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Railway Terrace John G Richardson Head M 45Hand Barker,own account DUR-Hylton
Elizabeth Richardson Wife M 40DUR-Sunderland
Lily Richardson Dau S 15Same as above
Florence Richardson Dau 12DUR-Hylton
John Ward Board Widr 63Papermaker DBY-Glossop
Robert Pick Board S 25Gardener YKS-Ripon
Harry L Whalley Board S 19Gardener CUL-Keswick
Railway Terrace Clement Clasby Head M 30Farm Hind,Worker SOM-Taunton
Emily Clasby Wife M 34DUR-Darlington
Albert Clasby Son 8DUR-Sunderland
Clement Clasby Son 7Same as above!
Ethel Clasby Dau 9DUR-Hylton
Rhoda Clasby Dau 9Same as above
Violet Clasby Dau 4Same as above
Hilda Clasby Dau 1Same as above
Hylton Land, The Villa John Wigham Head M 57Mechanical Eng'r SCO-Leith
Ann Wigham Wife M 49DUR-Hylton
John R Wigham Son S 23? Same as above
Barbara A Wigham Dau S 20Same as above
Joshua T Wigham Son S 15Same as above
Stanley Wigham Son 12Same as above
Elizabeth Bell Serv S 24Cook,Domestic DUR-Murton Coll'y
Mary J Dixon Serv S 26Housemaid,Domestic DUR-South Hetton Coll;y
Hylton Land, Ford Lodge Nicholas Layburn Head M 37Gardener DUR-Sunderland
Mary G Layburn Wife M 35DUR-Tanfield
William Layburn Son 11DUR-Sunderland
Elizabeth Hunter Dau 9DUR-Ravensworth
Arthur Layburn Son 4Same as above
Sydney Layburn Son 1Same as above
Elizabeth Hunter M-i-L Wid 76Same as above
Hylton Land, Ford Lodge West Alfred Swaine Head M 53Fine Marine, Works Mang YKS-Bradford
Mary A Swaine Wife M 47DUR-Washington
Margaret A Swaine Dau S 25School Teacher DUR-West Hartlepool
Mary Swaine Dau S 21Elementary School Teacher DUR-Sunderland
George W Swaine S'son S 20Draughtsman Engineer DUR-Washington
Thomas A Swaine S'son S 17? Same as above
Charles A Swaine S'son S 15? Same as above
Henry T Swaine Son 6DUR-Hylton
1 High Street Robert Thompson Head M 64Shipwright DUR-Sunderland
Hannah Thompson Wife M 60DUR-Bishop Auckland
Elizabeth Thompson Dau S 21DUR-Ford
2 High Street Joshua Spencer Head M 38Labourer in Forge DUR-Swalwell
Isabella Spencer Wife M 39DUR-Hylton
Joshua Spencer Son 11DUR-Hylton
Thomas Spencer Son 9DUR-Hylton
John Spencer Son 7DUR-Hylton
Stanley Spencer Son 4DUR-Hylton
Mary I Spencer Dau 3DUR-Hylton
Alexander ? Spencer Son 1DUR-Hylton
2 High Street John ? Spencer Head M 52Ship's Plater DUR Sunderland
Isabella Spencer Wife M 52DUR Hylton
George Spencer Son S 18Blacksmiths StrikerDUR Hylton
4 High Street Joseph Short Head Widr 72Master Butcher DUR-Bishopwearmouth
Marie Inglis Vis Wid 55DUR-Houghton-le-Spring
Constance Howey Serv S 28Domestic ServantDUR-Bishopwearmouth
Dorothy Vis 6Salop-Market Drayton
5 High Street John Grieveson Head M 72Greengrocer, Fruiterer DUR-Hylton
Mary Grieveson Wife M 68DUR-Hylton
John Grieveson Son S 43Ship Plater ? DUR-Hylton
William Grieveson Son S 27Papermaker DUR-Hylton
Jane Gibbon Dau M 30DUR-Hylton
Matthew Gibbon S-i-L M 32Papermaker DUR-Hylton
Robert Gibbon G'son 3DUR-Hylton
5 High Street Thomas Donaldson Head M 55Cement Grinder DUR-Southwick
Jane Donaldson Wife M 48DUR-South Hylton
William Hastings S'son S 19Apprentice Butcher DUR-South Hylton
Thomas Donaldson Son S 14DUR-South Hylton
Robert Donaldson Son 9DUR-South Hylton
6 High Street Not Occupied
7 High Street Matthew Kirtley Head M 43Butcher DUR-South Hylton
Sarah J Kirtley Wife M 43DUR-Thorpe
Ernest Kirtley Son 8DUR-Hylton
Annie Kirtley Dau 1DUR-Hylton
8 High Street Mary J Kirtley Head Wid 67Grocer DUR-Coxgreen
Thomas Grieveson S-i-L M 45Mason DUR-Hylton
Mary Grieveson Dau M 45Musician DUR-Hylton
Arthur Grieveson G'son S 16Clerk, paper mill DUR-Hylton
Eva K Grieveson G'dau 3DUR-Hylton
9 High Street Thomas R Walker Head M 60Blacksmith DUR-Hylton
Isabella Walker Wife M 39DUR-Pallion
11 High Street Ellen Bell Head Wid 65Draper DUR-Sunderland
William Bell Son S 30Papermaker DUR-Hylton
Catherine J Bell Dau S 25Shop Assistant, draper DUR-Hylton
Ellen Bell Dau S 22Paper Sheeter DUR-Hylton
12 High Street Henry Bliss Head M 26Railway Porter CUL-Hayton
Elizabeth Bliss Wife M 29Grocer Shopkeeper CUL-Carlisle
Thomas H Bliss Son 3CUL-Carlisle
John Bliss Son 2CUL-Carlisle
David Bliss Son 5m DUR-Hylton
Jane Tickell M-i-L Wid 51Retired Housekeeper CUL-Carlisle
12 High Street John Gray Head Widr 57Forge Labourer DUR- Big Thornley
Hannah Gray Dau S 20DUR-Pensher
Isabella Gray Dau S 18DUR-Pensher
Maggie Gray Dau S 16DUR-Pensher
George Gray Son S 14DUR-Pensher
Arthur Rawson Board S 21Brickmaker's Labourer DUR-Durham
12 High Street William Bradwell Head M 32Brickmaker's Labourer DUR-Newfield
Annie Bradwell Wife M 27DUR-Job's Hill
Margaret Bradwell Dau 5DUR-Hunwick
William Bradwell Son 1DUR-Hylton
14 High Street Ann Wheatley Head Wid 60DUR-South Shields
James Wheatley Son S 27Labourer in Shipyard DUR-Hylton
Sarah Wheatley Dau S 22Domestic Servant DUR-Hylton
15 High Street John Whitfield Head Widr 71Shipwright DUR-Hylton
Bewick's Buildings Isabella Whitfield Dau S 36DUR-Hylton
John Stephenson G'son S 17? DUR-Sunderland
16 High Street Margaret Pegg Head Wid 53DUR-Hylton
Bewick's Buildings Thomas Cockburn Son S 36Labourer in Shipyard DUR-Hylton
William Gilmoor Lodg S 50Labourer in Shipyard DUR-Hylton
Joseph ? Lodg Widr 61Engineer Fitter DUR-Sunderland
6 Bewick's BuildsAlbert Kelsey Head M 41Forge Blacksmith YKS-Sheffield
Amelia Kelsey Wife M 30DUR-Thornley
Jane Lowe S'dau 8DUR-New Herrington
Amelia Lowe S'dau 7DUR-Shiney Row
Thomas Lowe S'son 4DUR-Hylton
Harriet Kelsey Dau 6m DUR-Hylton
7 Bewick's BuildsWilliam Johnston Head M 29Forge Labourer CUL-Maryport
Mary Johnston Wife M 23CUL-Cockermouth
Francis Johnston Son 6CUL-Maryport
Margaret Johnston Dau 6m DUR-Hylton
James Best Board S 36General Labourer DUR-Sunderland
8 Bewick's BuildsMiles Bartley Head M 30Cement Works Labourer DUR-Nth Hylton
Sarah Bartley Wife M 24YKS-Middlesboro'
Agnes A Bartley Dau 8DUR-Hylton
John Bartley Son 4DUR-Hylton
Miles Bartley Son 1DUR-Hylton
9 Bewick's BuildsThomas Whittingham Head M 40Shipyard Labourer DUR-Pensher
Martha Whittingham Wife M 28DUR-Thornley
Charles T Whittingham Son 7DUR-Herrington
Robert Whittingham Son 5DUR-Hylton
Christopher WhittinghamSon 3DUR-Hylton
Hannah Drew S-i-L S 13DUR-Herrington
10 Bewick's BuildsDaniel Hardy Head M 55General Labourer CUL-Harrington
Ellen Hardy Wife M 38CUL-Seaton
Margaret Hardy Dau S 18Brushmaker's Helper CUL-Flimbey
Sarah Hardy Dau S 16Brushmaker's Helper DUR-Silksworth
James Hardy Son 13Same as above
Abram Hardy Son 8CUL-Flimbey
Isabella Hardy Dau 3DUR-Hylton
John W Hardy Son 1m DUR-Hylton
12 Bewick's BuildsAnn Carter Head Wid 67DUR-Coxgreen
William Carter Son S 48Shipyard Storekeeper DUR-Hylton
John Nelson Board S 29Forge Labourer DUR-Penshaw
Waterside Ellen Taylor Head Wid 76IRE
Waterside Thomas McCravey Head M 52Shipwright DUR-Ford
Olivia McCravey Wife M 49DUR-Deptford
John McCravey Son S 23Apprentice Forgeman DUR-Ford
Mary J McCravey Dau S 18DUR-Ford
Robert McCravey Son S 14Apprentice Forgeman DUR-Ford
Waterside William Digney Head M 27Forge Labourer CUL-Whitehaven
Sarah E DigneyWife M 28DUR-Shiney Row
Mary J DigneyDau 2DUR-Hylton
Ellen DigneyDau 1DUR-Hylton
Waterside Newrick Thompson Head M 43Driller in Shipyard DUR-Ford
Jane Thompson Wife M 40DUR-Shotley Bridge
Mary J Thompson Dau S 20DUR-Ford
Ellen Thompson Dau S 18? DUR-Ford
John W Thompson Son S 13Labourer in Shipyard DUR-Ford
James Thompson Son 11Rivet Catcher in ShipyardDUR-Ford
Richard Thompson Son 9DUR-Ford
Margaret Thompson Dau 5DUR-Ford
Agnes Thompson Dau 3DUR-Ford
Waterside Kate Errington Head Wid 64IRE
Waterside Elizabeth Lockwood Head Wid 67? NFK
Waterside Philip J Hahn Head M 27Cement Works Labourer DUR-Monkwearmouth
Elizabeth Hahn Wife M 24Same as above
Annie E Hahn Dau 2DUR-Sunderland
Waterside Thomas Stothard Head M 56Shipwright DUR-Hylton
Priscilla Stothard Wife M 51DUR-Hylton
Sarah C Stothard Dau S 20DUR-Hylton
Helen Stothard Dau S 18Sorter in Paperworks DUR-Hylton
Eliza Stothard Dau S 16DUR-Hylton
Anthony H Stothard Son 11DUR-Hylton
Nora Stothard Dau 8DUR-Hylton
Waterside John G Robson Head M 43Rivet Maker DUR-Ford
Catherine Robson Wife M 41DUR-Sunderland
Thomas Robson Son M 23Ship Plate Rivetter DUR-Ford
Edward Robson Son S 18Ship Plate Rivet Heater DUR-Ford
John Robson Son S 16App. Ship Plate Rivetter DUR-Ford
Margaret Robson Dau 13DUR-Ford
William Robson Son 11DUR-Ford
George Robson Son 9DUR-Ford
Anthony Robson Son 6DUR-Ford
Norah Robson Dau 3DUR-Ford
Joseph Robson Son 1DUR-Ford
Waterside Robert Pattison Head M 39Rivet Maker DUR-Ford
Cordelia Pattison Wife M 38DUR-Sunderland
Elizabeth J Pattison Dau S 17Brickfield Labourer DUR-Ford
Alice Pattison Dau S 15DUR-Ford
William Pattison Son 6DUR-Ford
Mary Pattison Dau 3DUR-Ford
Waterside Matthew Wynne Head M 31Bricklayer's Labourer DUR-Newbottle
Susannah Wynne Wife M 29DUR-Burnmoor
Joseph Wynne Son 11DUR-Burnmoor
Mary A Wynne Dau 6DUR-Burnmoor
William Wynne Son 3DUR-Newbottle
Francis Wynne Son 1DUR-Ford
Waterside John J Hind Head M 40Bricklayer NBL-Newcastle
Isabella Hind Wife M 32NBL-Fourstones
John L Hind Son 11DUR-New Herrington
Thomas A Hind Son 9DUR-Chester-le-Street
George H L Hind Son 6DUR-New Herrington
Florence M Hind Dau 4DUR-New Herrington
Frederick L Hind Son 1DUR South Hylton
Waterside Thomas Glasper Head M 57Wood Sawyer (at home) DUR South Hylton
Mary A Glasper Wife M 59DUR-Sunderland
John Glasper Son S 25General Labourer DUR South Hylton
Waterside Robert Clark Head M 56Inn Keeper DUR-Penshaw
Catherine Clark Wife M 55SCO
Waterside William A Bowey Head M 34GLAM'N-Cardiff
Margaret M L Bowey Wife 31NBL-Hexham
William J R Bowey Son 12NBL-South Shields
Hannah C Bowey Dau 10DUR South Hylton
Mary I Bowey Dau 9DUR South Hylton
Joseph G Bowey Son 6DUR South Hylton
Alfred S Bowey Son 3DUR South Hylton
Charles F Bowey Son 1DUR South Hylton
Mary Wilson Bowey M-i-L Wid 67NBL-Hexham
Waterside Sarah Barrass Head M 26DUR-Hylton
Thomas Barrass Son 4DUR-Pallion
Sarah A Barrass Dau 2DUR-Hylton
James Barrass Son 11m DUR-Hylton
Jane A Clasper Vis S 19DUR-Hylton
Waterside James Higgins Head M 23Labourer Cement Works DUR-Pallion
Elizabeth Higgins Wife M 23DUR-Sunderland
Kathleen Higgins Dau 1DUR-Mowbray Quay
Waterside James Richardson Head M 40Shipyard Labourer DUR-Hylton
Selina Richardson Wife M 35STS-Longton
Ethel Richardson Dau 11DUR-Monkwearmouth
Waterside John Paterson Head M 39Labourer Paper Mill DUR-Hylton
Mary A Paterson Wife M 32DUR-Deptford
Isabella Paterson Dau 8DUR-South Hylton
John Paterson Son 6DUR-South Hylton
James Paterson Son 4DUR-South Hylton
William Paterson Son 2DUR-South Hylton
Hannah Paterson Dau 8m DUR-South Hylton
Waterside Isabella Sims Head Wid 70NBL-Hexham
Robert Sims S'son S 49Shipyard Labourer NFK-East Barton
Waterside Alfred Davison Head M 64Joiner Carpenter SSX-Rye
Elizabeth Davison Wife M 58DUR-Hylton
Waterside Ellen McGill Head M 48NBL-Seaton Sluice
Charles McGill Son S 18Crane Man Forge NBL-Seghill
Daniel McGill Son S 14Rivet Catcher Shipyard NBL-Morton Row
Waterside Anthony Hodgson Head M 69Shipwright DUR-South Hylton
Ann Hodgson Wife M 66Same as above
Mary J Hodgson Dau S 40Charwoman MDX-London
Beatrice Hodgson Dau 12DUR-South Hylton
Waterside Walter Martin Head M 45Labourer in Shipyard NFK Palling
Mary Martin Wife M 44NFK East Ruston
Mary Martin Dau S 22Finisher at Papermill NFK East Ruston
Jane Martin Dau S 20Finisher at Papermill NFK East Ruston
James Martin Son S 18Apprentice in Shipyard NFK East Ruston
William Martin Son S 17Apprentice in Shipyard NFK East Ruston
Lily Martin Dau 14NFK East Ruston
Frederick Martin Son 9DUR Ford
Eva Martin Dau 7DUR Ford
Ethel Martin Dau 1DUR Ford
Frederick French B-i-L S 30Paper Maker NFK East Ruston
Waterside Joseph Laws Head M 43Licensed Victualler DUR Harton Colliery
Mary Laws Wife M 43NFK Bincham
Lillian Laws Dau S 15DUR Ryhope Colliery
Anne R Laws Dau 13DUR Ryhope Colliery
Frederick J Laws Son 11DUR Ryhope Colliery
Elizabeth Laws Dau 9DUR Ryhope Colliery
Edward H Laws Son 7DUR Ryhope Colliery
Ethel S Laws Dau 4DUR Ryhope Colliery
Hugh S Laws Son 1DUR Hylton
Waterside James Helsdon Head M 63General Labourer NFK East Rushton
Elizabeth Helsdon Wife M 53NFK Stalham
James S Helsdon Son S 21General Labourer DUR Hylton
Ann E Helsdon Dau 18Domestic Servant DUR Hylton
Mary A Helsdon Dau 15Domestic Servant DUR Hylton
John C Helsdon Son 13Apprentice Gardener DUR Hylton
Waterside Thomas Watts Head M 38Chain Works Labourer NFK Honing
Marth Watts Wife M 24DUR South Hylton
Robert N Watts Son S 17Chain Works Labourer NFK Bridgate
Waterside Richard Carroll Head M 54Cement Works Labourer DUR Hardwick
Esther Carroll Wife M 56KNT Rochester
Waterside George Robinson Head M 31Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Mary Wife M 30DUR Sunderland
George H Robinson Son 10DUR Sunderland
Alice Robinson Dau 8DUR Sunderland
Rosina Robinson Dau 6DUR Sunderland
Mary Robinson Dau 3DUR Sunderland
James Robinson Son 7m DUR Sunderland
Ford Dock Yard John Robinson Head M 74Shipwright DUR West Boldon
Elizabeth Dau S 37General Dealer DUR Monkwearmouth
Annie Parker Serv S 16Domestic Servant LEI Leicester
John Wilson Board S 49Labourer in Shipyard DUR Sunderland
Ford Dock Yard Joseph Gray Head M 56Steam ?man DUR Southgwick
Mary E Gray Wife M 45DUR North Hylton
Edith M Lamb S'dau S 17DUR Sunderland
Eliza Gray Dau 4DUR South Hylton
Bank Top Thomas Haddock Head S 53Shoemaker DUR South Hylton
Bank Top John Henry Heads Head M 28Bricklayer's Labourer DUR South Hylton
Sarah E Heads Wife M 24YKS ELLIN????
Mary Heads Dau 2DUR South Hylton
John E C Heads Son 4m DUR South Hylton
Mary Twaites M-i-L Wid 58YKS Healey
Mary S Twaites S-i-L 5DUR Kirson??
