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Field House Mary Elizabeth Pratt Head Wid 66YKS Little Ouseburn
William Pratt Son 34Brick Manufacturer DUR Southwick
Mary A. Pratt Dau 30DUR Southwick
Henrietta Midgley Nurse 31Nurse, Domestic ServantYKS Little Ouseburn
Mary A. Haddock Serv 23Cook DUR South Hylton
Lilly Anderson Serv 18Housemaid YKS Middleton Lyas
N.E.R. Railway Stn Thomas Melville Head M 58Railway Station MasterNBL Wooler
Ann Melville M 50CUM Brambton
Margaret J.Carr S'dau 18General Servant DUR Fatfield
Thomas Melville Son 11Scholar DUR Penshaw
Eva Ada Melville Dau 9Scholar DUR Penshaw
Amy Ethel Melville Dau 7Scholar DUR Penshaw
1 Railway Terrace Adam D. Laws Head M 31Innkeeper DUR Harton Colliery
Sarah Laws Wife M 30DUR Carville
Margaret A. Laws Dau 8Scholar DUR Ryhope Colliery
Sarah E.Laws Dau 6Scholar DUR Ryhope Colliery
John W.H. Laws Son 4DUR Ryhope Colliery
Meggins Laws Dau 1DUR Herrington
Jane A. Stamp Serv 17DUR Herrington
2 Railway Terrace William Bewick Head M 28Driller In Shipyard DUR Gateshead
Mary E. Bewick Wife M 25DUR South Hylton
Frederick Allen B-i-L 21Shipwright DUR South Hylton
James Allen Serv 17Fitter Apprentice DUR South Hylton
2 Railway Terrace William Lawson Head M 58Forge Furnace Builder NBL Blythe
Ann Lawson Wife M 62NBL Bedlington
3 Railway Terrace Thomas Caygill Head M 62Grocer YKS Bellerby
Elizabeth Caygill Wife M 49DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Wick Serv 16Domestic servant DUR Wingate
4 Railway Terrace Robert F.Waugh Head M 24Engine Fitter NBL Swalwell
Isabella Waugh Wife M 24DUR South Hylton
Mary A.H. Waugh Dau 1DUR South Hylton
5 Railway Terrace Thomas Minns Head M 46Signalman DUR New Lambton
Margaret Minns Wife M 41DUR Castle Eden
Clara Minns Dau 25Domestic Servant DUR New Hunwick
Margaret A. Minns Dau 22Domestic Servant DUR Hunwick Lane Ends
Mary Minns Dau 15Domestic Servant DUR Quarry Burn
Lydia Minns Dau 13Scholar DUR Rough Lea
Rebecca Minns Dau 11Scholar DUR Todd Hills
Herbert Minns Son 5Scholar DUR chilton Cottages
John Banthorpe Lodg S 36Platelayer SFK Peastonhall
Clement Clary Head M 22Farm Manager SOM Chewton
Emily Clary Wife M 25DUR Darlington
Lily Osb. Blair Nce 4DUR Darlington
Florence Wareham Serv 12General Servant SOM Chewton Mendip
6 Railway Terrace Joseph Bentley Head M 43Elementary SchoolmasterLAN Berry
Margaret A. Bentlry Wife M 40DUR South Hylton
George H. Lister S'son 17Clerk In Paper Mill DUR Sunderland
John bentley Son 11Scholar DUR South Hylton
Albert Bentley Son 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
Joseph Bentley Son 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
7 Railway Terrace Douglas Brown Head M 31Manager of Rivet Works DUR South Hylton
Mary L. Brown Wife M 27DUR Gainford
Helen C. Brown Dau 4DUR Pallion
Florence Brown Dau 2DUR Pallion
8 Railway Terrace George Carr Head M 56Joiner DUR South Hylton
Susuan Carr Wife M 28South Wales
Robert Carr Son 23Joiner DUR South Hylton
George Carr Son 21Joiner DUR South Hylton
Mary Carr Dau 4DUR South Hylton
Isabla Carr Dau 2DUR South Hylton
8 Railway Terrace Robert Renwick Head M 61Paper Maker DUR Stonebridge
Elizabeth Renwick Wife M 62DUR Easington Lane
Ralph Renwick Son S 27Butcher DUR Neville'sCross
Robert R. Nancarrow G'son 7Scholar DUR Steelburn Colliery
9 Railway Terrace John Lawrence Head M 46Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Mary J.Lawrence Wife M 44DUR Hylton
James Lawrence Son 19Rivetter DUR Hylton
Sarah Lawrence Dau 17Dressmaker DUR Hylton
John Lawrence Son 15Fitter's Apprentice DUR South Hylton
Robert Lawrence Son 13Scholar DUR South Hylton
George Lawrence Son 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
Mary Jane Murphy G'dau 3DUR South Hylton
Charles L. Glee Lodg M 45Plumber NBL Newcastle
James M. McKenzie Lodg S 30Surgeon Assistant SCO
10 Railway Terrace Uninhabited
11 Railway Terrace Isabella Brown Head Wid 44Rivet Manufacturer DUR Croxdale
Leopold J. Brown Son S 28Engineer Civil DUR Hylton
Adah E. Brown Dau S 23DUR Hylton
12 Railway Terrace Joseph Moir Head M 79Joiner DUR Hylton
Conservative Club Ann Moir Wife M 75DUR Chester-le-Street
Dora Brent G'dau S 19DUR Sunderland
13 Railway Terrace Matthew Gibbon Head M 42Timber Merchant DUR Hylton
Isabella Gibbon Wife M 44DUR Castle Eden
Bena Gibbon Dau 21DUR Hylton
Isabella Gibbon Dau 18DUR Hylton
William Gibbon Son 15Timber Merchant's Ass. DUR Hylton
Mary S. Gibbon Dau 12DUR Hylton
Edith J.Gibbon Dau 3DUR Hylton
14 Railway Terrace James Hedworth Head Widr 57Retired Forgeman DUR Stella
James Hedworth Son 32Forgeman DUR Stella
John Hedworth Son 23Forgeman DUR Jarrow
Jane Hedworth Dau 26NBL White Hill Point
1 Union Street Gilbert Brown Head M 46General Labourer NBL Heddon-on-the-Wall
Annie M. Brown Wife M 35DUR South Shields
Sarah E. Brown Dau 17Paper Mill Worker YKS Middlesborough
Margaret A.Brwon Son 14DUR Haverton Hill
John W. Brown Dau 9DURBishopwearmouth
Marion E. Brown Dau 4DUR South Hylton
Esther Brown Dau 2DUR South Hylton
Robinson J. Brown Son 8m DUR South Hylton
Henry Hodgson Head M 27General Labourer Forge DUR South Hylton
Mary Hodgson Wife M 28DUR North Hylton
Joseph R. Hodgson Son 1DUR South Hylton
Jane Rainer Bord 19General Servant DUR North Hylton
2 Union Street John Scarr Head M 50Railway Signalman YKS Northallerton
Mary A. Scarr Wife M 50DUR South Hylton
David Scarr Son 18Railway Porter DUR South Hylton
Alfred Scarr Son 17Forge Labourer DUR South Hylton
Watson Scarr Son 14Apprentice Fitter DUR South Hylton
Matthew Hildrew Head M 64Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Mary Hildrew Wife M 71DUR Sunderland
Hannah Hildrew Dau 25DUR South Hylton
Mary S. Watson G'dau 10DUR Jarrow
3 Union Street Isabella Carr Head Wid 72DUR Jarrow
Jane Bulmer Dau M 40DUR South Hylton
Isabella Henderson Dau S 28Dressmaker DUR South Hylton
Thomas W. Pye G'son 12Scholar DUR Sunderland
4 Union Street Ann Gilbraith Head Wid 65Grocer DUR Westgate
Robert Riddell Head M 26Platelayer NBL Seaton Burn Colliery
Hannah Riddell Wife M 21DUR Wingate
Stanley Riddell Son 7m DUR South Hylton
4 Union Street Nicholas J. Groves Head M 35Forge Labourer DUR South Hetton
Martha Groves Wife M 42YKS Hull
5 Union Street Thomas Lawson Head M 30Forgeman DUR South Hylton
William G. Lawson Wife M 29DUR South Hylton
William G. Lawson Son 9Scholar
Edith A. Lawson Dau 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
Joseph Lawson Son 4Scholar DUR South Hylton
Christopher Lawson Son 3DUR South Hylton
Thomas Lawson Son 10m DUR South Hylton
Sarah E. Goldsmith Adopt 17DUR South Hylton
John Allen Head M 29Joiner DUR South Hylton
Annie Allen Wife M 27DUR South Hylton
Robert Allen Son 6m DUR South Hylton
John Hildrew Head M 28Striker for Blacksmith DUR South Hylton
Susannah Nelson Wife M 26DUR Spittal
6 Union Street William Wilson Head M 68Potter DUR South Hylton
Ellen Wilson Wife M 64DUR Spittal
7 Union Street George Brown Head M 33Engineman DUR South Hylton
