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Railway Terrace John G. Richardson Head M 36Hairdresser DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth J. Richardson Wife M 32DUR Sunderland
Lily Richardson Dau 5DUR Sunderland
Florence Richardson Dau 2DUR Hylton
Alexander Chisholm Lodg S 37Labourer in a Forge SCT
Railway Terrace William Hodgson Head M 34Railway Porter DUR Houghton
Margaret Hodgson Wife M 25DUR South Hylton
William P. Hodgson Son 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
George Hodgson Son 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
Hannah Hodgson Dau 7m DUR South Hylton
Thomas Sanderson Lodg S 42Labourer in Paper Mill YKS Sensyth
The Villa John Wigham Head M 41Mechanical Engineer & Ship RepairerSCT
Ann Wigham Wife M 39DUR Hylton
John R. Wigham Son 13Scholar DUR Hylton
Barbara Wigham Dau 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Joshua T. Wigham Dau 5DUR Hylton
Stanley Wigham Dau 2DUR Hylton
Mary H. Spencer Serv S 21Nursemaid DUR Sunderland
Margaret J. Makefield Serv S 22General Servant DUR Hylton
Ford Lodge West Edwin Graham Head M 54Master Shipbuilder LAN Manchester
Mary Graham Wife M 49DUR Pallion
William Graham Son S 27Naval Architect SCT
Isabella Graham Dau S 20DUR Pallion
Mary E. Graham Dau S 15Scholar DUR Hylton
Edwin Graham Son 13Scholar DUR Hylton
Ford Lodge Thomas Short Head M 39Shipbuilder DUR Ford
Barbara J. Short Wife M 34DUR Thornley
Ernest L. Brown Neph S 21Clerk in Rivet Works DUR Ford
Ethel Beaumont Serv S 18General Servant NFK Yarmouth
Sarah Rhyne Serv S 16General Servant DUR Sunderland
Sycamore Villa James Todd Head M 50Builder DUR Ford
Margaret Todd Wife M 44DUR Ford
The Vicarage William Callis Head M 62Clerk in Holy Orders LAN Blackburn
Helen Callis Wife M 54SCT
Miriam Callis Dau S 22DUR South Shields
Celia Reid Serv Wid 50General Servant KEN Alston
Vicarage Lane Elizabeth Brayfield Head Wid 63Grocer DUR Sherburn
Ann Brayfield Dau S 28Living on her own means DUR Hylton
Barbara J. Brayfield Dau S 24Milliner DUR Hylton
Sidney Jacques Board S 19Chemist in Paper Mill SRY Putney
Julia McLean Serv S 24General Servant DUR Pallion
1 Gill Hill Terrace Ann Giles Head Wid 56Laundress NTH Northampton
Maria Orr Dau S 27KEN Dover
Frederick Orr Son S 23Cartman Gibralter
Esther Cules Dau S 19DUR
2 Gill Hill Terrace William Cummings Head M 45Steam Boiler Attender DUR Durham
Ann Cummings Wife M 48DUR Durham
Annie Cummings Dau S 20Sorter in Paper Mill DUR Durham
John J. Cummings Son S 16Cutter in Paper Mill DUR Felling
Thomas Cummings Son 14DUR Felling
William Cummings Son 12DUR Felling
Susannah Cummings Dau 9DUR Felling
3 Gill Hill Terrace William Ryce Head M 39Paper Maker SCT
Isabell Ryce Wife M 39DUR Claxheugh
Annie Ryce Dau 12Scholar DUR Claxheugh
Margaret E. Ryce Dau 9Scholar DUR Claxheugh
Mary J. Ryce Dau 6Scholar DUR Claxheugh
4 Gill Hill Terrace Thomas Taylor Head M 35Cartman DUR Sunderland
Jane Taylor Wife M 30DUR Cowden?
William Carney Lodg S 16Rivet Heater in Shipyard DUR Sunderland
John T. Bell Adopt 3DUR Sunderland
5 Gill Hill Terrace Robert E. Cummings Head M 23Paper Maker DUR
Dorothy J. Cummings Wife M 22DUR Monkwearmouth
Robert W. Cummings Son 5m DUR South Hylton
Jane M. Mitchinson S-i-L S 15Sv Domestic DUR Monkwearmouth
6 Gill Hill Terrace Bernard Meaghan Head M 64Cartman IRL
Catherine Meaghan Wife M 66IRL
1 High Street Hutton Thompson Head M 42Shipwright DUR Hylton
Ann Thompson Wife M 43DUR Hunwick
Isabella Thompson Dau 4DUR Hylton
2 High Street Thomas Carr Head M 65Bricklayers Labourer DUR Coxgreen
Margaret Carr Wife M 66CUL Stanwick
Benjamin Carr Son S 25Ship Tanks Cementer DUR Sunderland
Isabella Carr Dau S 22Paper Finisher DUR Ford
Elizabeth McHenry G'dau 12DUR Sunderland
2 High Street John M. Irving Head M 42Ship Plater DUR Sunderland
Isabella Irving Wife M 43DUR Ford
George Irving Son 8Scholar DUR Ford
4 High Street Joseph Short Head M 62Butcher DUR Springwell
Elizabeth Short Wife M 69DUR Birtley
5 High Street John Grievson Head M 62Green Grocer DUR South Hylton
Mary Grievson Wife M 58DUR South Hylton
John Grievson Son S 33Rivetter in Shipyard DUR South Hylton
Jane Grievson Dau S 20DUR South Hylton
William Grievson Son S 17Paper Maker DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Ann Young Vis S 14Milliner DUR Eldon
6 High Street Edward Rowland Head M 40Gardener NFK Lingwood
Jane Rowland Wife M 39NFK Buringham
William T. Rowland Son S 18Labourer in Shipyard NFK Denton
George E. Rowland Son S 16Paper Mill Finisher NFK Sculthorpe
Grace E. Rowland Dau 14Paper Mill Finisher NFK Sculthorpe
Harry Rowland Son 11NFK Thorpe
Edward Rowland Son 10Scholar NFK Thorpe
Ethel M. Rowland Dau 8Scholar NFK Thorpe
Evelyn J. Rowland Dau 5Scholar NFK Thorpe
Albert V. Rowland Son 3NFK Thorpe
7 High Street Matthew Kirtley Head M 33Butcher DUR Hylton
Sarah J. Kirtley Wife M 33DUR Thorpe?
8 High Street William Kirtley Head M 64Grocer DUR Hylton
Mary J. Kirtley Wife M 57DUR Hylton
Sarah E. Kirtley Dau 27DUR Hylton
Thomas Grievson S-i-L 35Bricklayer DUR Hylton
Mary Grievson Dau 35DUR Hylton
Arthur Grievson G'son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
10 High Street Thomas R. Walker Head S 50Master Blacksmith SCT
11 High Street William J. Edward Head M 65Tailor & Draper DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Edward Wife M 53DUR Hylton
Elizabeth A. Edward Dau S 33DUR Hylton
Robert Edward Son S 27Tailor DUR Hylton
Alfred Edward Son S 23Ship Carpenter DUR Hylton
Amelia Edward Dau S 18Pupil Teacher DUR Hylton
Henry Edward Son S 14Ap Fitter (Engine) DUR Hylton
William Edward Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
12 High Street Edward Turley Head Widr 46Shoemaker IRL
Elizabeth A. Telford Dau M 28DUR Sunderland
Margaret J. Turley Dau S 13DUR Sunderland
Gertrude M. Turley Dau S 9Scholar DUR Sunderland
Edward Telford G'son 8Scholar DUR Sunderland
12 High Street Ann Carter Head Wid 56DUR Hylton
William Carter Son S 19Storekeeper in Shipyard DUR Hylton
13 High Street Robert Ridley Head M 60Labourer on Roads NBL Knaresdale
Ann Ridley Wife M 47NBL Knaresdale
Thomas S. Ridley Son S 18Labourer (Farm) DUR Hylton
Alfred J. Ridley Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
14 High Street Janet Broad Head Wid 54Re No Agent DUR South Hylton
Ralph Broad Son S 25Ap Rivetter DUR South Hylton
Nicholas Broad Son S 19Ap Slater DUR South Hylton
John G. Broad Son S 16Ap Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth A. Broad Dau 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
Ralph Tweddle Neph 12Scholar DUR
15 High Street Ralph Davison Head M 24Labourer in Shipyard DUR Hylton
Isabell Davison Wife M 21DUR Sunderland
Ada J. Davison Dau 2DUR Sunderland
Ralph Davison Son 1m DUR Sunderland
16 High Street Margaret Pegg Head Wid 42DUR Sunderland
Thomas Cockburn Son S 24Plater in Shipyard DUR Sunderland
Kate Cockburn Dau S 18Paper Mill (Finisher) DUR Sunderland
Annie Cockburn Dau S 14DUR Stockton
Matthew Brown Lodg S 44Cement Maker DUR Deptford
Patrick McCormant Lodg S 42Labourer in Shipyard IRL
9 Bewick's Bldgs Frank Ridley Head M 23Labourer Shipyard DUR Hylton
or High StreetSarah Ridley Wife M 23SCT
John H. Murphy Neph 8Scholar SCT
Robert Ridley Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Sarah J. Ridley Dau 3m DUR Hylton
9 Bewick's Builds.Matthew Bainbridge Head M 29Blacksmiths Striker DUR Sunderland
Mary Bainbridge Wife M 28DUR North Hylton
Hannah Bainbridge Dau 5Scholar DUR Gateshead
George W Bainbridge Son 2DUR Hylton
Bank Top SunnisideWilliam Stothatd Head M 35Joiner DUR No Hylton
Hannah Stothatd Wife M 34DUR Gateshead
Thomas Stothatd Son 5DUR South Hylton
Joseph Stothatd Son 3DUR South Hylton
Margaret Stothatd Dau 2DUR South Hylton
Bank Top SunnisideThomas Stothatd Head M 69Shipwright DUR No Hylton
Isabella Stothatd Wife M 59KEN Wisbech
Bank Top SunnisideJames Gregson Head M 57Blacksmith DUR Sunderland
Jane Gregson Wife M 48DUR Hylton
James Gregson Son S 28Blacksmith DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Gregson Dau S 22Paper Mill DUR Hylton
Mary Gregson Dau S 16DUR Hylton
Robert Gregson Son 10DUR Hylton
Frederick Gregson Son 8DUR Hylton
William Gregson Son 2DUR Hylton
Bank Top SunnisideJohn Willm. Hewison Head M 36Labourer in Shipyard DUR Bishopwearmouth
Catherine M. Hewison Wife M 33DUR West Cornforth
Michael Hewison Son 10DUR Winlaton
Alice Hewison Dau 8DUR Ford
Robert Hewison Son 6DUR Ford
Adelaide Hewison Dau 4DUR Ford
Elizabeth Hewison Dau 1DUR Ford
Bank Top SunnisideJohn Reed Head M 66Shipwright DUR Ford
Maria Reed Wife M 59NBL Newcastle
Maria E. Reed Dau S 21
Bank Top SunnisideCharles Moses Brereton Head M 39Labourer in Cement Wks NFK Rockland St Mary
Isabella Brereton Wife M 34DUR Bishopwearmouth
Hannah Brereton Dau S 15Paper Mill Hand DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Brereton Dau S 13Scholar DUR Hylton
Charles M. Brereton Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Isabella Brereton Dau 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Ellen Brereton Dau 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Barbara A Brereton Dau 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Benjamin Brereton Son 3DUR Hylton
Maria Brereton Dau 1DUR Hylton
Bank Top SunnisideThomas Donaldson Head M 45Cement Grinder DUR South Hylton
Jane Donaldson Wife M 38DUR South Hylton
Eliza J. Hastings S'dau S 17Paper Finisher DUR South Hylton
Ann Hastings S'dau S 14DUR South Hylton
William Hastings S'son 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
Thomas Donaldson Son 4DUR South Hylton
Bank Top SunnisideJames Butchart Head M 48Agricultural Labourer SCT
Isabella Butchart Wife M 43DUR South Hylton
James Butchart Son S 18Farm Servant DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Butchart Dau 4DUR South Hylton
Sarah Burney M-i-L Wid 74DUR South Hylton
Bank Top SunnisideThomas Haddock Head S 41Shoemaker DUR South Hylton
Bank Top SunnisideDaniel Murphy Head M 24Labourer in Shipyard DUR Coxgreen
Mary Is. Murphy Wife M 21DUR Hylton
Ann Murphy Dau 1DUR Penshaw?