Bank Top John Hewison Head M 48Labourer in Shipyard DUR Sunderland
Catherine M Hewison Wife M 44DUR Cornforth
Alice Hewison Dau S 18DUR South Hylton
Robert Hewison Son S 16Apprentice Blacksmith DUR South Hylton
Adelaide Hewison Dau S 14DUR South Hylton
Lizzie Hewison Dau 11DUR South Hylton
Sarah Hewison Dau 8DUR South Hylton
Mary Hewison Dau 6DUR South Hylton
Bank Top Ralph Wheatley Head M 29Labourer in Shipyard DUR South Hylton
Margaret J Wheatley Wife M 28DUR Hylton
Eva Wheatley Dau 1DUR Hylton
Thomas Watson Board S 21Labourer in Shipyard DUR Hylton
Bank Top James Gregson Head M 56Shipyard Blacksmith DUR Sunderland
Jane Gregson Wife M 56DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Gregson Dau S 32Paper Sorter DUR Hylton
Robert Son S 20Blacksmith DUR Hylton
Frederick Gregson Son S 18Grocer DUR Hylton
William Gregson Son 12DUR Hylton
Bank Top William Stothard Head M 45Joiner DUR North Hylton
Hannah Stothard Wife M 45DUR ???Head
Thomas Stothatd Son S 15Fitter at Engine Works DUR South Hylton
Joseph Stothard Son 13Butcher's Apprentice DUR South Hylton
Margaret Stothard Dau 12DUR South Hylton
Isabella A Stothard Dau 9DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Stothatd Dau 6DUR South Hylton
Bank Top James Woods Head M 32Mason's Labourer SSX Warnham
Mary Woods Wife M 26DUR Hylton
Jane Woods Dau 9m DUR Hylton
2 Sunniside Anthony Gowan Head M 52Postmaster/Grocer NBL Fallon
Emma B Gowan Wife M 51Draper DUR Hylton
Robert Gowan Son S 27Grocer's Assistant DUR Hylton
Mary J Gowan Dau S 23Grocer's Assistant DUR Hylton
Gertrude Gowan Dau S 21Grocer's Assistant DUR Hylton
Anthony Gowan Son S 15Mining Engs. Apprentice DUR Hylton
Mary A Davison Serv S 17Domestic Servant DUR Castle Eden
4 Sunniside William Richardson Head M 66Shipwright DUR Ford
Ann Richardson Wife M 67DUR Ford
1 Ford Terrace Thomas Patterson Head M 62Joiner DUR Fatfield
Isabella Patterson Dau S 23DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Patterson G'dau 9m DUR Hylton
2 Ford Terrace Ann Wilson Head M 70DUR Jarrow
George Wilson Son S 31Forge Labourer DUR Sunderland
3 Ford Terrace John ? Powshe Head M 48General Labourer DUR South Shields
Mary A Powshe Wife M 52DUR Ford
John G Powshe Son S 22Ship Caulker DUR Ford
Jane Powshe Dau 11DUR Ford
William Powshe Son 7DUR Ford
Anthony Simpson G'son 3DUR Ford
3 Ford Terrace Joseph Jameson Head M 29Lab. In Cement Works DUR Thornley
Sarah Jameson Wife M 25DUR Southwick
Mary Jameson Dau 1DUR Hylton
4 Ford Terrace Jane Birbeck Wid 67NBL Appleby
Thomas Birbeck Son S 36Co-op DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Birbeck G'dau S 18Papermill Finisher DUR Hylton
5 Ford Terrace William King Head M 60Labourer in Shipyard SOM Bridgewater
Ellen King Wife M 58NBL Alnwick
William King Son S 25Boilermaker DUR Hylton
Henry King Son M 21Shipyard Labourer DUR Hylton
Elizabeth King G'dau 3DUR Hylton
5 Ford Terrace James Emmerson Head M 41Boilersmith DUR Hylton
Jessey Emmerson Wife M 38DUR Deptford
Ada Emmerson Dau S 15DUR Hylton
Beatrice Emmerson Dau 13YKS Leeds
George Emmerson Son 8DUR Hylton
Sarah J Emmerson Dau 6DUR Hylton
James Emmerson Son 4DUR Hylton
Mary Emmerson Dau 1DUR Hylton
Robert Lackenby Board S 25General Labourer DUR Hylton
6 Ford Terrace Robert Mason Head M 50Labourer NFK Norwich
Elizabeth Mason Wife M 40DUR Coxgreen
William Mason Son S 19Apprentice Engr. DUR South Hylton
Margaret Mason Dau S 18Finishing dept Papermill DUR South Hylton
Robert W Mason Son S 14Paper Cutter-Papermill DUR South Hylton
Alfred Mason Son 11DUR South Hylton
Catherine Mason Dau 8DUR South Hylton
7 Ford Terrace James T Henderson Head M 37Ship Riveter DUR Sunderland
Mary A Henderson Wife M 28DUR Hylton
Thomas Henderson Son 9DUR Hylton
James Henderson Son 6DUR Hylton
Stanley Henderson Son 2DUR Hylton
9 Ford Terrace William G Seymour Head M 55Bricklayer's Labourer NBL Newcastle
Dorothy Seymour Wife M 52DUR Sunderland
William Seymour Son S 31Papermaker DUR Hylton
Edith Seymour Dau S 21Confectioner DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Seymour Dau S 21Confectioner/DressmakerDUR Hylton
Charles E Seymour Son S 17Apprentice JoinerDUR Hylton
Florence Seymour Dau 12DUR Hylton
Arthur Seymour Son 4DUR Hylton
10 Ford Terrace John Surtees Head Widr 60Steam Hammer Driver NBL Hexham
11 Ford Terrace Uninhabited
12 Ford Terrace Uninhabited
13 Ford Terrace Eleanor Wilson Head Wid 61Dressmaker DUR North Hylton
Elizabeth E Wilson Dau S 23Dressmaker DUR North Hylton
Wilson Chilton Nep 5DUR Sunderland
14 Ford Terrace Martin O'Halloray Head M 67IRE
Mary O'Halloray Wfe M 67IRE
William Holmes Board M 59Paper Mill IRE
John Heslop Board Widr 43Road Navvy DUR Brasside
15 Ford Terrace Robert H Elliott Head M 28?? Machine Agent DUR South Hylton
Sophia Elliott Wife M 25DUR Boldon Colliery
Robert H W Elliott Son 5m DUR South Hylton
16 Church Street Charles ???? Brereton Head M 49Cements Works Labourer NFK
Isabel Brereton Wife M 43DUR Sunderland
Charles N Brereton Son S 21Engine Maker DUR South Hylton
Isabella Brereton Sau S 20DUR South Hylton
Ellen Brereton Dau S 18DUR South Hylton
Barbara Brereton Dau S 15DUR South Hylton
Maria Brereton Dau 11DUR South Hylton
Alice Brereton Dau 3DUR South Hylton
Mary J Brereton G'dau 4DUR South Hylton
17 Church Street William Tywood Head M 59Papermill Labourer BKM ?? Marlow
Ann Tywood Wife M 58Shop ???? DUR Sunderland
William L Tywood Son S 15Apprentice Mechanic DUR South Hylton
John Ward Board S 22Papermaker DUR Durham
18 Church Street James Grachenzie ?? Head M 43Medical Practitioner SCO
Isabella R Grachenzie Wife M 45DUR Cox Green
18 Church Street Mary J Gibbon Head S 36???? DUR Hylton
19 Church Street Thomas Short Head Widr 80Licensed Victualler DUR Bishopwearmouth
Isabella Short Dau S 50DUR Eighton Banks
20 Church Street Thomas Cay Head M 52Blacksmith DUR Pallion
Margaret Cay Wife M 51DUR South Hylton
Thomas Cay Son S 22Engineer DUR South Hylton
Sissie Cay Dau S 18???? ???? IRE
Wallace Cay Son S 16??? Engine Maker IRE
Lottie Cay Dau S 14DUR South Hylton
Maggie Cay Dau 9DUR South Hylton
21 Church Street Joseph P Alderson Head M 61Boilermaker NBL Alnwick
Mary J Alderson Wfe M 60DUR Sunderland
John G Wilkinson S-i-L M 26Shipyard Labourer DUR Houghton-le-Spring
Charlotte Wilkinson Dau M 21DUR Hylton
Eveline Powell G'dau 11DUR Penshaw
22 Church Street Roland Ryce Head M 38Paper Finisher SCO
Agnes Ryce Wife M 38DUR Gateshead
Mary Jane Ryce Dau 10DUR Hylton
Sarah L Ryce Dau 8DUR Hylton
Harry Ryce Son 6DUR Hylton
Agnes Ryce Dau 5DUR Hylton
George Ryce Son 3DUR Hylton
Margaret Ryce Dau 1DUR Hylton
23 Church Street Uninhabited
24 Church Street Robert Bryant Head M 33Mill Wright-Papermill DUR Claxheugh
Mary Bryant Wife M 31DUR Sherburn
Robert W Bryant Son 11DUR Claxheugh
Ernest Bryant Son 8DUR Claxheugh
Alfred Bryant Son 6DUR Claxheugh
Gertrude Bryant Dau 4DUR Claxheugh
Wilfred Bryant Son 1DUR South Hylton
25 Church Street Wilkinson Walker Head M 39Papermill Finisher NTT Hutton?
Sarah Walker Wife M 28DBY ST??? Bromwich
Cicily Walker Dau 6DUR Hylton
Sarah Walker Dau 3DUR Hylton
Mary Walker Dau 2m DUR Hylton
26 Church Street Ralph Hutchinson Head M 47Driller-Shipyard DUR Sunderland
Anie Hutchinson Wife M 49DUR Sunderland
Thomas Hutchinon Son S 22Boilermaker DUR South Hylton
William Hutchinson Son S 20Boilermaker DUR South Hylton
26 Church Street Robert Ritchie Head Widr 44Shipyard Labourer SCO
James Ritchie Son S 18????? DUR Hylton
Jane Ritchie Moth Wid 78SCO
27 church Street Jonathan Kitching Head M 33Railway Signalman DUR Carlton
Mary Kitching Wife M 33DUR Stockton
Ruth A Kitching Dau 10DUR Stockton
Eleanor Kitching Dau 7DUR Aycliffe
John W Kitching Son 4DUR Usworth
Mary Ethel Kitching Dau 3DUR Heworth
Robert Kitching Son 2m DUR Hylton
27 Church Street James Davis Head M 24Forge Labourer WAL Pontypool
Winifred Davis Wife M 53WAL Swansea
28 Church Street William C J Barwick Head M 36Machine Fitter DUR South Hylton
Mary Ann Barwick Wife M 34DUR Bishopwearmouth
Ethel ????M Barwick Dau 10DUR South Hylton
Rhoda Barwick Dau 8DUR South Hylton
Gertrude Barwick Dau 7DUR South Hylton
William C J Barwick Son 5DUR South Hylton
29 Church Street George Carr Head M 66House Builder DUR South Hylton
Susannah Carr Wife M 37WAL Brinmar
George Carr Son S 31Joiner DUR South Hylton
Mary Carr Dau 14DUR Monkwearmouth
Charles R Carr Son 9DUR South Hylton
Cecil S Carr Son 4DUR South Hylton
1 Back Ford Terr Edwin Blake Head M 55Lab. in Cement WorksHFK Norwich
Mary Blake Wife M 61DUR Tanfield
2 Back Ford Terr John Seymour Head M 27Bricklayers Labourer DUR South Hylton
Mary J Seymour Wife M 20DUR Cester-le-Street
Moses Seymour Son 3DUR Middle Rainton
Ethel Seymour Dau 1DUR South Hylton
3 Back Ford Terr Hannah Knox Head M 56DUR Ford
Richard Knox Son S 16Paper Mill DUR Ford
4 Back Ford Terr James Tate Head M 37?????? DUR South Hylton
Hannah R Tate Wife M 32DUR South Hylton
John ? Tate Son 12DUR South Hylton
Mary Tate Dau 10DUR South Hylton
Alice Tate Dau 8DUR South Hylton
James Tate Son 4DUR South Hylton
4 Back Ford Terr Isabella Foster Head M 34DUR Chester-le=Street
William Foster Son 11DUR Fatfield
Edward Foster Son 8DUR Fatfield
Elizabeth Foster Dau 3DUR Fatfield
William Potts Board S 25Labourer in Shipyard DUR Pensher
Back Ford Terr Michael O'Hind?? Head M 42Boilermaker IRE
Mary J O'Hind Wife M 38IRE
James O'Hind Son S 18Rivet Heater SCO
Catherine O'Hind Dau 14YKS Hull
Bernard O'Hind Son 12YKS Hull
John O'Hind Son 10YKS Hull
Margaret B O'Hind Dau 8YKS Hull
Theresa O'Hind Dau 3YKS Hull
Michael O'Hind?? Son 2YKS Hull
Back Ford Terr Thomas Watson Head M 37Coal Miner DUR Sunderland
Ruth Watson Wife M 39DUR Sunderland
Thomas Watson Son 9DUR Sunderland
John R Watson Son 7DUR Sunderland
Charles R Watson Son 4DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Watson Dau 1DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Jobling M-i-L Wid 73DUR Sunderland
Barbara Jobling Nce S 19DUR Sunderland
Mary Jobling Nce 1DUR Sunderland
George Jobling Nep S 15Shipyard Labourer DUR Sunderland
Back Ford Terr Robert Caven Head M 50Shipyard Labourer DUR Ford
Mary Caven Wife M 47DUR Barley Moor
Dorothy A Caven Dau S 21Paper Mill DUR Ford
Mary Caven Dau S 14???? Worker DUR Ford
Janet Caven Dau 12DUR Ford
Elizabeth Caven Dau 8DUR Ford
Back Ford Terr Elizabeth Qualie Head Wid 65IRE
Patrick QualieSon S 38Labourer in ShipyardDUR Sunderland
1 Gill Terrace Ann Giles Head Wid 65Wash Launderess NTH
Esther Giles Dau S 27Assistant Launderess DUR Claxheugh
James Smith Head M 29Coachman Domestic DUR SoutHwick
Elizabeth M J Smith Wife M 29NBL Howden Panns
John T Smith Son 8DUR Sunderland
Lilian Smith Dau 6DUR Sunderland
2 Gill Terrace William Cummings Head M 54Chief Stoker in Paper Mill DUR DUR
Annie Cummings Wife M 57DUR DUR
John J Cummings Son S 25Coachman & Gardener DUR Heworth Lane
William Cummings Son S 20App Steam Winch Maker DUR Felling
Susannah Cummings Dau S 18Elementary School DUR South Hylton
3 Gill Terrace Ellen Brown Head Wid 49DUR Ayres Quay
Thomas Brown Son S 29Cement Works Labourer DUR Hylton
Margaret A Brown Dau S 18Paper Sheeter Paper Mill DUR Hylton
Edward Brown Son 15Trace Horse Driver DUR Hylton
Albert Brown Son 10DUR Hylton
Sarah Brown Dau 16Paper Cutter Paper Mill DUR Hylton
4 Gill Terrace Philip Hahn Head M 43Labourer Cement Works YKS Bridlington
Isabella Hahn Wife M 39DUR Monkwearmouth
Alice Hahn Dau S 18Paper Sheeter Paper Mill DUR Sunderland
Violet Hahn Dau 13DUR Sunderland
Isabella Hahn Dau 9DUR Sunderland
Catherine Hahn Dau 2DUR Hylton
Dorothy Hahn Dau 10m DUR Hylton
5 Gill Terrace Robert C Cummings Head M 33Shipyard Labourer DUR DUR
Dorothy J Cummings Wife M 32DUR Monkwearmouth
Thomas Cummings Son 7DUR South Hylton
Dorothy Cummings Dau 1DUR South Hylton
6 Gill Terrace William Clasper Head M 36Paper Maker DUR Ford
Elizabeth A Clasper Wife M 31NBL Hexham
Maggie L Dodd Dau 12NBL Hexham
John W Clasper Son 9DUR Ford
Mary E Clasper Dau 8DUR Ford
James H Clasper Son 4DUR Ford
Anthony E Clasper Son 1DUR Ford
Gill Road Sycamore Villa James Todd Head M 60House Builder DUR Ford
Margaret J Todd Wife M 54DUR Ford
St Mary's Vicarage William M Teape Head S 38Clergyman (Ch of Eng) SCO Edinburgh
Martha Cooke Serv S 44Housekeeper Domestic SSX Newhaven
Chapel Street Annie Brayfield Head S 38Newsagent & Shopkeeper DUR Hylton
Barbara Brayfield Sis S 37DUR Hylton
1 Frederick Street John G Moir Head M 54Joiner DUR Hylton
Caroline J Moir Wife M 42Germany British Subject
John Moir Son S 21Tailor DUR Hylton
George Moir Son S 19Iron Founder Moulder DUR Hylton
Robert Lynn S'son S 16Papermaker DUR Hylton
Florence Lynn S'dau 13DUR Hylton
Mary E Lynn S'dau 11DUR Hylton
Caroline J Lynn S'dau 9DUR Hylton
2 Frederick StreetLewis Tallentyre Head M 39Boil’maker/Ship Plate Riv DUR Pallion
Ada E Tallentyre Wife M 35NTH
Ida G Tallentyre Dau 4DUR Sunderland
Evelyn P Tallentyre Dau 9m DUR South Hylton
2 Frederick StreetJames H Pickersgill Head M 29Patternmaker Engineer DUR Sunderland
Hannah Pickersgill Wife M 29DUR Sunderland
Mary Pickersgill Dau 7DUR Sunderland
Barbara Pickersgill Dau 4DUR Sunderland
James Hy Pickersgill Son 6m DUR South Hylton
3 Frederick StreetRobert Donkin Head M 37Cement Wks Labourer DUR Rainton
Mary Ann Donkin Wife M 34DUR South Hylton
3 Frederick StreetJoseph Gunn Head M 55Coachman Domestic ESS Shalford
Eliza A Gunn Wife M 50ESS Wathersfield
Eliza Gunn Dau S 21DUR Sunderland
Joseph Gunn Son S 19Ship Plater DUR Sunderland
Arthur Gunn Son S 15Hairdressers Assistant DUR Sunderland
George W Gunn Son 13Errand Boy DUR Sunderland
John E Gunn Son 9DUR Sunderland
James R Gunn Son 5DUR Sunderland
4 Frederick StreetMargaret Webster Head Wid 70Living on own means SCO
Thomas Webster G'son 10DUR Sunderland
4 Frederick StreetRobert English Head M 53Steam Hammer Driver DUR Philadelphia
Margaret English Wife M 59DUR Hetton le Hole
Maggie English Dau S 24Clerk in Coop StoresDUR Pensher
Annie English Dau S 22Tailors Machinist DUR Pensher
5 Frederick StreetWilliam Pattison Head M 30Contractors Cartman DUR Hylton
Dora Patterson Wife M 28DUR Sunderland
James R Hodgson Adop 1DUR Sunderland
5 Frederick StreetMinian Nichol Head M 46Ship Plater DUR Hylton
Florence Nichol Dau 19Dressmaker DUR Hylton
Isabella Nichol Dau 17DUR Blackhill
George O Nichol Son 13Apprentice Butcher DUR Blackhill
6 Frederick Street John J Cousin Head M 47Engine Works Blacksmith YKS Bradford
Jane Cousin Wife M 49LIN Boston
Edith Cousin Dau S 23YKS Dudley Hill
Alice Cousin Dau S 19YKS Dudley Hill
Charlotte Cousin Dau S 15DUR South Hylton
Eliza Cousin Dau 12DUR South Hylton
James Cousin Son 11Shipwright DUR South Hylton
7 Frederick StreetWilson Chilton Head M 67Shipyard Blacksmith DUR B'mouth
Jane Chilton Wife M 65DUR West Rainton
William Chilton Son S 41DUR South Hylton
Mary Waugh G'dau 11DUR South Hylton
7 Frederick StreetThomas Mason Head Widr 58Road Foreman NBL Bellingham
Emma Mason Dau S 28DUR Hylton
