Gowens Mrs Emma Draper 6 High Street
Gowens Miss Gertrude Postmistress High Street
Gray Alexander Surgeon 10 Railway Terrace
Green John George Paper Maker 14 Primrose Street
Gregson James Blacksmith Gill House
Grieveson Mrs Mary Fruiterer 5 High Street
Grimshaw Charles W. Cement Manufacturer The Cottage (Hylton 17)
Grove Miss Elizabeth Schoolmistress 7 Primrose Street
Gunn Arthur Hairdresser Railway Terrace
Hackett Mrs Thomas 18 Cambria Street
Hall Robert Millwright 37 Albion Street
Hall Robert Stationmaster Station House
Hedworth John 20 Railway Terrace
Henderson Edward Ship Repairer Low Ford Slipway
Henderson Miss Isabella Dressmaker 3 Union Street
Henderson James Rivetter 9 Dawson Terrace
Henderson Richard Forgeman 10 Cambria Street
Hendderon Thomas Blacksmith 29 Wear Street
Henderson Thomas Grocer 8 Blithe Street
Heron Robert Johnson Painter 30 High Street
Hill Mrs Emma Jane Shopkeeper 34 Hill Street
Hobson Ralph W. Joiner Sunnyside
Horne James Translator 4 Frederick Street
Howe Robert H. Coachman The Cottage - Albion Street
Hunter Thomas J. Forgeman 7 Railway Terrace
Hunter William H. Moulder Frederick Street
Hutchins Mrs Mary A. Baker 2 High Street
Hutchinson Nicholas Willis High Ford Farm
Hutchinson William Mason 8 Dawson Terrace
Hylton Cement Company - Cement Manufacturer (Hylton 2)
Hylton Picture Palace Company - Picture Hall Church Street
Ingram Albert John Cashier 41 The Terrace
Ingram Albert John Junior - Incorporated Accountant 12 Primrose Street
James John (Reay & Usher Ltd) 14 Railway Terrace
Jameson Percy Electrical Engineer Laburnum Street (Hylton 26)
Jameson Thomas Draughtsman 12 Violet Street
Jamieson Joseph Blacksmith 15 Cambria Street
Jeffrey Mrs Elizabeth A. 28¢ Cambria Street
Jeffrey Thomas Merchant Hillside
Jenkins Samuel Alexander Grocer Ferryboat Row
Lawrence John Carpenter30 Cambria Street
Lawson Mrs Elizabeth 1 New Street
Lawson Mrs Mary Rose Cottage
Lawson Thomas Forgeman 6 Violet Street
Lawson William B. Forgeman 21 Violet Street
Lawson William G. Forgeman 7 Violet Street
Laybourn Nicholas Gardener 11 Primrose Street
Legat Andrew Eddowes Surgeon 9 Railway Terrace (Hylton 24-Lived in Sunderland)
Lester Lawrence E. Electrician Ford Well Cottages - Hylton Road
Lindley Miss Edith Milliner Church Street
Lindley Frederick Gas Manager Gasworks House
Lindley Joseph Manager High Street
Linton Thomas Caretaker Ford Hall Lodge, Hylton Road
Lucas Joseph Shopkeeper 7 Blithe Street
Lynn Robert Paper Maker Ivy House, Railway Terrace
Mackenzie Mrs Isabella A. Jolly Potter's Inn, Waterside
Markham Joseph Engineman 5 Primrose Street
Markham Joseph21 Violet Street
Marshall Arthur Draper 17 Railway Terrace
Mattchess William Tailor 11 Dawson Terrace
McRavey Thomas Forgeman High Street
Miles Frederick J. Engineer 8 Primrose Street
Milner Joseph Butcher 6 Dawson Terrace
Milner Joseph Gentleman 5 Railway Terrace
Mitchell Alexander Plater 18 Church Street
Moir John George 13 Railway Terrace
Moulding James Erector Ford Lodge West
Newell John Butcher 7 High Street
Nichol George Butcher 1 Frederick Street
Oakley Thomas Henry Police Sergeant 44 Cambria Street
Oates William S. Engineer The Cottages, Hylton Road
O'Kane Miss E. Matron Sanatorium for Infectious Diseases
Oliver Joseph 9 Albion Street
Oliver Mrs Robert 18 Railway Terrace
Orr Frederick Cart Proprietor 31 Church Street
Patterson Ralph 9 Primrose Street