Mary Brown Wife M 31DUR New Herrington
James E. Brown Son 7Scholar DUR Millfield
George Brown Son 4DUR Millfield
Joseph L. Brown Son 5m DUR South HYlton
Joseph Blakeburn Bord S 21Boilersmith DUR Sunderland
8 Union Street George Durrant Head M 41Labourer in Forge SFK Basham
Sarah Durrant Wife M 40NFK Thornham
Mary Durrant Dau S 22Millner NBL North Sunderland
William Hy. Durrant Son 13Apprentice Fitter DUR Hylton
Lucy R. Durrant Dau 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Harriet D. Durrant Dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
9 Union Street Jane Foster Head Wid 75CUM Brampton
Thomas Foster Son S 43General Labourer DUR Gateshead
Robert F.Stothard G'son 4HAM Southampton
James Liddle Lodg S 36Forgeman DUR Sunderland
10 Union Street Elizabeth Wakefierld Head Wid 59DUR South Hylton
William Wakefield Son 23Basket Maker DUR South Hylton
Thomas S. Wakefield Son 19Playter Ship DUR South Hylton
13 Union Street Walter Cansfeild Head M 34General Cartman DUR Sunderland
Maria Cansfield Wife M 34DUR Sunderland
William F. Cansfield Son 12Scholar DUR Sunderland
John F. Cansfield Son 9Scholar DUR Sunderland
Ethel M. Cansfield Dau 5Scholar DUR Sunderland
James Elliott B-i-L 17Cartman DUR Sunderland
1 Cambria Street John C. Brown Head M 28Gas Fitter NTH Wellingborough
Mary Brown Wife M 28DUR Southwick
Charlotte Brown Dau 3w DUR South Hylton
Ellen M. Proudfoot Serv 19General Servant DUR Sunderland
3 Cambria Street Robert Vetch Head M 38Rivetter ShipyardDUR Ford
Elizabeth Vetch Wife M 24DUR Bishopwearmouth
James Vetch Head Widr 71Storekeeper in Paper MillSCO
4 Cambria Street Charlotte Clazey Head M 37Grocer DUR Bishopwearmouth
George O. Clazey Son 16Clerk in Paper Mill NBL Mitford
Ellen Clazey Dau 15Grocer's Assistant NBL Mitford
Oswald Clazey Son 13Butcher's Assistant YKS Gibarno
Maggie Clazey Dau 10Scholar YKS Gibarno
Charlotte Clazey Dau 8Scholar LEI Weston
George Yates Bord S 24Clerk Railway CUL Alston
5 Cambria Street William Charlton Head M 46Labourer Cement Works DUR Southwick
Margaret Charlton Wife M 45SCO
Hannah CHarlton Dau 19DUR South Hylton
Mary J. Charlton Dau 9DUR South Hylton
5 Cambria Street William Foggin Head M 25Striker for Blacksmith DUR Gatesherad
Martha Foggin Wife M 20DUR Monkwearmouth
6 Cambria Street William Banks Head M 71Shoemaker DURSouth Shields
Margaret Banks Wife M 66NBL St Peter's
Helen McCullock Vis 25Elementary Sch. TeacherSCO
8 Cambria Street Peter Walker Head M 37Stationary Engine Driver SCO
Annie Walker Wife M 50SCO
Robert Coutts S'son 22Engine Maker (Fitter) SCO
Jane A. Coutts S'dau 19Dressmaker's ApprenticeSCO
Christina Walker Dau 6ScholarDUR Hylton
Hercules Walker Bro S 49Engine Maker (Fitter) SCO
10 Cambria Street George D. Esket Head M 56Block and Mast Maker DUR Thornley
Elizabeth Esket Wife M 52DUR Sunderland
Katherine Dodds Dau M 28DUR Southwick
James W. Dodds S-i-L 26Shipwright HAM Portsmouth
12 Cambria Street Joseph Joseph Surtees Head M 30Striker DUR South Hylton
Mary Isabella Surtees Wife M 32DUR Tyne Dock
Florence M.Surtees Dau 3DUR Jarrow
14 Cambria Street Edward Kenny Head M 44Shipyard Clerk NBL North Shields
Alice Kenny Wife M 42NBL North Shields
Mary A. Wake Dau M 19NBL North Shields
Joseph Lucas Neph 14Shipyard Rivet Heater NBL North Shields
Jessie Douthwaite Nec 6DUR South Shields
15 Cambria Street Robert N. Vowell Head M 29Iron Plater DUR Gateshead
Sarah E.Vowell Wife M 27DUR Hylton
Annie Vowell Dau 6DUR Sunderland
Robert Vowell Son 4DUR Sunderland
Grace Vowell Dau 2DUR Sunderland
Arthur Vowell Son 6m DUR Hylton
Jonathan Huddart Head M 33Blacksmith CUM Carlisle
Frances A. Huddart Wife M 28NBL Newcastle
Margaret Huddart Dau 7Scholar NBL Newcastle
Florence Huddart Dau 2NBL Newcastle
Eva Huddart Dau 10m DUR Souith Hylton
John Surtees Head Widr 50Engineman NBL Hexham
Thomas G. Surtees Son 23Striker DUR Sunderland
Mary Conqueror H'kpr S 25General Servant DUR Sunderland
Clara Brownsoft Vis S 28General Servant MDX London Kingsland
16 Cambria Street Ralph Emmerson Head M 42Forgeman DUR Hylton
Ann Emmerson Wife M 44DUR Hylton
John Emmerson Son 19Forgeman DUR Hylton
Mary Emmerson Dau 17DUR Hylton
Ralph Emmerson Son 15Paper Mill Hand DUR Hylton
Grace Emmerson Dau 14DUR Hylton
Isabella Emmerson Dau 12DUR Hylton
Ann Emmerson Dau 10DUR Hylton
Ethel Emmerson Dau 9DUR Hylton
Alice Emmerson Dau 7DUR Hylton
Meggie Emmerson Dau 4DUR Hylton
Stanley Emmerson Son 3DUR Hylton
17 Cambria Street Joseph Davison Head M 30Shipwright Labourer DUR Brimton
Jane Davison Wife M 33SCO
Nicholas Davison Son 12Scholar SCO
Alexander Davison Son 10Scholar SCO
Margaret E. Davison Dau 1DUR Hylton
Joseph Jamieson Head M 53Blacksmith DUR Middle Herrington
Jane Jamieson Wife M 49DUR Shotton Colliery
Jane G. Jamieson Dau 28Domestic Servant DUR Newbottle
Joseph Jamieson Son 19Striker for Blacksmith DUR Thornley Colliery
Hannah Jamieson Dau 13Scholar DUR Castle Eden Colliery
18 Cambria Street Thomas Hackett Head M 44Blacksmith DUR Hylton
Mary Hackett Wife M 40
William Hackett Son 13Scholar DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Hackett Dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
19 Cambria Street Richard Scrowther Head M 36Machine Worker NBL Newcastle
Sarah Scrowther Wife M 32NBL Newcastle
Adam Scrowther Son 14Rivet Heater NBL Newcastle
Mary Scrowther Dau 13NBL Newcastle
George Scrowther Son 11Scholar NBL Newcastle
Richard Scrowther Son 9Scholar NBL Newcastle
Isabella Scrowther Dau 3NBL Newcastle
Joseph Scrowther Son 1DUR Millfield
William Williams Head M 24Forge Hammer Driver LAN Liverpool
Hannah H. Williams Wife M 23DUR Hylton
Ethel Williams Dau 2DUR Hylton
Lilly Williams Dau 6m DUR Hylton
20 Cambria Street Charles Carr Head M 58Joiner Ship DUR Hylton
Jane Carr Wife M 55NBL Haydon Bridge
21 Cambria Street John C. Johnson Head M 34Forge Furnaceman DUR West Herrington
Elizabeth Johnson Wife M 31DUR Shiney Row
Anna B. Johnson Dau 11Scholar DUR Shiney Row
Matthew E. Johnson Son 9Scholar DUR Shiney Row
John W. Johnson Son 7Scholar DUR Shiney Row
Joseph Johnson Son 5Scholar
John Sampson Head Widr 41Plate Planer in Shipyard SFK Bungay
Helen Mary Snowdon Dau 18SFK Bungay
Emma A. Sampson Dau 15Paper Mill Sorter DUR Hylton
John J.W. Sampson Son 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Alfred C. Sampson Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Florence Sampson Dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Ada M. Sampson Dau 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Hannah H. Snowdon G'dau 4m DUR Hylton
22 Cambria Street Jonathan Surtees Head S 59Retired Agricultural Lab.NBL
Margaret A. Surtees Nec S 16General Servant DUR Bishopwearmouth
23 Cambria Street George Gilbraith Head M 33Engine and Boilerman DUR Houghton-le-Spring
Mary Gilbraith Wife M 29DUR South Hylton
William Gilbraith Son 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth A. Gilbraith Dau 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