Frederick StreetWilliam Rowland Head M 28Paper Mill Labourer CAM
Mary H Rowland Wife M 26DUR Sunderland
Edward Rowland Son 4DUR Sunderland
Thomas Rowland Son 2DUR Sunderland
Mary Rowland Dau 6m DUR Sunderland
Frederick Street John G Jeffrey Head M 27Machine Papermaker DUR Ford
Laura Jeffrey Wife M 24DUR Ford
Frederick Street Edward Auld Head M 36Blacksmiths Striker DUR Ryhope
Margaret A Auld Wife M 30DUR Ryhope
Ethel May Auld Dau 11DUR Ryhope
Elizabeth C Auld Dau 7DUR Ryhope
Margaret W Auld Dau 5DUR Ryhope
Edward Auld Son 3DUR Hylton
Martha Auld Dau 3m DUR Hylton
Frederick Street Thomas D Seymour Head M 31Bricklayer DUR Ford
Mary E Seymour Wife M 31DUR Roker Sunderland
Albert M Seymour Son 2DUR Ford
7 Croft Terrace Thomas Poole Head M 29Riveter Ship Plate DUR South Hylton
Hannah Poole Wife M 28DUR South Hylton
William Poole Son 3DUR South Hylton
Thomas Poole Son 1DUR South Hylton
8 Croft Terrace Thomas W Charlton Head M 34Cement Works Labourer DUR Sunderland
Frances Charlton Wife M 32DUR South Hylton
John T W Charlton Son 11DUR South Hylton
Isabella Charlton Dau 9DUR South Hylton
Mary J Charlton Dau 7DUR South Hylton
9 Croft Terrace Ralph Richardson Head M 31Factory Engine Minder DUR South Hylton
Margaret T Richardson Wife M 32DUR Durham
William Richardson Son 10DUR Hylton
Mary J Richardson Dau 8DUR Hylton
Robert Richardson Son 7DUR Hylton
Ethel Richardson Dau 4DUR Hylton
Margartate Richardson Dau 2DUR Hylton
Edith Richardson Dau 5m DUR Hylton
10 Croft Terrace Henry Talbot Head M 53Shipwright DUR Ford
Hannah Talbot Wife M 52DUR Ford
Ruth Talbot Dau 13DUR Ford
11 Croft Terrace Robert Wealands Head M 75Shipwright DUR Ford
Margaret Wealands Wife M 75DUR Ford
12 Croft Terrace Thomas L Shaw Head M 60Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Alice Shaw Wife M 58DUR Ford
Alice J Shaw Dau S 27Sheeter Paper Mill DUR Ford
Frank Shaw Son S 20Ship Joiner DUR Ford
13 Croft Terrace John Spencer Head Widr 58Forgeman DUR Wickham
Annie Spencer Dau S 27DUR Winlaton
Thomas Spencer Son S 22Forge Hand Assistant DUR Bpwearmouth
James Spencer Son S 19Blacksmiths Striker DUR Bpwearmouth
14 Croft TerraceJohn Robson Head M 25Boilermaker DUR Sunderland
Margaret J Robson Wife M 20DUR Offerton
Christopher Robson Son 2DUR Sunderland
14 Croft TerraceJohn Simpson Head M 42Paper Mill Labourer NBL Newcastle
Isabella Simpson Wife M 32SCO
Harriet Murray Adop 9DUR Sunderland
15 Croft TerraceWilliam Wilson Head M 23Shipwright DUR Ford
Emily Wilson Wife M 20DUR Ludworth
William Wilson Son 2DUR Ford
15 Croft TerraceWilliam Wilson Head M 43Ship Plate Riveter DUR Ford
Isabella Wilson Wife M 42DUR Ford
James Wilson Son S 17Shipwright DUR Ford
Robert Wilson Son S 15Rivet Heater in Shipyard DUR Ford
Elizabeth Wilson Dau 13DUR Ford
Michael Wilson Son 11DUR Ford
John Wilson Son 9DUR Ford
Harry Wilson Son 6DUR Ford
Back Dawson Tce William Nolan Head Widr 45Shipyard Labourer DUR Stockton
Martin Nolan Son S 17Apprentice Caulker & Cutter DUR South Hylton
Mary E Nolan Dau 14DUR South Hylton
John P Nolan Son 12DUR South Hylton
Barbara Nolan Dau 7DUR South Hylton
Back Dawson Tce George Chapman Head M 23S’yard Plater's Labourer DUR South Hylton
Margaret Chapman Wife M 22DUR Pelton
George S Chapman Son 2DUR South Hylton
Back Dawson Tce William Birbeck Head M 41Cooper DUR Ford
Elizabeth Birbeck Wife M 37DUR Ford
John C Birbeck Son S 18Cement Works Labourer DUR Ford
Elizabeth Birbeck Dau S 16DUR Ford
Margaret J Birbeck Dau 12DUR Ford
Minnie Birbeck Dau 10DUR Ford
William Birbeck Son 2DUR Ford
Back Dawson Tce Michael Sidgwick Head M 30Joiner (ship) DUR South Hylton
Clara Sidgwick Wife M 31ESS Braintree
Florence Sidgwick Dau 7DUR South Hylton
Frederick Sidgwick Son 3DUR South Hylton
Joseph G Sidgwick Son 1DUR South Hylton
Robert T Sidgwick Son 2m DUR South Hylton
Back Dawson Tce Elizabeth Sidgwick Head Wid 65DUR Boldon
Ann Isa Sidgwick Dau S 24Dressmaker DUR South Hylton
Michael Hewison G’son S 20Apprentice Blacksmith NBL Crawcrook
Back Dawson Tce John Qualie Head M 32Labourer in Shipyard DUR Sunderland
Annie Qualie Wife M 30DUR Durham City
Elizabeth Qualie Dau 3DUR Hylton
Agnes Qualie Dau 1DUR Hylton
Back Dawson Tce Annie Parnaby Head Wid 38DUR Chester le Street
Thomas Parnaby Son S 16Soap Box Minder-P’Mill DUR Fatfield
Hannah Parnaby Dau 14DUR Pensher
Annie Parnaby Dau 5DUR Hylton
1 Dawson Terrace Edward Malone Head M 60Machine setter in Forge LAN Manchester
Hannah Malone Wife M 56LAN Manchester
Catherine Malone Dau S 26Paper Finisher DUR Hylton
Mary A Malone Dau S 23Dressmaker DUR Hylton
Frances E Malone Dau S 19Paper Finisher DUR Washington
2 Dawson Terrace William Hawkins Head M 50Boilerman Paper Mill DEV Exeter
Madeline Hawkins Wife M 38DUR Trimdon
James Hawkins Son S 24Dryerman Paper Mill DUR Lamesly
Mary Ann Hawkins Dau S 20Paper Sorter Paper Mill DUR Hylton
Maria Hawkins Dau S 18Paper Sorter Paper Mill DUR Hylton
Robert Laws S'son S 17Labourer in Forge DUR Hebburn
Louisa Hawkins Dau S 16DUR Hylton
Mary Laws S'dau 14DUR Hebburn
Sarah Ellen Hawkins Dau 11DUR Hylton
Madeline Hawkins Dau 8DUR Hylton
Willie Hawkins Son 9DUR Hylton
Ethel Hawkins Dau 6DUR Hylton
Walter Hawkins Son 5DUR Hylton
Lilly Hawkins Dau 2DUR Hylton
Aflick Joyce Visit S 30Shunter on Railway IRE
3 Dawson Terrace George Schofield Head M 47Tailor NBL Newcastle
Ann Ada Schofield Wife M 32DUR Hylton
4 Dawson Terrace Martha M Brown Head Wid 57Newsagent DUR Newmoor
James S Brown Son S 22Shipwright DUR Hylton
Margaret Brown Dau S 27Dressmaker DUR Hylton
Frances Brown Dau S 16DUR Hylton
5 Dawson Terrace Charles Binden Head M 28Publican GLS Bristol
Hannah Binden Wife M 30DUR West Rainton
6 Dawson Terrace Robert Hepplewhite Head M 48Boiler Minder at Colliery DUR Swalwell
Annie Hepplewhite Wife M 44DUR Pictree
George T Hepplewhite Son S 17App Engine Maker DUR Pelaw
Mary Hepplewhite Dau S 15Finishing Dept Paper Mill DUR Pelaw
Robert Hepplewhite Son 13Cutter Paper Mill DUR Pelaw
Lilian Hepplewhite Dau 10DUR Fatfield
Barbara Hepplewhite Dau 8DUR Fatfield
Joseph Hepplewhite Son 6DUR Fatfield
Eveline Hepplewhite Dau 3DUR Hylton
7 Dawson Terrace Jane Errington Head Wid 82DUR Pelton
William Errington Son S 48Shipwright DUR Hylton
Elizabeth A Ball Serv Wid 46Serv Domestic DUR Hylton
8 Dawson Terrace William Hutchinson Head M 30Bricklayer DUR Jarrow
Ann E Hutchinson Wife M 34DUR Jarrow
Jane A Hutchinson Dau 2DUR South Hylton
9 Dawson Terrace Thomas Shaw Head M 23Blacksmith DUR South Hylton
Mary Shaw Wife M 28DUR DUR
Eva Shaw Dau 1DUR Hylton
George W Foster B-i-L S 24Finisher in Paper Works DUR Hendon Sunderland
Nellie Foster S-i-L S 19Drapers Shop Assist DUR Hylton
Annie Foster S-i-L S 17Serv Domestic DUR Hylton
10 Dawson TerraceUninhabited
11 Dawson TerraceWilliam Mattches Head M 51Tailor and Cutter DUR South Hylton
Isabella Mattches Wife M 51NBL North Shields
William A Mattches Son S 20Farrier DUR Hylton
12 Dawson TerraceJohn Cavanagh Head M 34Boiler Cleaner Paper Mill DUR Urpeth
Annie Cavanagh Wife M 27DUR Wrekenton
Joseph Cavanagh Son 6DUR Hylton
13 Dawson TerraceThomas Robson Head M 39Ship Plater DUR Claxheugh
Jane Robson Wife M 39DUR Hylton
Mary J Robson Dau S 16DUR Hylton
Thomas Robson Son 14App Ship Plater DUR Hylton
John Robson Son 12DUR Hylton
Elizabeth E Robson Dau 10DUR Hylton
James Robson Son 2DUR Hylton
Arthur Robson Son 8 m DUR Hylton
14 Dawson TerraceGeorge Caven Head M 24Blacksmith DUR Hylton
Edith Caven Wife M 22YKS Malton
Lily Caven Dau 3DUR Hylton
John G Caven Son 1DUR Hylton
Thomas Braithwaite Board S 17Crane Man in Forge YKS Driffield
15 Dawson TerraceThomas Forrest Head M 76Shipwright (Wood) SCO
Isabella Forrest Wife M 79NBL Orslane
Thomas Forrest Son S 37Holder up to Riveter in Shipyard KEN Chatham
16 Dawson TerraceGeorge Caven Head M 53Engine setter in Shipyard DUR Claxheugh
Mary A Caven Wife M 48DUR Sunderland
Mary A Caven Dau S 29DUR South Hylton
Sarah Caven Dau S 19DUR South Hylton
Christine Caven Dau S 15DUR South Hylton
Miles Caven Son S 13DUR South Hylton
Lily Caven Dau 11DUR South Hylton
Janet Caven Dau 5DUR South Hylton
17 Dawson TerraceMary A Hutchinson Head Wid 73Living on own means NBL Newcastle
Sarah Hutchinson G'dau S 14DUR South Hylton
18 Dawson TerraceRobert Reed Head M 29Furnaceman in Forge DUR South Hylton
Emma Reed Wife M 25DUR South Hylton
Robert C Reed Son 3DUR South Hylton
19 Dawson TerraceRobert G Wallace Head M 29Grocer Draper & Boot Dealer DUR Jarrow
Eliza J Wallace Wife M 36DUR Hylton
Charles Wallace Son 8DUR Hylton
20 Dawson TerraceWilliam N Outterside Head M 48Fried Fish Trade DUR Ford
Isabella Outterside Wife M 45Fried Fish Trade DUR Seaham Harbour
James W Outterside Son S 18App Engine Maker DUR Ford
Frances M Outterside Dau S 16Fried Fish Trade DUR Ford
21 Dawson TerraceGeorge Torgeson Head M 33Labourer in Shipyard DUR Fatfield
Mary Torgeson Wife M 30DUR Fatfield
Joseph Torgeson Son 7DUR Fatfield
Mary A Torgeson Dau 4DUR Fatfield
William Torgeson Son 1DUR Hylton
George Harrison Board Widr 53Steam Engine Fitter DBY (Town)
Rose Cottage Joseph Lawson Head M 55Engine Fitter NBL Bedlington
Mary Lawson Wife M 52DUR Hylton
Annie Lawson Dau S 27DUR Hylton
George Lawson Son S 24Mechanical Engineer DUR Hylton
Thomas Lawson Son S 19Ship Joiner DUR Hylton
Joseph Lawson Son S 17Electrical Engineer DUR Hylton
Christopher J Lawson Son 14DUR Hylton
Chapman B Lawson Son 9DUR Hylton
1 Alma Street John Williams Head Widr 74Plumber DUR Jarrow
Dorothy D Williams Dau S 35Elementary School Teacher DUR B'mouth
Eleanor Williams Dau S 31DUR B'mouth
2 Alma Street Eleanor Mattches Head Wid 72DUR South Hylton
3 Alma Street William Anderson Head M 76Tailor (Master) DUR South Hylton
Jane A Anderson Wife M 66DUR Barmston
Eleanor J Anderson Dau S 33Elementary School Miss DUR Hylton
Evaline A Anderson Dau S 29DUR Hylton
4 Alma Street John G Browell Head M 44General Lab. Paper Mill DUR Ford
Sarah D Browell Wife M 40DUR Ford
John W Browell Son S 20Finisher in Paper Mill DUR Ford
Alfred J Browell Son S 18Ship Draughtsman App DUR Ford
George Browell Son S 16Joiners App DUR Ford
Donald Browell Son 14App Carpenter DUR Ford
Earnest Browell Son 12DUR Ford
Thomas Hy Browell Son 9DUR Ford
Arthur S Browell Son 5DUR Ford
Sarah J Browell Dau 1DUR Ford
5 Alma Street William Ryed Head M 48Paper Maker SCO
Isabella Ryed Wife M 47DUR B'mouth
Annie Ryed Dau S 22DUR B'mouth
Margaret Ryed Dau S 19DUR B'mouth
Jane Ryed Dau 16DUR B'mouth
Elizabeth E Dixon Visit 9NBL Newcastle
6 Alma Street John Wake Head M 63Shipwright DUR Hylton
Mary A Wake Wife M 62DUR Hylton
Thomas Douglas S-i-L M 26Carpenter/Joiner DUR Hylton
Alice Douglas Dau M 24DUR Hetton le Hole
Thomas W Douglas G'son 1DUR Hylton
7 Alma Street Isabella Coulthard Head S 52Dressmaker DUR Southwick
8 Alma Street John A Beattie Head M 30Forgeman DUR Southwick
Margaret Beattie Wife M 25DUR Claxheugh
Mary N Beattie Dau 1DUR Hylton
9 Alma Street Michael Bartley Head M 32Machine Fitter in Forge DUR Washington
Elizabeth B Bartley Wife M 26DUR North Hylton
Thomas Bartley Son 2DUR Sunderland
Christina D Bartley Dau 1DUR South Hylton
10 Alma Street Edward Sedgwick Head S 28Steam Engine Maker/ FittDUR Hylton
Jane Sedgwick Sis S 32DUR Hylton
William Hodgson Nep S 18App Blacksmith DUR Hylton
George Hodgson Nep S 16App JoinerDUR Hylton
Jane Hodgson Nce 12DUR Hylton
11 Alma Street William Chilton Head M 67ShipwrightDUR B'mouth
Hannah Chilton Wife M 64DUR North Hylton
Grace Chilton Dau S 40DUR North Hylton
Frederick Chilton Son S 35Carp Joiner DUR Ford
William E Chilton Son S 27Marine Engine Maker DUR Ford
Albert Chilton G'son 15App Clerk in ShipyardDUR Ford
12 Alma Street George Mackereth Head M 47Putterman in Papermill DUR Hylton
Mary H Macereth Wife M 45DUR Hylton
Mary E Macereth Dau S 24Paper Sorter Papermill DUR Hylton
Christina Macereth Dau S 22Paper Sorter Papermill DUR Hylton
Dorothy A Macereth Dau S 21Paper Sorter Papermill DUR Hylton
George Mackereth Son 11DUR Hylton
Thomas Macereth Son 8DUR Hylton
Ethel K Macereth Dau 1DUR Hylton
13 Alma Street Frederick G Miles Head Widr 79Retired Engine Minder MDX London
Frederick G Miles Son Widr 51Paper Mill Labourer MDX London
2 Blithe Street William Conley Head Widr 39Shipyard Labourer SCO
Martha Conley Dau S 16Day Serv Domestic DUR Sunderland
Meggie Conley Dau S 14DUR Newbottle
Willie Conley Son 12DUR Sunderland
Jimmie Conley Son 8DUR Sunderland
Ethel Conley Dau 3DUR Hylton
2 Blithe StreetWilliam Earley Head M 29Shipyard Labourer DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Earley Wife M 31DEV Plymouth
Frances Earley Dau 9DUR Sunderland
3 Blithe Street Uninhabited
4 Blithe Street Joseph Gibson Head M 46General Labourer DUR South Hylton
Mary Gibson Wife M 45DUR South Hylton
John Gibson Son S 20General Labourer DUR South Hylton
Mary Gibson Dau S 16DUR South Hylton
Joseph Gibson Son 13DUR South Hylton
Hannah Gibson Dau 11DUR South Hylton
Charlottie Gibson Dau 10DUR South Hylton
William Gibson Son 2DUR South Hylton
4 Blithe StreetJohn Rettie Head M 26Labourer in Shipyard DUR Hartlepool
Jane Rettie Wife M 22DUR Sunderland
5 Blithe Street John Young Head M 38Shipyard Labourer DUR Murton
Clara Young Wife M 26NTT Sneinton
Sarah Meir Nce S 19DUR South Shields
5 Blithe StreetWilliam Dinsdale Head M 46Cement Works Labourer YKS Richmond
Mary A Dinsdale Wife M 45DUR Hartlepool
John T Walton Son S 19Paperworks Labourer DUR Sunderland
George Dinsdale Son S 17DUR Sunderland
James Dinsdale Son 13DUR Sunderland
Sarah Dinsdale Dau 11DUR Sunderland
Robert C Dinsdale Son 9DUR Sunderland
Mary A Dinsdale Dau 7DUR Sunderland
William Dinsdale Son 5DUR Sunderland
John Dinsdale Son 3DUR Hylton
6 Blithe Street John Howarth Head M 63Retired Bottle Maker NBL Newcastle
Catherine Howarth Wife M 60DUR S Shields
Thomas Howarth Son S 28Labourer in Iron ShipyardDUR Hylton
Mark Howarth Son S 18Lab. in Cement Works DUR Hylton
Jack Teasdale Nep 3DUR Pallion
6 Blithe StreetJohn Randall Head M 55Labourer in Shipyard SSX Shoreham
Jane Randall Wife M 46SCO
Margaret Ann Randall Dau S 16SCO
Charley Smurthwaite Board M 21Foreman in Paper Mill DUR Pallion
Ruby A Smurthwaite Board M 20DUR Stockton
7 Blithe Street Uninhabited
8 Blithe Street Uninhabited
9 Blithe Street John W Howarth Head M 40Shipyard Labourer DUR Sunderland
Mary J Howarth Wife M 30DUR Sunderland
John G Howarth Son 9DUR Hylton
Catherine J Howarth Dau 7DUR Hylton
James Howarth Son 5DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Howarth Dau 3DUR Hylton
Violet S Howarth Dau 1DUR Hylton
9 Blithe St (Back) Ann M Carr Head Wid 48DUR Tyne Dock
William H Carr Son S 27Fitter in Shipyard DUR Hylton
Thomas Carr Son S 25Bricklayer DUR Hylton
Anthony Carr Son S 21Carter DUR Hylton
John Carr Son S 19Carter DUR Hylton
Matilda M Carr Dau S 16Paper Cutter Paper Mill DUR Hylton
Benjamin Carr Son S 14Paper Finisher Paper Mill DUR Hylton
Ernest Carr Son 7DUR Hylton
10 Blithe Street Richard Hodgetts Head M 29Machine Fitter Paper Mill STS Netherton