1-3 Sunniside Anthony Gowens Head M 41Grocer (Master) NBL Felton
Emma E. Gowens Wife M 40DUR Hylton
Robert Gowens Son S 17Grocers As DUR Hylton
James M. Gowens Son S 16Ap Engineer DUR Hylton
Mary J. Gowens Dau 13Scholar DUR Hylton
Gertrude Gowens Dau 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Anthony Gowens Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Rhoda Watts Serv 21General Servant NFK Norwich
4 Sunniside William Richardson Head M 58Steam Craneman DUR Lamsley
Ann Richardson Wife M 58DUR Hylton
Robert Richardson Son S 27Driller in Shipyard DUR Hylton
Ralph Richardson Son S 20Engine Fireman
5 Sunniside William Holmes Head M 45Labourer at Paper Mills ESS
Alice Holmes Wife M 49DUR So Shields
John Salmon S'son S 19Paper Maker DUR So Shields
6 Sunniside George Reay Head M 51Machineman CUL Carlisle
Elizabeth Reay Wife M 0DUR Ford
Elizabeth Reay Dau 5Scholar DUR Ford
Evelyn Reay Dau 11m DUR Ford
6 Sunniside Michael Sedgwick Head M 63Shipwright DUR West Renton
Elizabeth Sedgwick Wife M 55DUR East Boldon
Michael Sedgwick Son S 20Ship Joiner DUR East Boldon
Ann Isab. Sedgwick Dau S 14DUR East Boldon
7 Sunniside Cummings B. Smith Head M 54Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Margaret Smith Wife M 57DUR Sunderland
8 Sunniside Thomas W. Charlton Head M 23Labourer in Cement Wks DUR Sunderland
Frances Charlton Wife M 21DUR Hylton
John J.N. Charlton Son 2DUR Hylton
9 Sunniside Mary A. Robson Head Wid 48DUR Seaham
Thomas Robson Son Widr 27Rivetter in Shipyard DUR Ford
Mary A. Robson G'dau 6DUR Ford
John Reid Board S 56Labourer in Shipyard IRL
Henry Whittington Board S 43Labourer General SAL Wellington
10 Sunniside George Caven Head M 43Engineman DUR Claxheugh
Mary A. Caven Wife M 39DUR Sunderland
Mary A. Caven Dau S 19Paper Mill Hand DUR South Hylton
Emma Caven Dau S 16Paper Mill Hand DUR South Hylton
George Caven Son S 14Ap Blacksmith DUR Claxheugh
Sarah Caven Dau 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
Christine Caven Dau 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
Miles Caven Son 3DUR South Hylton
Lilly Caven Dau 1DUR South Hylton
11 Sunniside Robert Wealands Head M 65Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Margaret Wealands Wife M 65DUR Offerton Haugh
12 Sunniside Thomas L. Shaw Head M 50Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Alice Shaw Wife M 48DUR Ford
William Shaw Son S 18Iron Shipwright Ap DUR Ford
Robert Shaw Son S 15Iron Shipwright Ap DUR Ford
Thomas Lawson Shaw Son 13Blacksmith Ap DUR Ford
Frank Shaw Son 10DUR Ford
Alice Shaw Dau S 17Paper Mill Worker DUR Ford
Mary Shaw Dau S 20Paper Mill Worker DUR Ford
13 Sunniside John Spencer Head Widr 48Forgeman DUR Swalwell
John Spencer Son S 21Forgemans As DUR Blaydon
Edward Spencer Son S 19Forgemans As DUR Blaydon
Ann Spencer Dau S 17DUR Blaydon
Esther Spencer Dau S 16DUR Hylton
Sarah Spencer Dau 13DUR Hylton
Thomas Spencer Son 12DUR Hylton
James Spencer Son 10DUR Hylton
14 Sunniside Robert Thompson Head M 54Carpenter (Ship) DUR Sunderland
Hannah Thompson Wife M 51DUR Bishop. Auckland
Mary Thompson Dau S 16Ford Paperworks Hand DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Thompson Dau 11DUR South Hylton
15 Sunniside Thomas Reed Head M 26Ship Plater DUR South Hylton
Hannah M. Reed Wife M 27DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth H. Renney S-i-L S 19Paper Mill Worker DUR South Hylton
George W. Whitfield Head M 28Furnaceman in Forge DUR South Hylton
Rachel Whitfield Wife M 23SCT
Robert Whitfield Son 2DUR South Hylton
George W. Whitfield Son 1DUR South Hylton
16 Sunniside Joseph Short Head M 33Pork Butcher DUR Ford
Mary J. Short Wife M 30DUR Chester le Street
Joseph W. Short Son 10Scholar DUR Chester le Street
Edwin S. Short Son 8Scholar DUR Chester le Street
Mary E. Short Dau 6Scholar DUR Chester le Street
George M. Short Son 2DUR Sunderland
?? Sunniside Robert Caven Head M 40Shipyard Helper DUR Hylton
Mary Caven Wife M 37DUR Readymoor
Jane Caven Dau 14Paper Mill Hand DUR Willington
Robert Caven Son 13Paper Mill Hand DUR Hylton
Dorothy Caven Dau 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary Caven Dau 4DUR Hylton
Janet Caven Dau 2DUR Hylton
Sunniside Thomas Barber Head M 42Labourer in Shipyard SAL Shrewsbury
Betsy Barber Wife M 40STS West Bromwich
Sunniside Esther Pale Head Wid 65STS Darleston
Thomas Pale Son S 39Labourer in Forge STS West Bromsgrove
1 Ford Terrace Thomas Patterson Head M 52Joiner DUR Coxgreen
Elizabeth Patterson Wife M 52DUR Hylton
William Patterson Son S 20Labourer in Shipyard DUR Hylton
Isabella Patterson Dau S 15DUR Hylton
2 Ford Terrace Eleanor Ellington Head Wid 46DUR Shields
Albert Broadbent Lodg S 25Boiler Smith LND Poplar
3 Ford Terrace John Foustie Head M 37Labourer in Cement Wks DUR So Shields
Mary Ann Foustie Wife M 41DUR South Hylton
Mary C. Foustie Dau 18Paper Mill Worker DUR South Hylton
John G. Foustie Son 13Errand Boy DUR South Hylton
Eleanor Foustie Dau 6DUR South Hylton
Jane Foustie Dau 1DUR South Hylton
Hannah Calvert Head Wid 39Living on her own means DUR South Hylton
Thomas H Bradshaw Son S 18Grocers As DUR Coxgreen
Ralph Bradshaw Son S 16DUR Hylton
Annie Calvert Dau 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert Calvert Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
4 Ford Terrace Jacob Jackson Head M 70Shipwright unemployed DUR Bishopwearmouth
Jane Jackson Wife M 69DUR Bishopwearmouth
5 Ford Terrace Jane Rowland Head M 41Paper Mill Worker DUR Sunderland
5 Ford Terrace Edward Pickering Head M 50Cement Miller DUR South Shields
Mary Pickering Wife M 44DUR Sunderland
Edward Pickering Son S 20Farm Servant DUR South Hylton
Alice Pickering Dau 12Scholar DUR South Hylton
John Pickering Son 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
James Pickering Son 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
Margaret Pickering Dau 4DUR South Hylton
Charles Jacques Lodg 51Labourer in Cement Wks DUR Ayres Quay
6 Ford Terrace Catherine Winskill Head Wid 69Shopkeeper USA
Robert W. Elliott G'son S 18Quarry Labourer DUR South Hylton
7 Ford Terrace William Nolan Head M 38Labourer Shipyard DUR Hartlepool
Bridget Nolan Wife M 29LAN Liverpool
Martin Nolan Son 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
Mary E. Nolan Dau 4DUR South Hylton
John P. Nolan Son 2DUR South Hylton
William Nolan Son 2m DUR South Hylton
James Henderson Lodg S 26Rivetter DUR Sunderland
Robert FiddesS Lodg S 24Labourer in Shipyard DUR Consett
John Mason Lodg S 23Labourer in Shipyard DUR Seaham Harbour
Jane Brigham Serv S 19General Servant DUR West Cornforth
8 Ford Terrace Robert Mason Head M 40Labourer in Cement Wks NFK Norwich
Elizabeth Mason Wife M 30DUR Coxgreen
William Mason Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Margaret Mason Dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert W. Mason Son 4DUR Hylton
Alfred Mason Son 1DUR Hylton
9 Ford Terrace William G. Seymour Head M 44Bricklayers Labourer NBL Walker
Dorothy Seymour Wife N 41DUR Sunderland
William Seymour Son S 21Paper Mill Finisher DUR Hylton
Mary A. Seymour Dau S 19Paper Sorter DUR Hylton
Edith Seymour Dau S 15Paper Sorter DUR Hylton
Elizabeth A. Seymour Dau 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Charles E. Seymour Son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Florence Seymour Dau 2DUR Hylton
10 Ford Terrace Mary Jane Donaldson Head Wid 29Laundress WLS Landower
Thomas W. Donaldson Son 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
Ellen A. Donaldson Dau 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
Florence Donaldson Dau 1DUR South Hylton
George E. Storment Lodg S 16Striker for Blacksmith DUR South Hylton
11 Ford Terrace Isabella Hodgson Head Wid 69Domestic ServantDUR South Hylton
Margaret Emmerson G'dau S 17Morning Servant DUR South Hylton
Mary J. Emmerson G'dau S 15DUR South Hylton
13 Ford Terrace James Clasper Head M 23Paper Maker DUR South Hylton
Sarah Clasper Wife M 21DUR Gateshead
Elizabeth Hubbard Nce 7DUR Southwick
14 Ford Terrace Margaret Bryant Head Wid 38Wardrobe Dealer DUR Sunderland
Emily Bryant Dau 10DUR Durham
Eliza A. Bryant Dau 8DUR Durham
John Bryant Son 4DUR Shields
Dorothy Bryant Dau M 1DUR Shields
15 Church Street Caleb Martin Head M 28Machine Man DUR Ford
Mary Martin Wife 26DUR Murton Coll
Ann M. Martin Dau 10m DUR Murton Coll
16 Church Street Robert Alderson Head M 29Boiler Smith DUR Pallion
Catherine Alderson Wife M 29DUR Southwick
Annie Alderson Dau 10DUR Hylton
Jane Alderson Dau 8DUR Hylton
Catherine Alderson Dau 1DUR Hylton
James McNamee Lodg S 22Boiler Smith DUR Hylton
17 Church Street William Mather Head Wdr 76Druggist & Grocer DUR Newbottle
Elizabeth Mather Dau S 42Grocers As DUR South Hylton
Josie Mather Dau S 32Grocers As DUR South Hylton
18 Church Street Thomas Massey Head M 49Forgeman DUR Winlaton
Mary Massey Wife M 29DUR Hylton Dene
Annie Massey Dau 10Scholar DUR Whickham
Mary J. Gibbon Head S 26Paper Sorter DUR South Hylton
19 Church Street Thomas Short Head M 69Publican DUR Bishopwearmouth
Victoria Hotel Mary Short Wife M 64DUR Chester le Street
Isabella Short Dau S 39Barmaid DUR Gateshead
Thomas Short Son S 28Plater DUR Hylton
Eliza Short Dau S 25DUR Hylton
Margaret Short Dau S 24Ass. Teacher El. Sch. DUR Hylton
Matthew W. Short Son S 20Barber DUR Hylton
20 Church Street Thomas S. Cay Head M 44Blacksmith DUR Sunderland
Margaret A. Cay Wife M 42DUR South Hylton
John Cay Son S 18Ap Papermaker DUR South Hylton
Thomas Cay Son 12Scholar DUR South Hylton
Alice Is. Cay Dau 9Scholar IRL
William W. Cay Son 7Scholar IRL
Mary Jane Cay Dau 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
21 Church Street Joseph Alderson Head M 52Boiler Smith NBL Alnwick
Mary J. Alderson Wife M 51DUR Deptford
William Alderson Son S 23Boiler Smith DUR Pallion
Hannah Alderson Dau S 21DUR Pallion
Jane Alderson Dau S 14DUR Pallion
Charlotte Alderson Dau 11DUR Hylton
Thomas Alderson Bro S 38Scavenger DUR So Shields
James Dunn Lodg Wdr 24Boiler Maker DUR Jarrow
22 Church Street Robert Georgeson Head M 34Engine Fitter GER. (British Subject)
Mary Georgeson Wife M 33DUR Hylton
William Georgeson Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
George F. Georgeson Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Caroline J. Georgeson Dau 3DUR Hylton
23 Church Street Mary Jane Lee Head Wid 39Living on her own means DUR Hylton
Jacobine Lee Dau S 18Pupil Teacher DUR Hylton
Jacolina Gibbon Head Wid 69SCT
Sarah E. Gibbon Dau S 28DUR Hylton
John G. Gibbon Son S 25Ship Plater DUR Hylton
24 Church Street John Martin Head M 47Shipwright DUR Hylton
Isabella Martin Wife M 45DUR Hylton
Margareta Martin Dau S 21Fitter (Engine) Ap DUR Hylton
William Martin Son S 17Fitter (Engine) Ap DUR Hylton
John Martin Son 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert Martin Son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert Walker Board Wdr 35Paper Worker DUR Hylton
Samuel Walker Board S 29Railway Clerk DUR Hylton
25 Church Street Nicholas Surtees Head M 26Cutter & Caulker DUR Hylton
Catherine Surtees Wife M 23DUR Washington
Nicholas Surtees Son 8m DUR South Hylton
Jane Chambers Nce 11NBL Wallsend
26 Church Street Anthony Simpson Head M 53Foreman Ship Joiner DUR Pallion
Elizabeth E. Simpson Wife M 45DUR Bishopwearmouth
Joseph Simpson Son S 19Ap Blacksmith DUR Hylton
Anthony J. Simpson Son S 17Ap Joiner DUR Pallion
William E. Simpson Son 14Ap Joiner DUR Pallion
Martha J. Simpson Dau 12Scholar DUR Hylton
John N. Simpson Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Maria J. Simpson Dau 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Florence Simpson Dau 3DUR Pallion
Margaret A. Simpson Dau 2DUR Pallion
27 Church Street James Ritchie Head M 69Boatman at Ferry SCT
Jane Ritchie Wife M 69SCT
Robert Ritchie Son S 33Labourer in Shipyard SCT
James Ritchie G'son 12DUR Hylton