Sarah J. Gilbraith Dau 5DUR South Hylton
Florence Gilbraith Dau 4DUR South Hylton
Joseph Gilbraith Son 6m DUR South Hylton
Thomas Richwood Head M 25Rivetter MDX London
Phillis Richwood Wife M 20DUR Southwick
24 Cambria Street Edward Renwick Head M 47Papermaker DUR Durham
Mary Renwick Wife M 36DUR Durham
Edith Renwick Dau 12Scholar DUR Hylton
David Renwick Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Hannah Renwick Dau 3DUR Hylton
26 Cambria Street James Shaw Head M 48Foreman Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Frances A. Shaw Wife M 37DUR Hylton
George Shaw Son 16Apprentice Blacksmith DUR Hylton
Thomas Shaw Son 12Scholar DUR Hylton
William Shaw Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Joseph Shaw Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
John F. Shaw Son 4Scholar DUR Hylton
Alfred Shaw Son 2DUR Hylton
Mary Shaw Dau 1DUR Hylton
28 Cambria Street John Jameson Head M 38Engine Fitter DUR Washington
Margaret A. Jameson Wife M 38Wales Penderyn
Thomas Jameson Son 14Scholar DUR South Hylton
Percy Jameson Son 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
Ada Hopkins Nec 9WAL
30 Cambria Street Robert Oliver Head M 41Shipwright DUR Hylton
Margaret E. Oliver Wife M 40DUR Hylton
Mary S. Oliver Dau 15Pupil Teacher DUR Hylton
Maria Oliver Dau 13DUR Hylton
Ada J. Oliver Dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Margaret F. Oliver Dau 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Thomas W. Oliver Son 2DUR Hylton
James Nichol 81DUR Hylton
32 Cambria Street Robert J. Waugh Head M 50Manager of Ironworks NBL North Shields
Elizabeth Waugh Wife M 44DUR Swalwell
Thomas N. Waugh Son 21Blacksmith DUR Swalwell
James Waugh Son 18Iron Turner DUR Swalwell
William J. Waugh Son 15Iron Works Machinist DUR Swalwell
Alfred H. Waugh Son 9Scholar DUR Swalwell
Elizabeth J. Waugh Dau 4DUR South Hylton
34 Cambria Street Thomas J. Card Head M 32Paper Maker SRY Eancham
Jane Card Wife M 26Wales Holyhead
John G. Card Son 1DUR South Hylton
William Cooper Head M 24Joiner DUR South Hylton
Martha Cooper Wife M 22DUR South Hylton
36 Cambria Street Jane Rontree Head 74NBL Morpeth
Edward Hunt 31Ship's Engineer MDX London
Albertina 23DOR Beominster
Eleanor Hodgson 15London
38 Cambria Street Ann Walton 53YKS Kirkleviton
Silvester Walton 18Black Lenders Ass. P'MillDUR Lumley
Emily Walton 14Paper Sheeter DUR Hetton-le-Hole
Mary Hanson 23Capatin in Salv’tion Army YKS Richmondyke
Frances Ballantyre 23Lt. in Salvation Army DUR Sunderland
40 Cambria Street William T. Charlton Head M 47Rolleyway Pin Maker DUR Hylton
Margaret Charlton Wife M 42DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Charlton Dau 18Dressmaker DUR Hylton
Margaret J. Charlton Dau 14School Monitoress DUR Hylton
Hannah Charlton Dau 12Scholar DUR Hylton
William Charlton Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Sarah Charlton Dau 7Scholar DUR Hylton
George S. Charlton Scholar DUR Hylton
42 Cambria Street Robert Cockburn Head M 75Blacksmith NBL Hexham
Ann Cockburn Wife M 77Shopkeeper (candy) NBL Hexham
Kate Reynolds Dau Wid 39Paper Sorter DUR Houghton-le-Spring
Anna B. Reynolds G'dau 19Pupil Teacher NBL Newcastle
Emily Reynolds G'dau 15NBL Newcastle
44 Cambria Street - Police StationJohn Johns Head M 38Police Sergeant D.C.C. CON Liskeard
Helen Johns Wife M 36DUR Sunderland
J.H. Johns Son 9Scholar DUR High Barnes
E.E.G. Johns Son 7Scholar DUR Shiney Row
J.N.S. Johns Son 4Scholar DUR Easington Lane
A.J. Johns Son 2DUR South Hylton
Albert Johns Son 5m DUR South Hylton
John Henning Bord S 23Police CUM Stenton
46 Cambria William Coulthard Head M 40School Board Bye Laws Off. DURSouth Hylton
Elizabeth A.Coulthard Wife M 38DUR Cox Green
Margaret A. Coulthard Dau 18Mill Worker DURSouth Hylton
Will. Newburn Coulthard Son 15Shipyard Clerk DUR North Hylton
Elizabeth J. Coulthard Dau 13Scholar DURSouth Hylton
George R. Coulthard Son 11Scholar DURSouth Hylton
Ada A. Coulthard Dau 8Scholar DURSouth Hylton
Ernest Y? Coulthard Son 6Scholar DURSouth Hylton
Edwin C.Coulthard Son 3Scholar DURSouth Hylton
Florence O. Coulthard Dau 8m DURSouth Hylton
57 Cambria Street Thomas Emmerson Head M 46Forgeman DURSouth Hylton
Annie Emmerson Wife M 29DUR Sunderland
Edith Emmerson Dau 7m DUR Hylton
57 Cambria Street Christopher Reed Head M 54Forgeman DUR Coxgreen
Mary Reed Wife 55DUR Coxgreen
William Son S 28Forgeman DURSouth Hylton
Isabella Reed Dau 25DURSouth Hylton
Robert Reed Son 22Forgeman DURSouth Hylton
James Reed G'son 12Scholar DURSouth Hylton
Jenny Little G'dau 4DUR Gateshead
59 Cambria Street William L.Jeffrey Head M 27Furnaceman DUR Hylton
Hannah Jeffrey Wife M 30DUR Sunderland
Jane Ann Jeffrey Dau 4DUR Hylton
Margaret Jeffrey Dau 2DUR Hylton
William Jeffrey Dau 1m DUR Hylton
59 Cambria Street Joseph Markham Head M 37Steam Hammer driver DUR Sunderland
Mary E. Markham Wife M 34DUR Hylton
Robert W. Markham Son 14Steam Hammer Driver DUR Hylton
Jane Markham Dau 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Joseph Markham Son 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Thomas J. Markham Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
William Jn Markham Lodg S 39Rivet Maker DUR Sunderland
61 Cambria Street Robert S.Robson Head M 52Blacksmith DUR Sunderland
Hannah M. Robson Wife M 54DUR South Hylton
John T. Robson Son 24Rivetter DUR South Hylton
William Robson Son 17Froge Labourer DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Robson Dau 13DUR South Hylton
Robert Robson Son 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
John Beattie Head M 55Forgeman KEN Maidstone
Margaret Beattie Wife M 51DUR Jarrow
John A. Beattie Son 20Forge Labourer DUR Sunderland
Richard S. Beattie Son 17Forge Labourer DUR Sunderland
James H. Beattie Son 12Scholar DUR Sunderland
Joseph Beattie Son 11Scholar DUR Sunderland
Albert Kelsey S-i-L Wdr 35Blacksmith YKS Rotherham
John Kelsey G'son 16Scholar DUR Sunderland
Margaret Kelsey G'dau 2YKS Rotherham
Hannah Conqueror Serv 17General Servant DUR Sunderland
63 Cambria Street Unoccupied
1 William Street John Dickinson Head M 59Paper Maker DUR Neville's Cross
Georgina Dickinson Wife M 43SCO
Ralph Dickinson Son 13DUR Cornsay Colliery
Guy Dickinson Son 8Scholar DUR Souith Hylton
Meggie Dickinson Dau 4Scholar DUR Souith Hylton
John Dickinson Son 2DUR Souith Hylton
2 William Street George Powell Head M 31Labourer in Shipyard SCO
Mary A. Powell Wife M 25DUR Sunderland
Eveline Powell Dau 10m DUR Sunderland
3 William Street George Wm. Short Head M 30Butcher DUR Chester-le-Street
Margaret Short Wife M 26DUR South Hylton
4 William Street Dav?/Dar? Georgeson Head M 41Joiner DUR Gateshead
Jane Georgeson Wife M 46NBL Cramlington
Isabella Georgeson Dau 20Paper Finisher DUR Washington
Catherine Georgeson Dau 19Dress Maker DUR Washington
Caroline J. Georgeson Dau 15NBL Whitley
Mary E. Georgeson Dau 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