Elizabeth Hodgetts Wife M 27YKS Southbank
Elizabeth Hodgetts Dau 2DUR Ryhope
Richard E Hodgetts Son 1DUR West Hartlepool
Edward A Hodgetts Son 5m DUR West Hartlepool
10 Blithe St (Back)John S Clarke Head M 50Shipyard Labourer DUR Middleton in T’dale
Grace Clarke Wife M 44DUR Whitburn
John J Clarke Son S 23Shipyard Labourer DUR Ryhope Colliery
Peter Clarke Son S 17App Ship Plate Riveter DUR Ryhope Colliery
Annie H Clarke Dau 9DUR Harton
William Clarke Son 6DUR Washington Staith
Wilfred Clarke Son 3DUR North Hylton
11 Blithe StreetWilliam Wilson Head M 38Riveter in Shipyard DUR Southwick
Sarah A Wilson Wife M 36WAL Tredegar
John Wilson Son 14Apprentice Blacksmith WAL Tredegar
Mary J Wilson Dau 10DUR Hylton
William Wilson Son 8DUR Hylton
David Wilson Son 5DUR Hylton
Sarah A Wilson Dau 3DUR Hylton
Ernest Wilson Son 1DUR Hylton
11 Blithe StreetJames Stothard Head M 31Shipwright DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Stothard Wife M 31DUR Hylton
Priscilla Stothard Dau 12DUR Hylton
Thomas W Stothard Son 8DUR Hylton
James Stothard Son 6DUR Hylton
Robert A Stothard Son 4DUR Hylton
Laura Stothard Dau 3m DUR Hylton
11 Blithe StreetMargaret Chapman Head Wid 67DUR Evenwood
Annie Chapman Dau S 18Finishing Dept Paper Mill DUR Hylton
12 Blithe StreetGeorge Brass Head M 36Gardener (Domestic) NBL Hexham
Mary Brass Wife M 36IRE
Michael Callaghan S'son S 16IRE
James Callaghan S'son 11IRE
Joe Brass Son 3DUR Sunderland
Mary E Brass Dau 5m DUR Hylton
12 Blithe StreetMargaret Ambler Head M 26DUR Hylton
William Ambler Son 3DUR Hylton
13 Blithe StreetWilliam Duffy Head M 44Shipyard Labourer DUR B'mouth
Lavina Duffy Wife M 44DUR Hylton
Mary E Duffy Dau S 19Paper Sorter Paper Mill DUR Hylton
Emma Duffy Dau S 17Paper Sorter Paper Mill DUR Hylton
George Duffy Son S 14Apprentice Blacksmith DUR Hylton
William Duffy Son S 12DUR Hylton
Harry Duffy Son 11DUR Hylton
John Duffy Son 9DUR Hylton
Lancelot Duffy Son 5DUR Hylton
14 Blithe Street Francis Cassidy Head M 32Miner Coal Hewer DUR Seaham Harbour
Elizabeth Cassidy Wife M 32DUR Houghton le Spring
Francis Cassidy Son 11DUR Seaham Harbour
George Cassidy Son 9DUR Seaham Harbour
Kathleen Cassidy Dau 7DUR Ryhope
Elizabeth Cassidy Dau 5DUR Castle Eden
Mary A Cassidy Dau 3DUR Castle Eden
Jane A Cassidy Dau 1DUR Hylton
14 Blithe StreetWilliam Pearson Head M 23Shipyard Labourer DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Pearson Wife M 26DUR Sunderland
Christina Pearson Dau 3DUR Hylton
Lily Pearson Dau 1DUR Hylton
1 Wear Street Margaret Bryant Head Wid 48Confec/Shopkeeper DUR Sunderland
Eliza Bryant Dau S 18Confec/Shopkeeper AssDUR Ludworth
Dorothy Bryant Dau 11DUR Hebburn
2 Wear Street John Parker Head M 48Cement Worker WES Clifton
Mary A Parker Wife M 50DUR Crook
Alice Parker Dau S 22Sorter Paper Mill DUR Crook
Isabella Parker Dau S 20Sorter Paper Mill DUR Garesfield
John Parker Son S 19Paper Cutter Paper WorksDUR Hylton
Matthew Parker Son S 15Paper Cutter Paper WorksDUR Hylton
Joseph Parker Son S 14Milk Boy on Farm DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Parker G'dau 4m DUR Hylton
3 Wear Street John Colling Head M 37Labourer in Paper Mill YKS Bedale
Jane A Colling Wife M 36DUR Swalwell
Florence Colling Dau S 16Paper Sorter Paper Mill DUR Sunderland
Mary E Colling Dau 13DUR Hylton
Annie Colling Dau 12DUR Hylton
Minnie Colling Dau 9DUR Hylton
Lydia Colling Dau 2DUR Hylton
4 Wear Street Robert R Wilson Head M 36Keelman for Papermill DUR Hylton
Ann H Wilson Wife M 26DUR Hylton
5 Wear Street Robert Carter Head M 48Lab. in Cement Works NFK Norwich
Isabella Carter Wife M 43DUR Hylton
John W Carter Son S 22Paper Maker SFK Lowestoft
Robert Carter Son 6DUR Hylton
James Carter Son 3DUR Hylton
Isabella Carter Dau S 20Paper Sorter in Paper MillSFK Lowestoft
Mary Carter Dau S 17Paper Sorter in Paper MillSFK Lowestoft
6 Wear Street John N Short Head M 47Innkeeper DUR South Hylton
Alma Tavern Elizabeth A Short Wife M 33DUR Pallion
Lavinia Short Dau S 20DUR South Hylton
Ethel Short Dau S 18Mantle Maker DUR South Hylton
Eva Short Dau 7DUR South Hylton
Dorothy M Short Dau 5DUR South Hylton
Robert P Short Son 4DUR South Hylton
Matthew Short Son 2DUR South Hylton
Thomas H Short Son 1DUR South Hylton
3 Well Open Robert Lovatt Head M 48Forge Furnaceman DUR South Hylton
Isabella Lovatt Wife M 44DUR South Hylton
John Lovatt Son S 23Paper Maker DUR South Hylton
Henry Lovatt Son S 16Forge Labourer DUR South Hylton
Matthew Lovatt Son 13DUR South Hylton
Robert Lovatt Son 11DUR South Hylton
Mary Lovatt Dau 9DUR South Hylton
Frances Lovatt Dau 7DUR South Hylton
William Lovatt Son 5DUR South Hylton
Offerton Lane William Clark Head M 69Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Ellen Clark Wife M 66DUR South Hylton
George Clark Son S 36Brakesman Forge DUR South Hylton
Grace I Clark Dau S 26DUR South Hylton
Ralph Clark Son S 23Coachman Domestic DUR South Hylton
Ellen Clark G'dau S 18DUR South Hylton
Offerton Lane John Hildrew Head M 37Frame Smith Striker DUR South Hylton
Susannah Hildrew Wife M 36DUR South Hylton
Sarah J Hildrew Dau 6DUR South Hylton
John Hildrew Son 4DUR South Hylton
Offerton Lane James Allison Head M 64Shipwright DUR Monkwearmouth
Sarah Allison Wife M 62DUR Hylton
Sarah E Allison Dau S 24DUR Hylton
1 High Row William E Henderson Head S 30Labourer DUR Ford
Elizabeth A Henderson Sis S 26DUR Ford
Isabella Henderson Sis S 19Papermill Worker DUR Ford
Charles S Henderson Bro S 18App Shipwright DUR Ford
Sarah J Henderson Sis S 16Papermill Worker DUR Ford
2 High Row Catherine J Robinson Head S 41Dressmaker DUR Ford
3 High Row William Fife Head M 52Driller Shipyard DUR Penshaw
Eleanor Fife Wife M 51NBL Newcastle
Georgina Fife Dau S 17Papermill Worker DUR Ford
Dorothy A Fife Dau 13DUR Ford
William Fife Son 9DUR Ford
3 High Row Thomas Gilmore Head M 40Chemical Labourer DUR Sunderland
Catherine Gilmore Wife M 38DUR Hylton
Sarah A Gilmore Dau S 18DUR Hylton
James W Gilmore Son 14DUR Hylton
Margaret A Gilmore Dau 12DUR Hylton
Mary E Gilmore Dau 6DUR Hylton
Thomas Gilmore Son 1DUR Hylton
4 High Row John G Ready Head M 39Beer Trade Comm Trav DUR Sunderland
Renforth Hotel Annie Ready Wife M 38YKS Middlesbrough
John J Ready Son S 17College DUR Sunderland
Johannah Ready Dau 14DUR Sunderland
Agnes Ready Dau 12DUR Stockton
Annie Ready Dau 9DUR Sunderland
Pholimina Ready Dau 7DUR Sunderland
Norah L Ready Dau 3DUR Blackhill
5 High Row Robert Glasper Head M 47Circular Sawyer DUR Hylton
Jane Glasper Wife M 49DUR Hylton
Margaret Glasper Dau S 20Factory Girl DUR Hylton
John W Glasper Son S 19Blacksmith DUR Hylton
Robert Glasper Son S 16Bricklayer DUR Hylton
Thomas Glasper Son 14Woodcutter DUR Hylton
6 High Row Edward Brown Head M 64Carpenter DUR Hylton
Margaret Brown Wife M 55CUL Brampton
6 High Row Margaret J Barwick Head Wid 41DUR Grindon
George W Barwick Son S 17Cartman DUR Hylton
Margaret J Barwick Dau S 20DUR Hylton
John Miller Board S 41Farm Labourer USA New York
Barbara Roberts Board M 47Dressmaker DUR Chester le Street
John Roberts Board 11DUR Boldon
7 High Row John Dixon Head M 35Labourer DUR Coxgreen
Ellen Dixon Wife M 38DUR Hylton
Thomas Dixon Son 13DUR Hylton
Mary Dixon Dau 11DUR Coxgreen
John Dixon Son 9DUR Hylton
Sarah Dixon Dau 7DUR Penshaw
Edith Dixon Dau 2DUR Penshaw
John Usher Board S 22Cartman DUR Hylton
7 High Row William Patterson Head M 42Forge Labourer Iron DUR S Shields
Ann Patterson Wife M 42NBL St Anthony's
Robert Patterson Son S 16Forge Labourer Iron NBL Hexham
Gertrude Patterson Dau 13NBL Newcastle
Thomas Patterson Son 11NBL Walker
Mary Patterson Dau 9NBL Walker
William Patterson Son 6NBL Walker
Matthew Patterson Son 4DUR Washington
Henry Patterson Son 1DUR Washington
8 High Row John Hullah Head M 34Labourer YKS Leeds
Jane Hullah Wife M 35DUR Hylton
Betsy Hullah Dau 14DUR Hylton
Mary Hullah Dau 9DUR Hylton
Thomas Hullah Son 7DUR Hylton
Jane Hullah Dau 2DUR Hylton
Richard Thompson Board S 54Shipwright DUR Hylton
8 High Row Thomas Meynell Head M 37Masons Labourer DUR Gateshead
Margaret Meynell Wife M 37DUR Pallion
Agnes Meynell Dau S 16DUR Trimdon
Edward A Meynell Son 4DUR Castletown
Norman Meynell Son 2DUR Pallion
9 High Row Charles Davison Head M 33Shipyard Labourer DUR Hylton
Sarah Davison Wife M 32DUR Shiney Row
Henry Davison Son 6DUR Hylton
Margaret Davison Dau 4DUR Hylton
10 High Row Thomas Talbot Head M 64Wood Shipwright DUR Hylton
Betsy Talbot Wife M 58DUR Houghton le Spring
John Talbot Son S 27Forge Labourer DUR South Hylton
William Talbot Son S 23Plate Layer DUR South Hylton
Ralph Talbot Son S 21Forge Labourer DUR South Hylton
George Talbot Son S 19App Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Whiteheugh Charles W Davison Head M 34Shipyard Plater DUR South Hylton
Agnes Davison Wife M 34DUR Coxgreen
Thomas C Davison Son 12DUR South Hylton
Mary S Davison Dau 9DUR South Hylton
Barbara G Davison Dau 6DUR South Hylton
Whiteheugh John G Whitaker Head M 42Millwright Papermill DUR Sunderland
Margaret Whitaker Wife M 29DUR Hylton
John G Whitaker Son 10DUR Hylton
Arthur E Whitaker Son 8DUR Hylton
Mary M Whitaker Dau 5DUR Hylton
Reginald S Whitaker Son 3DUR Hylton
Margaret G Whitaker Dau 1DUR Hylton
The Grove Lodge John Pearson Head M 31Gardener Domestic NBL Humshaugh
Mary E Pearson Wife M 24NBL Hexham
Sarah Tweddle Visit S 16Nurse Domestic NBL Hexham
The Grove Lodge Margaret Surtees Head Wid 76NBL Humshaugh
Hannah Surtees Dau S 39Laundress Domestic CUL Nether Denton
1 Ford Works Cott John G Paisley Head M 31Foreman Eng. P’Works DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Paisley Wife M 32SCO
Matilda D Paisley Dau 13SCO
Mary E Paisley Dau 10SCO
John K Paisley Son 7SCO
George Paisley Son 5SCO
Albert W Paisley Son 11m DUR Hylton
2 Ford Works Cott Benjamin Cawthorn Head M 63Papermill Manager YKS Settle
Elizabeth Cawthorn Wife M 60DUR Houghton
Elizabeth Cawthorn Dau S 31DUR Lintzford
Benjamin Cawthorn Son S 26Papermaker DUR Hylton
Joseph Cawthorn Son S 22Architect DUR Hylton
Ford Works Cott Frederick J Miles Head M 35Paperworks Millwright MDX London
Elizabeth A Miles Wife M 36OXF Eynsham
Nellie Miles Dau 10DUR Hylton
Susannah E Miles Dau 7DUR Hylton
Cordelia Miles Dau 5DUR Hylton
Ford Works Cott George Nevins Head M 47Pulsometer Att P’Works NBL Blanchland
Annie Nevins Wife M 44DUR Winlaton
Jane Nevins Dau S 17Paper Sorter P’Works DUR Ford
Sarah E Nevins Dau S 15Paper Sorter P’Works DUR Ford
Mabel Nevins Dau 13DUR Ford
Annie Nevins Dau 11DUR Ford
George C Nevins Son 9DUR Ford
Ford Works Cott John Anderson Head Widr 65Paper Maker DUR Tudhoe
Isabella Anderson Dau S 30DUR Relly
James Anderson Son S 28Labourer Paper Works DUR Relly
Ford Works Cott Robert Bryant Head M 67Engineminder OXF Eynsham
Susannah Bryant Wife M 59OXF Eynsham
Frederick G Bryant Son S 19Paper Mill Labourer DUR Ford
William D Attwood Board M 46Paper Mill Labourer OXF Eynsham
Ernest E Attwood Board S 15App Joiner (House) OXF Eynsham
Ford Works Cott George Knox Head M 28Ass. Mach’an PaperworksDUR Hylton
Fannie Knox Wife M 28YKS Linthorpe
Evelyn A Knox Dau 1DUR Hylton
Ford Works Cott James Mac Kereth Head M 49Boilersmith DUR Claxheugh
Dorothy A Mac Kereth Wife M 42DUR Brandon
James W Mac Kereth Son S 23Blacksmiths Striker DUR Claxheugh
Thomas Mac Kereth Son S 19App Papermaker DUR Hylton
Mary Mac Kereth Dau S 16Paper Sheeter Paper Mill DUR Hylton
Nellie Mac Kereth Dau 12DUR Hylton
Ford Works Cott Richard Attwood Head M 57Paper Mill Joiner OXF Eynsham
Louisa Attwood Wife M 52OXF Eynsham
Alice M Charlott Nce S 20OXF Eynsham
Ford Works CottGeorge R Morrison Head M 25Paper Sorter P’Works YKS Middlesbrough
Sarah E Morrison Wife M 24DUR Urpeth
Ford Works CottThomas Toole Head M 42Warehouseman in P’Mill IRE
Mary Toole Wife M 34DUR Sunderland
Mary Toole Dau 13DUR Sunderland
John E Toole Son 7DUR Sunderland
Ford Works Cott Ann Flaxon Head Wid 73BRK Cumnor
William Hy Flaxon Son S 36Boilerman In Paper Mill OXF Cowley
Sarah A Flaxon Dau S 34Paper Sorter Paper MillOXF Cowley
Fannie H Flaxon Dau S 28DUR Ford
Ford Works Cott William Braiman Head M 49Papermaker CUL Workington
Elizabeth Braiman Wife M 51IRE
James Mc Guiren Board S 40Masons Labourer IRE
Ford Works Cott William T Bryant Head M 25Papermaker DUR Hylton
Margaret E Bryant Wife M 21DUR Hylton
Harriet Johnson Visit S 21General Serv Domestic DUR Darlington
Ford Works Cott James Anderson Head M 51Papermaker DUR Durham City
Sarah Anderson Wife M 49DUR Durham City
Fred Anderson Son S 25Papermaker DUR Durham City
Mark H Anderson Son S 23Papermaker DUR Durham City
Joseph B Anderson Son S 21General Cartman DUR Hylton
Margaret A Anderson Dau S 18Paper Sorter in P’MillDUR Hylton
James Anderson Son 15App BlacksmithDUR Hylton
Frank Anderson Son 12DUR Hylton
Clement Anderson Son 10DUR Hylton
Andrew Anderson Son 8DUR Hylton
Page Pasture Farm John Brack Pattison Head M 50Farmer DUR Dalton le Dale
Sarah A Pattison Wife M 42YKS Harsley
George W Pattison Son S 18Farmer DUR South Hylton
Eliza Pattison Dau S 16DUR Hylton
John B Pattison Son 3m DUR Hylton
Robert Witton Nep S 19Architects Pupil DUR Seaham Harbour
Annie Gray Serv S 20General Serv DomesticDUR South Hylton
Albert H E Outterside Serv 13Farm Serv Milk BoyDUR South Hylton
Rock (Claxheugh) FarmJohn Browell Head Widr 62FarmerDUR Chopwell
George Browell Son S 32Farmer NBL Sleekburn
Elizabeth Spencer Serv S 62Housekeeper Domestic DUR Shincliffe
Mary Nichol Serv S 18General Serv Domestic DUR Penshaw
Winny A Morton Serv S 20General Serv Domestic HAM Portsmouth
Claxheugh RockJohn H Robson Head M 71Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Margaret Robson Wife M 70SCO
James Robson Son S 39Ships Plater DUR Hylton
John R Dixon G'son 8NBL Newcastle
Claxheugh RockCharles Hahn Head M 49Labourer Paper Mill YKS York City
Annie Hahn Wife M 32YKS Sheffield
Charles Hahn Son S 17Papermill Labourer DUR Sunderland
William Hahn Son 6DUR Sunderland
Mowbray Quay Frederick W Hack Head M 29A B Sailor HAM Southampton
Hannah Hack Wife M 26DUR Pallion
Elizabeth Hack Dau 3DUR Pallion
Frederick Hack Son 1DUR Pallion
Violet Hack Dau 4m DUR Pallion
North Ford Farm Edward Weightman Head M 46Farmer DUR Sunderland
Annie Weightman Wife M 45NBL Hexham
Edward Weightman Son S 20Farm Worker DUR Sunderland
Alfred Weightman Son S 16Farm Worker DUR Sunderland
George Weightman Son 7DUR Sunderland
Martha Locket Serv S 25General Serv Domestic DUR Kelloe
James Bulmer Serv S 23Cartman on Farm DUR Seaton
Ben Metcalf Serv S 22Cartman on Farm NBL Newcastle
Ford Hall Bryan Laing Head M 25Iron Shipbuilder DUR Sunderland
Eleanor Laing Wife M 30MDX London
Annie Johnson Serv S 36Cook H’keeper Domestic MDX London
Margaret Brown Serv S 39House P’maid Domestic NBL Thriston
Hannah Thompson Serv S 20Kitchen maid Domestic DUR Sunderland
Lily Walton Serv S 24Housemaid Domestic YKS York City
Ford Hall Lodge William H Taylor Head M 27Coachman Domestic DUR Pallion Sunderland