Clare Ritchie G'dau 10DUR Hylton
Thomas Lattimer Head M 31Shoemaker CUL Penrith
Mary Lattimer Wife M 28SCT
1 Back Ford Terr Thomas Harrison Head M 29Labourer in Shipyard DUR Sunderland
Sarah Harrison Wife M 21DUR Hylton
Ann Harrison Dau 1DUR Hylton
2 Back Ford Terr Thompson W. Taylor Head M 70Labourer in Cement Wks DUR Hylton
Ellen Taylor Wife M 68IRL
2 Back Ford Terr William Wilson Head M 28Rivetter DUR Sunderland
Sarah A. Wilson Wife M 24MON Tredegar
Eliza Wilson Dau 6DUR Hylton
John Wilson Son 4DUR Hylton
Mary Jane Wilson Dau 9m DUR Hylton
3 Back Ford Ter Joseph Smith Head M 40Labourer in Shipyard DUR Hylton
Catherine Smith Wife M 38DUR Sunderland
Ellen Smith Dau 7DUR Sunderland
Mary Smith Dau 4DUR Sunderland
Joseph A. Smith Son 1DUR Sunderland
Robert Jones Head M 75General Lab. UnemployedIRL
Mary Jones Wife M 73IRL
4 Back Ford Ter Martin Halloran Head M 56Labourer in Shipyard IRL
Mary Halloran Wife M 56IRL
John Halloran Son S 24Rivetter DUR Jarrow
Anne Halloran Dau S 19Paper Finisher DUR South Hylton
Margaret Chapman Head Wid 50Laundress DUR Bishopwearmouth
Annie Chapman Dau 8DUR Hylton
?? Back Ford Terr Thomas Bulmer Head S 52Grocer DUR Sunderland
Robert Lackenby Neph S 15Grocers As DUR South Hylton
?? Back Ford Terr Richard Wilson Head M 29Labourer in Shipyard DUR Southwick
Alice Wilson Wife M 26DUR Sunderland
Sarah H. Wilson Dau 2DUR South Hylton
?? Back Ford Terr Patrick Quailey Head M 50Labourer on Roads IRL
Elizabeth Quailey Wife M 49IRL
Patrick Quailey Son S 28Rivetter in Shipyard DUR Deptford
John Quailey Son S 22Paper Mill Labourer DUR Deptford
Johanna Quailey Dau S 15DUR Hylton
1 Frederick Street John Wild Head M 44Cashier & Bookkeeper DUR Hylton
Charlotte Wild Wife M 45STS Hanley
Benjamin Wild Son 17Fitter Steam EngineDUR South Hylton
2 Frederick Street Michael A. Armstrong Head M 25Commercial Traveller NBL Scotswood
Jane Armstrong Wife M 26DUR Gateshead
3 Frederick Street Edward A. Malone Head M 50Engine (Staionary) Fitter LAN Glossop
Harriet Malone Wife M 49LAN Manchester
Edward Malone Son S 19Engine Turner DUR Ford
Catherine Malone Dau S 17Paper Sorter DUR Ford
Mary A. Malone Dau 13DUR Ford
Frances Malone Dau 10Scholar
Arthur James Francis Head M 23Paper Maker SFK Bingay
Janet Francis Wife M 23DUR Blaydon
4 Frederick Street Matthew Jolly Head M 30Railway Clerk DUR South Hylton
Clara Jolly Wife M 29DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Kearsley S-i-L S 31DUR South Hylton
Margaret Kearsley S-i-L S 23DUR South Hylton
Jane Arthur Nce 8NBL Wallsend
4 Frederick Street William Ryce Head M 35Finisher (Paper) SCT
Ann Ryce Wife M 32SCT
Robert A. Ryce Son 9YKS Soyland
Kate Ryce Dau 3m DUR Ford
5 Frederick Street Norman Nichol Head M 37Shipframe Turner DUR South Hylton
Isabella Nichol Wife M 39DUR Sunderland
Florence Nichol Dau 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
Isabella Nichol Dau 7DUR South Hylton
George O. Nichol Son 3DUR Blackhill
5 Frederick Street Thomas Chilton Head M 22Ship Caulker DUR South Hylton
Ann Chilton Wife M 22DUR Nevilles Cross
6 Frederick Street Alfred Swaine Head M 42Engine Fitter YKS Bradford
Ann Swaine Wife M 45YKS Bradford
John Swaine Son S 20Engine Fitter YKS Bradford
Margaret A.L. Swaine Dau S 15DUR West Hartlepool
Mary Elizth. Swaine Dau 11DUR Pallion Sland
Margaret Wilkinson Vis Wid 67YKS Bradford
7 Frederick Street Wilson Chilton Head M 57Shipwright DUR Bishopwearmouth
Jane Chilton Wife M 55DUR No Hylton
William Chilton Son S 31Blacksmith DUR Ford
Mary J. Chilton Dau S 20DUR Ford
Elizabeth Chilton Dau S 13DUR Ford
1 Dawson Terrace George Foster Head M 43Superinten. Paper Maker DUR Durham
Susanna Foster Wife M 42Paper Sorter DUR Durham
Mary Foster Dau S 19Paper Sorter DUR Durham
Emile Foster Dau S 17Clerk in Paper Mill DUR Durham
George W. Foster Son S 14Scholar DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth J. Foster Dau 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Nellie S. Foster Dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Annie Isab. Foster Dau 7DUR Hylton
2 Dawson Terrace Thomas Hudson Head M 30Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Alice Hudson Wife M 24DUR Deptford
Sarah J. Hudson Dau 2DUR South Hylton
Ellen N.G. Hudson Dau 3m DUR South Hylton
William Porter Board S 19Labourer Shipyard DUR South Hylton
3 Dawson Terrace James Brown Head M 49Shipwright DUR Hylton
Martha Brown Wife M 47DUR Evenwood
Isabel Brown Dau S 20Dressmaker DUR Hylton
Margaret Brown Dau S 17DUR Hylton
James S. Brown Son 12DUR Hylton
Frances Brown Dau 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Margaret Schofield Head Wid 82NBL Bamboro
George Schofield Son S 37Tailor NBL Newcastle/Tyne
Margaret Chapman G'dau S 16DUR Hylton
4 Dawson Terrace Michael Mahoney Head M 42Shipyard Lab. & Publican IRL
Terrace Tavern Mary Ann Mahoney Wife M 30DUR South Hylton
George Mahoney Son 11DUR South Hylton
Ann Mahoney Dau 9DUR South Hylton
John Henry? Mahoney Son 4DUR South Hylton
Sarah Skelton Serv S 17Domestic Sv DUR Deptford
6 Dawson Terrace Thomas C. Milner Head M 36Butcher DUR South Hylton
Jane Milner Wife M 36DUR Dinsdale
Elizabeth J. Milner Dau 11Scholar DUR South Hylton
Mary E. Milner Dau 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
Joseph Milner Son 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Gertrude Milner Dau 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
Thomas A. Milner Son 2DUR South Hylton
7 Dawson Terrace Edward Henderson Head M 41Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Catherine Henderson Wife M 40DUR South Hylton
Mary A. Henderson Dau S 17DUR South Hylton
Susannah Henderson Dau 13DUR South Hylton
William Henderson Son 9DUR South Hylton
Edward Henderson Son 3DUR South Hylton
8 Dawson Terrace William Richmond Head M 30Cutter/Caulker Iron Ship MDX London
Ellen Richmond Wife M 28DUR South Hylton
Thomas Richmond Son 9DUR South Hylton
Lizzie J. Richmond Dau 7DUR South Hylton
Alice Richmond Dau 3DUR South Hylton
William Richmond Son 1DUR South Hylton
Sarah L Richmond Dau 1DUR South Hylton
10 Dawson TerraceJohn Geo. Moir Head Widr 44Joiner DUR Chester le Street
Margaret J. Moir Dau S 20Dressmaker DUR South Hylton
John Moir Son 11Scholar DUR South Hylton
8 Dawson Terrace George Moir Son 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
11 Dawson TerraceWilliam Mattches Head M 40Tailor & Cutter DUR South Hylton
Isabella Mattches Wife M 40NBL No Shields
William A. Mattches Son 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
12 Dawson TerraceJames Cousin Head M 37Blacksmith YKS Bradford
Jane Cousin Wife M 39YKS Yarm
Edith Cousin Dau 14YKS Bradford
John Cousin Son 11Scholar YKS Bradford
Alice Cousin Dau 9Scholar YKS Bradford
Hannah Cousin Dau 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Charlotte Cousin Dau 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Eliza Cousin Dau 2DUR Hylton
James Cousin Son 1DUR Hylton
13 Dawson TerraceThomas Robson Head M 29Ship Plater DUR Hylton
Jane Robson Wife M 29DUR Hylton
Margaret J. Robson Dau 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Thomas Robson Son 4DUR Hylton
John Robson Son 2DUR Hylton
Elizabeth E. Robson Dau 10m DUR Hylton
14 Dawson TerraceJames Green Head M 29Paper Maker DUR Chester le Street
Jessie Green Wife M 25DUR South Hylton
Ellen Green Dau 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
George Green Son 2DUR South Hylton
15 Dawson TerraceThomas Forrest Head M 66Shipwright SCT
Isabella Forrest Wife M 67DUR Sunderland
Thomas Forrest Son S 27Holderup in Shipyard KEN Chatham
16 Dawson TerraceThomas Minnikin Head Widr 80Retired Shipwright DUR South Hylton
17 Dawson TerraceWilliam Hutchinson Head M 64Living on own means DUR Sunderland
Mary Ann Hutchinson Wife M 64NBL Newcastle
18 Dawson TerraceJohn Dixon Banks Head M 47Joiner DUR Washington
Elizabeth Banks Wife M 47DUR South Hylton
Alice M. Banks Dau S 21Dressmaker DUR South Hylton
Charlotte Banks Dau S 20DUR South Hylton
Margaret Banks Dau S 18DUR South Hylton
19 Dawson TerraceWilliam Outterside Head M 37Grocer DUR South Hylton
Isabella Outterside Wife M 33DUR Seaham Harbour
James W. Outterside Son 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Frances N. Outterside Dau 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
Albert Outterside Son 3DUR South Hylton
20 Dawson TerraceRichard W. Galey Head M 35Grass Boiler in Paper Mill SFK Lowestoft
Alice Galey Wife M 32LND Islington
Walter J. Galey Son 13Rivet Heater in Shipyard DUR Hylton
Richard W. Galey Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Elizabeth E. Galey Dau 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Frances A. Galey Dau 4DUR Hylton
Thomas A. Galey Son 2DUR Hylton
Phillis S. Galey Dau 2m DUR Hylton
John Galey Bro M 27Cement Works Labourer SFK Lowestoft
Back Dawson Terr Richard Henderson Head M 28Blacksmiths Striker DUR South Hylton
Isabella Henderson Wife M 23DUR South Hylton
Back Dawson Terr James H. Emmerson Head M 30Labourer in Shipyard DUR South Hylton
Jessey Emmerson Wife M 27DUR Deptford
Anthony Emmerson Son 7DUR South Hylton
Ada Emmerson Dau 5DUR South Hylton
Beatrice Emmerson Dau 2YKS Leeds
James Hy Emmerson Son 10m DUR South Hylton
Back Dawson Terr William Birbeck Head M 32Cooper DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Birbeck Wife M 27DUR South Hylton
John Birbeck Son 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Eliza Birbeck Dau 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
Margaret J. Birbeck Dau 2DUR South Hylton
Minnie Birbeck Dau 2m DUR South Hylton
Rose Cottage Joseph Lawson Head M 45Engine Fitter NBL Bedlington
Mary Lawson Wife M 42DUR South Hylton
William Lawson Son S 19Engineer Ap DUR South Hylton
Annie Lawson Dau S 17DUR South Hylton
George Lawson Son 14Engineer Ap DUR South Hylton
Thomas Lawson Son 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
Joseph Lawson Son 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
Christopher J. Lawson Son 4DUR South Hylton
1 Alma Street John Williams Head Widr 64Plumber DUR Jarrow
Eleanor Williams Dau S 21DUR Sunderland
2 Alma Street Eleanor Moat Head Wid 62DUR Ford
James Whillis Board S 25Railway Clerk NBL Newcastle
Robert Cheetham Board S 14Ap Draughtsman CHS Hyde
3 Alma Street William Anderson Head M 66Merchant Tailor DUR South Hylton
Jane A. Anderson Wife M 56DUR Washington
Eleanor S. Anderson Dau S 23Teacher in Elem’y Sch DUR South Hylton
Evelyn Anderson Dau S 20DUR South Hylton
William Thompson Board Widr 53Retired Glasshouse ClerkSCT
4 Alma Street James Anderson Head M 47Cement Works Manager SCT
Mary A. Anderson Wife M 45SCT
Frank L. Anderson Son S 19Shipping Clerk SCT
Mary M. Anderson Dau S 17China Painter DUR Hylton
William S. Anderson Son 13Scholar DUR Hylton
James M. Anderson Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Nora C. Anderson Dau 6Scholar DUR Hylton
5 Alma Street Ellen Hastings Head Wid 62Living on her own means YKS Branton
Robert G. Wallace S-i-L M 19Paper Maker DUR Jarrow
Eliza J. Wallace Dau M 20DUR Hylton
6 Alma Street Mary A. Browell Head Wid 64Living on her own means DUR Shotley Bridge
William Browell Son S 30Paper Maker Beating House NBL Winlaton
Hutton Thompson Head M 29Clerk in Shipyard DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Thompson Wife M 28NBL Winlaton
7 Alma Street James N. Poole Head M 20Paper Maker DUR South Hylton
Mary H. Poole Wife M 22DUR South Hylton
James N. Poole Son 5m DUR South Hylton
8 Alma Street Joseph Coates Head M 35Plumber DUR South Hylton
Emma Coates Wife M 34DUR South Hylton
Thomas Coates Son 12Scholar DUR South Hylton
Ethel Coates Dau 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Joseph Coates Son 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
Alfred Coates Son 1DUR South Hylton
9 Alma Street George Brown Head M 27Joiner DUR South Hylton
Mary E. Brown Wife M 23CUL Dugham?