1 Albion Street Ralph Hutchinson Head M 36Shipyard Driller DUR Sunderland
Annie Hutchinson Wife M 38DUR Sunderland
Thomas Hutchinson Son 12Scholar DUR South Hylton
William Hutchinson Son 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
Margaret Hutchinson Dau 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Sarah Hutchinson Dau 4Scholar DUR South Hylton
Mary Ann Hutchinson Dau 1DUR South Hylton
2 Albion Street Nicholas Surtees Head M 48Blacksmith NBL Corbridge
Jane Surtees Wife M 50DUR Sunderland
Charles Surtees Son 21Ship Draughtsman DUR South Hylton
Edith A. Surtees Dau 18Dressmaker DUR South Hylton
George W.Surtees Son 13Scholar DUR South Hylton
Sarah J.Surtees Dau 11Scholar DUR South Hylton
3 Albion Street Robert Kirtley Head M 62Shipwright DUR Ford
Dorothy A. Cook Wife M 59Housekeeper DUR Ford
6 Albion Street Thomas Todd Head M 46Keelman DUR Penshaw
Jane Todd Wife M 45NBL Bellingham
John R. Todd Son 15Clerk in Paper Mill DUR Hylton
7 Albion Street William Jeffrey Head M 49Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Sarah Jeffrey Wife M 47DUR Hylton
Thomas Jeffrey Son 22Forgeman DUR Hylton
Mary J. Jeffrey Dau 19DUR Hylton
John Charles Jeffrey Son 16Paper Maker DUR Hylton
James R. Jeffrey Son 14Grocer's Assistant DUR Hylton
Robert Jeffrey Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
William Jeffrey Son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
8 Albion Street William R. Banks Head M 53Engine Driver DUR Houghton-le-Spring
Margaretta Banks Wife M 62DUR South Hylton
9 Albion Street Maria Oliver Head Wid 79DUR Boldon
William Oliver Son 50Shipwright DUR Lanchester
Joseph Oliver Son 43Postman DUR Ford
10 Albion Street Thomas F. Shepherd Head M 33Asst. Esparto Boilerman DUR South Hylton
Frances Shepherd Wife M 33KEN Shorncliff
John W. Shepherd Son 14DUR South Hylton
Mabel F. Shepherd Dau 13DUR South Hylton
Florence Shepherd Dau 11Scholar DUR South Hylton
Alfred Shepherd Son 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Maud M. Shepherd Dau 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
Violey Shepherd Dau 2DUR South Hylton
Edith G. Shepherd Dau 4m DUR South Hylton
25 Albion Street Thomas Robson Head M 57Millwright NBL Slaley
Eleanor Kinleside Dau M 28DUR Leadgate
Ann E. Robson Dau 23DUR Crookhall
Lucy M. Kinleside G'dau 2DUR Leadgate
Thomas Kinleside G'son 8m DUR Leadgate
Mary Dawson M-i-L Wid 85NBL Hexham
Agnes Forster Serv 14General servant DUR Rookhope
26 Albion Street Joseph Snowdon Head M 59Joiner DUR Hylton
Hannah Snowdon Wife M 60DUR East Rainton
John George Snowdon Son 19Gardener/Dom. ServantDUR Hylton
Mary J. Snowdon Dau 22DUR Hylton
Joseph A. Rowland Head M 25General Labourer DUR Sunderland
Sarah Rowland Wife M 27DUR Hylton
27 Albion Street Thomas R. Russell Head M 32Engine Maker DUR Hylton
Eliza J. Russell Wife M 28DUR Sunderland
George R. Russell Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Thomas Russell Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Charles F. Russell Son 1DUR Hylton
William Barwick Head M 26Steam Engine Maker DUR Hylton
Mary A. Barwick Wife M 24DUR Sunderland
Ethel M. Barwick Dau 7m DUR Hylton
28 Albion Street John Whitfield Head Wdr 60Shipwright DUR Hylton
Robert Whitfield Son 34Shipwright DUR Hylton
Isabella Whitfield Dau 26DUR Hylton
John W. Stephenson G'son 7DUR Hylton
29 Albion Street Ralph W. Hopson Head M 34Joiner DUR Hylton
Isabella Hopson Wife M 34DUR Southwick
Lizzie Hopson Dau 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Violet Hopson Dau 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Eveline Hopson Dau 7m DUR Hylton
34 Albion Street Uninhabited
35 Albion Street Joseph Liddell Head M 34Striker DUR Monkwearmouth
Elizabeth J. Liddell Wife M 30DUR Sunderland
Alice Liddell Dau 6Scholar DUR Sunderland
Edith Liddell Dau 4Scholar DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth J. Liddell Du 2DUR Jarrow
36 Albion Street George Russell Head M 37Blacksmith DUR South Hylton
Eliza Russell Wife M 30YKS Knaresborough
Richard Russell Son 1DUR Souith Hylton
Kate Matthews Serv 15Domestic servant ??? Birmingham
37 Albion Street William S. Beattie Head M 26Forge Furnaceman DUR Southwick
Eliza Beattie Wife M 23DUR South Hylton
Margaret J. Beattie Dau 1DUR South Hylton
38 Albion Street William Allison Head M 24Paper Maker DUR South Hylton
Mary J. Allison Wife M 25DUR Sunderland
Evelina Allison Dau 3DUR Hendon
William I. Allison Son 1DUR South Hylton
John J. Allison Son 3w DUR South Hylton
Louisa Dent Serv 13Domestic Servant DUR Sunderland
39 Albion Street Jane Ryce Head Wid 59SCO
Mary Ryce Dau 24Paper Sorter SCO
James Ryce Son 22Paper maker DUR Ford Cottages
Robert Liddle Lodg 15Butcher Apprentice DUR Newbottle
Joseph McNeil Lodg 20Grocer's Assistant NBL Whitley
40 Albion Street Frederick O. Finlayson Head M 41Signalman LAN Manchester
Elizabeth Finlayson Wife M 32DUR Sunderland
Emma L. Finlayson Dau 6Scholar DUR Sunderland
Robert Laing Lodg 34Life Insurance Man NBL Kirknewton
Mary Dixon Lodg S 41Elementary Teacher DUR Sunderland
1 New Street John Wallace Head M 41Paper Maker SCO
Clara M. Wallace Wife M 40OXF Thrope
Thomas W. Wallace Son 15Paper Maker DUR South Hylton
Mary J. Wallace Dau 14Scholar DUR South Hylton
Clara E. Wallace Dau 12Scholar DUR South Hylton
John C. Wallace Son 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Andrew C. Wallace Son 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
Amy Annie Wallace Dau 3DUR South Hylton
Matthew Hy. Wallace Son 11m DUR South Hylton
2 New Street Joseph Francis Head M 40General Labourer NFK Earsham
Albina Francis Wife M 40NFK Ditchingham
Albert Edward Francis Son 14Apprentice Paper Maker DUR Ford
Harry Francis Son 13DUR Ford
Ernest W. Francis Son 9Scholar DUR Ford
Percy Francis Son 4DUR Ford
Edith M. Francis Dau 2DUR Ford
3 New Street Joshua Spencer Head M 63Blacksmith DUR Swalwell
Mary Spencer Wife M 61DUR Swalwell
JohnSpencer Son 37Blacksmith DUR Swalwell
Elizabeth Spencer Dau 30DUR Swalwell
4 New Street Alfred Woodhall Head M 35General Labourer LIN Horsingham
Mary A. Woodhall Wife M 35YKS Ripon
John Woodhall Son 12Scholar YKS Thirsk
William Redpath Lodg 23Railway Porter SCO
5 New Street Joshua Spencer Head M 28Blacksmith DUR Swalwell
Isabella Spencer Wife M 29DUR South Hylton
Joshua Spencer Son 1DUR South Hylton
Bartram's BuildingsJames Hy. Wright Head M 34Plate Planer in Shipyard YKS Silton
Mary Jane Wright Wife M 28YKS Silton
James Hy. Wright Son 3DUR South Hylton
John Wright Son 2DUR South Hylton
Stanley Wright Son 6m DUR South Hylton
Bartram's BuildingsJoseph Bell Head M 42Engineman DUR Trimdon
Annie Bell Wife M 35DUR Shotton
Mary Bell Dau 13DUR Ludworth
Thomasine Bell Dau 10Scholar DUR Wheatley Hill
Bryan Bell Son 8Scholar DUR Thornley
Annie Bell Dau 5Scholar DUR Hylton
William Bell Son 3DUR Hylton
Joeph Bell Son 1DUR Hylton
Bartram's BuildingsJames Donaldson Head Wdr 49Cement Miller DUR Sunderland
Hannah E. Donaldson Dau 17DUR Fatfield