Ethel D Taylor Wife M 25DUR Sunderland
Percival A Taylor Son 4DUR Burdon Easington
Archibald Mordey B-i-L S 17Barman (Inn) DUR Gateshead
South Ford Farm John Armstrong Head M 54Market Gardener SCO
Ann Armstrong Wife M 57DUR Felling
Thomas L Armstrong Son S 17Market GardenerDUR Sunderland
Emily Armstrong Dau S 16Assistant Insurance SuptDUR Sunderland
Jared Armstrong Visit M 44Farm Labourer CUL Kirklinton
John Doyle Serv S 18Farm Labourer DUR Durham City
Richard Shaughan Serv S 20Farm Labourer DUR Durham City
Arthur W Layfind Serv S 15General Serv DomesticDUR Durham City
Alice Wheldon Serv S 27DUR Colliery Row
West Lodge Bishopwearmouth New CemeteryWilliam Archer Head M 39Ass. Supt B’pwmth CemDUR Grindon Lodge
Mary J Archer Wife M 40SCO
Jessie Archer Dau 9DUR B'mouth Cem
William E Archer Son 5DUR B'mouth Cem
George E Archer Son 2DUR B'mouth Cem
Arch Engine CottagesPeter E Shipley Head M 36Driller in Shipyard DUR Sunderland
Eleanor A Shipley Wife M 34DUR Jarrow
Robert B Rowe S'son S 18App Riveter Ship Plate DUR Sunderland
Jonathan I Rowe S'son S 16App Ship Plater DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Shipley Dau 10DUR Sunderland
Mary Shipley Dau 10DUR Sunderland
Peter Shipley Son 8DUR Sunderland
John Shipley Son 4DUR Sunderland
James Shipley Son 7m DUR Sunderland
Arch Engine CottagesJohn E James Head S 24Grave Digger DUR Sherburn
Susannah James Sis S 22Dressmaker DUR Durham City
Septimus Dickeson Board S 34Chief Surface Rd For’manDUR Coxgreen
Arch Engine CottagesJames Glass Head M 45Market Gardener WIL Potterne
Dorothy Glass Wife M 46NBL Gosforth
Ada L Glass Dau S 15DUR B'mouth
Mary A Glass Dau 12DUR B'mouth
William R Glass Son 9DUR B'mouth
Arch Engine CottagesHannah Ferry Head Wid 67DUR B'mouth
Hannah Smith Dau M 24DUR Sunderland
John W Smith S-i-L M 23Stoker in Gas Works DUR Southwick
Henry Smith G'son 9m DUR Ford
Garden House FarmGeorge Willis Head M 28Farmer DUR Muggleswick
Bertha Willis Wife M 28NTT Nottingham
Dorothy Willis Dau 1DUR Ford
Breckon Hill Farm Thomas Willis Head M 58Farmer DUR Lanchester
Annie Willis Wife M 54DUR Whickham
May A Willis Dau S 22Farm & House Worker DUR Brancepeth
Eleanor F Willis Dau S 19Farm & House Worker DUR Brancepeth
Emily J Willis Dau S 15Farm & House Worker DUR B'mouth
Thomas Willis Son 12DUR B'mouth
Minnie Willis Dau 3DUR B'mouth
John Marsh Serv S 16Carter on Farm DUR Harton
Walter Chapman Serv S 16Carter on Farm DUR B'mouth
Hylton Road (Ford Works Well) Nicholas Simpson Head M 37Stationary Engine Minder DUR Hetton le Hole
Annie Simpson Wife M 32DUR Hetton le Hole
John J Simpson Son 13DUR Hetton le Hole
Robert Simpson Son 10DUR Hetton le Hole
Albert Simpson Son 7DUR Hetton le Hole
Florence M Simpson Dau 1DUR Pallion Sunderland
Ford Works Well William Liddle Head M 45Winding Engine man DUR Thornley
Frances Liddle Wife M 36DUR Leamside
Jennie Liddle Dau 14DUR Chester le Street
Frederick Liddle Son 9DUR Chester le Street
Frances E Liddle Dau 5DUR Chester le Street
William Liddle Son 3DUR Hylton
George V Liddle Son 1DUR Ford Works Well
Sunderland Borough Sanatorium Lodge William S Oates Head M 43Engineman & Caretaker SanatoriumDUR Sunderland
Sarah E Oates Wife M 41DUR Sunderland
Frederick Oates Son S 17Junior Clerk Towns Off DUR Sunderland
Mary F Oates Dau 11DUR Hylton (Ford)
Nora Oates Dau 7DUR Hylton (Ford)
Hilda Oates Dau 1DUR Hylton (Ford)
Sunderland Borough Sanatorium Mary Mac Rae Mat S 32Matron Institution SCO
Jane Alder Serv S 36Hospital Nurse NBL Stannington
Catherine Sinclair Serv S 30Hospital Nurse SCO
Mary B Anderson Serv S 24Hospital Nurse DUR Sunderland
Madge Griffith Serv S 25Hospital Nurse GLM Swansea
Lillie R Hutchinson Serv S 30Hospital Nurse DUR Sunderland
Margaret Spence Serv S 25Hospital Nurse SCO
Alice F Fyfe Serv S 31Hospital Nurse SCO
Elizabeth Macdonald Serv S 27Hospital Nurse SCO
Mary A Lodge Serv S 50Cook Domestic DUR Staindrop
Annie Young Serv S 20Laundress Domestic DUR Sunderland
Mary Johnson Serv S 21Scullery Maid Domestic DUR Murton Colliery
Kate Murphy Serv S 17Kitchen Maid Domestic DUR Sunderland
Agnes Murphy Serv S 22House Maid Domestic DUR Sunderland
Barbara Moore Serv S 23House Maid Domestic DUR Sunderland
Maggie Young Serv S 18House Maid Domestic DUR Sunderland
Bella Brooks Serv S 20Ward Maid Hospital DUR Sunderland
Grace Laws Serv S 21Ward Maid Hospital DUR Sunderland
Alfred Brown Pat S 33Seaman Foyboat DUR Sunderland
Frederick Kirton Pat 6DUR Sunderland
William Mc Allister Pat S 30Dock Labourer DUR Sunderland
Jane Whittel Pat M 62DUR Sunderland
Leonora Rudolphi Pat S 25Hospital Nurse DUR Sunderland
Walter Hodgson Pat 11DUR Sunderland
Robert Clark Pat 6DUR Sunderland
Stanley Knight Pat 11DUR Sunderland
John Feeney Pat 4DUR Sunderland
Henry Johnson Pat 7DUR Sunderland
William Anderson Pat 3DUR Sunderland
Marlboro Sumby Pat 3DUR Sunderland
John Pickering Pat 1DUR Sunderland
Edwin Wells Pat 13DUR Sunderland
Margaret Cormefy Pat 11DUR Sunderland
Mary Peppers Pat 5DUR Sunderland
Margaret Mc Cubbing Pat 12CUL Carlisle
Thomas Deans Pat 6DUR Sunderland
Jane Dobson Pat 9DUR Sunderland
Joseph Renwick Pat 7DUR Sunderland
Isabella Laurie Pat 8DUR Sunderland
Emily Metcalf Pat 4DUR Sunderland
Charles Weatherhead Pat 3DUR Sunderland
Rural District HospitalGertrude Hodgson Mat S 26Matron Isolation HospitalDUR Sunderland
Ella Hodgson Serv S 28Nurse Probationary DUR Boldon
Janet Gray Serv S 22Kitchen Maid DUR Heckington
George Roberts Pat M 46Brickmaker NFK Norwich
Ford Farm Edward Scott Head M 50Agricultural Hind CUL Wigton
Mary Scott Wife M 44DUR Sunderland
Ann Henderson Serv Wid 77Housekeeper Domestic CUL Wigton
Emma Watson Serv S 23General Serv Domestic DUR Hetton
Alexander Smith Serv S 23Farm Serv YKS Middlesboro
Thomas Robinson Serv S 45Farm Serv DUR Bishop Auckland
John Shikle Serv S 22Farm Serv DUR Sunderland
High Ford Farm Thomas Hutchinson Head M 52Farmer DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth M Hutchinson Wife M 50DUR South Hylton
Margaret Hutchinson Aunt S 82DUR Whitburn
William R Hodgson Serv S 27Horseman on Farm DUR High Haswell
Joseph Henderson Serv S 21Agricultural Labourer DUR Southwick
Ann Leybourn Serv S 36Serv Domestic DUR Sunderland
Tower House George Coatsworth Head M 55Underwriter DUR Sunderland
Kate Coatsworth Wife M 48DUR Sunderland
George S Coatsworth Son S 26Underwriter DUR Sunderland
Kate Coatsworth Dau S 24DUR Sunderland
Henry C Coatsworth Son S 19Clerk Mercantile DUR Sunderland
Ellen Taggart Serv S 22Housemaid Domestic DUR Stockton
Hylton Lane Villa Jane Calvert Head Wid 67Living on own means DUR Durham
Thomas C Calvert Son S 42Iron Founder DUR Biddick
Jane Calvert Dau S 35Living on own means SCO Edinburgh
Hylton Lane The OaksMatthew Gibbon Head M 52Timber Merchant DUR Hylton
Isabella Gibbon Wife M 54DUR Castle Eden
Jacobina Gibbon Dau S 31DUR Hylton
Mary S Gibbon Dau S 22DUR Hylton
Edith J Gibbon Dau S 13DUR Hylton
Stephen R Blair S-i-L M 32Machine Tool Maker YKS Hull
Isabella Blair Dau M 28DUR Hylton
Matthew G Blair G'son 1DUR Hylton
Jacobina G Lee Nce S 28Elem. School Teacher DUR Hylton
Mary E Bennet Serv S 22General Serv Domestic DUR Ryhope
Field House Mary E Pratt Head Wid 76Living on means YKS Ouseburn
Mary A Pratt Dau S 40DUR Southwick
Mary A Usher Serv S 44Sick Nurse YKS Newsham
Sarah J Daniels Serv S 25Cook Domestic DUR Washington
Lily Anderson Serv S 28Housemaid Domestic YKS Middleton
Railway Stn. House Thomas King Head M 44Station Master YKS Richmond
Ellen King Wife M 43YKS York
Railway Inn Adam D Laws Head M 41Licensee & Victualar DUR Harton Colliery
Sarah Laws Wife M 40DUR Carville
Margaret A Laws Dau S 18DUR Ryhope
John W Laws Son S 14
Madge Laws Dau 11DUR Herrington Burn
Ernest Laws Son 7DUR South Hylton
Adam Laws Son 6DUR South Hylton
James H Laws Son 1DUR South Hylton
2 Railway TerraceWilliam Lawson Head M 68Forgeman NBL Blythe
Anne Lawson Wife M 72NBL Bedlington
2 Railway TerraceWilliam B Lawson Head M 34Forgeman DUR Hylton
Hannah Lawson Wife M 34DUR Hylton
Mary J Lawson Dau 10DUR Millfield
Annie M Lawson Dau 8DUR Millfield
Edward W Lawson Son 2DUR Hylton
Allen Lawson Son 3m DUR Hylton
3 Railway Terrace George Bainbridge Head M 30Riveter DUR Monkwearmouth
Harriot Bainbridge Wife M 30DUR Hylton
Ada A Bainbridge Dau 8DUR Hylton
George Bainbridge Son 6DUR Hylton
Harriot Bainbridge Dau 3DUR Hylton
William Bainbridge Son 9m DUR Hylton
4 Railway Terrace Isabella Hedworth Head Wid 34Beer House Keeper DUR Hylton
Jane Hedworth Dau 8DUR Hylton
Mary Chilton Sis S 30DUR Hylton
5 Railway Terrace John O Wilson Head M 29Fitter DUR Sunderland
Barbara Wilson Wife M 34DUR Ford
5 Railway Terrace Elizabeth Caygill Head Wid 59DUR Ford
6 Railway Terrace Joseph Bentley Head M 53Elementary SchoolmasterLAN Bury
Margaret Bentley Wife M 50DUR Hylton
George Lister S'son S 28Ship Repairer DUR Sunderland
John Bentley Son S 21Apprentice Architect DUR Hylton
Albert Bentley Son S 19Ships Draughtsman DUR Hylton
Joseph Bentley Son S 16Monitor in Elem. SchoolDUR Hylton
7 Railway Terrace Simon Dodds Head M 40Iron Moulder DUR Gateshead
Margaret Dodds Wife M 33DUR Washington
Elizabeth Dodds Dau 10DUR Washington
John W Dodds Son 7DUR Washington
Mary Dodds Dau 3DUR Washington
7 Railway Terrace Christopher Longstaff Head M 30Metal Moulder DUR New Penshaw
Louise Longstaff Wife M 24DUR Old Penshaw
Henry H Longstaff Son 11m DUR Hylton
8 Railway Terrace Ralph Bainbridge Head M 26Forge Furnaceman DUR Sunderland
Ann J Bainbridge Wife M 27Newcastle
Edmond Bainbridge Son S 2DUR Hylton
8 Railway Terrace James W Gilmore Head M 28Fitter DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Gilmore Wife M 29DUR Hylton
9 Railway Terrace Thomas Minns Head M 60Signalman DUR New Lambton
Margaret Minns Wife M 56DUR Castle Eden
George Minns Son S 27Platelayer DUR Hunwick Lane Ends
Lydia Minns Dau S 24DUR Rough Lea
Rebecca Minns Dau S 20DUR Todhills
Herbert Minns Son S 15Apprentice Fitter DUR Chilton Cottages
Blanch Hogarth G'dau 7DUR South Hylton
John Banthorpe Board S 45Platelayer SFK Basenhall
James Mc Laughlin Board M 48Surgeon IRE
10 Railway Terrace John Martin Head M 57Shipwright DUR Ford
Isabella Martin Wife M 55DUR Hetton
John Martin Son S 22Clerk DUR Ford
Robert Martin Son S 17Joiner DUR Ford
Margaret Martin Dau S 31DUR Ford
11 Railway Terrace Ernest L Brown Head S 28Corn Merchant DUR Ford
Isa Walton Brown Sis S 25DUR Ford
12 Railway Terrace Edward Henderson Head Widr 51Shipwright DUR Hylton
Mary A Henderson Dau S 27DUR Hylton
William T Henderson Son S 19Apprentice Engineer DUR Hylton
Edward Henderson Son 13DUR Hylton
12 Railway Terrace John Wake Head M 26Marine Engineer DUR Hylton
Susannah Wake Wife M 23DUR Hylton
John E Wake Son 1DUR Pallion
13 Railway Terrace Uninhabited
14 Railway Terrace William H Hope Head M 28Solicitor DUR Sunderland
Mary E Hope Wife M 26DUR Sunderland
Ellen PousticServ S 16Domestic Serv DUR South Hylton
Co-operative Store Blank entry
Christian Lay Ch’chBlank entry
15 Railway Terrace Thomas C Milner Head M 46Butcher DUR South Hylton
Jane Milner Wife M 46DUR Dinsdale Parish
Elizabeth J Milner Dau S 21DUR South Hylton
Mary E Milner Dau S 19Pupil Teacher DUR South Hylton
Joseph Milner Son S 18Assistant Butcher DUR South Hylton
Sarah J Milner Dau 15DUR South Hylton
Thomas A Milner Son 12DUR South Hylton
16 Railway Terrace William F Edward Head Widr 75Tailor SCO
Elizabeth A Edward Dau S 43DUR Ford
Amelia Edward Dau S 28Teacher DUR Ford
William H Edward Son S 18Teacher DUR Ford
17 Railway Terrace Ralph Emmerson Head M 52Forgeman DUR Hylton
Ann Emmerson Wife M 54DUR Hylton
Grace Emmerson Dau S 24Dressmaker DUR Hylton
Isabella Emmerson Dau S 22DUR Hylton
Ann Emmerson Dau S 21DUR Hylton
Ethel Emmerson Dau S 19Shop Assistant DUR Hylton
Alice Emmerson Dau S 17Shop Assistant DUR Hylton
Maggie Emmerson Dau S 14DUR Hylton
Stanley Emmerson Son 13DUR Hylton
18 Railway Terrace John H Hedworth Head S 33Forgeman DUR Jarrow
Jane Hedworth Sis S 30DUR Whitehill Pt Shields
1 Union Street Gilbert Brown Head M 56Labourer Chemical WorksDUR Heddon on the Wall
Annie M Brown Wife M 45DUR Shields
John W Brown Son S 19DUR Sunderland
Marion E Brown Dau 14Apprentice EngineerDUR Hylton
Esther Brown Dau 12DUR Hylton
Maud Brown Dau 6DUR Hylton
John Brown Board S 24General CartmanDUR Hylton
Gilbert Brown Son 8DUR Hylton
1 Union Street George Bennell Head M 25Engine Driver Stationary YKS New Brotton
Margaret Bennell Wife M 24YKS Haverton Hill
Sarah A Bennell Dau 4DUR Hylton
Gilbert Bennell Son 3DUR Hylton
Ethel Bennell Dau 1DUR Hylton
2 Union Street Alexander Davidson Head Widr 66Shipyard Plater SCO Inverkeithing
Robert Davidson Son S 18App.Joiner DUR South Hylton
2 Union Street Abraham Woodhall Head M 43Fireman Steam Boiler LIN Horsington
Elizabeth Woodhall Wife M 48YKS Northallerton
Ethel Woodhall Dau S 16YKS Thornton le Street
3 Union Street Mary A Scarr Head Wid 60DUR South Hylton
David Scarr Son S 28Railway Guard DUR South Hylton
Alfred Scarr Son S 27Shipyard Labourer DUR South Hylton
Watson Scarr Son S 24Shipyard Labourer DUR South Hylton
3 Union Street Isabella Henderson Head S 49Dressmaker DUR South Hylton
Philip H Bulmer Neph S 22Cabinet Maker DUR Offerton
4 Union Street Annie Allen Head Wid 36Dressmaker DUR Hylton
Robert Allen Son 10DUR Hylton
Mary Allen Dau 9DUR Hylton
William Allen Son 7DUR Hylton
John Allen Son 4DUR Hylton
4 Union Street Frederick Allen Head M 31Shipwright DUR Hylton
Annie Allen Wife M 31DUR Hylton
Thomas Allen Son 10DUR Hylton
Frederick Allen Son 4DUR Hylton
Annie Allen Dau 3DUR Hylton
Sarah E Allen Dau 1DUR Hylton
4 Union Street George H Ward Head M 26Grass Loft Man DUR Crangate
Louise Ward Wife M 23DUR Bishopwearmouth
James W Ward Son 2DUR Hylton
Mary C Ward Dau 1DUR Hylton
5 Union Street Benjamin Carr Head M 33Grass Loft Man DUR Sunderland
Jane Carr Wife M 33DUR Ford
Pamela Carr Dau 8DUR Ford
Jeffrey Carr Son 7DUR Ford
Albert V Carr Son 5DUR Ford
Edith M Carr Dau 2DUR Ford
5 Union Street Richard S Beattie Head M 26Furnaceman Forge DUR Millfield
Emma Beattie Wife M 22DUR Ford
John W Beattie Son 1DUR Ford
5 Union Street John G Snowdon Head M 29Gardner DUR Ford
Helen M Snowdon Wife M 28SFK Bungay
Hannah H Snowdon Dau 10DUR Ford
Isabella Snowdon Dau 7DUR Ford
George Snowdon Son 6DUR Ford
Elsie Snowdon Dau 4DUR Ford
Rosa Snowdon Dau 1DUR Ford
8 Union Street George Brown Head M 44Steam Hammer Driver DUR Hylton
Mary Brown Wife M 40DUR Herrington
James E Brown Son S 17Papermill Clerk DUR Sunderland
George Brown Son 14Stable Boy DUR Sunderland
Joseph L Brown Son 10DUR Hylton
Albert Brown Son 4DUR Hylton
8 Union Street William Wilson Head Widr 78Railway Checker DUR Ford
8 Union Street Robert Brown Head M 43Shipyard Labourer DUR Hylton
Jane A Brown Wife M 38DUR Newbottle
9½ Union Street George Durrant Head M 50Forge Labourer SFK Barsham
Sarah Durrant Wife M 49NFK Lynn