10 Alma Street George Sedgwick Head M 60Shipwright DUR West Rainton
Jane Sedgwick Wife M 60DUR South Hylton
Thomas Sedgwick Son S 27Elementary SchoolmasterDUR South Hylton
George Sedgwick Son S 24Joiner DUR South Hylton
Edward Sedgwick Son S 18App Fitter DUR South Hylton
Caroline Georgeson G'dau 3DUR South Hylton
Jane Hodgson G'dau 2DUR South Hylton
11 Alma Street William Chilton Head M 51Shipwright DUR Bishopwearmouth
Hannah Chilton Wife M 54DUR No Hylton
Frederick Chilton Son S 25Joiner DUR Bishopwearmouth
Thomas Chilton Son S 22Grocer DUR Bishopwearmouth
William E. Chilton Son S 17Steam Mech Fitter Ap DUR Bishopwearmouth
Grace Chilton Dau S 30DUR No Hylton
Albert Chilton G'son 5DUR Bishopwearmouth
12 Alma Street John McCain Head M 34Boilermaker & Ship Builder ESS Harwich
Isabella McCain Wife M 30DUR South Hylton
Ethel McCain Dau 8DUR South Hylton
William McCain Son 3DUR South Hylton
Mary A. McCain Dau 8m DUR South Hylton
13 Alma Street Frederick G. Miles Head M 68Engine Driver LND Hackney
Emma Miles Wife M 71LND St.Martin's
Frederick G. Miles Son Widr 47Labourer in Paper Mill LND Borough
20 Alma Street James Gibbon Head M 52Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Mary Ann Gibbon Wife M 53DUR South Hylton
Barbara Gibbon Dau S 24Dressmaker DUR South Hylton
Matthew Gibbon Son S 22Papermaker DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Gibbon Dau S 19DUR South Hylton