William D. Donaldson Son 14Scholar DUR Browney
Thomas Donaldson Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
James D. Donaldson Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Bartram's BuildingsWilliam Wilson Head M 32Holder up DUR Hylton
Isabella Wilson Wife M 32DUR Hylton
William William Son 13Scholar DUR Hylton
Eleanor J. Wilson Dau 10Scholar DUR Hylton
James Wilson Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert Wilson Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Wilson Dau 3DUR Hylton
Michael Wilson Son 1DUR Hylton
Bartram's BuildingsJames Francis Head M 52Shoemaker NFK Broome
Dichemiah Francis Wife M 42NFK Great Yarmouth
Eliza Francis Dau 19Domestic Servant SFK Bungay
William Francis Son 14SFK Broome
Gertrude Dau 2NFK Runham Vauxhall
Bartram's BuildingsGeorge Bainbridge Head M 38Bricklayer DUR Sunderland
Alice Bainbridge Wife M 38DUR Sunderland
George Bainbridge Son 20Rivetter DUR Sunderland
Isabella Bainbridge Dau 18Paper Mill Worker DUR Sunderland
Ralph Bainbridge Son 16Forgeman DUR Sunderland
Theresa Bainbridge Dau 14DUR Hylton
Matthew Bainbridge son 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Thomas Bainbridge Son 4DUR Hylton
James Bainbridge Son 2DUR Hylton
John Bainbridge Son 10m DUR Hylton
Bartram's BuildingsWilliam Fulcher Head M 40General Labourer SFK Lowestoft
Elizabeth Fulcher Wife M 37DUR South Hylton
William Fulcher Son 13DUR South Hylton
John Fulcher Son 11Scholar DUR South Hylton
Robert Fulcher Son 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
Jane Fulcher Dau 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
Harriet Fulcher Dau 2DUR South Hylton
Esther Fulcher Dau 2DUR South Hylton
21 High Street Jeffrey Pattison Head m 25Rivet Maker DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth A. Pattison Wife M 25DUR South Hylton
George W. Pattison Son 1DUR South Hylton
George R. Snowdon Head M 60Labourer in Engine Works DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth A. Snowdon Wife M 58DUR Monkwearmouth
John G. Snowdon Son 17Labourer in Forge DUR South Hylton
Louisa Snowdon Dau 19Paper Mill Hand DUR South Hylton
George J. Nelson G'son 4Scholar NBL Newcastle
22 High Street John Clowes Head M 39Green Grocer DUR Bitchburn
Christina Clowes Wife M 39DUR Hendon
William Pearson S'son 13DUR Hendon
Margaret A. Clowes Dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Christina Clowes Dau 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Richard Clowes Son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Clowes Dau 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary J. Clowes Dau 2DUR Hylton
Harriet Clowes Dau 1DUR Hylton
23 High Street John Turnbull Head M 50Shipwright DUR Hylton
Hannah Turnbull Wife M 48DUR Southwick
John Geo. Turnbull Son 20Rivetter DUR Hylton
Hannah Turnbull Dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
William Pattison Lodg 22Labourer in Shipyard DUR Hylton
24 High Street William E. Lloyd Head M 47Gardener & Publican HRT
Kate Lloyd Wife M 47DUR Sunderland
Eliza M. Lloyd Dau 22Paper Sorter DUR Sunderland
Harriet Lloyd Dau 20Paper Sorter DUR Ford
Edith Lloyd Dau 14DUR Ford
Louisa Lloyd Dau 12DUR Ford
George Edward Lloyd Son 9Scholar DUR Ford
William Lloyd Son 6Scholar DUR Ford
25 High Street Kate Errington Head Wid 55IRL
Sarah Todd Bord 19Papermill Worker DUR Ford
George Evans Head M 79Formerly Iron Worker SAL Wellington
Charlotte Evans Wife M 52DUR Hendon
George ERvans Son 22Joiner DUR Fencehouses
Thomas Evans Son 16Apprentice Paper Maker DUR South Hylton
26 High Street James Stothard Head M 21Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Stothard Wife M 21DUR South Hylton
Priscilla Stothard Dau 2DUR South Hylton
26 High Street Joseph Harvey Head M 33Cartman ESS Shalford
Jane Is. Harvey Dau 12DUR Sunderland
Margaret Harvey Dau 11Scholar ESS Withersfield
William H. Harvey Son 8Scholar DUR Ford
Samuel Harvey Son 4DUR Ford
Margaret J. Todd M-i-L Wid 55DUR Sunderland
27 High Street Martha Heron Head Wid 50NBL North Shields
Benjamin Heron Son 21Rivet Maker DUR Jarrow
Robert Heron Son 20Painter DUR Jarrow
28 High Street Uninhabited
29 High Street Thomas Wheatley Head M 72Shipwright Retired DUR Hylton
Ann Wheatley Wife M 50DUR Hylton
William Wheatley Son 25Labourer in Shipyard DUR Hylton
Ralph Wheatley Son 20Labourer in Shipyard DUR Hylton
James Wheatley Son 18Labourer in Forge DUR Hylton
Burton Wheatley Son 16Blacksmith Apprentice DUR Hylton
Sarah A. Wheatley Dau 13DUR Hylton
Robert Patterson Head M 30Joiner DUR Hylton
Mary Jane Patterson Wife M 29DUR Hylton
Thomas Patterson Son 3DUR Hylton
James Patterson Son 10m DUR Hylton
Also at High Street Robert Wilson Head M 39Shipwright DUR Hylton
Isabella Wilson Wife M 46DUR Hylton
Elinor J. Wilson Dau 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert Wilson Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
James Wilson Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
31 High Street John Birbeck Head M 60Cooper WES
Jane Birbeck Wife M 59WES
Thomas Birbeck Son 26Cooper DUR Hylton
George Birbeck Son 19Cooper DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Birbeck G'dau 8DUR Hylton
Joseph Ranson Head M 62Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Ann Ranson Wife M 56DUR Hylton
32 High Street Thomas Sinton Head M 31Boilermaker NBL Newcastle
Commercial Hotel Elizabeth J. Sinton Wife M 32NBL Wallsend
Jane Mary Sinton Dau 10Scholar DUR Southwick
Maggie Sinton Dau 8Scholar DUR Southwick
Margaret J. Robinson Serv 19DUR Pallion
33 High Street Uninhabited
34 High Street William Hill Head M 56Green Grocer STS West Bromwich
Emma J. Hill Wife M 54WAR Birminham
Mary M. Hill Dau 29STS West Bromwich
Eliza A. Hoston Nec 18STS West Bromwich
35 High Street Walter Folkes Head M 22Furnace Stoker NFK Great Yarmouth
Eliza Folkes Wife M 19NFK Great Yarmouth
Walter Folkes Son 6m DUR South Hylton
36 High Street Henry Talbot Head M 42Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Hannah Talbot Wife M 42DUR Deptford
Ruth Talbot Dau 3DUR South Hylton
Hannah Henderson Head Wid 67DUR Deptford
James Henderson Son 38Fireman DUR hylton
Eleanor Henderson Dau 30Dressmaker MDX London
37 High Street Thomas Coulthard Head M 25Bricklayer's labourer NFK Broome
Hannah Coulthard Wife M 22SFK Bungay
Ann Henderson Head Wid 78KEN Maidstone
Anthony Henderson Son 39Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Frederick Henderson Son Wdr 32Labourer in Shipyard DUR South Hylton
Edward Henderson G'son 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Annie Stothard Serv 16DUR South Hylton
38 High Street Edward Blake Head M 46Cement Labourer NFK
Mary Blake Wife M 57DUR Tanfield
Elizabeth Blake Dau 24Paper finisher DUR Jarrow
39 High Street John Miller Head Widr 79Retired Farmer DUR Harehl
Ann Lawson S-i-L 68(Deaf & Dumb) DUR Seaham Grange
John L. Miller Son 40Engineer DUR Murton Grange
Ann F. Miller Dau 37DUR Sunderland
George Blenkinsop Bord 33Draughtsman DUR South Shields