William H Durrant Son S 23Fitter DUR Hylton
Lucy R Durrant Dau S 21Dressmaker DUR Hylton
Harriet D Durrant Dau S 19DUR Hylton
9 Union Street Matthew Hildrew Head Widr 74Carpenter DUR Pallion
10 Union Street Edward Wakefield Head S 39Cartman DUR Hylton
William Wakefield Bro S 37Basket Maker DUR Hylton
13 Union Street Hercules Walker Head S 59Millwright SCO
13 Union Street Walter Cansfield Head M 44General Cart Man DUR Sunderland
Maria Cansfield Wife M 44DUR Sunderland
William F Cansfield Son S 22Cart Man DUR Sunderland
John J Cansfield Son S 19Cart Man DUR Sunderland
Ethel M Cansfield Dau 15DUR Sunderland
2 Cambria Street John C Brown Head M 38Plumber NTH Wellingborough
Mary Brown Wife M 38DUR Southwick
Charlotte Brown Dau 10DUR South Hylton
Cecil Brown Son 6DUR South Hylton
Collin Brown Son 2DUR South Hylton
3 Cambria Street Charles Bolt Head M 23Forge Labourer DUR Sunderland
Mary A Bolt Wife M 22DUR Monkwearmouth
Margaret A Bolt Dau 1DUR Monkwearmouth
Ethel Bolt Dau 4m DUR Monkwearmouth
3 Cambria Street William Foggin Head M 36Forge Labourer NBL Newcastle
Martha Foggin Wife M 30DUR Monkwearmouth
William J Foggin Son 9DUR South Hylton
Charles Foggin Son 7DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth H Foggin Dau 3DUR South Hylton
Gilbert Foggin Son 1DUR South Hylton
4 Cambria Street Charlotte Clazey Head M 47Grocer Shopkeeper DUR Sunderland
Eleanor C Clazey Dau S 24Schoolteacher NBL Morpeth
Maggie Clazey Dau S 20Schoolteacher YKS Gisbourne
Charlotte I Clazey Dau S 18LEI Mkt Harboro
5 Cambria Street William Charlton Head M 57DUR Southwick
Margaret Charlton Wife M 56SCO
Jane Charlton Dau S 17DUR Hylton
5 Cambria Street Robert Veitch Head M 48Riveter Shipyard DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Veitch Wife M 34DUR Sunderland
Jennie Veitch Dau 9DUR Hylton
Kate Veitch Dau 7DUR Hylton
Joseph A Veitch Son 3DUR Hylton
6 Cambria Street Thomas J Curd Head M 40Paper maker HRT Hitchin
Jane Curd Wife M 36WAL Holyhead
John G Curd Son 11DUR Hylton
Thomas J Curd Son 7DUR Hylton
Charles D Curd Son 5DUR Hylton
8 Cambria Street Elizabeth Collins Head Wid 60DUR Hylton
Septimus A Collins Son S 22H’dresser & Tobacconist DUR Castletown
Charles Collins Son S 19Railway Plate Layer DUR Hylton
Frederick Collins Son S 17App Ship Plater DUR Hylton
Elizabeth FraServ G'dau 10DUR Castletown
10 Cambria Street George Esket Head M 66Block & Mast Maker DUR Thornley
Elizabeth Esket Wife M 62DUR Sunderland
Catherine Dodds Dau M 38DUR Southwick
Ernest Dodds G'son 9DUR S Shields
George W Dodds G'son 6DUR South Hylton
Rosina Esket G'dau 8DUR South Hylton
12 Cambria Street Thomas Richwood Head M 35Iron Ship Riveter MDX London
Phillis Richwood Wife M 33DUR Southwick
George Richwood Son 8DUR South Hylton
14 Cambria Street John Lawrence Head M 56Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Mary J Lawrence Wife M 54DUR South Hylton
James Lawrence Son S 29Riveter DUR South Hylton
George Lawrence Son S 20Grocer DUR South Hylton
Mary J Murphy Dau 13DUR South Hylton
16 Cambria street Isabell Swain Head M 30DUR South Hylton
Arthur Swain Son 3DUR South Hylton
Ann L Swain Dau 2DUR South Hylton
James Swain Son 1DUR South Hylton
18 Cambria Street Thomas Hackett Head M 54Blacksmith DUR Hylton
Mary Hackett Wife M 50DUR Hylton
William Hackett Son S 23Joiner Carpenter DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Hackett Dau S 19DUR Hylton
Nora Hackett Dau 8DUR Hylton
20 Cambria Street Jane Carr Head M 65NBL Haydon Bridge
Isabella Carr Nce 12DUR Hylton
22 Cambria Street Thomas Wakefield Head M 30Ship Plater DUR Hylton
Jane Wakefield Wife M 28DUR Hylton
24 Cambria Street Edward Renwick Head M 57Paper Finisher DUR South Hylton
Mary A Renwick Wife M 46DUR South Hylton
Edith Renwick Dau S 22DUR South Hylton
David Renwick Son S 21Paper Maker DUR South Hylton
Hannah Renwick Dau 13DUR South Hylton
26 Cambria Street Charles Chappel Head M 72Retired Butcher LIN Lincoln
Elizabeth J Chappel Wife M 72LIN Lincoln
Mary E Chappel Dau S 40DUR Sunderland
28 Cambria Street John Jameson Head M 48Forge Manager DUR Heighington
Margaret A Jameson Wife M 47WAL Brecknack Penderyn
Thomas Jameson Son S 24Marine Eng Draugh’man DUR Ford
Percy Jameson Son S 19Electrical Engineer DUR Ford
Ada Hopkins Nce S 19WAL Glamorgan Dowlais
Robert Cheetham Board S 24Naval Architect CHS Hyde
30 Cambria Street Joseph Coates Head M 45Plumber DUR South Hylton
Emma Coates Wife M 44DUR South Hylton
Thomas Coates Son S 22Gardner DUR South Hylton
Ethel Coates Dau S 18DUR South Hylton
Joseph Coates Son 15App Elect Brass Finisher DUR South Hylton
Alfred Coates Son 11DUR South Hylton
32 Cambria Street George Williams Head M 40Grocers Assistant DUR Ford
Mary Williams Wife M 39DUR Ford
Mary Williams Dau 12DUR Ford
John Williams Son 8DUR Ford
34 Cambria Street James Lincoln Head M 56General Labourer DUR Sunderland
Annie Lincoln Wife M 54DUR Shields
Margaret L Lincoln Dau S 29Dressmaker DUR Southwick
34 Cambria Street Thomas Jeffrey Head M 31Forge Furnaceman DUR Ford
Elizabeth Jeffrey Wife M 31DUR Southwick
Arthur Jeffrey Son 1DUR Ford
36 Cambria Street William S Beattie Head M 37Forge Furnaceman DUR Southwick
Eliza Beattie Wife M 33DUR South Hylton
Margaret J Beattie Dau 11DUR South Hylton
John Beattie Son 9DUR South Hylton
William S Beattie Son 7DUR South Hylton
Ernest Beattie Son 5DUR South Hylton
Elsie Beattie Dau 3DUR South Hylton
Mary G Beattie Dau 7m DUR South Hylton
36 Cambria Street William Fulcher Head M 23Forge Labourer DUR Hylton
Theresa Fulcher Wife M 24DUR Hylton
Alice Fulcher Dau 2m DUR Hylton
38 Cambria Street Robert Gibbon Head M 37Paper Maker DUR South Hylton
Helena Gibbon Wife M 35YKS Dunnington
Edith M Gibbon Dau 10DUR South Hylton
Emily A Gibbon Dau 8DUR South Hylton
James R Gibbon Son 5DUR South Hylton
John W Gibbon Son 3DUR South Hylton
Matthew W Gibbon Son 1DUR South Hylton
40 Cambria Street William H Charlton Head M 57Contractor DUR Sunderland
Margaret Charlton Wife M 52DUR Claxheugh
Margaret J Charlton Dau S 24Schoolteacher DUR Hylton
Hannah Charlton Dau S 22Confectioners Assistant DUR Hylton
William Charlton Son S 20Forge Furnaceman DUR Hylton
Sarah Charlton Dau S 17DUR Hylton
42 Cambria Street Kate Reynolds Head Wid 51Confectioner DUR Houghton le Spring
James Allen S-i-L M 27Engineer Fitter DUR Hylton
Emily Allen Dau M 25NBL Newcastle
44 Cambria Street John Porter Head M 45Police Sergeant DUR Shotton Colliery
Hannah Porter Wife M 45DUR Hewarth Lane
Maggie Porter Dau 15DUR Tyne Dock
Robert G Storrow Board S 26Police Constable YKS Great Ayton
Henry Saddler Board S 24Police Constable DUR Willington
School House Cambria Street William Coulthard Head M 50School Attendance Officer DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth A Coulthard Wife M 48DUR Coxgreen
William M Coulthard Son S 25Sea-going Engineer DUR N Hylton
Elizabeth J Coulthard Dau S 23Schoolteacher DUR South Hylton
George R Coulthard Son S 21Wood Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Ada I Coulthard Dau S 18DUR South Hylton
Ernest T Coulthard Son S 16Pupil Teacher DUR South Hylton
Edwin C Coulthard Son 13DUR South Hylton
Florence O Coulthard Dau 10DUR South Hylton
15 Cambria Street Joseph Jemmeson Head M 63Shipyard Blacksmith DUR Herrington
Jane Jemmeson Wife M 57DUR Shotton
Hannah Jemmeson Dau S 23Dressmaker DUR Castle Eden
15 Cambria Street William Jessop Head M 34Forge Hammer Driver DUR Birtley
Mary A Jessop Wife M 34DUR Sunderland
Hilda Jessop Dau 5DUR Sunderland
William A Jessop Son 5m DUR South Hylton
17 Cambria Street John T Robson Head M 32Furnaceman DUR South Hylton
Ellen Robson Wife M 29DUR Deptford
Robert A Robson Son 6DUR South Hylton
John T Robson Son 3DUR South Hylton
George W Robson Son 5m DUR South Hylton
17 Cambria Street John Spencer Head M 30Forge Furnaceman NBL Blaydon
Isabella Spencer Wife M 28DUR Monkwearmouth
Alice A Spencer Dau 7DUR South Hylton
Isabella Spencer Dau 5DUR South Hylton
John Spencer Son 2DUR South Hylton
19 Cambria Street Richard Scrowther Head M 46Machine Man Eng Shop NBL Newcastle
Sarah Scrowther Wife M 42NBL Newcastle
George Scrowther Son S 21Engine Fitter NBL Newcastle
Richard Scrowther Son S 19App. Fitter NBL Newcastle
Isabella Scrowther Dau 13NBL Newcastle
Joseph Scrowther Son 11DUR Hylton
Catherine Scrowther Dau 9DUR Hylton
John Scrowther Son 7DUR Hylton
Sarah Scrowther Dau 3DUR Hylton
19 Cambria Street John Watson Head M 34Railway Signalman CUL Stapleton
Mary Wilson Wife M 26CUL Cumwhitton
21 Cambria Street Thomas Furness Head M 44Labourer DUR Darlington
Phillis Furness Wife M 47YKS Gilling
Dora Furness Dau S 17Factory Girl DUR Hylton
Violet Furness Dau 15Domestic Serv DUR Hylton
Thomas Furness Son 12DUR Hylton
William Furness Son 10DUR Hylton
May Furness Dau 7DUR Hylton
Edith Furness Dau 5DUR Hylton
Elsie Furness Dau 2DUR Hylton
21 Cambria Street John Sampson Head Widr 51Plater Shipyard SFK Bungay
John T W Sampson Son S 22Screwer Shipyard DUR Ford
Alfred C Sampson Son S 20Fitter Shipyard DUR Ford
Ada M Sampson Dau 15DUR Ford
23 Cambria Street George Wardrope Head M 32Paper Maker SCO
Mary Wardrope Wife M 29DUR Sunderland
Margaret Wardrope Dau 3SCO
Mary Wardrope Dau 1DUR Sunderland
23 Cambria Street George Gilbraith Head M 42Satationary Engineman DUR Houghton le Spring
Mary Gilbraith Wife M 38DUR Ford
William A Gilbraith Son S 19App Engineer DUR Ford
Elizabeth A Gilbraith Dau S 17Paper Finisher YKS Middlesborough
Sarah J Gilbraith Dau 15DUR Ford
Florence Gilbraith Dau 14Domestic Serv DUR Ford
George Gilbraith Son 12DUR Ford
Joseph Gilbraith Son 10DUR Ford
Stanley Gilbraith Son 8DUR Ford
Mary Gilbraith Dau 5DUR Ford
11 Cambria Street George Bainbridge Head M 48Bricklayer DUR Sunderland
Alice Bainbridge Wife M 49DUR Sunderland
Matthew Bainbridge Son S 19Forge Labourer DUR Hylton
Thomas Bainbridge Son 14Forge Labourer DUR Hylton
James Bainbridge Son 12DUR Hylton
William Bainbridge Son 8DUR Hylton
Hannah Pattison Nce 15Farm Labourer DUR Hylton
58 Cambria Street Thomas Emmerson Head Widr 50Forge Furnaceman DUR Hylton
Edith A Emmerson Dau 10DUR Hylton
Sarah Lyall H'keep Wid 44DUR Sunderland
George Lyall Son 14App Fitter DUR Sunderland
58 Cambria Street Thomas Brumby Head M 31Mach Worker Eng Shop LIN Surfleet
Jane B Brumby Wife M 33NBL No Shields
59 Cambria Street Stephen Jessop Head M 34Brakesman DUR Hartlepool
Dora Jessop Wife M 28DUR Sedgefield
Annie White Vis 15DUR Sedgefield
59 Cambria Street William L Jeffrey Head M 36Forge Furnaceman DUR Hylton
Hannah Jeffrey Wife M 42DUR Sunderland
Jane A Jeffrey Dau 13DUR Hylton
Margaret Jeffrey Dau 12DUR Hylton
Sarah Jeffrey Dau 8DUR Hylton
Annie Jeffrey Dau 4DUR Hylton
61 Cambris Street William Reed Head M 37Forgeman DUR Ford
Mary J Reed Wife M 29DUR Sunderland
Christopher Reed Son 9m DUR Ford
Jennie Litte Nce 14DUR Gateshead
61 Cambris Street Robert Robson Head S 20Crane Minder Forge DUR Hylton
William Robson Bro S 27Crane Minder Forge DUR Hylton
Elizabeth A Robson Sis S 25DUR Hylton
Hannah M Robson Nce 2DUR Hylton
62 Cambria Street William G Snowdon Head S 44General Labourer DUR South Hylton
1 William Street Gilbert Foggin Head M 33Forgeman DUR Gateshead
Sarah Foggin Wife M 29DUR Hylton
Mary J Foggin Dau 9DUR Hylton
Robert W Foggin Son 6DUR Hylton
Margaret A Foggin Dau 2DUR Hylton
Margaret J Todd M-i-L Wid 60DUR Sunderland
2 William Street William Williams Head Widr 34Forge Labourer LAN Liverpool
Ethel Williams Dau 11DUR Hylton
Lily Williams Dau 10DUR Hylton
Hannah Williams Dau 8DUR Hylton
Thomas Williams Son 6DUR Hylton
Susannah Williams Dau 4DUR Hylton
Emily Williams Dau 2DUR Hylton
Mary A Scrowther H'keep S 23Housekeeper NBL Newcastle
3 William Street John Mc Cain Head M 45Foreman Riveter ESS Harwich
Isabella Mc Cain Wife M 40DUR Hylton
Ethel Mc Cain Dau S 18DUR Hylton
William Mc Cain Son 12DUR Hylton
Mary Mc Cain Dau 10DUR Hylton
John Mc Cain Son 7DUR Hylton
Isabella Mc Cain Dau 1DUR Hylton
4 William Street Anthony Simpson Head M 63Foreman Joiner DUR Pallion
Elizabeth E Simpson Wife M 55DUR Bishopwearmouth
Anthony J Simpson Son Widr 27Joiner DUR Pallion
William E Simpson Son S 24Joiner DUR Pallion
Martha I Simpson Dau S 22DUR Hylton
John Y Simpson Son S 20Metal Moulder DUR Hylton
Florence Simpson Dau 13App. Dressmaker DUR Pallion
Margaret A Simpson Dau 12DUR Pallion
1 New Street Michael Lawson Head M 43Forgeman DUR Swalwell
Elizabeth Lawson Wife M 40DUR Swalwell
Benjamin Lawson Son S 18App Engineer DUR Wickham
Elizabeth A Lawson Dau 15DUR Wickham
2 New Street Joseph Francis Head M 50Papermaker NFK Earsham
Albina Francis Wife M 50NFK Bungay
Arthur J Francis Son Widr 33Labourer NFK Bungay
Harry Francis Son S 23Labourer DUR Hylton
Ernest W Francis Son S 19Papermaker DUR Hylton
Percy Francis Son 14Papermaker DUR Hylton
Edith M Francis Dau 12DUR Hylton
Thomas Francis Nep S 22Postman NFK Gt Yarmouth
3 New Street Joshua Spencer Head Widr 73Lamp Lighter DUR Swalwell
John Spencer Son S 47Forge Labourer DUR Swalwell
4 New Street Alfred Woodhall Head M 45Engineman Stationary LIN Horsington
Mary A Woodhall Wife M 45YKS Ripon
Lilian Woodhall Dau 8DUR South Hylton
5 New Street William Cooper Head M 34House Joiner DUR South Hylton
Martha Cooper Wife M 32DUR South Hylton
John G Cooper Son 8DUR South Hylton
Beatrice Cooper Dau 6DUR South Hylton
Lydia Cooper Dau 1m DUR South Hylton
Bartram Buildings John Naisbitt Head M 21Cleaner Metal Foundry DUR Shiney Row
Mary J Naisbitt Wife M 20DUR South Hylton
Bartram Buildings Joseph Bell Head M 52Engineman DUR Trimdon
Ann Bell Wife M 46DUR Shotton
Bryan Bell Son S 18App Fitter DUR Thornley
Dorothy A Bell Dau 15DUR Hylton
William W Bell Son 13Grocers Assistant DUR Hylton
Joseph Bell Son 11DUR Hylton
Florence Bell Dau 10DUR Hylton
Albert E Bell Son 8DUR Hylton
George R Bell Son 6DUR Hylton
Bartram Buildings Mary A Belton Head Wid 40NTH Stanground
Edgar Belton Son S 15Forge Labourer NTT Hockley
Edwin Belton Son 11DUR Newbottle
Florence Belton Dau 8DUR Newbottle
Albert Belton Son 2DUR South Hylton
Lily Belton Dau S 20NTT Nottingham
Bartram Buildings William Trainer Head M 50Coal Miner CUL Whitehaven
Elizabeth Trainer Wife M 50CUL Whitehaven
Bartram Buildings William H Hall Head M 35General Labourer DUR Jarrow
Annie Hall Wife M 36HAM Portsmouth
James Hall Son S 16Printer Papermaker DUR South Hylton
Emma Hall Dau 11DUR Sunderland
Thomas Hall Son 10DUR Ryhope
Eliza H Hall Dau 8DUR Sunderland
Christina Hall Dau 6DUR Sunderland
Annie Hall Dau 3DUR Sunderland
John Hall Son 13d DUR Hylton
Bartram's BuildingsJoseph Ranson Head M 73Wood Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Ann Ranson Wife M 65DUR Hylton
Bartram Buildings Burton Wheatley Head M 25Labourer DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Wheatley Wife M 22DUR Hylton
Lawrence Wheatley Son 3m DUR Hylton
Lister's BuildingsJohn Fulthorpe Head M 36Blacksmith NBL Newcastle
Elizabeth A Fulthorpe Wife M 34DUR Washington