Mary Ann Gibbon Dau S 16DUR South Hylton
2 Blithe St William Harker Head M 72Painter DUR Sunderland
Jane Harker Wife M 59DUR Sunderland
Luke Minnican Harker Son S 33Labourer in Shipyard NBL Newcastle
Ellen Harker Dau S 24DUR Sunderland
Hannah Harker Dau S 20DUR Hylton
Mary E. Harker G'dau 4DUR Hylton
Patrick McBarron Head M 23Rivetter in Shipyard SCT
Bridget McBarron Wife M 21IRL
Thomas McBarron Son 1DUR Hylton
Mary McBarron Sis 11DUR Sunderland
3 Blithe St John Morrison Head M 44Boiler Fireman in P’mill DUR Millfield
Mary E. Morrison Wife M 38DUR Blaydon
Sarah B. Morrison Dau S 18Paper Sorter DUR Bishopwearmouth
George R. Morrison Son S 15Rivet Catcher Shipyard DUR Harriton Hill
John G. Morrison Son 13DUR Middlesboro
Thomas W. Morrison Son 11DUR Millfield Sland
Florence E. Morrison Dau 5DUR Hylton
Hilda May Morrison Dau 8m DUR Millfield Sland
Margaret Furness Head Wid 50LND St Georges East
Eli Furness Son S 16Rivet Heater DUR Hylton
James Furness Son 12Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
4 Blithe St Daniel Cameron Head M 53Cooper SCT
Ann Cameron Wife M 42NFK Norwich
Ann Egginton Dau M 20LIN Lincoln
Isabella Cameron Dau S 19NBL Newcastle
Jane Cameron Dau S 17NBL Newcastle
James Cameron Son S 15DUR Washington
Meggie Cameron Dau 4Scholar DUR Pallion
Daniel Cameron Son 8Scholar DUR Tyne Dock
Esther Cameron Dau 4DUR Tyne Dock
Ellen Cameron Dau 1DUR Hylton
5 Blithe St George W. Allen Head M 36Bricklayer DUR South Hylton
Hannah Allen Wife M 27DUR Chester le Street
Thomas McBarron Head M 25Rivetter SCT
Mary McBarron Wife M 21DUR Gateshead
Thomas McBarron Son 6m
6 Blithe St John Howarth Head M 54Bottle Maker NBL Bill Quay
Catherine Howarth Wife M 52DUR So Shields
Thomas Howarth Son S 18Cartman DUR South Hylton
Albany Howarth Son S 15Cartman DUR South Hylton
Sarah G. Howarth Dau 12DUR South Hylton
Mark Howarth Son 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
6 Blithe St John Will Howarth Head M 29Rivetter in Shipyard DUR Deptford
Mary J. Howarth Wife M 20DUR Sunderland
William Jones Lodg S 18Rivetter in Shipyard DUR Sunderland
Joseph Wealands Head M 24Driller in Shipyard DUR Durham
Jane A. Wealands Wife M 21DUR Durham
Eveline Wealands Dau 3m DUR
7 Blithe St George Heslop Head Wid 78Retired Tailor DUR So Shields
Dorothy Heslop Dau S 31Grocer DUR Sunderland
Hannah Thompson Serv S 14General Servant DUR Ford
8 Blithe St Thomas Henderson Head M 43Grocer/Lab. in Shipyard DUR Ryhope
Frances Henderson Wife M 41DUR Hylton
Jane G. Henderson Dau S 20Paper Sorter DUR Jarrow
Mary Henderson Dau S 18Paper Sorter DUR Jarrow
Emma Henderson Dau S 15DUR Easington
Elizabeth Henderson Dau 13DUR Jarrow
Frances Henderson Dau 9DUR Hylton
Thomas Henderson Son 7DUR Hylton
Crosby Henderson Son 5DUR Hylton
Robert? Henderson Son 1DUR Hylton
William Paton Board S 29Electric Light Engineer
9 Blithe St James L. Howarth Head M 21Holderup in Shipyard DUR South Hylton
Charlotte F. Howarth Wife M 20DUR Hylton
Robinson S. Howarth Son 1DUR South HYlton
9 Blithe St James Tate Head M 26Engine Driver DUR South Hylton
Hannah Tate Wife M 23DUR South Hylton
John W. Tate Son 2DUR South Hylton
Mary E. Tate Dau 8m DUR South Hylton
Mary E Baxter Nce 21Paper Finisher DUR Sunderland
George Kenney Head M 31Holderup in Shipyard SCT
Harriet Kenney Wife M 27NBL Walker
Mary Kenney Dau 6DUR Hebburn
Eliza Kenney Dau 4DUR Hebburn
Teresa Kenney Dau 2NBL Walker
Patrick Kenney Son 9m DUR Hylton
10 Blithe St John Birbeck Head M 34Cooper DUR Sunderland
Sarah Birbeck Wife M 30DUR Sunderland
John Hudson Head M 25Rivetter in Shipyard DUR Hylton
Philipa Hudson Wife M 26DUR Sunderland
George Hudson Son 6DUR Hylton
Margaret Hudson Dau 1DUR Hylton
11 Blithe St William King Head M 50Sailor SOM Bridgewater
Ellen King Wife M 48NBL Alnwick
William King Son 14Rivet Heater in Shipyard DUR Sunderland
Henry King Son 11DUR Hylton
Elizabeth King Dau 9DUR Hylton
Michael Jones Head M 48Iron Merchant (old) DUR Deptford
Ann Jnes Wife M 50IRL
Robert Jones Son S 18Ship PLater App. DUR Hylton
William Wilson Head M 61General Labourer DUR Ayres Quay
Ann Wilson Wife M 60DUR Jarrow
George Wilson Son S 21General Labourer DUR Hylton
Annie Wilson Dau 16DUR Hylton
12 Blithe St Ellen Murray Head M 37Paper Mill Worker DUR Jarrow
Janet McGiven Dau S 18Paper Mill Worker DUR Washington
John Murray Son 8Scholar DUR Southwick
Margaret Murray Dau 1DUR South Hylton
Peter Kelly Head M 41Forge Labourer DUR Bishopwearmouth
Ellenor Kelly Wife M 31DUR Darlington
Daniel Kelly Son 9m DUR South Hylton
12 Blithe St David Reay Head M 61Shipyard Labourer DUR Bishopwearmouth
Margaret Reay Wife M 55DUR Darlington
Edward Reay Son S 28Mason's Labourer DUR South Hylton
Mary A. Reay Dau S 16Paper Sorter DUR South Hylton
Mary S. Wheatley G'dau 10DUR South Hylton
13 Blithe St Thomas Carr Head M 39Bricklayer DUR Sunderland
Ann M. Carr Wife M 38DUR Tyne Dock
William H. Carr Son S 17Rivet Heater DUR Ford
Thomas Carr Son S 15Horse Driver (?) DUR Ford
Anthony Carr Son 11Scholar DUR Ford
Margaret Carr Dau 11Scholar DUR Ford
John Carr Son 9Scholar DUR Ford
Matilda M. Carr Dau 5Scholar DUR Ford
Benjamin Carr Son 4DUR Ford
George Carr Son 2DUR Ford
John Brown Head M 44General Labourer NBL Morpeth
Ellen Brown Wife M 39DUR Sunderland
Thomas Brown Son S 19General Labourer DUR Sunderland
John G. Brown Son 10Scholar DUR Sunderland
Margaret A. Brown Dau 8Scholar DUR Sunderland
Sarah Brown Dau 6Scholar DUR Sunderland
Edward Brown Son 4DUR Sunderland
Albert Brown Son 8m DUR Sunderland
14 Blithe St Joseph Morron Head M 36General Labourer DUR Gateshead
Mary E. Morron Wife M 35DUR Deptford
John Morron Son 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
Margaret Morron Dau 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
Joseph Morron Son 4DUR South Hylton
Hannah Morron Dau 1DUR South Hylton
14 Blithe St Thomas Poole Head M 45General Labourer STS Ashley
Elizabeth Poole Wife M 40DUR South Hylton
Thomas Poole Son S 18App Rivetter Shipyd DUR South Hylton
Mary H. Poole Dau S 16Domestic Servant DUR Hendon
Elizabeth M.M. Poole Dau 13Domestic ServantYKS Middlesboro
Margaret J. Poole Dau 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
Eleanor Poole Dau 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
John G. Poole Son 2DUR South Hylton
Henry Poole Son 4m DUR South Hylton
George Joshua Board S 18App. Plater Shipyard DUR South Hylton
1 Wear Street William M. Ainsworth Head M 46General Labourer DUR South Hylton
Mary Ainsworth Wife M 40DUR M. in Teesdale
Mary E. Ainsworth Dau S 18DUR Philadelphia
2 Wear Street John Parker Head M 36General Labourer WES Penrith
Mary Ann Parker Wife M 38DUR Hylton
Alice Parker Dau 13DUR Hylton
Isabella Parker Dau 10DUR Hylton
John Parker Son 8DUR Hylton
Robert Parker Son 7DUR Hylton
Matthew Parker Son 5DUR Hylton
Joseph Parker Son 3DUR Hylton
3 Wear Street John Colling Head M 28Paper Mill Labourer YKS Bedale
Jane Ann Colling Wife M 26DUR Swalwell
Florence M. Colling Dau 6Scholar DUR Swalwell
Mary Colling Dau 3DUR Swalwell
Annie Colling Dau 2DUR Swalwell
4 Wear Street William Knox Head M 52Craneman (Steam) NBL Stamford Grange
Hannah Knox Wife M 45DUR Hylton
George Knox Son S 18Labourer Paper Mill DUR Hylton
Thomas Knox Son S 16Labourer Shipyard DUR Hylton
Elizabeth E. Knox Dau S 14DUR Hylton
Richard Knox Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
5 Wear Street Mary Ann Lawson Head Wid 84NBL Triduton?
Margaret Gray Vis M 57DUR Ford
6 Wear Street Thomas Mason Head Widr 48Roadman NBL Bellingham
Emma Mason Dau S 18DUR South Hylton
7 Wear Street John Shepherd Head M 60Butcher DUR Ford
Alm Tavern Margaret Shepherd Wife M 64DUR Ford
Mary Sarah Shepherd Dau S 24DUR Ford
8 Wear Street Robert Gibbon Head M 27Paper Maker MachinemanDUR Ford
Helena Gibbon Wife M 25YKS Dunnington
Edith M. Gibbon Dau 5m DUR South Hylton
9 Wear Street Joseph Smith Head M 44Rivet Machineman CUL Carlisle
Jane Smith Wife M 42NBL Lucker
Hannah Smith Dau S 19Paper Sorter DUR Hylton
William Smith Son S 15Engineer Ap DUR Hylton
Mary E. Smith Dau 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Thomas Smith Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
George Smith Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Emily J. Smith Dau 3DUR Hylton
10 Wear Street Robert Hunnam Head M 70Joiner DUR Hylton
Lillie Hunnam Wife M 67SCT
11 Wear Street Thomas Oliver Head Widr 47Agricultural Labourer DUR Pelton
Maria Oliver Dau S 22Housekeeper DUR Hylton
12 Wear Street Anne Bain Head Wid 63Living on her own means SCT
13 Wear Street Joseph Row Head M 63General Labourer YKS Northallerton
Ann Row Wife M 51DUR Hylton
Robert Row Neph S 31Labourer in Shipyard YKS Northallerton
14 Wear Street Edward J. Knox Head M 22Boilermaker DUR Washington
Ellen Knox Wife M 21DUR Sunderland
Rebecca Hutchinson Vis S 23DUR Sunderland
15 Wear Street Blakeson Baty Head M 56Tailor DUR Coxgreen
Sarah Baty Wife M 54DUR Ford
16 Wear Street John Henderson Head M 29Paper Maker SCT
Kate Henderson Wife M 26SCT
William Henderson Son 8SCT
Eliza Henderson Dau 6SCT
Robert Henderson Son 5SCT
James Henderson Son 3SCT
David Henderson Son 1SCT
17 Wear Street Robert Ryce Head M 29Paper Maker SCT
Agnes A. Ryce Wife M 28DUR Gateshead
Mary J. Ryce Dau 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
18 Wear Street Joseph Douglass Head M 46Bricklayer DUR Bishopwearmouth
Elizabeth A. Douglass Wife M 47DUR Sunderland
John J. Douglass Son S 25Bricklayer DUR South Hylton
Joseph Douglass Son S 18Forge Labourer DUR South Hylton
Thomas N. Douglass Son S 16Ap Joiner DUR South Hylton
Mary E. Douglass Dau 12DUR South Hylton
Stephen Douglass Son 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
Annie Douglass Dau 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
19 Wear Street Thomas Davison Head M 26Hammer Driver DUR South Hylton
Mary Davison Wife M 26DUR South Hylton
George Davison Son 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
James A. Davison Son 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
Thomas Davison Son 4Scholar DUR Pallion
Charles Davison Son 2DUR Pallion
James Haldon F-i-L Widr 75Retired Potter SCT
20 Wear Street Archibald Ritchie Head M 39Labourer in Shipyard SCT
Jane N. Ritchie Wife M 44SCT
Jane Ritchie Dau 12Scholar SCT
Margaret N. Ritchie Dau 10Scholar SCT
Janet Ritchie Dau 9Scholar SCT
Isabella N. Ritchie Dau 4SCT
21 Wear Street Moses Seymour Head M 41Bricklayer NBL Newcastle
Elizabeth Seymour Wife M 39DUR Bishopwearmouth
Thomas Seymour Son S 21Bricklayer DUR Hylton
Robert Seymour Son S 19Joiner App DUR Hylton
John Seymour Son S 17Plater of Iron Ships App DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Seymour Dau S 14DUR Hylton
Anna B. Seymour Dau 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary A. Seymour Dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Wiliiam W. Seymour Son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Alice Seymour Dau 4DUR Hylton
James Seymour Son 1DUR Hylton
22 Wear Street George MacKreath Head M 37Papermaker DUR Ford
Mary H. MacKreath Wife M 35DUR Hylton
Mary Elzth MacKreath Dau S 14Paper Sheeter DUR Hylton
Christina MacKreath Dau 12DUR Hylton
Dorothy A. MacKreath Dau 11DUR Hylton
George MacKreath Son 1DUR Hylton
James Townes F-i-L Widr 66NBL Morpeth
23 Wear Street William Hawkins Head M 40Paper Maker DEV Exeter
Madeline Hawkins Wife M 29DUR Trimdon
James Hawkins Son S 14Labourer in Paper Mill DUR Lamesley
Margaret Hawkins Dau 12DUR Lamesley
Mary Ann Hawkins Dau 10DUR Hylton
Maria Hawkins Dau 8DUR Hylton
Louisa Hawkins Dau 6DUR Hylton
Sara Ellen Hawkins Dau 1DUR Hylton
William Hawkins Son 2m DUR Hylton
Robert Laws S'son 7DUR Hebburn
24 Wear Street James MacKreath Head M 39Striker for Blacksmith DUR Ford
Dorothy A. MacKreath Wife M 32DUR Ford
James W. MacKreath Son S 13Paper Mill Worker DUR Ford
Thomas MacKreath Son 9DUR Ford
Mary MacKreath Dau 6DUR Ford
Elizabeth E. MacKreath Dau 2DUR Ford
John Geo. Browell Head M 34Paper Maker Beating Hse NBL Winlaton
Sara B. Browell Wife M 30DUR South Hylton
John W. Browell Son 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
Alfred Browell Son 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
George Browell Son 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
Donald Browell Son 4DUR South Hylton
Ernest Browell Son 2DUR South Hylton
25 Wear Street James O'Hare Head M 35Paper Maker IRL