40 High Street Thomas Horsbrugh Head M 60Labourer in Forge SCO
Mary Horsbrugh Dau 19SCO
Robert Horsbrugh Son 15Groom DUR South Shields
Archibald D. Horsbrugh Son 13Scholar DUR South Shields
Janet B. Horsbrugh Son 10Scholar DUR Washington
Helen Horsbrugh Dau 8Scholar DUR Washington
Elizabeth B. Horsbrugh Dau 4Scholar DUR Washington
Frank Lester Dau 24Gardener/Dom ServantCUM Keswick
Herbert E. Waters Lodg 20Marine Engineer AppSFK Ipswich
41 High Street Barbara Thompson Head Wid 64Living on her Own MeansDUR Hylton
Isabella Crawford Serv 29Domestic Servant DUR Pallion
42 High Street Edward M. Francis Head M 47Paper Maker NFK Earsham
Hylton House Marcia Francis Wife M 46NFK Lingwood
Eleanor Francis Dau 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Harry Albert Francis Head M 25Paper Maker NFK Earsham
Kate Francis Wife M 23NTT Newark
Winifred K. Francis Dau 4m DUR Hylton
Walter Rowland Head M 32Paper Finisher NFK Lingwood
Charlotte Rowland Wife M 29SFK Woodbridge
Mable M. Rowland Dau 1DUR Hylton
1 Quarry Hole George Alderson Head M 47Joiner DUR Old Trimdon
Alice Alderson Wife M 39DUR Southwick
George Stonehouse Son 17Rivet Maker DUR Boyne Clliery
James Alderson Son 15Forge Labourer DUR Station Town
Matthew Alderson Son 13General Labourer DUR Wingate
Thomas Alderson Son 6Scholar DUR Wingate
Dorothy A. Alderson Dau 3m DUR Hylton
2 Quarry Hole Thomas Richardson Head M 57Shipwright DUR Hylton
Sarah Richardson Wife M 53DUR Coxgren
Francis McRavey Head M 42Shipwright DUR Hylton
Olivia McRavey Wife M 39DUR Ayre'sQuay
Thomas McRavey Son 15Forge Labourer DUR Hylton
John McRavey Son 13DUR Hylton
Mary J. McRavey Dau 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert McRavey Son 4DUR Hylton
3 Quarry Hole John Guthrie Head M 48Rivetter NBL Newcastle
Mary A. Guthrie Wife M 46DUR Sunderland
George GUtghrie Son 23Rivetter Apprentice DUR Sunderland
Davis Guthrie Son 20Rivet Heater DUR Sunderland
Joseph Guthrie Son 14DUR Hylton
Thomas Guthrie Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
WEilliam Guthrie Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Effie Guthrie Dau 8DUR Hylton
4 Quarry Hole Peter Robinson Head M 42Shipwright DUR Offerton Haugh
Elizabeth Robinson Wife M 44DUR Ford
Peter Robinson Son 15Apprentice Fitter DUR Ford
Elizabeth Robinson Dau 11Scholar DUR Ford
Margaret Robinson Dau 7Scholar DUR Ford
Matthew Robinson Son 5Scholar DUR Ford
Lily Robinson Dau 4DUR Ford
Ninian Robinson Son 1DUR Ford
William Gibbon B-i-L 35Striker to Blacksmith DUR Ford
5 Quarry Hole Margaret J. Turner Head Wid 35DUR North Hylton
Thomas Turner Son 14Fitting Shop Labourer DUR South Hylton
6 Quarry Hole William Folkes Head M 28General Labourer NFK Great Yarmouth
Emma E. Folkes Wife M 24NFK Great Yarmouth
Ethel E. Folkes Dau 7Scholar NFK Runham Vauxhall
Martha D. Folkes Dau 6Scholar NFK Runham Vauxhall
William J. Folkes Son 4NFK Runham Vauxhall
Emma E. Folkes Dau 3NFK Runham Vauxhall
Albany Folkes Dau 1DUR South Hylton
7 Quarry Hole William Daniels Head M 39Cement Works Labourer NFK Hautbois
Eliza P. Daniels Wife M 36NFK Coltishall
William Daniels Son 18Shipyard Labourer NFK Coltishall
Albert R.G. Daniels Son 16Apprentice Labourer NFK Coltishall
Sarah J. Daniels Dau 15DUR Washington
Martha Daniels Dau 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
George Daniels Son 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
James Daniels Son 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
Arthur Daniels Son 4DUR South Hylton
Anna M/N? Daniels Dau 1DUR South Hylton
John Daniels Son 5m DUR South Hylton
Harriet Daniels Dau 5m
Ralph Grainge Head M 38Joiner DUR South Hylton
Jane Grainge Wife M 37DUR Pensher
Sarah L. Grainge Dau 17Scholar DUR Shiney Row
Isabella Grainge Dau 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
Mary J. Grainge Dau 5DUR South Hylton
Henry Grainge Son 2DUR South Hylton
Margaret A. Grainge Dau 1DUR South Hylton
8 Quarry Hole William Hutchinson Head M 60Labourer in Shipyard YKS Richmond
Jane Hutchinson Wife M 53DUR Hylton
Jane A. Hutchinsin Dau 23Domestic servant DUR Bishopwearmouth
William Hutchinson Son 20Driller DUR Springwell
John G. Hutchinson Son 19Apprentice Shipwright DUR Hylton
Watson Hutchinson Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Barnaby Burdon Vis 1DUR Southwick
9 Quarry Hole Ralph Sutton Head M 66Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Margaret Sutton Wife M 57DUR South Hylton
Robert Sutton Son 35Labourer in Shipyard DUR South Hylton
John Sutton Son 33Labourer in Shipyard DUR South Hylton
Isabella Sutton Dau 23General Servant DUR South Hylton
Ralph Sutton Son 14Scholar DUR South Hylton
10 Quarry Hole Thomas Grange Head M 68Shipwright DUR Bishopwearmouth
Sarah Grange Wife M 64DUR South Hylton
11 Quarry Hole Alfred Harmer Head M 36General Labourer SFK Lowestoft
Martha E. Harmer Wife M 36SFK Pakefield
George Harmer Son 15Rivet Feeder SFK Pakefield
Alfred Harmer Son 14Labourer Rivet Factory SFK Pakefield
Martha Harmer Dau 12Scholar SFK Pakefield
Griselda Harmer Dau 10Scholar SFK Pakefield
Alice Harmer Dau 8Scholar SFK Pakefield
Florence Harmer Dau 5SFK Lowestoft
William Harmer Son 2NFK Thornton
Philip Hahn Head Widr 34General Labourer YKS York
Alice Hahn Dau 8Scholar DUR Sunderland
Nellie Hahn Dau 6Scholar DUR Sunderland
Violet Hahn Dau 4Scholar DUR Sunderland
12 Quarry Hole William Brown Head M 36General Labourer SFK Oulton
Elizabeth Brown Wife M 34DUR South Hylton
Mary Ann Brown Dau 15Domestic Servant DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth J. Brown Dau 11Scholar DUR South Hylton
Agnes Brown Dau 3DUR South Hylton
13 Quarry Hole John Errington Head M 76Retired Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Jane Errington Wife M 70DUR South Hylton
William Errington Son 33Shipwright DUR South Hylton
14 Quarry Hole Alfred Davison Head M 54Joiner SSX Rye
Elizabeth Davison Wife M 48DUR Hylton
Charles Davison Son Widr 23Striker to Blacksmith DUR Hylton
John H. Davison Son 20Striker to Blacksmith DUR Hylton
Elizabeth H. Davison Dau 15DUR Hylton
Alfred Davison Son 17Crane Boy in Forge DUR Hylton
George Davison Son 13DUR Hylton
Back Guyse Gilbert Foggin Head Wid 58Shovel Maker DUR Gateshead
Gilbert Foggin Son 22Labourer in Forge DUR Gateshead
Mary J. Foggin Dau 18DUR Gateshead
Margaret Foggin Dau 24DUR Gateshead
John W. Foggin G'son 5DUR Hylton
Mary J. Foggin G'dau 2DUR Hylton
Back Guyse Theresa Bainbridge Head Wid 69DUR Sunderland
Thomas Bainbridge Son 26Forge Labourer DUR Sunderland
Isabella Barclay G'dau 10DUR Hylton
George Harron Nep 27Forge Labourer DUR Hylton
Back Guyse John Farrey Head M 39Boilersmith DUR Hylton
Sarah Farrey Wife M 39DUR Hylton
Jane Farrey Dau 11Scholar DUR Hylton
William Farrey Son 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Sarah Farrey Dau 4DUR Hylton
Hannah Farrey Dau 1DUR Hylton
Joseph Patterson B-i-L 42Joiner DUR Hylton
George Patterson B-i-L 36Tailor DUR Hylton