Pattison John Brack Farmer Page Pasture Farm, Low Ford
Pattison Joseph E. Ferry Superintendant Lion Place
Pearson John Gardener Claxheugh, Grove Lodge
Pickersgill James Henry Patternmaker 3 Frederick Street
Pratt Mrs Mary Field House (Hylton 23)
Ranson John Railway Inn
Rayson Thomas P. Iron Merchant Quay
Reay & Usher Limited - Makers of Iron and Steel Forgings (Hylton 4 & 14)
Reed James Fitter 4 Lilac Street
Reed William Forgeman 21 Primrose Street
Richardson Miss Jane Albion Street
Richwood Thomas Foreman 2 New Street
Ritchie Robert Blacksmith 12 Railway Terrace
Robertson James Foreman Claxheugh
Robertson Samuel Fitter 4 Violet Street
Robinson Frederick Carpenter Whiteheugh
Robinson Mrs Mary Albion Street
Ross Thomas C. Ironmonger 3 Railway Terrace
Ryce Mrs Isabel 5 Alma Street
Schofield George Tailor and Grocer 3 Dawson Terrace
Seath William Paper Maker 1 Primrose Street
Sedgwick Edward Fitter 3 Frederick Street
Sedgwick Miss Jennie 10 Alma Street
Seymour Mrs Elizabeth Shopkeeper 42 John Street
Seymour Robert Joiner 13 John Street
Shaw Thomas Blacksmith 16 Cambria Street
Shawley William Bootmaker 10 Ford Terrace (He lived at 20 Dawson Terrace)
Short George William Butcher High Street
Short John William Joiner 23 Primrose Street
Simpson Anthony Joiner Frederick Street
Simpson Frederick Victoria Hotel, Church Street
Smith Alexander C. Foreman Claxheugh Grove
Smith James Chauffeur The Lodge, Ford Cottage
Smith James Plater 1 Lilac Street
Snowdon John G. Gardener 16 Church Street
South Hylton Gas and Coke Company Ltd Frederick Lindley - Manager
Spencer Joshua Blacksmith 3 New Street
Spoors Thomas 2 Railway Terrace
Spurs George W. Plumber 10 Dawson Terrace
Sunderland Eaquitable Industrial Society LtdHigh Street (Hylton 22)
Surtees Miss Hannah Claxheugh Grove Lodge
Surtees John J. Manager 10 Albion Street
Surtees Nicholas Blacksmith 2 Albion Street
Sutton Robert Carpenter Ferry Boat Row
Swaine John Engineer 39 The Terrace
Talbot Henry Shipwright 12 Primrose Street
Talbot Robert Foreman 40 The Terrace
Tate Mrs Jane Shopkeeper Ferryboat Row
Taylor Alfred Shopkeeper 13 High Street
Teape William Marshall Vicar of St.Mary's The Vicarage
Thomas Andrew Farmer Ferry Farm
Thompson Miss Louisa Gill Hill Terrace
Thompson Thomas Bootmaker 6 Ford Terrace
Todd James Sycamore Villa
Tugwood Mrs Ann Grocer 17 Church Street
Wake William Beer Retailer 4 Dawson Terrace
Wakefield Thomas Plater 20¢ Cambria Street
Walker Thomas R. Blacksmith & Ironmonger High Street
Wallace Robert George Grocer 17 Church Street
Wallace Thomas W. Paper Maker 7 Lilac Street
Watson Miss Jane Matron District Sanatorium Hylton Road
Weightman Edward James North Ford Farm
Wigham John (J.W. & Son) Lived at 26 Thornhill, Sunderland
Wigham John & Son Engineers, Ironfounders & Ship Repairers(Hylton 3)
Wigham John R. (J.W. & Son) Ford Villa
Wigham Robert Joiner Frederick Street
Wild Benjamin Millwright Fordleigh, Railway Terrace
Wild John Cashier Fordleigh, Railway Terrace
Williams Francis Chainmaker Ford Lodge West
Williams Mrs Mary Confectioner 19 Railway Terrace
Willis Andrew Commercial Hotel, High Street
Willis Mrs Annie Garden House Farm
Willis George Farmer Breckon Hill and Garden House Farm
Wilson Miss Eleanor Dressmaker Wear Street
Wilson Robert Shipwright 2 Lilac Street
Wilson William Rivetter Gill Hill Terrace
Wilson William ShipwrightSunnyside