Elizabeth O'Hare Wife M 35DUR Ford
Annie O'Hare Dau 13Scholar DUR Ford
Edward O'Hare Son 9Scholar DUR Ford
Elizabeth O'Hare Dau 6Scholar DUR Ford
Ellen O'Hare Dau 7m DUR Ford
James Laverty Lodg Widr 38Shipyard Labourer IRL
Felix Fordy Head M 36Labourer in Paper Mill LAN Liverpool
Mary Fordy Wife M 34DUR Deptford
James Fordy Son 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Annie Fordy Dau 11Scholar DUR Hylton
William Fordy Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Jane Fordy Dau 4DUR Hylton
26 Wear Street Anthony Landers Head M 69Waterman DUR Sunderland
Sarah Jane Landers Wife M 55DUR Deptford
John Landers Son S 25Papermaker DUR Deptford
Thomas Landers Son S 18Papermaker DUR South Hylton
George Landers Son 12DUR Sunderland
George Nevins Head M 37General Labourer NBL Blanchland
Annie Nevins Wife M 34DUR Winlaton
Jane Nevins Dau 7DUR Ford
Sarah E. Nevins Dau 5DUR Ford
Mabel Nevins Dau 3DUR Ford
Annie Nevins Dau 1DUR Ford
27 Wear Street Thomas Ridley Head M 47Labourer in Shipyard DUR Linzford
Elizabeth Ridley Wife M 50NBL Hexham
John J. Ridley Son S 24Papermaker DUR Linzford
William Ridley Son S 21Papermaker DUR Linzford
Margaret A. Ridley Dau S 18Paper Sorter DUR Linzford
Mary J. Ridley Dau S 16DUR Linzford
Elizabeth Ridley Dau S 15Paper Sorter DUR Linzford
28 Wear Street Margaret Coulthard Head Wid 79KEN Greenwich
Isabella Coulthard Dau S 42Dressmaker DUR South Hylton
Bk Wear Street Joseph Barker Head M 38Joiner DUR South Hylton
Esther Barker Wife M 32DUR Washington
John Barker Son 12DUR Hylton
William Barker Son 9DUR Hylton
Florence Barker Dau 7DUR Hylton
Joseph Barker Son 3DUR Hylton
John Street Ernest B. Lindley Head M 23Rivetter Shipyard DUR Ford
Mary J. Lindley Wife M 22DUR Stockton
Edith M. Lindley Dau 3m DUR Ford
1 John Street Frederick J. Littlemore Head M 45Cement Labourer MDX London
Isabella Littlemore Wife M 42DUR Sunderland
Andrew Littlemore Son S 22Stoker DUR Sunderland
Frederick Littlemore Son S 14Paper Finisher DUR Sunderland
Isabella Littlemore Dau 11Scholar DUR Sunderland
John Littlemore Son 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
Alice Littlemore Dau 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
Sarah Littlemore Dau 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
Harriett Littlemore Dau 2DUR South Hylton
2 John Street William Tugwood Head M 49Labourer Paper Mill BKM Great Marlow
Ann Tugwood Wife M 47DUR Sunderland
John L. Tugwood Son S 17Paper Makers Ap DUR South Hylton
William L. Tugwood Son 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
3 John Street John G. Naisby Head M 37Papermaker DUR South Hylton
Susan Naisby Wife M 36SCT
George Naisby Son 11LAN Bury
Thomas W. Naisby Son 9DBY Little Eaton
Ann Naisby Dau 8DBY Little Eaton
John J. Naisby Son 5DBY Little Eaton
Margaret Naisby Dau 3DBY Little Eaton
4 John Street Robert H. Coulthard Head M 44Boilermaker DUR Eggleston
Jane S. Coulthard Wife M 38DUR Seaham
Margaret A. Coulthard Dau S 18Paper Finisher DUR Seaham
Thomas J. Coulthard Son S 16Ap Boilersmith DUR Seaham
Minnie S. Coulthard Dau S 14DUR West Kyo
Mary J. Coulthard Dau 11Scholar DUR Seaham
Robert H. Coulthard Son 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
John Coulthard Son 4DUR South Hylton
5 John Street John Hall Head M 50Labourer out of Work GLS Gaverstone
Christina Hall Wife M 45DUR Claxheugh
William Armstrong S'son S 23Papermaker BeatermanDUR Hylton
Thomas Hall Son S 21Papermaker Back TenderDUR No Stockton
Margaret Armstrong S'dau S 20DUR Hylton
John Hall Son S 19Papermaker Back Tender DUR Darlington
Henry Hall Son S 17Grocers As DUR Darlington
Christina Hall Dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Esther Hall Dau 8Scholar DUR Hylton
George Hall Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Eliza Hall Dau 5DUR Hylton
Mary H. Hall Dau 2DUR Hylton
6 John Street George Emmerson Head M 53Carpenter DUR South Hylton
Isabella Emmerson Wife M 49DUR South Hylton
George Emmerson Son S 23Fireman DUR South Hylton
James Emmerson Son 9DUR South Hylton
7 John Street Thomas Furness Head M 33Labourer in Shipyard DUR Dlington
Phillis J. Furness Wife M 38YKS Calling Richmond
Dora Furness Dau 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
Violet W. Furness Dau 5DUR South Hylton
Thomas Furness Son 2DUR South Hylton
James W. Furness Son 2m DUR South Hylton
8 John Street Joseph Alderson Head M 29Rivetter DUR Pallion
Eleanor Alderson Wife M 28DUR Sunderland
John E. Alderson Son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Eleanor Alderson Dau 5DUR Hylton
Eveline Alderson Dau 3DUR Hylton
Joseph Alderson Son 1DUR Hylton
9 John Street Thomas Brown Head S 36Publican NBL Chathill
10 John Street Free Gardener's ArmsJohn Wake Head M 54Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Mary Ann Wake Wife M 53DUR South Hylton
Cuthbert Wake Son S 22Labourer Shipyard DUR South Hylton
James Wake Son M 18Rivetter DUR South Hylton
John Wake Son S 16App Fitter DUR South Hylton
Alice Wake Dau S 14DUR Hetton le Hole
Joseph Wake Neph S 20Rivetter DUR Hetton le Hole
11 John Street Jeffrey Pattison Head M 50Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Margaret Pattison Wife M 47DUR South Hylton
Jane Pattison Dau S 25Paper Finisher DUR South Hylton
Jeffrey Pattison Son S 20Papermaker DUR South Hylton
Margaret Pattison Dau S 18Paper Finisher DUR South Hylton
Sarah Pattison Dau S 14DUR South Hylton
Annie Pattison Dau 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
12 John Street Joseph Gray Head Wdr 45Engineman DUR Southwick
Hannah Gray Dau S 16DUR Ford
William Gray Son S 15Engineer Ap DUR Ford
Harriett Gray Dau 10Scholar DUR Ford
John J. Gray Son 6Scholar DUR Ford
13 John Street William Wake Head M 32Bricklayer DUR Ford
Alice Wake Wife M 31DUR Sunderland
Emma Wake Dau 12DUR Ford
John Wake Son 6Scholar DUR Ford
Beatrice Wake Dau 4DUR Ford
Alice H. Wake Dau 2DUR Ford
William H. Wake Son 8m DUR Ford
Mary J. Carr 20Paper Finisher DUR Ford
14 John Street Thomas Wake Head M 30Ship Rivetter DUR South Hylton
Sarah J. Wake Wife M 26DUR Monkwearmouth
Christopher Wake Son 6DUR South Hylton
Thomas Ainsworth Lodg S 24Boiler Minder Paper Mill DUR South Hylton
15 John Street William Tate Head M 43Stoker Stationary Engine DUR Sunderland
Hellen Tate Wife M 33DUR Jarrow
William W. Tate Son S 12DUR Ford
James Tate Son 5DUR Ford
Walter Tate Son 3DUR Ford
15 John Street Harry Tate Son 3DUR Ford
16 John Street Daniel Allan Head M 67General Labourer IRL
Margaret Allan Wife M 62IRL
Elizabeth M. Allan Nce S 26Paper Sorter DUR Durham
Margaret J. Allan Nce S 24Paper Worker DUR Durham
17 John Street John McNells Head Wdr 42Shipyard Labourer IRL
Margaret McNells Dau S 19DUR Hylton
Mary McNells Dau S 15DUR Hylton
John McNells Son 9Scholar DUR Hylton
18 John Street William Jones Head M 30Joiner KEN Chatham
Mary Jones Wife M 31KEN Broomside
Michael Jones Son 2DUR South Hylton
John Jones Son 10m DUR South Hylton
19 John Street Michael Jones Head M 56Shipwright IRL
Jane Jones Wife M 55Bowshill
Mary Jones Dau S 20DUR South Hylton
Joseph Jones Son 15DUR South Hylton
20 John Street Harry Broadbent Head M 27Boilersmith LND Poplar
Esther Broadbent Wife M 25LAN Liverpool
Ellen Broadbent Dau 6DUR Hebburn Quay
Albert Broadbent Son 3DUR Hebburn Quay
James Broadbent Son 1DUR Hylton
Michel Quinn Lodg 19General Labourer LAN Liverpool
21 John Street Thomas Swainston Head Wdr 59Tailor YKS Richmond
22 John Street William Outterside Head M 35Rivetter DUR Ford
Jessey E. Outterside Wife M 33KEN Shoreham
John Outterside Son 9Scholar DUR Ford
23 John Street William Hutchinson Head M 32Blacksmiths Striker DUR Sunderland
Annie Hutchinson Wife M 30
Edith Mary Hutchinson Dau S 10Scholar LAN Ashton under Lyme
24 John Street Thomas Bell Head M 32Engine Fitter NBL Brinkburn
Mary E. Bell Wife M 30DUR Houghton
Florence M. Bell Dau 7DUR Sunderland
Edith J. Bell Dau 3DUR South Hylton
William Bell Son 10m DUR South Hylton
25 John Street William Drummond Head M 62Engineman DUR Pensher
Ann Drummond Wife M 63DUR Bishopwearmouth
26 John Street Robert Dumble Head M 36Plater Shipyard DUR Seaham
Isabella Dumble Wife M 32DUR Sunderland
27 John Street Thomas Mercer Head M 39Labourer in Shipyard LAN Liverpool
Sarah Mercer Wife M 46DUR Sunderland
28 John Street Lauchlan McPherson Head M 28Rivetter DUR Monkwearmouth
Susannah McPherson Wife M 28DUR
Ernest McPherson Son 9Scholar DUR
Margaret H. McPherson Dau 1DUR Millfield
29 John Street Thomas Fletcher Head M 34Stationary Engineman DUR Sheriff Hill
Mary A. Fletcher Wife M 36DUR Chester le Street
Thomas Fletcher Son 6DUR Millfield
30 John Street John Ward Head M 53Papermaker DBY New Mills
Betty Ward Wife M 52DBY Padfield
Annie Ward Dau S 23Domestic ServantDBY Padfield
George Ward Son S 16Papermakers App DUR Durham
John Ward Son S 13Papermakers AppDUR South Hylton
Margaret Raine G'dau 2DUR South Hylton
John Street John Wm. Short Head M 36Joiner DUR Hylton
Pineapple InnElizabeth Short Wife M 35DUR Deptford
Lavinia Short Dau 10DUR Hylton
Ethel Short Dau 8DUR Hylton
John P. Short Son 3DUR Hylton
John Street John G. Armstrong Head M 41Driller in Shipyard DUR Gateshead
Annie Armstrong Wife M 38NBL Tweedmouth
Catheine G. Armstrong Dau 5DUR Hylton
Mary E. Armstrong Dau 4DUR Hylton
Mary Hearn S-i-L S 46IRL
John Street Thomas Thoburn Head M 32Joiner DUR Ford
Margaret J. Thoburn Wife M 28DUR Houghton le Spring
Lizzie J. Thoburn Dau 3DUR Ford
James Thoburn Son 1DUR Ford
John Street James Outterside Head M 33Rivetter DUR South Hylton
Margaret A. Outterside Wife M 32SCT
John N. Outterside Son 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
John Street Catherine Cavanagh Head Wid 53DUR Barlow
John Cavanagh Son S 26Mechanics Labourer DUR Urpeth
Mary A. Cavanagh Dau S 19Paper Mill Sheeter DUR Birtley
Sarah E. Cavanagh Dau S 15Paper Mill Sheeter DUR Urpeth
James Cavanagh Son S 13Cutter Boy DUR Urpeth
John Street Robert Carter Head M 38Labourer in Cement Wks NFK Norwich
Isabella Carter Wife M 33DUR Hylton
John W. Carter Son 12SFK Lowestoft
Isabella Carter Dau 10Scholar SFK Lowestoft
Mary Carter Dau 7Scholar SFK Lowestoft
Margaret J. Carter Dau 3DUR Hylton
Martha Carter Dau 1DUR Hylton
John Street William Defty Head M 33Hammerman DUR Sunderland
Laura? Defty Wife M 34DUR Sunderland
Mary E. Defty Dau 8Scholar DUR Ford
Emma Defty Dau 6Scholar DUR Ford
George Defty Son 4Scholar DUR Ford
William Defty Son 2DUR Ford
Henry Defty Son 5m DUR Ford
1 Salisbury Street John L. Atkinson Head M 68Retired Gardener DUR Boldon
Jane Atkinson Wife M 66DUR Bishopwearmouth
John R. Atkinson Son S 33DUR Houghton
Margaret Dodds Dau M 31DUR Houghton
Wilfie A. Dodds G'dau 1m DUR Jarrow on Tyne
2 Salisbury Street Lindsay Todd Head M 56Cartman DUR Hylton
Sarah J. Todd Wife M 55DUR Houghton le Spring
Sarah Todd Dau S 24DUR Houghton le Spring
Lindsay Todd Son S 16App Blacksmith DUR Hylton
3 Salisbury Street John Waterworth Head M 60Weighman at Paper Mill YKS Wigginton?
Mary Ann Waterworth Wife M 59YKS Sheffield
Amelia Waterworth Dau S 21Paper Sheeter DUR Hylton
4 Salisbury Street Robert Collinson Head M 36Engine Driver YKS Wilton
Lizzie Collinson Wife M 32DUR Dalton
Robert B. Collinson Son 9Scholar DUR Sunderland
Alfred? Collinson Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Blackett Vis S 66Living on her own means DUR Sedgefield
5 Salisbury Street Joseph Emmerson Head Wdr 39Foreman Caulker ShipydNBL North Shields
Mary Ann Emmerson Dau S 17NBL North Shields
Joseph Emmerson Son S 15App Caulker ShipyardNBL North Shields
Robert Emmerson Son 9Scholar NBL North Shields
John Emmerson Son 7Scholar DUR Sunderland
Ann F. Emmerson Dau 5ScholarDUR Sunderland
6 Salisbury Street Tom Suddick Head M 30Paper Mill Labourer DUR Durham
Elizabeth J. Suddick Wife M 32DUR Fence Houses
William Suddick Son 5DUR Pallion
Robert Suddick Son 2DUR Pallion
7 Salisbury Street Margaret Jackson Head Wid 56Living on her own means DUR Hamsterley
John Ths. Jackson Son S 21Railway Plater N.E.R.Co. DUR Belmont
Elizabeth Jackson Dau S 26DUR Belmont
8 Salisbury StreetRobert Talbot Head M 41Keelman DUR Coxgreen
Jane Talbot Wife M 42NBL Morpeth
Margaret J. Talbot Dau S 14DUR Castletown
William Talbot Son 12DUR No Hylton
Annie J. Talbot Dau 10DUR No Hylton
Alice Talbot Dau 7DUR No Hylton
Elizabeth A. Talbot Dau 6DUR No Hylton
Gasworks House Samuel Lindley Head M 53Gas Engineer LAN Restoich?