Mary A. Patterson Nec 25DUR Hylton
James Patterson Nep 18Apprentice Fitter DUR Hylton
John Patterson Nep 18Labourer Rivet Works DUR Hylton
Back Guyse Thomas Watson Head M 55General Labourer DUR Bishopwearmouth
Mary Watson Wife M 39DUR Houghton-lr-Spring
Elenor H. Watson Dau 14DUR Hylton
Thomas J. Watson Son 11DUR Hylton
Isabella E. Watson Dau 6DUR Hylton
Michael Watson Son 3DUR Hylton
Back Guyse Robert Lovett Head M 38Furnaceman DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Lovett Wife M 33DUR Hylton
John Lovett Son 13DUR Hylton
Isabella Lovett Dau 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Margaret Lovett Dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Harry Lovett Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Matthew Lovett Son 2DUR Hylton
Mary Lovett Dau 1DUR Hylton
Back Guyse Matthew Talbot Bord 47Shipwright DUR Hylton
Back Guyse William Jessop Head M 57Driller in Shipyard DBY
Annie Jessop Wife M 58DUR Wrekenton
Stephen Jessop Son 24Brakesman DUR Hartlepool
William Jessop Son 23Striker to Blacksmith DUR Birtley
Mary M. Jessop Dau 19DUR Birtley
Jane A. Jessop Dau 16DUR Birtley
Annie Jessop G'dau 2DUR South Hylton
Back Guyse William Spoors Head Widr 55Shipwright DUR South Hylton
William Spoors Son 23Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Dorothy A. Spoors Dau 16Joiner Apprentice DUR South Hylton
Thomas Spoors Son 14DUR South Hylton
Back Guyse James Reed Head Widr 52Shipwright DUR Coxgreen
William Reed Son 16Forge Labourer DUR Coxgreen
John Rd. Reed Son 14Forge Labourer DUR Coxgreen
Same House as aboveJohn Robinson Head M 69Shoemaker DUR Barnard Castle
Mary Robinson Wife M 66DUR Millfield
Same House as aboveWilliam Hunnam Head M 31Blacksmith DUR South Hylton
Charlotte Hunnam Wife M 27DUR South Hylton
Charles Hunnam Son 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
William Hunnam Son 2NBL Newcastle
Ellen Hunnan Dau 3m DUR South Hylton
1 Farm Cottage Thomas Usher Head M 39Forge Furnaceman DUR Sunderland
Hannah Usher Wife M 34YKS Malton
John Usher Son 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Jane Usher Dau 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Fannie Usher Dau 4Scholar DUR Hylton
2 Farm Cottage Robert Carver Head M 46Shipyard Labourer SFK N.K.
Isabella Carver Wife M 46DUR Hylton
Sarah Wilson Dau M 21DUR Hylton
Robert Carver Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
William Wilson G'son 2m DUR Hylton
3 Farm Cottage John Smith Head M 65General Labourer CUM Carlisle
Isabel Smith Wife M 65CUM Carlisle
William Smith Son 24Shipyard Labourer DUR Hylton
Hylton Ferry Farm Nicholas W. Hutchinson Head M 36Farmer DUR Hylton
Hannah Hutchinson Wife M 34DUR Ryhope
Mary A. Hutchinson Dau 5DUR Ryhope
Stanley Hutchinson Son 4DUR Ryhope
William L. Hutchinson Son 2DUR Ryhope
Ulrich Hutchinson Son 8m DUR Hylton
Fanny Thompson S-i-L Wid 35DUR Ryhope
Margaret Hutchinson Nurse 14Nurse Girl DUR Hylton
David Reay Serv 20Agricultural Labourer DUR Hylton
Well Open William Barwick Head M 71General Labourer CUM Bassinderth
Margaret Barwick Wife M 64DUR Houghton-le-Spring
Margaret A. Barwick G'dau 8DUR Hylton
Well Open John J. Barwick Head M 35General Labourer DUR Offerton
Margaret J. Barwick Wife M 30DUR Grindon Mill
Margaret J. Barwick Dau 10DUR Hylton
George William Barwick Son 7DUR Hylton
Well Open Richard Hetherington Head M 31General Labourer CUM Brampton
Elizabeth Hetherington Wife M 30CUM Brampton
Margaret E. Htherington Dau 1DUR Hylton
1 Uninhabited
Well Open Edward Brown Head M 54Shipwright DUR Hylton
Margaret Brown Wife M 57SCO
Margaret J. Brown Dau 20DUR Offerton
2 Uninhabited
Well Open Stephen Port Head M 53Sailor KEN Whitstable
Sarah A. Port Wife M 55SFK Newhaven
Frederick Paine G'son 7Scholar SFK Newhaven
Lion Place George Broad Head M 53Shipwright DUR Hylton
Golden Lion Inn Margaret Broad Wife M 45DUR Hylton
Ada broad Dau 21DUR Hylton
William broad Son 18Apprentice Fitter DUR Hylton
George Broad Son 16Apprentice Fitter DUR Hylton
Arthur Broad Son 13DUR Hylton
Mary broad Dau 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Septimus Broad Son 4DUR Hylton
2 Uninhabited
Lion Place Newrick Thompson Head M 33General Labourer DUR South Hylton
Jane Thompson Wife M 30DUR South Hylton
Mary J. Thompason Dau 16Scholar DUR South Hylton
Ellen Thompson Dau 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Jihn A. Thompson Son 3DUR South Hylton
James Thompson Son 1DUR South Hylton
Lion Place Richard Thompson Head M 33Shipyard Labourer DUR Berry Edge
Jane Thompson Wife M 32DUR Sunderland
Lion Place Margaret J. Barwick Head Wid 44DUR Houghton-le-Spring
John Barwick Son 19Blacksmith DUR Houghton-le-Spring
Ellen Barwick Dau 9Scholar DUR Houghton-le-Spring
Maragret Barwick Dau 8Scholar DUR Houghton-le-Spring
Lion Place Thomas Green Head M 43Labourer on Colliery Railway DUR Fox Covers
Mary J. Green Wife M 46DUR North Hylton
Robert Ed. Green Son 15Labourer in Rivet WorksDUR North Hylton
Dorothy Green Dau 11Scholar DUR North Hylton
Sarah A. Green Dau 9Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
William Green Son 5DUR Hylton
Lion Place James Brown Head Widr 77General Labourer DUR North Hylton
Hannah Brown Dau 39DUR South Hylton
Robert Brown Son 34Labourer in Forge DUR South Hylton
George Ed. Brown G'son 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Frederick Haddock Lodg 32Labourer in Forge DUR South Hylton
Ferry Boat House Robert C. Talbot Head 22Ferryman DUR South Hylton
Grace Pattison Moth M 57DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Talbot G'moth Wid 87NBL Reavely
Ferry Boat Row Thomas R. Jenkins Head M 47Grocer DUR Felling
Mary Jenkins Wife M 37NBL Newcastle
Ferry Boat Row Samuel A. Jenkins Head M 39Grocer DUR Felling
Dorothy Jenkins Wife M 37YKS Northallerton
John George Jenkins Son 8Scholar DUR Felling
Thomas Jenkins Son 6DUR Hylton
Mary E. Jenkins Dau DUR Hylton
Ferry Boat Row John G. Cooper Head M 50Joiner DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Cooper Wife M 53NBL Alnwick
Joseph Cooper Son 27Driller DUR Hylton
Sarah R. Cooper Dau 20Domestic servant DUR Hylton
James Cooper Son 18Driller DUR Hylton
John P. Cooper Son 16Green Grocer's Ass. DUR Hylton
Roger W. Cooper Son 14Grocer's Assistant DUR Hylton
Elizabeth A. Cooper Dau 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Ferry Boat Row Thomas J. Henderson Head M 65Boot & Shoe Maker DUR Hylton
Ann Henderson Wife M 67CUM Wigton
Ferry Boat Row Thomas Talbot Head M 54Shipwright DUR Hylton
Bessy Talbot Wife M 49DUR Houghton-le-Spring
Robert Talbot Son 21Rivetter DUR Hylton
Jane Halla Dau M 24DUR Hylton
John T. Talbot Son 19Labourer in Forge DUR Hylton
Sarah Talbot Dau 17DUR Hylton
Richard Talbot Son 15Apprentice Joiner DUR Hylton
William Talbot Son 13Scholar DUR Hylton
George Talbot Son 9Scholar DUR Hylton
John Halla S-i-L M 33General Labourer YKS Leeds
Bessy Hella G'dau 3DUR Hylton