Annie Fulthorpe Dau 9DUR New Herrington
Ruth Fulthorpe Dau 4DUR New Herrington
Lister's Buildings Ralph Haswell Head M 30Cleaner Metal Foundry DUR Fence Houses
Jane a Haswell Wife M 28DUR Philadelphia
Mary H Haswell Dau 6DUR Cox Green
David Haswell Son 1DUR Cox Green
1 Albion Street James Gregson Head M 37Ship Blacksmith DUR Ford
Isabel Gregson Wife M 34DUR Ford
Mary Gregson Dau 8DUR Ford
Jane Gregson Dau 4DUR Ford
2 Albion Street Nicholas Surtees Head M 57Ship Smith NBL Bywell
Jane Surtees Wife M 60DUR Bishopwearmouth
George W Surtees Son S 23Schoolmaster DUR Ford
Edith A Surtees Dau S 28DUR Ford
Sarah J Surtees Dau S 21DUR Ford
3 Albion Street Robert Kirtley Head M 72Shipwright DUR Hylton
Dorothy A Cook Sis Wid 69DUR Hylton
Rosina Davis Nce S 22DUR Hylton
Ethel A Davis Nce 8HAM Southampton
6 Albion Street Thomas Todd Head Widr 56Labourer Roadman DUR Penshaw
John R Todd Son S 25Papermill Clerk DUR Bishopwearmouth
Georgina Chappel H'keep S 34Housekeeper Domestic DUR Sunderland
7 Albion Street William Jeffrey Head M 59Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Sarah Jeffrey Wife M 57DUR Houghton
James Jeffrey Son S 24Provision Dealer DUR Hylton
Robert Jeffrey Son S 21Forge Worker DUR Hylton
William Jeffrey Son S 18Forge Worker DUR Hylton
8 Albion Street Not in occupation
9 Albion Street Joseph Oliver Head S 52Rural Postman DUR Bishopwearmouth
Frances J Douglas Sis Wid 65DUR Esh
10 Albion Street Frederick Orr Head M 35Carting Contractor Gibralta
Emma I Orr Wife M 28DUR Hawthorn
Hilda M Orr Dau 1DUR South Hylton
Isabella Davison M-i-L Wid 72DUR Easington
25 Albion Street Thomas Robson Head M 67Engine Fitter NBL Slaley
Mary Robson Wife M 70NBL Hexham
Annie E Robson Dau S 33DUR Lanchester
Eleanor Johnson Vis M 51DUR Lanchester
26 Albion Street William A Tait Head M 37Engineman Stationary YKS York
Mary Tait Wife M 43DUR Winlaton
Thomas A Tait Son S 16App Bricklayer YKS York
Hannah M Tait Dau 14DUR Sunderland
William Tait Son 9DUR Sunderland
Catherine Tait Dau 6DUR Sunderland
Louisa Tait Dau 3DUR Sunderland
26 Albion Street William Surtees Head M 26Forgeman DUR Hylton
Isabella Surtees Wife M 26DUR Sunderland
Hannah Surtees Dau 6DUR Sunderland
David Surtees Son 4DUR Sunderland
Isabella Surtees Dau 2DUR Sunderland
James Rathbone Board S 28Forgeman DUR Sunderland
William Rathbone Board S 25Forgeman DUR Sunderland
Charles Rathbone Board S 23General Labourer DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Rathbone Board 15Domestic Serv DUR Sunderland
Alfred Rathbone Board 7DUR Sunderland
27 Albion Street John Ferry Head M 48Riveter DUR Pallion
Sarah Ferry Wife M 48DUR Coxgreen
Jane Ferry Dau S 21DUR Ford
William Ferry Son S 19App Riveter DUR Ford
Sarah E Ferry Dau 13DUR Ford
Margaret Ferry Dau 8DUR Ford
Joseph Patterson B-i-L S 51Joiner DUR Washington
27 Albion Street Alexandria Cook Head M 23Metal Moulder YKS Startforth
Isabella Cook Wife M 21NBL Newcastle
28 Albion Street Geoffrey G Driver Head M 34Cement Labourer YKS Hull
Emily G Driver Wife M 38DUR Houghton
Samual Driver Son 7YKS Middlesborough
Francis G Driver Son 4DUR Houghton
Annie L Driver Dau 5m DUR South Hylton
29 Albion Street Ralph W Hobson Head M 43Joiner DUR Hylton
Isabella Hobson Wife M 43DUR Hylton
Elizabeth E Hobson Dau S 20DUR Hylton
Violet E Hobson Dau S 17Paper Finisher DUR Hylton
Eveline Hobson Dau 10DUR Hylton
29 Albion Street Edward Spoors Head Widr 67Shipwright DUR Hylton
Alice Spoors Dau S 29DUR Hylton
Alfred Spoors Son S 25Shipwright DUR Hylton
34 Albion Street Robert Wilson Head M 49Shipwright DUR Ford
Isabella Wilson Wife M 56DUR Ford
Eleanor J Wilson Dau S 22DUR Ford
Robert Wilson Son S 18Forge Ironworker DUR Ford
James Wilson Son S 16Papermill Clerk DUR Ford
35 Albion Street Joseph Liddell Head M 44Forge Smiths Striker DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth J Liddell Wife M 40DUR Sunderland
Alice Liddell Dau S 16DUR Sunderland
Edith Liddell Dau 14DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth J Liddell Dau 12DUR Jarrow
Joseph Liddell Son 9DUR Ford
Florence Liddell Dau 6DUR Ford
36 Albion Street George Russell Head M 48Frame Smith DUR South Hylton
Eliza Russell Wife M 36YKS Knaresborough
Richard Russell Son 11DUR South Hylton
John W Russell Son 9DUR South Hylton
George S Russell Son 6DUR South Hylton
Charles Russell Son 3DUR South Hylton
Robert D Russell Son 10m DUR South Hylton
Eleanor Nason M-i-L M 78DUR Ingleton
37 Albion Street James Douglass Head M 37Cement Works Labourer DUR Ford
Jane A Douglass Wife M 38DUR Ford
Edith A Douglass Dau S 16Sorter in Paper Works DUR Ford
Mary J Douglass Dau 14DUR Ford
Robert P Douglass Son 12DUR Ford
38 Albion Street George Evans Head M 32Joiner DUR Dubmire
Margaret Evans Wife M 32DUR Hylton
Sarah E A Evans Dau 8DUR Hylton
Charlotte Evans Dau 4DUR Hylton
George W Evans Son 7m DUR Hylton
39 Albion Street Mary Ryce Head S 35Paper Maker SCO
James Ryce Bro S 31Paper Maker DUR South Hylton
40 Albion Street Frederick O Finlayson Head M 50Ticket Collector Railway LAN Manchester
Elizabeth Finlayson Wife M 43DUR Sunderland
Emma L Finlayson Dau S 16DUR Sunderland
Amelia Finlayson Dau 5DUR Sunderland
Arthur Houghton Board S 28Porter on Railway LIN Barton
James W Bates Board S 22Clerk on Railway NBL Kirkley
1 Primrose Street John W Emmerson Head M 26Forgeman DUR Hylton
Barbara Emmerson Wife M 25DUR Hylton
Winifred Emmerson Dau 2DUR Hylton
Matthew G Emmerson Son 1m DUR Hylton
2 Primrose Street George W Short Head M 40Butcher DUR Fatfield
Margaret Short Wife M 36DUR South Hylton
George W Short Son 9DUR South Hylton
Redvers Short Son 1DUR South Hylton
3 Primrose Street Peter Walker Head M 47Stationary Engine Driver SCO
Annie Walker Wife M 60SCO
Christina Walker Dau S 16Pupil Teacher School DUR South Hylton
Jane Ann Couts S'dau S 29Dressmaker SCO
4 Primrose Street Thomas Dixon Head M 50Paper Maker NBL Alnwick
Ellen Dixon Wife M 50NBL Walker
George Dixon Son S 22Paper Maker DUR Lintz Ford
Charles T Dixon Son S 19Joiner Carpenter DUR Lintz Ford
Elizabeth E Dixon Dau 14DUR Lintz Ford
Fred A Dixon Son 10DUR Lintz Ford
5 Primrose Street Joseph Markham Head M 47Engine Man DUR Sunderland
Mary Ellen Markham Wife M 44DUR South Hylton
Robert Markham Son S 24Engine Man DUR South Hylton
Joseph Markham Son S 19Clerk DUR South Hylton
Thomas J Markham Son S 16Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Jane Markham Dau 7DUR South Hylton
William M Markham Son 2DUR South Hylton
6 Primrose Street John Cay Head M 28Paper Maker DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth A Cay Wife M 27DUR South Hylton
Nora Cay Dau 3DUR South Hylton
7 Primrose Street John Wild Head Widr 54Bookkeeper DUR South Hylton
Ben Wild Son M 27Fitter DUR Hebburn on Tyne
Emma Wild D-i-L M 29DUR South Hylton
John Wild G'son 2DUR South Hylton
Stanley Wild G'son 1DUR South Hylton
Margaret Ridley Serv S 18General Domestic DUR South Hylton
8 Primrose Street Mary Jenkins Head Wid 49Living on Means NBL Newcastle
Mary G Jenkins Dau 8DUR South Hylton
9 Primrose Street John Beattie Head M 64Forgeman KNT Maidstone
Margaret Beattie Wife M 61DUR Jarrow
James Beattie Son S 22Forge Labourer DUR Sunderland
Joseph Beattie Son S 21Forge Labourer DUR Sunderland
Margaret Jepson Dau M 32DUR Sunderland
John Kelsey G'son S 16Forge Labourer DUR Sunderland
Margaret Kelsey G'dau 12YKS Rotherham
John W Jepson G'son 11YKS Attercliffe
Margaret Jepson G'dau 3m YKS Attercliffe
10 Primrose Street Thomas Lawson Head M 40Forgeman DUR South Hylton
Sarah Ann Lawson Wife M 39DUR South Hylton
William G Lawson Son S 19Forgeman DUR South Hylton
Ann E Lawson Dau S 16DUR South Hylton
Joseph Lawson Son 14Forge Hand DUR South Hylton
Chris Lawson Son 13DUR South Hylton
Thomas Lawson Son 10DUR South Hylton
Ethel M Lawson Dau 8DUR South Hylton
Alice Lawson Dau 6DUR South Hylton
Eva Lawson Dau 3DUR South Hylton
John G Lawson Son 6w DUR South Hylton
11 Primrose Street Christina Dixon Head Wid 57DUR Chatersheugh
William Dixon Son S 34Iron Founder DUR Wapping
Andrew Dixon Son S 32Storekeeper DUR Wapping
John T Dixon Son S 21Bricklayer DUR Wapping
Alb E Dixon Son S 19Bricklayer DUR Wapping
12 Primrose Street William Allison Head M 37Papermaker DUR South Hylton
Mary Jane Allison Wife M 37DUR Sunderland
Eveline Allison Dau 13DUR Hendon
William Allison Son 11DUR South Hylton
John James Allison Son 10DUR South Hylton
Cyril E Allison Son 8DUR South Hylton
Robert F Allison Son 6DUR South Hylton
13 Primrose Street Thomas Chilton Head M 32Grocer DUR South Hylton
Jane Annie Chilton Wife M 29DUR Dalton le Dale
Eliz Chilton Dau 2DUR South Hylton
Greta G Chilton Dau 1m DUR South Hylton
14 Primrose Street William Ridley Head M 31Papermaker DUR Winlaton
Mary Jane Ridley Wife M 29DUR South Hylton
Elsie Ridley Dau 2DUR South Hylton
15 Primrose Street Albert J Ingram Head M 41Clerk YKS Middlesbrough
Martha Ingram Wife M 34DUR West Hartlepool
Albert J Ingram Son 14Clerk DUR Sunderland
Frank Ingram Son 12DUR Sunderland
James Ingram Fath M 71Retired YKS Leeds
Sarah Ingram Moth M 65YKS Whitby
1 Violet Street Francis W Holton Head M 28Fitter DUR Shincliffe
Mary E Holton Wife M 34DUR Ryhope
Stuart Holton Son 8m DUR Sunderland
2 Violet Street A F Fairbairn Head M 38Forge Foreman DUR Gateshead
J L Fairbairn Wife M 29NBL Newcastle
F A Fairbairn Son 6
3 Violet Street Robert Georgeson Head M 44Millwright Germany British Subject
Mary Georgeson Wife M 43DUR South Hylton
William Georgeson Son S 20Joiner DUR South Hylton
George Fred Georgeson Son S 18Millwright DUR South Hylton
Caroline J Georgeson Dau 13DUR South Hylton
4 Violet Street Thomas Chilton Head M 32Boilersmith DUR South Hylton
Anne Chilton Wife M 32DUR Durham City
Lillian Chilton Dau 8DUR South Hylton
Hecter Chilton Son 1DUR South Hylton
Robert Renwick F-i-L Widr 71Papermaker DUR Stone Bridge
Edward Renwick Neph 14Grocers Assistant NBL North Shields
Hastings Square James Thompson Head M 35Ship Plater DUR South Hylton
Emma Thompson Wife M 35DUR Felling
Ellen Thompson Dau 13DUR Pallion
James Thompson Son 11DUR Pallion
Ralph J Thompson Son 10DUR Pallion
Isabella Thompson Dau 6DUR South Hylton
Alfred Thompson Son 4DUR South Hylton
Emma Thompson Dau 2DUR South Hylton
Hastings Square John Robinson Head Widr 79Shoemaker DUR Barnard Castle
Hastings Square John Mc Cutcheon Head M 39Shipyard Labourer DUR Seaham
Jane A Mc Cutcheon Wife M 37DUR Hylton
Rebecca Mc Cutcheon Dau 9DUR Hetton le Hole
Mary A Mc Cutcheon Dau 7DUR Hetton le Hole
John Mc Cutcheon Son 2DUR Hetton le Hole
Hastings Square John J Surtees Head M 40Forge Hammerman DUR Hylton
Mary I Surtees Wife M 41DUR Tyne Dock
Florence M Surtees Dau 13DUR Jarrow
Hastings Square Thomas Barber Head M 49Forge Labourer SAL
Betsy Barber Wife M 47STS West Bromwich
Thomas Peate B-i-L S 49Forge Labourer STS West Bromwich
Elizabeth Reay Adop 9DUR South Hylton
Ferry Farm Nicholas W Hutchinson Head M 47Farmer DUR Ford
Hannah Hutchinson Wife M 46DUR Ryhope
Mary W Hutchinson Dau 15DUR Ford
Stanley Hutchinson Son 13DUR Ford
William L Hutchinson Son 12DUR Ford
Utrick Hutchinson Son 10DUR Ford
Nicholas Hutchinson Son 9DUR Ford
Joseph Hutchinson Son 7DUR Ford
Donald Sutherland Serv S 23Horseman SCO
John T Griss Serv S 18Milk Man DUR Hendon
Isabella Maddison Serv S 17Domestic Serv DUR Pelton Fell
Sarah Gray Serv S 23Domestic Serv DUR Trimdon Grange
Farm Cottages Thomas Usher Head Widr 50Furnessman DUR Millfield
Frances Usher Dau 14DUR Hylton
Farm Cottages Alfred Davison Head M 28Fireman Papermill DUR Hylton
Elizabeth A Davison Wife M 27DUR Hylton
Alfred Davison Son 6DUR Hylton
Robert Davison Son 5m DUR Hylton
Farm Cottages William P Smith Head M 33Shipyard Labourer DUR Hylton
Mary J Smith Wife M 29DUR Gateshead
Mary I Smith Dau 4DUR South Hylton
John M Smith Son 3DUR South Hylton
William P Smith Son 11m DUR South Hylton
Hylton House Edward W Francis Head M 56Papermaker NFK Earsham
Nellie Francis Dau S 21Teacher DUR Hylton
Harry A Francis Son M 34Papermaker NFK Earsham
Kate Francis D-i-L M 32NTT Newark
Harry A Francis G'son 9DUR Hylton
Kate Francis G'dau 3m DUR Hylton
Hylton House Walter Rowland Head M 44Domestic Gardener NFK Lingwood
Charlotte Rowland Wife M 39SFK Woodbridge
Mabel M Rowland Dau 11DUR Hylton
Herbert E Rowland Son 9DUR Hylton
Effie E Rowland Dau 4DUR Hylton
Margaret E Rowland Dau 1DUR Hylton
39 The Terrace Annie F Miller Head S 48DUR
Annie Lawson Aunt S 78(Deaf/Dumb since child’) DUR Seaham Grange
David Lilley Board S 21Forge Hand DUR Sunderland
William Wilson Board S 34Metal Moulder DUR Houghton le Spring
John Heaton Board M 42Chemist LAN Bolton
Francis R L Heaton Board M 63Greece
40 The Terrace Robert Oliver Head M 51Manager Cement Works DUR Ford
Margaret E Oliver Wife M 51DUR Ford
Mary S Oliver Dau S 25Certificated School MissDUR Ford
Maria Oliver Dau S 23Asst in Drapers Shop DUR Ford
Ada I Oliver Dau S 19Ex Pupil Teacher DUR Ford
Margaret F Oliver Dau S 16Appretice DraughtsmanDUR Ford
Thomas W Oliver Son 13Marine Engin. DUR Ford
Vera Oliver Dau 5DUR Ford
41 The Terrace Barbara Thompson Head W 71Living on own means DUR Hylton
Edith Taylor Serv S 26General Domestic DUR Hallgarth
31 Mount Pleasant Hannah Henderson Head Wid 77DUR Deptford
James Henderson Son S 48Blacksmith Labourer DUR South Hylton
Eleanor Henderson Dau S 39Dressmaker MDX London
32 Mount Pleasant Ann Henderson Head Wid 88YKS Leeds
Margaret Henderson Dau S 65DUR Sunderland
Anthony Henderson Son S 48Shipwright DUR Hylton
Frederick Henderson G'son S 42Shipwright Helper DUR Hylton
Edward Henderson Gr'g'son S 18Forge Labourer DUR Hylton
33 Mount Pleasant Robert Caven Head M 23Paper Maker DUR Hylton
Margaret A Caven Wife M 21DUR Roker
Nora Caven Dau 3m DUR Hylton
34 Mount Pleasant Sarah Clasper Wife M 30DUR Gateshead
Mary A Clasper Dau 7DUR Hylton
Catherine Clasper Dau 6DUR Hylton
George Clasper Son 4DUR Hylton
James Clasper Son 9m DUR Hylton
34 Mount Pleasant John Davison Head M 30Blacksmith Striker DUR Hylton
Sarah Davison Wife M 28DUR Hylton
William Davison Son 6DUR Hylton
Samuel Davison Son 4DUR Hylton
Ellen Davison Dau 1DUR Hylton
35 Mount Pleasant Joseph A Rowlands Head M 34General Labourer DUR Bishopwearmouth
Sarah Rowlands Wife M 37DUR Hylton
Andrina Rowlands Dau 8DUR Hylton
Hilda Rowlands Dau 6DUR Hylton
Rosina I Rowlands Dau 2DUR Hylton
34 High Street William Hill Head M 68Greengrocer Shopkeeper STS W Bromwich
Emma J Hill Wife M 64WAR
Mary Cooper Dau Wid 39STS W Bromwich
Annie Cooper G'dau 5DUR, S Hylton
Mary J Banks Serv S 20Domestic Serv DUR, Easington Lane
32-33 High Street Thomas J Hunter Head M 47Innkeep/Foreman MouldNBL Newcastle
Elizabeth B Hunter Wife M 44DUR Swalwell
Elizabeth A Hunter Dau S 24DUR Fence Houses
William Hunter Son 15App Engineer DUR Whickham
Alice Cowley Serv S 27Serv DomesticDUR Sunderland
31 High Street George Mc Pherson Head M 34Furnessman Iron FoundrySCO
Janet Mc Pherson Wife M 31SCO
Catherine McPherson Dau 9SCO