Mary Lindley Wife M 53CHS Great Budworth
Edith A.A. Lindley Dau S 25Milliner DUR Ford
Frederick Lindley Son S 18Engine Fitter Marine DUR Ford
Joseph E. Lindley Son S 15App Gas Engineer DUR Ford
WatersideCrosby Gray Head M 41Shipwright DUR Hylton
Isabella Gray Wife M 34DUR Hylton
Edward Cra. Gray Son S 14Ap Plater DUR Hylton
Jane Gray Dau 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Annie Gray Dau 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Edward Gray Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Priscilla Gray Dau 2DUR Hylton
Hannah Is Gray Dau 2w DUR Hylton
Waterside - Same house as aboveCharles Hahn Head Wdr 38Labourer Cement Works YKS York
Philip Hahn Son S 17Labourer Cement Works DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Hahn Dau 14DUR Sunderland
Charles D. Hahn Son 7DUR Sunderland
Anne Wheatley Serv S 22YKS Sheffield
Waterside uninhabUninhabited
Waterside William Jobling Head M 38General Labourer DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Jobling Wife M 36DUR Sunderland
William Jobling Son 6DUR Hylton
Alexander Jobling Son 3DUR Hylton
Waterside Same house as aboveElizabeth A. Heads Head Wid 72NBL Hexham
John Hy. Heads G'son S 17App Mason DUR South Hylton
Waterside Same house as previous 2 familiesThomas Stothard Head M 46Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Priscilla Stothard Wife M 41DUR South Hylton
Mary Ann Stothard Dau S 18Paper Finisher DUR South Hylton
Margaret J. Stothard Dau S 14DUR South Hylton
Sarah E. Stothard Dau 10DUR South Hylton
Ellen Stothard Dau 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Eliza Stothard Dau 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
Anthony H. Stothard Son 1DUR South Hylton
Waterside John G. Robson Head M 31Rivet Maker DUR Ford
Catherine Robson Wife M 30DUR Sunderland
Thomas Robson Son 13App Rivet Maker DUR Ford
Edward E. Robson Son 8DUR Ford
John Robson Son 6DUR Ford
Margaret Robson Dau 4DUR Ford
William Robson Son 1DUR Ford
Waterside Same house as aboveRobert Pattison Head M 30Rivet Maker DUR Ford
Cordelia Pattison Wife M 28DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth J. Pattison Dau 6Scholar DUR Ford
Alice Pattison Dau 4DUR Ford
Hannah Pattison Dau 3m DUR Ford
Waterside Richard Haddock Head M 60Shipwright DUR Ford
Elizabeth Haddock Wife M 57DUR Ford
Elizabeth J. Haddock Dau S 13DUR Ford
William G. Snowdon Son S 36Labourer in Shipyard DUR Ford
Waterside Same house as aboveRichard H. Hallison Head M 72Waterman DUR Monkwearmouth
Sarah Hallison Wife M 70DUR Sunderland
Waterside - Leopard InnWilliam Brown Head M 67Publican CUL Carlisle
Hannah Brown Wife M 64NBL Lucker
Hannah Brown Dau S 31Domestic ServantNBL Willington
John J. Brown Son S 20Ship Chandler DUR Hylton
Waterside William J. Brown Head M 24Labourer in Shipyard GLA Cardiff
Margaret M. Brown Wife M 21NBL Hexham
William J. Brown Son 2NBL No Shields
Hannah E Brown Dau 9m DUR South Hylton
Mary Nelson M-i-L Wid 58NBL Punnerts?
WatersideThomas Glasper Head M 46Sawyer DUR Hylton
Annie Glasper Wife M 47DUR Sunderland
Edward Glasper Son S 22Labourer Shipyard DUR Hylton
Annie Glasper Dau S 21Paper Sorter DUR Pallion
Sarah Glasper Dau S 16Domestic Sv DUR Hylton
John Glasper Son 13Paper Sorter DUR Hylton
Jane A. Glasper Dau 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Thomas W. Glasper Son 2m DUR Hylton
Waterside Same house as aboveElizabeth Richwood Head Wid 58Bag Mender-Cem’t Works NFK Hitcham
Elizabeth J. Richwood Dau S 22General ServantDUR Sunderland
Waterside UninhabUninhabited
Waterside UninhabUnhabited
Waterside Thomas Patton Head Wdr 67Blacksmith DUR Sunderland
Michael Patton Son S 42DUR Sunderland
John Patton Son S 42Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Waterside John Pattison Head M 30Labourer Rivet Works DUR Hylton
Mary Pattison Wife M 26DUR Deptford
Waterside Same house as aboveIsabella Henderson Head Wid 75Living on her own means DUR Pelton Grange
Waterside Isabella Sims Head Wid 60NBL Hexham
Robert Sims Son S 40General Labourer NFK East Ruston
Waterside Donald McIntyre Head M 32General Labourer SCT
Margaret McIntyre Wife M 32SCT
Alexander R. McIntyre Son 4SCT
Waterside Walter Martins Head M 35Labourer in Shipyard NFK Sea Palling
Mary Martins Wife M 34NFK East Ruston
Martha Martins Dau S 14NFK Sea Palling
Mary Martins Dau S 12Scholar NFK Sea Palling
Jane Martins Dau 10NFK Sea Palling
James Martins Son 9Scholar NFK Sea Palling
William Martins Son 7Scholar NFK Sea Palling
Lily Martins Dau 4NFK Sea Palling
Frederick French B-i-L S 20Papermaker NFK Sea Palling
Waterside Anthony Hodgson Head M 59Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Ann Hodgson Wife M 57DUR South Hylton
Mary Jane Hodgson Dau S 30Domestic ServantLND Limehouse
John Hodgson Son S 21Shipyard Labourer KEN Deptford
Harriet A. Hodgson Dau 13KEN Deptford
Beatrice Hodgson G'dau 2DUR South Hylton
Waterside - Jolly PotterMary Ann Armstrong Head Wid 52Licensed Victualler DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth C. Armstrong Dau S 21NBL Scotswood
Margaret H Sedgwick Serv 28General Servant DUR North Hylton
Waterside James Sedgwick Head M 53Labourer in Paper Mill NFK East Ruston
Elizabeth Sedgwick Wife M 43NFK Stalham
James S. Sedgwick Son 11Scholar DUR South Hylton
John C Sedgwick Son 3Scholar DUR South Hylton
Martha Sedgwick Dau 14Scholar DUR South Hylton
Ann Eliz. Sedgwick Dau 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Mary Ann Sedgwick Dau 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
Waterside Alexander Davison Head M 55Iron Ship Caulker SCT
Elizabeth Davison Wife M 43DUR So Shields
Alice Braby S'dau 11Scholar DUR South Hylton
Robert Davison Son 8Scholar
Waterside George Brown Head M 45Rivet Maker DUR Shincliffe
Ann Brown Wife M 38DUR Hylton
Margaret J. Brown Dau S 16DUR Hylton
James Brown Son 13DUR Hylton
William T. Brown Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
George Brown Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Sarah S. Brown Dau 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Dorothy A. Brown Dau 4DUR Hylton
Anthony Brown Son 2DUR Hylton
Mary Brown Dau 7m DUR Hylton
James Smith F-i-L Wdr 64Shipwright DUR Trimdon
William Smith B-i-L 24Rivetter DUR Deptford
Ford Dock Yard Robert Glasper Head M 36Sawyer DUR South Hylton
Jane Glasper Wife M 39DUR Offerton Haugh
Sarah Glasper Dau 12DUR South Hylton
Meggie Glasper Dau 10DUR South Hylton
John Glasper Son 9DUR South Hylton
Robert Glasper Son 7DUR South Hylton
Thomas Glasper Son 4DUR Offerton Haugh
Ford Dock Yard John Robinson Head Wdr 64Shipwright DUR West Boldon
Elizabeth Robinson Dau S 27DUR Monkwearmouth
Robert Robinson Son Wdr 35Stone Mason DUR Monkwearmouth
Martha Robinson G'dau 12DUR Sunderland
John Richard Robinson G'son 10DUR Sunderland
Robert E Robinson G'son 6DUR Sunderland
Ford Cottage Julia Forbes Serv M 28Domestic ServantDUR Hylton
The Grove James P. Cornett Head M 39Paper Manufacturer DUR Westoe
Margaret E. Cornett Wife M 33DUR Sunderland
Edith M. Cornett Dau S 12DUR Sunderland
Mary Walshaw M-i-L Wid 64SCT
John Thos. Walshaw B-i-L Wdr 36Grocer DUR Sunderland
William A. Walshaw Nep S 8DUR Sunderland
Alison Sunderland Serv S 25Domestic ServantYKS Hull
Catherine Reynolds Serv S 25Domestic ServantDUR Sunderland
Lodge, The Grove Thomas Armitage Head M 26Coachman Domestic Sv NBL Hexham
Mary A. Armitage Wife M 24NBL Rothbury
Thomas M. Armitage Son 1NBL Newcastle
William Armitage Vis 7DUR Pallion
Lodge, The Grove Edward Gilchrist Head M 40Domestic ServantNBL Hexham
Elizabeth Gilchrist Wife M 44DUR Gateshead
George H. Gilchrist Son S 17Domestic ServantDUR Gateshead
Annie M. Robson Nce 5DUR Gateshead
Ford Works CottageRobert Wilson Head M 41Head Millwrights SCT
Jessie Wilson Wife M 42SCT
Thomas H. Wilson Son S 17App Fitter DUR Sunderland
Jane F. Wilson Dau S 15DUR Sunderland
Robert H. Wilson Son 13DUR Sunderland
James H. Wilson Son 10DUR Sunderland
Agnes M. Wilson Dau 5DUR Sunderland
Robina H. Wilson Dau 4DUR Sunderland
Ford Works CottageBenjamin Cawthorn Head M 53Foreman Papermaker YKS Settle
Elizabeth Cawthorn Wife M 50DUR Houghton
Elizabeth Cawthorn Dau S 21DUR Linzford
Mary Cawthorn Dau S 19DUR Claxheugh
Benjamin Cawthorn Son S 16Machine Tender P’mill DUR Claxheugh
Joseph Cawthorn Son 12Scholar DUR Claxheugh
Wilfred? Wardle B-i-L 63Retired Grocer DUR Houghton
Ford Works CottageRichard Attwood Head M 47Joiner OXF Eynsham
Louisa Attwood Wife M 43OXF Eynsham
Ford Works CottageRobert Lynn Head M 69Engineman DUR Sunderland
Mary Lynn Wife M 55DUR Sunderland
Dorothy J. Lynn Dau S 23Paper Sorter DUR Sunderland
William Lynn Son S 21Blacksmith DUR Sunderland
Thomas Lynn Son 2DUR Sunderland
William Downs Board S 38Blacksmith DUR Sunderland
Ford Works CottageJohn Anderson Head Wdr 55Papermaker DUR Prudhoe
Isabella Anderson Dau S 20Housekeeper for Father DUR Rolly Mills
James Anderson Son S 18Blacksmith DUR Nevilles Cross
Mary Anderson Dau S 17Paper Finisher DUR Rolly Mills
John Anderson Son 12Scholar DUR Nevilles Cross
Ford Works CottageJames Anderson Head M 42Papermaker DUR Durham
Sarah Anderson Wife M 39DUR Durham
Thos Hopper Anderson Son S 18Papermaker DUR Durham
Isabella Anderson Dau S 17Papermaker Worker DUR Durham
Frederick Anderson Son S 15Papermaker DUR Durham
Mark Anderson Son 13Papermaker DUR Durham
Joseph B. Anderson Son 11Scholar DUR Sunderland
Margaret A. Anderson Dau 9ScholarDUR Sunderland
James Anderson Son 5DUR Sunderland
Frank Anderson Son 2DUR Sunderland
Clemert Anderson Son 6m DUR Sunderland
Ford Works CottageRobert Bryant Head M 57Stationary Engine DriverOXF Eynsham
Susanna Bryant Wife M 49OXF Eynsham
Richard Bryant Son S 18App JoinerDUR Ford
William T. Bryant Son S 15Papermaker AppDUR Ford
Frederick G. Bryant Son 9ScholarDUR Ford
Ford Works CottageRobert Bryant Head M 23FitterDUR Ford
Mary Bryant Wife M 21DUR Sherburn