Ralph Talbot Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Ferry Boat Row Robert Oxberry Head M 61Joiner DUR Hylton
Jane Oxberry Wife M 60DUR Galeside
Jane Douglas Dau M 29DUR South Hylton
Edith Douglass G'dau 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
Jenny Douglass G'dau 4DUR South Hylton
Percy Douglass S'son 2DUR South Hylton
Laura Douglass G'dau 1DUR South Hylton
Ferry Boat Row William Stothard Head M 48Shipwright?? DUR South Hylton
Margaret Stothard Wife M 49DUR South Hylton
George W. Stothard Son 27Striker DUR South Hylton
Mary Ann Stothard Dau 25DUR South Hylton
Margaret J. Stothard Dau 2DUR South Hylton
Thomas Stothard Son 19Labourer in Forge DUR South Hylton
Dinah Stothard Dau 16DUR South Hylton
James Stothard Son 14Shipwright Apprentice DUR South Hylton
Charles Stothatd Son 12Scholar DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Stothard Dau 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Ferry Boat Row John G. Hutchinson Head M 46General Labourer DUR Castle Eden
Mary Hutchinson Wife M 47DUR Hylton
Wilson Hutchinson Son 15Paper Maker Assistant DUR Hylton
Ferry Boat Row William Davison Head M 24Forge Lab. & Publican DUR South Hylton
George & Dragon Agness Davison Wife M 25DUR Coxgreen
Charles Davison Son 2DUR Whiteheugh
Sarah J. Gibbon S-i-L 17DUR Whiteheugh
Ferry Boat Row Christopher Reed Head M 32Engineman DUR Coxgreen
Mary E. Reed Wife M 31DUR South Hylton
Mary E. Reed Dau 12DUR South Hylton
Margaret J. Reed Dau 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth A. Reed Dau 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
Lilly Reed Son 2DUR South Hylton
Christopher Reed 5m DUR South Hylton
1 Uninhabited
Offerton Lane William Clark Head M 59Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Ellen Clark Wife M 57DUR South Hylton
Thomas W. Clark Son 29Shipyard helper DUR South Hylton
George Clark Son 26Brakesman DUR South Hylton
William Clark Son 24Shipyard Helper DUR South Hylton
Robert Clark Son 21Shipyard Helper DUR South Hylton
Grace Is. Clark Dau 16DUR South Hylton
Ralph Clark Son 13DUR South Hylton
Ellen Clark G'dau 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
George Hildrew G'son 4NBL Newcastle
Offerton Lane James Allison Head M 53Shipwright DUR Monkwearmouth
Sarah Allison Wife M 53DUR South Hylton
John G. Allison Son 20Apprentice Paper Maker DUR South Hylton
Margaret Allison Dau 22DUR South Hylton
Mary B. Allison Dau 18DUR South Hylton
Sarah Allison Dau 15DUR South Hylton
High Row Margaret Henderson Head S 55DUR Sunderland
William Rd. Henderson Nep 20Lab. & Machine Driller DUR South Hylton
Mary Ann Henderson Nec 18Paper Sorter DUR South Hylton
Isabella Henderson Nep 9DUR South Hylton
Charles S. Henderson Nep 8DUR South Hylton
Sarah J. Henderson Nec 6DUR South Hylton
High Row William C. Stothard Head Wdr 79Shipwright Retired DUR North Hylton
Catherine J. Robinson S'dau 29dressmaker DUR North Hylton
High Row Thomas Gilmore Head M 31Labourer Cement Works DUR South Hylton
Catherine Henderson Wife M 27DUR South Hylton
Sarah A. Henderson Dau 8DUR South Hylton
James W. Henderson Son 4DUR South Hylton
Margaret A. Henderson Dau 2DUR South Hylton
High Row William Fife Head M 41Driller in Shipyard DUR Penshaw
Eleanor Fife Wife M 41NBL Newcastle
John Spence S'son 19Driller in Shipyard NBL Newcastle
Georgina Fife Dau 7DUR Hylton
Dorothy A. Fife Dau 3DUR Hylton
Isabella Fife Dau 1DUR Hylton
High Row Susannah Henderson Head Wid 77DUR South Hylton
William Gilmore Lodg S 39Labourer in Shipyard DUR Sunderland
High Row Aaron Ridley Head M 39Boilersmsith NBL Newcastle
Mary G. Ridley Wife M 40DUR Sunderland
Francis Ridley Dau 17Paper Sheeter NBL Newcastle
Thomas Ridley Son 14Rivet Heater NBL Newcastle
Mary A. Ridley Dau 12Scholar NBL Newcastle
Maria J. Ridley Dau 10Scholar NBL Newcastle
Meggie Ridley Dau 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Bella Ridley Dau 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
Aaron Ridley Son 1DUR South Hylton
High Row Robert Sutton Head M 55Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Esther Sutton Wife M 44DUR Deptford
Elizabeth Sutton Dau 18Paper Mill Worker DUR South Hylton
John Sutton Son 17Rivet Heater DUR South Hylton
Thomas Sutton Son 11DUR South Hylton
High Row Taylor Henderson Head M 34Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Jessie Henderson Wife M 30DUR Hartlepool
William T. Henderson Son 10DUR New Hendon
James E. Henderson Son 8DUR New Hendon
Henritta Henderson Dau 7DUR New Hendon
Susannah Henderson Dau 6DUR New Hendon
Jessie Henderson Dau 4DUR New Hendon
Taylor Henderson Son 2DUR New Hendon
Edward Henderson Son 9m DUR New Hendon
High Row James Durrant Head M 40Machinist in Forge SFK Lowestoft
Renforth Hotel Annie E. Durrant Wife M 36YKS Whitby
Sarah J. Durrant Dau 16DUR Sunderland
High Row Peter Charlton Head M 50Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Mary E. Charlton Wife M 46DUR South Hylton
William Charlton Son 21Forge Furnaceman DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Charlton Dau 17Paper Mill Worker DUR South Hylton
Robert Charlton Son 4Scholar DUR South Hylton
Peter Charlton Son 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
High Row 5 Uninhabited
High Row William Barkass Head M 44Shipyard Rivetter DEV Plymouth
Louisa Barkass Wife M 29DUR Stockton
Williaam Barkass Son 18Rivet Heater Shipyard YKS Middlesborough
Catherine Barkass Dau 15DUR Stockton
Thomas Barkass Son 11DUR Jarrow
Elizabeth A. Barkass 10DUR Houghton-le-Spring
Louisa Barkass Dau 5
High Row 1 Uninhabited
High Row John Davison Head M 39Carpenter DUR Hylton
Fanny Davison Wife M 34STF N.K.
Mary E. Orme S'dau 11Scholar YKS Leeds
Phoebe Orme S'dau 10Scholar STF Wolverhampton
Henry Orme S'son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Millicent Orme S'dau 4DUR Hylton
High Row 1 Uninhabited
High Row William Baker Head Wdr 55Labourer in Shipyard MDX Islington
Davis Baker Son M 27Labourer in Shipyard SFK Lowestoft
Mary A. Baker Dau M 23DUR Roker
William Baker Son 20Labourer Paper Mill SFK Kisslingland
Catherine Baker Dau 21SFK Kisslingland
High Row Edward Spoor Head Wdr 57Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Hannah Spoor Dau 24DUR South Hylton
Alice Spoor Dau 20DUR South Hylton
Alfred Spoor Son 15Shipwright Apprentice DUR South Hylton
High Row Lawrence Spoors Head Wdr 60Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Thomas Spoors Son 23Labourer in Forge DUR South Hylton
Jennie Spoors Dau 21DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Watson G'dau 8NBL Wallsend
Whiteheugh Matthew Gibbon Head M 48Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Whiteheugh House Mary Gibbon Wife M 45DUR Sunderland
Barbara Gibbon Dau 15DUR Whiteheugh
Matthew Gibbon Son 12DUR Whiteheugh
John Redpath Bord S 49Striker NBL Newcastle
Whiteheugh John G. Whitaker Head M 32Engine Fitter DUR Sunderland
Margaret Whitaker Wife M 24DUR South Hylton
John Whitaker Son 4m DUR South Hylton