Janet McPherson Dau 6DUR Houghton le Spring
Margaret McPherson Dau 4DUR Houghton le Spring
Helen McPherson Dau 1DUR South Hylton
George McPherson Son 1m DUR South Hylton
30 High Street Robert J Heron Head Widr 30Painter NBL Willington Quay
Mary Heron Dau 9DUR South Hylton
Martha Heron Dau 8DUR South Hylton
Martha Heron Moth Wid 61NBL Shields
29 High Street Alexander Chisholm Head M 47Forge Labourer SCO
Sarah Chisholm Wife M 33SCO
John Howdon S'son S 18Forge Labourer SCO
Michael Chisholm Son 6DUR Hylton
William Chisholm Son 3DUR Hylton
Robert Ridley S'son 15Papermill Worker DUR Hylton
28 High Street not in occupation
26 High Street Elizabeth H Stafford Head Wid 65DUR Monkwearmouth
James Stafford Son S 35Ship Labourer DUR Monkwearmouth
26 High Street John Turnbull Head M 59Carpenter DUR Ford
Hannah Turnbull Wife M 57DUR Southwick
Hannah Turnbull Dau S 20Serv Domestic DUR Ford
25 High Street Sarah Richardson Head Wid 70DUR Coxgreen
Jane Richardson Dau S 39Papermill Worker DUR Hylton
25 High Street Joseph Snowdon Head M 69Ships Joiner DUR Offerton Hough
Hannah Snowdon Wife M 70DUR East Rainton
25 High Street Jane Broad Head Wid 64DUR Hylton
Elizabeth A Broad Dau S 20Papermill Worker DUR Hylton
25 High Street Charlotte Evans Head Wid 61DUR Hendon
Thomas Evans Son S 26Forgehand DUR South Hylton
24 High Street Mary Gibbon Head Wid 55Public House DUR S Land
Matthew Gibbon Son S 22Fitter DUR Hylton
Grace Young Serv S 20General Serv Domestic DUR S Land
George Herron Board S 37Forgehand DUR Hylton
22 High Street John Clowes Head M 48Greengrocer Bitchborn
Christina Clowes Wife M 49DUR Sunderland
Margaret A Clowes Dau S 19DUR Hylton
Christina Clowes Dau S 18Serv Domestic DUR Hylton
Richard Clowes Son S 16Moulder DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Clowes Dau 15Serv Domestic DUR Hylton
Mary J Clowes Dau 13DUR Hylton
Harriet Clowes Dau 11DUR Hylton
Isobel Clowes Dau 7DUR Hylton
21 High Street Jeffrey Pattison Head M 36Rivet Maker DUR Hylton
Elizabeth A S Pattison Wife M 36DUR Hylton
George W Pattison Son 11DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Pattison Dau 9DUR Hylton
Robert Pattison Son 6DUR Hylton
John Pattison Son 4DUR Hylton
Margaret J Pattison Dau 1m DUR Hylton
21 High Street George R Snowdon Head M 70Labourer Iron Shipyard DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Snowdon Wife M 68DUR Monkwearmouth
John Snowdon Son M 28Helper Iron Shipyard DUR South Hylton
Jane Snowdon D-i-L M 24DUR Southwick
Mary Snowdon G'dau 10m DUR South Hylton
20 High Street Catherine Lloyd Head Wid 52Grocer Shopkeeper DUR Ford
George E Lloyd Son S 19Joiner DUR Ford
William Lloyd Son S 16Metal moulder DUR Ford
Louisa Lloyd Dau S 22DUR Ford
1 Quarry Hole Margaret Sutton Head Wid 69DUR South Hylton
Robert Sutton Son S 45Labourer DUR South Hylton
John Sutton Son S 43Labourer DUR South Hylton
Ralph Sutton Son S 25Labourer DUR South Hylton
2 Quarry Hole William Wheatley Head M 35Labourer Shipyard DUR North Hylton
Sarah J Wheatley Wife M 33DUR Sunderland
Thomas Wheatley Son 9DUR Millfield
John Wheatley Son 7DUR Millfield
James Wheatley Son 11m DUR South Hylton
2 Quarry Hole Alfred Hacket Head Widr 33Labourer Shipyard DUR Millfield
Harry Hacket Son 11DUR Millfield
Alfred Hacket Son 4DUR Millfield
3 Quarry Hole John G Bell Head M 37Wood Shipwright DUR Deptford
Margaret Bell Wife M 34DUR South Hylton
Sarah E Bell Dau S 18DUR South Hylton
Florence E Bell Dau 15DUR South Hylton
George Bell Son 14Collier Lad DUR Deptford
Ada Bell Dau 11DUR South Hylton
John Bell Son 9DUR Stockton
Alfred Bell Son 7DUR South Hylton
Arthur Bell Son 5DUR Millfield
Margaret Bell Dau 3DUR Millfield
Lily Bell Dau 1DUR Millfield
3 Quarry Hole Ivan Poole Head M 59Coal Hewer South Wales
Elizabeth Poole Wife M 52South Wales
Seth Poole Son S 19Foundry Crane Minder DUR Hetton
Edward Poole Son 14Paper Mill Labourer DUR Gateshead
Mary A Poole Dau 11DUR Gateshead
Ivan Poole G'son 7DUR Chester Parish
4 Quarry Hole Peter Robinson Head M 52Shipwright DUR Offerton Haugh
Elizabeth Robinson Wife M 54DUR Ford
Elizabeth Robinson Dau S 21App Dressmaker DUR Ford
Margaret Robinson Dau S 17DUR Ford
Matthew Robinson Son 15Forge Hand DUR Ford
Lily Robinson Dau 13DUR Ford
Ninian Robinson Son 12DUR Ford
William Gibbon B-i-L S 35Blacksmith DUR Ford
5 Quarry Hole Peter Robinson (Jun) Head M 25Steam Engine Fitter DUR South Hylton
Isobella Robinson Wife M 27DUR South Hylton
Peter Robinson Son 4DUR South Hylton
James Robinson Son 1DUR South Hylton
6 Quarry Hole George Proudfoot Head M 22Engineer fitter DUR Deptford
Margaret Proudfoot Wife M 21DUR Millfield
6 Quarry Hole Edward Rowland Head M 53Insurance agent NFK Lingwood
Jane Rowland Wife M 51NFK Burlingham
Grace Rowland Dau S 24Paper Mill Worker NFK Sculthorpe
Harry Rowland Son S 21Fitter NFK Norwich
Edward Rowland Son S 20Shop Assistant NFK Norwich
Ethel Rowland Dau S 18Paper Mill Worker NFK Norwich
Evelyn Rowland Dau 15NFK Norwich
Albert Rowland Son 13NFK Norwich
Francis Rowland Son 8DUR South Hylton
7 Quarry Hole Thomas Turner Head M 24Engineer Fitter DUR, Hylton
Kathleen Turner Wife M 25MDX London Shoreditch
Margaret J Turner Moth Wid 45DUR, Hylton
8 Quarry Hole William Doran Head M 37Shipyard Labourer SCO
Elizabeth Doran Wife M 35CUL Whitehaven
William R Doran Son S 17Forge Crane Minder CUL Cleatar Moor
James Doran Son S 16Forge Crane Minder CUL Cleatar Moor
Stephen Doran Son 3CUL Cleatar Moor
8 Quarry Hole Thomas Robson Head M 23Riveter DUR South Hylton
Mary A Robson Wife M 24DUR South Hylton
Ernest Robson Son 1DUR South Hylton
9 Quarry Hole Crosby Gray Head M 51Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Isabella Gray Wife M 44DUR South Hylton
Edward Gray Son 15Forge Labourer DUR South Hylton
Priscilla Gray Dau 12DUR South Hylton
Hannah Gray Dau 10DUR South Hylton
George Gray Son 7DUR South Hylton
Thomas Gray Son 4DUR South Hylton
Ruth Gray Dau 2DUR South Hylton
Edward C Gray Son M 24Forge Labourer DUR South Hylton
Mary I Gray D-i-L M 24DUR South Hylton
Jane I Gray G'dau 4m DUR South Hylton
10 Quarry Hole William Brown Head M 46Fireman SFK Lowestoft
Elizabeth Brown Wife M 44DUR South Hylton
Agnes Brown Dau 13DUR South Hylton
Willie Brown Son 6DUR South Hylton
11 Quarry Hole William Fulcher Head M 50General Labourer SFK Lowestoft
Elizabeth Fulcher Wife M 43DUR South Hylton
John Fulcher Son S 21Fitter DUR South Hylton
Robert Fulcher Son S 19Forge Labourer DUR South Hylton
Jane Fulcher Dau S 16Paper Mill Hand DUR South Hylton
Esther Fulcher Dau 12DUR South Hylton
Harriet Fulcher Dau 12DUR South Hylton
Ernest Fulcher Son 8DUR South Hylton
Thomas Fulcher Son 3DUR South Hylton
Arthur Fulcher Son 1DUR South Hylton
12 Quarry Hole James Donaldson Head Widr 59Cement Miller DUR Sunderland
Hannah E Voller Dau M 26DUR Fatfield
William D Donaldson Son S 23Forge Worker DUR Spennymoor
Thomas Donaldson Son S 20Forge Worker DUR Hylton
James Donaldson Son S 17Forge Worker DUR Hylton
John H Donaldson Nep 2DUR Hylton
Back Guyse John Spoors Head M 31Cement Worker DUR Hylton
Eliza M Spoors Wife M 32DUR Sunderland
William Spoors Son 7DUR Hylton
Rhoda Spoors Dau 4DUR Hylton
Back Guyse Thomas Mc Cravey Head M 25Forge Furnace Minder DUR Deptford
Edith Mc Cravey Wife M 24DUR Hylton
Stanley Mc Cravey Son 2DUR Hylton
Back Guyse Peter Kelly Head M 50Blacksmiths Labourer DUR Sunderland
Ellen Kelly Wife M 46Brickmaker DUR Darlington
Daniel Kelly Son 10DUR Hylton
Edmund Kelly Son 6DUR Hylton
Back Guyse Thomas Watson Head Widr 65Labourer DUR Bishopwearmouth
Isabella Watson Dau S 16Domestic DUR Hylton
Michael Watson Son 13Labourer DUR Hylton
William Watson Son 6DUR Hylton
Back Guyse Theresa Bainbridge Head Wid 76DUR Sunderland
Isabella Bartley G'dau S 19Mill Girl Paper Mill DUR South Hylton
Back Guyse Meggie Bainbridge Head Wid 32Tying Harpirons P’Mill DUR Gateshead
John W Foggin Son 14Forge Labourer DUR South Hylton
Mary J Bainbridge Dau 12DUR South Hylton
Margaret Bainbridge Dau 10DUR South Hylton
Gilbert Foggin Fath Widr 64DUR Gateshead
Back Guyse Richard Maddison Head M 36Boring DUR DUR
Ellen Maddison Wife M 39DUR Hylton
Isabella Maddison Dau S 19Serv Domestic DUR Hylton
John Maddison Son S 16Crane Boy DUR Denton
Annie Maddison Dau 14DUR Crook
Mary Maddison Dau 9DUR Whitburn
Richard Maddison Son 5DUR Hylton
James Maddison Son 3DUR Hylton
Charlotte Maddison Dau 3m DUR Hylton
John Maddison Fath Widr 82DUR Edmonsley
Back Guyse Peter Charlton Head M 60Carpenter DUR South Hylton
Mary E Charlton Wife M 56DUR South Hylton
William Charlton Son S 31Platers Helper DUR South Hylton
Robert Charlton Son S 20Crane Minder Forge DUR South Hylton
Peter Charlton Son S 18Crane Minder Forge DUR South Hylton
Back Guyse William Jobling Head M 49Shipyard Labourer DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth J Jobling Wife M 47DUR Sunderland
William Jobling Son 15Forge Labourer DUR South Hylton
Andrew Jobling Son 12DUR South Hylton
Richard Jobling Son 5DUR South Hylton
John Jobling Son 3DUR South Hylton
Henry Jobling Son 5m DUR South Hylton
Golden Lion Hotel George Broad Head Widr 60Shipwright DUR South Hylton
George Broad Son S 26Engineer DUR South Hylton
Ernest Broad Son S 18Joiner DUR South Hylton
Septimus Broad Son 14Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Arthur Broad Son S 22Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Lion Place William Daniels Head M 49Labourer Cement NFK Scottower
Eliza P Daniels Wife M 46NFK Coltishall
William T T Daniels Son S 27Labourer Shipyard NFK Coltishall
Albert R G Daniels Son S 25Holder up NFK Coltishall
Martha Daniels Dau S 20Serv Domestic DUR South Hylton
George Daniels Son S 17Ship Carpenter DUR South Hylton
James Daniels Son S 16Marker Off Shipyard DUR South Hylton
Arthur Daniels Son 14Moulder Foundry DUR South Hylton
Harroitt Daniels Dau 10DUR South Hylton
John Daniels Son 7DUR South Hylton
Lion Place Margaret J Barwick Head Wid 54Charwoman NBL Warkworth
Lion PlaceRichard Hetherington Head M 40Shipyard Labourer CUL Brampton
Elizabeth Hetherington Wife M 41CUL Brampton
Margaret L Hetherington Dau 11DUR Hylton
Christina A HetheringtonDau 8DUR Hylton
Lion PlaceMary Daglish Head Wid 54DUR Felling
Susannah Digny Dau S 20DUR Usworth Colliery
John G Daglish Son 10DUR North Biddick
James Daglish Son 5DUR South Hylton
Ferry Boat Row Thomas Stothard Head M 28Labourer DUR Hylton
Annie Stothard Wife M 24DUR Hylton
Mary J Stothard Dau 3DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Stothard Dau 1DUR Hylton
Ferry Boat Row Hannah Brown Head S 49DUR Hylton
George E Brown Son S 18Crane minder DUR Hylton
Ferry Boat Row Ralph Grange Head M 48Joiner DUR South Hylton
Jane Grange Wife M 45DUR New Penshaw
Mary Grange Dau 15DUR South Hylton
John G Grange Son 3DUR South Hylton
Ferry Boat Row Thomas Green Head Widr 53Labourer DUR Herrington
Sarah Green Dau S 19DUR Hylton
William Green Son S 16Coal Wheeler DUR Hylton
Ferry Boat Row Samuel A Jenkins Head M 49Grocer Shopkeeper DUR Felling
Dorothy Jenkins Wife M 47YKS Northallerton
John G Jenkins Son S 18Grocer Assistant DUR Felling
Thomas Jenkins Son S 16Grocer Assistant DUR Hylton
Mary E Jenkins Dau 11DUR Hylton
Ferry Boat Row John G Cooper Head M 60Shipyard Joiner DUR Ford
Elizabeth J Cooper Wife M 63NBL Alnwick
Robert W Cooper Son S 32Shipyard Joiner DUR Ford
Elizabeth A Lucas Dau M 22DUR Ford
Roger W Lucas G'son 2DUR Ford
Joseph E Lucas S-i-L M 24Shipyard Riveter NBL Shields
Ferry Boat Row George Joshua Head M 28Shipyard Plater DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Joshua Wife M 27DUR South Hylton
Lily Joshua Dau 3DUR South Hylton
Ester Joshua Dau 3m DUR South Hylton
Ferry Boat Row Robert Sutton Head M 66Shipyard Carpenter DUR South Hylton
Esther Sutton Wife M 54DUR Deptford
Jane Sutton Dau S 24DUR South Hylton
Thomas Sutton Son S 21Cobler and Carter DUR South Hylton
Ferry Boat Row John Ferries Head M 46Iron Moulder SCO
Isabella Ferries Wife M 44SCO
John Ferries Son S 25Iron Moulder SCO
Elizabeth Ferries Dau S 23SCO
Robert Ferries Son S 19Iron Moulder SCO
Daniel Ferries Son S 19Iron Moulder SCO
Alexander Ferries Son 12SCO
Ellen Ferries Dau 14SCO
William Ferries Son 9DUR Penshaw
Dunstan Ferries Son 3DUR Penshaw
Ellen Connell Vis Wid 68IRE
Ferry Boat Row James Reed Head M 62Shipwright DUR Penshaw
Hannah Reed Wife M 53DUR Penshaw
Thomas Bradshaw S'son S 28Labourer DUR Penshaw
Ralph Bradshaw S'son S 26Labourer DUR Sunderland
Robert Calvert S'son S 16Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Annie Calvert S'dau S 21DUR Sunderland
William Reed Son 4DUR Sunderland
Ferry Boat Row William Stothard Head M 58Shipwright DUR Hylton
Margaret Stothard Wife M 58DUR Hylton
William Stothard Son S 37Striker DUR Hylton
James Stothard Son S 24Shipwright DUR Hylton
Dinah Stothard Dau S 26Serv Domestic DUR Hylton
Charles Stothard Son S 21App Shipyard Riveter DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Stothard Dau S 18Serv Domestic DUR Hylton
Margaret J Stothard G'dau 2DUR Hylton
Ferry Boat Row James Durrant Head M 48Labourer SFK Barsham
Annie Durrant Wife M 46YKS Brasburnt
Fannie Durrant Dau 4DUR South Hylton
Ferry Boat Row William Patterson Head M 32Holder On DUR South Hylton
Mary M Patterson Wife M 27DUR South Hylton
Annie Patterson Dau 13DUR South Hylton
Mary A Patterson Dau 4DUR South Hylton
William Patterson Son 2DUR South Hylton
Mary J Patterson Dau 7m DUR South Hylton
Ferry Boat Row Robert Talbot Head M 30Shipyard Riveter DUR South Hylton
Mary A Talbot Wife M 35DUR South Hylton
Robert Talbot Son 6DUR South Hylton
William Talbot Son 4DUR South Hylton
Thomas Talbot Son 6m DUR South Hylton
George & Dragon HotelJohn R Atkinson Head M 43Joiner DUR Offerton
Mary Atkinson Wife M 37DUR Success Row
Frederick Atkinson Son 7DUR Penshaw
Annie Patterson S-i-L S 26DUR New Herrington
Ferry Boat Row William Clark Head M 34Shipyard Labourer DUR South Hylton
Louisa Clark Wife M 30DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth E Clark Dau 6DUR South Hylton
William Clark Son 5DUR South Hylton
Ernest Clark Son 4m DUR South Hylton
Ferry Boat Row Aaron Ridley Head M 49Ship Riveter NBL Newcastle
Mary A Ridley Wife M 50DUR Sunderland
Thomas Ridley Son S 24Ship Riveter NBL Newcastle
Mary A Ridley Dau S 22Domestic Serv NBL Newcastle
Isabella Ridley Dau S 16Machine Paper Cutter DUR Hylton
Edith Ridley Dau 13DUR Hylton
Aaron Ridley Son 11DUR Hylton
Lena Turnbull Vis 5DUR Hylton
Mary A Turnbull Vis 2DUR Hylton
1 Well Open Margaret Hodgson Head Wid 35Laundry Woman DUR Hylton
Hannah Hodgson Dau 10DUR Hylton
1 Well Open Adam D Scrowther Head M 24Holder Up Shipyard NBL Newcastle
Jane A Scrowther Wife M 26DUR Birtley
Stephen Scrowther Son 2DUR South Hylton
2 Well Open Joseph Bruce Head M 33Riveter Shipyard DUR Sunderland
Euphemia Bruce Wife M 30DUR Usworth
Mary L Bruce Dau 7DUR Washington
Catherine Bruce Dau 5DUR Washington
Henry Bruce Son 3DUR Washington