Robert W. Bryant Son 1DUR Ford
Ford Works CottageJohn Lynn Head M 36Papermaker DUR Sunderland
Caroline J. Lynn Wife M 32GER. (British Subject)
William Lynn Son S 14Ap Papermaker DUR Ford
Robert Lynn Son 6Scholar DUR Ford
John Lynn Son 4Scholar DUR Ford
Florence Lynn Dau 3DUR Ford
Mary Eliz. Lynn Dau 2DUR Ford
Ford Works CottageWilliam Georgeson Head M 71Cooperative Chemists YKS Hull
Caroline J. Georgeson Wife M 69DUR Gateshead
Ford Works CottageFrederick J. Miles Head M 25Steam Engine Fitter LND Paddington
Elizabeth A. Miles Wife M 26OXF Eynsham
Nellie Miles Dau 8m DUR Ford
Ford Works CottageThomas Toole Head M 31Paperworks Labourer IRL
Catherine Toole Wife M 27NBL Stella
Ford Works CottageCharles Flaxen Head M 64General Labourer BRK Cumnor
Ann Flaxen Wife M 63BRK Cumnor
William H. Flaxen Son S 27Papermaker OXF Cowley St.Johns
Sarah A. Flaxen Dau S 24Paper Sorter OXF Cowley St.Johns
Hannah H. Flaxen Dau S 18DUR Ford
Ford Works CottageWilliam Brannan Head M 39Papermaker CUL Workington
Elizabeth Brannan Wife M 41IRL Sligo
James McGuinn Neph S 34General Labourer IRL Sligo
Ford Works CottageCharles W. Mills Head M 55Boiler Inspector STS Letchfield
Sarah Mills Wife M 55NFK Brompton
Hannah M. Mills Dau S 19DUR Berry Edge
James Mills Son S 17Labourer in Paper Mill DUR Berry Edge
Ford Works CottageAbraham Woodhall Head M 32Paper Mill Labourer LIN Honington
Elizabeth Woodhall Wife M 38Laundress Dom Sv YKS Northallerton
Dora Woodhall Dau 12YKS Northallerton
Arthur Woodhall Son 10YKS Northallerton
Ethel Woodhall Dau 6YKS Northallerton
Ford Works CottageGeo.W. McGarnett Head M 27Living on his own means IRL
Mary McGarnett Wife M 26LAN Liverpool
Magnus Blakey Serv M 36Kennelman Dom Sv DUR Sunderland
Ford Works CottageJohn Browell Head M 52FarmerDUR Winlaton
Barbara Browell Wife M 54DUR Winlaton
George Browell Son S 22Farmers Son NBL Bedlington
Edward Wakefield Serv S 27Ag Lab DUR Hylton
Ellen Robson Serv S 16Domestic ServantDUR Winlaton
Claxheugh CottageJohn H. Robson Head M 61Shipwright Retired DUR Sunderland
Margaret Robson Wife M 60SCT
John H. Robson Son S 36Shipwright DUR Claxheugh
James Robson Son S 27Boiler Smith DUR Claxheugh
Margaret Robson Dau S 15PaperworkerDUR Claxheugh
Claxheugh CottageWilliam Clasper Head M 26Papermaker DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Clasper Wife M 22NBL Hexham
Maggie Clasper Dau 2NBL Hexham
Claxheugh CottageJohn Welham Head M 31Paper Mill Labourer SFK Lowestoft
Maria Welham Wife M 30NFK Murfield
Arthur Welham Son 12Scholar SFK Lowestoft
Rosanna Welham Dau 9Scholar SFK Lowestoft
John Welham Son 6DUR Hylton
Eliza? Welham Dau 3SFK Lowestoft
Mowbray Quay Robert Glasper Head Widr 71Sawyer CUL Cockermouth
Mowbray Quay James Glasper Head Widr 60Potter DUR South Hylton
Henry Glasper Son S 28Iron Shipyard Plater DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Glasper Dau S 21Paper Finisher DUR Southwick
Sarah Glasper Dau S 17DUR Southwick
Mowbray Quay George L. Perry Head M 52Sawyer DEV Plymouth
Eleanor Perry Wife M 48NBL Wooler
William H. Perry Son S 18Sawyer DUR Hylton
Walter Perry Son S 16Riveter DUR Hylton
Isabella B. Perry Dau 13Scholar DUR Sunderland
Pallion High GardenCharles Mitchell Head M 60General Labourer SCO
Ann Mitchell Wife M 59SCO
David Mitchell Son 19Blacksmith DUR Ford
Alexander Mitchell Son 15Blacksmith DUR Ford
Charles Mitchell Son 15Blacksmith DUR Ford
North Ford Farm Frederick Thompson Head M 35Commission Agemt DUR Wolsingham
Margaret Thompson Wife M 37SCO
North Ford Farm Hind's CottageRobert Smith Head M 35Agricultural Labourer DUR Sunderland
Mary J. Smith Wife M 30NBL Corbridge
Robert Smith Son 5DUR Ryhope Lane
William Smith Son 3DUR Tunstall
Ralph C. Smith Son 1DUR Sunderland
North Ford Farm Hind's Cottage Thomas Dent Head Widr 67Horsekeeper Groom YKS Lartington
Ford Hall John Scott Head M 71Bottle Manufacturer, FIre Insurance Agent; JP-Dur DUR Bishopwearmouth
Mary I Scott Wife M 72DUR Bishopwearmouth
Nathan H. Scott Son 35Bottle Man. Capt. 4th DLI
Mary Anderson Serv 29Ladies Maid-Dom. Serv. DUR Bishopwearmouth
Flora MacDougall Serv 32Housemaid STS Spon Lane
Mary MacDougall Serv 24Waiting Maid SCO
Harriet Walker Serv 29Cook DUR Bishopwearmouth
Margaret A. Ward Serv 17Kitchen Maid DUR Medomsley
Ford Hall - Coachman's House Thomas Marriner Head M 36Coachman Groom DUR Burdon
Mary J. Marriner Wife M 35NBL Berwick-on-Tweed
Ford Hall - Bothy Richard Davison Head S 24Gardener SCO
Ford Hall - Lodge Thomas Linton Head M 36Gardener SCO
Ann Linton Wife M 31NBL Netherton
William B. Linton Son 2DUR Ford
Martha Linton Dau 1DUR Ford
Martha B. Beeson M-i-L Wid 68NTH Massington
South Ford Farm Henry H. Davison Head M 30Cartman & Dairyman DUR Pallion
Martha J. Davison Wife M 29DUR Hendon
Martha J. Davison Dau 9DUR Millfield
John H. Davison Son 6DUR Ford
Thomas Taylor Board 26Cartman DUR Sunderland
Thomas Duncan Board 17Milkboy DUR Pallion
Sarah Norse S-i-L 17Domestic Servant DUR Shadforth
Arch Engine CottagesJohn Edward Wilson Head M 29Rivetter NBL South Benwell
Jane Ann Wilson Wife M 24NBL Newcastle
Arch Engine CottagesNewby M. Dixon Head M 65Foreman Road Labourer DUR Butt's Field
Susannah Dixon Wife M 58DUR Sunderland
Susannah Dixon Dau 29DUR Sunderland
Robert Dixon Son 26Under Road Labourer DUR Sunderland
Mabel Dixon Dau 18DUR Hylton
John Edward James G'son 14Farm Labourer DUR Sherburn
Susannah James G'dau 12Scholar DUR Old Durham
Thomas James G'son 10Scholar DUR Heworth
Arch Engine CottagesJames Glass Head M 35Market Gardener WIL Pottern
Dorothy Glass Wife M 36NBL Gosforth
Ada L. Glass Dau 5DUR Bishopwearmouth
Mary A. Glass Dau 2DUR Bishopwearmouth
Arch Engine CottagesFairley Downes Head M 56Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Eliza Downes Wife M 55DUR Sunderland
John Downes Son 23Coal Hawker DUR Sunderland
Eliza Jamieson Dau M 24DUR Sunderland
Ann Eliz. Jamieson G'dau 2DUR Sunderland
Walter Jamieson G'son 5m DUR Sunderland
Arch Engine CottagesHenry Ferry Head M 59General Labourer DUR Hylton
Hannah Ferry Wife M 58DUR Hylton
Hannah Ferry Dau 16DUR Sunderland
Garden House FarmThomas Willis Head M 47Farmer DUR Lanchester
Annie Willis Wife M 42DUR Wickham
Joseph E. Willis Son 21Fitter DUR Lanchester
George Willis Son 18Farmer's Son DUR Lanchester
Margaret E. Willis Dau 14DUR Lanchester
Mary A. Willis Dau 12Scholar DUR Brancepatch
Eleanor F. Willis Dau 9Scholar DUR Brancepatch
Emily J. Willis Dau 5DUR Bishopwearmouth
Thomas Willis Son 2DUR Bishopwearmouth
John W. Peace Serv S 18Agricultural Labourer DUR Bishopwearmouth
William Cape Serv 18Agricultural Labourer DUR Bishopwearmouth
Breckon Hill Farm Charles Walker Head M 43Farmer DUR Sunderland
Margaret C. Walker Wife M 37YKS Thornaby
Marcia Walker Dau 16DUR Sunderland
Meggie B. Walker Dau 15DUR Sunderland
Annie C. Walker Dau 13DUR Sunderland
Olivia Walker Dau 12Scholar DUR Sunderland
Charles Walker Son 10Scholar DUR Sunderland
Thomas Walker Son 8Scholar DUR Sunderland
Mildred Walker Dau 5DUR Sunderland
Stanley Walker Son 2DUR Sunderland
Nurssel? Hill Farm Chrostopher Charlton Head M 69Farmer NBL
Sarah Charlton Wife M 63NBL
Albert Douglas Serv S 23Agricultural Labourer DUR
George Spoors Serv 18Agricultural Labourer DUR
Frances Nichols Serv 18Domestic Servant DUR
Nurssel? Hill Farm Christopher Charlton Head M 36Farmer's Son DUR Sunderland
Sarah Charlton Wife M 32DUR Sunderland
Christopher Charlton Son 10DUR Boldon
Thomas Charlton Son 9DUR Sunderland
Betsy Charlton Dau 7DUR Nurssel Hill?
Anne Charlton Dau 5DUR Nurssel Hill?
Mary L. Charlton Dau 3DUR Nurssel Hill?
Gertrude B. Charlton Dau 1DUR Nurssel Hill?
High Ford Farm Thomas Hutchinson Head M 42Farmer DUR Hylton
Elizabeth M. Hutchinson Wife M 40DUR Hylton
Margaret Hutchinson Sis S 50DUR Hylton
Thomas Reed Serv 25Farm Servant DUR Hylton
Richard Thompson Serv 21Farm Servant YKS
Margaret J. Watson Serv 18Domestic Servant DUR Hylton
Low Ford Farm John B. Pattison Head M 40DUR Seaham
Sarah A. Pattison Wife M 39YKS
George W. Pattison Son 8DUR Hylton
Eliza Pattison Dau 6DUR Hylton
Wilkinson Walker Rel 30Farm Servant YKS Harsley
Barbara Swan Serv 18Domestic Servant YKS Middlesborough
William White Serv 20Farm Servant DUR Sunderland
Thomas Foster Serv 16Farm Servant NBL Newcastle
Tower House Raph H. Usher Head M 47Living on his own means DUR Houghton
Mary P. Usher Wife M 46DUR Hylton
Thomas A. Wakefield Rel M 35Blacksmith DUR Hylton
Edward Coltman Rel S 49Gardener Domestic Serv.LIN Hough
Alexander Causley Rel M 37Tailor & Draper DUR South Shields
Emma Causley Rel M 35DUR South Shields
Bessie Causley Rel 16DUR South Shields
Mary Causley Rel 10DUR South Shields
Lodge Sunderland William S. Oates Head M 33Caretaker DUR Sunderland
Borough HositalSarah E. Oates Wife M 31DUR Sunderland
Frederick Oates Son 7Scholar DUR Sunderland
Mary F. Oates Dau 1DUR Hylton
Sunderland BoroughElizabeth Cherry Wid 54Hospital Matron IRL Co. Down
HospitalMatilda Parnell Wid 58Sick Nurse KEN
Jane Kellas S 32Sick Nurse SCO
Mary Oliver S 32Sick Nurse WIL Swindon
Constance Hope S 25Sick Nurse CHS Sale
Florence Hope S 23Sick Nurse CHS Sale
Elizabeth Weatherston S 20Cook Domestic Servant NBL Norham
Ada Riddle M 22Ward Maid DUR Sunderland
Mary Hill M 22Laundress DUR Sunderland
Mary Mather S 16Housemaid DUR Sunderland
Robekah Richardson S 23DUR South Shields
Isabella Rattery S 16DUR Gateshead
Elizabeth Pigs Pat 7DUR Sunderland
William Robb Pat 9DUR Sunderland
Theresa Mitchell Pat 6DUR Sunderland
Stanley Hopps Pat 4DUR Sunderland
Florence Rayner Pat 4DUR Sunderland
Ralph Meldrum Pat 11DUR Sunderland
Ada Douglas Pat 17DUR Sunderland
Annie Halliday Pat 5DUR Sunderland
Margaret Swan Pat 10DUR Sunderland
George Graham Pat 5DUR Sunderland
Mary Potts Pat 9DUR Sunderland
William Potts Pat 5DUR Sunderland
New Lodge William Archer Head M 29Gardener DUR Grindon Lodge
Bishopwearmouth Cemetery Mary J. Archer Wife M 30SCO