Hylton Riverside – date unknown

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Field House William Dodd Pratt Head M 59House Builder - 8 men DUR Bishopwearmouth
Mary Elizabeth Pratt Wife M 56YKS Ouseburn
William Pratt Son U 24Architect DUR Southwick
John Pratt Son U 22Civil Engineer DUR Southwick
Mary Abbay Pratt Dau U 20DUR Southwick
Eliza Abbay Pratt S-i-L U 39Housekeeper YKS Northallerton
Ellen Mason Serv U 25Domestic Serv DUR Coxgreen
Sarah Wheatley Serv U 23Domestic Serv DUR Thorp
Ann Mason Serv U 20Domestic Serv DUR Coxgreen
North East Railway Thomas Twizell Head M 59Station Master NBL Colwell
Station House Isabella Twizell Wife M 54DUR Witton-le-Wear
Elizabeth Jackson Nce U 22General Serv DUR Gateshead
Railway Inn Mary Sarah Wakefield Head U 36Innkeeper DUR North Hylton
1 Railway Terrace Thomas A. Wakefield Bro U 26Blacksmith DUR North Hylton
Josephine Bevor Vis U 28Dressmaker FRANCE
2 Railway Terrace UNINHABITED
3 Railway Terrace Thomas Caygill Head M 52Grocer YKS Bellerby
Elizabeth Caygill Wife M 39DUR South Hylton
Harriet M. Caygill Dau U 23DUR Shildon
Mary J. Caygill Dau U 19DUR Consett
4 Railway Terrace William Goodfellow Head M 37Publican DUR Melerby
Cambia House Elizabeth Goodfellow Wife M 34CUL Clifton
Robert Goodfellow Son 13Scholar DUR Sherburn
Mary Goodfellow Dau 12Scholar DUR Sherburn
Eleanor J. Goodfellow Dau 10Scholar DUR Sherburn
Hannah Goodfellow Dau 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Goodfellow Dau 3Scholar DUR Hylton
William Goodfellow Son 1DUR Hylton
John Parker Lodg U 24General Labourer NBL Newcastle
5 Railway Terrace Frank Wilson Head M 50Foreman DUR Beamish
Esther Wilson Wife M 51DUR Sunderland
Harry Wilson Son U 23Forgeman DUR Sunderland
Mary J. Wilson Dau U 22DUR Sunderland
Alice Wilson Dau U 17DUR Hartlepool
Frank Wilson Son U 15Clerk in Forge DUR Hartlepool
Edith Wilson Dau 13DUR Hartlepool
James F. Wilson Son 11Scholar DUR Sunderland
Jean J. Wilson Dau 10Scholar DUR Sunderland
6 Railway Terrace Joseph Bentley Head M 33Schoolmaster LAN Lingfield
Margaret Bentley Wife M 30DUR Hylton
George Lister S'son 7Scholar DUR Sunderland
John Bentley Son 1DUR Hylton
Susannah Allison Serv U 16General Serv DUR Hylton
7 Railway Terrace John Wigham Head M 31Engineer Maste SCO Leith
Annie Wigham Wife M 29employs 8 men DUR Hylton
John R. Wigham Son 3DUR Hylton
Barbara A. Wigham Dau 7m DUR Hylton
Isabella Crawford Serv U 19General Serv DUR Pallion
Annie M. Andrew Serv U 16Nurse YKS Sheffield
8 Railway Terrace James McDonald Head M 38Foreman Caulker SCO
Janet McDonald Wife M 40SCO
James McDonald Son 11Scholar DUR Sunderland
John McDonald Son 9Scholar DUR Sunderland
Robert McDonald Son 6Scholar DUR Sunderland
William McDonald Son 4DUR Sunderland
9 Railway Terrace Andrew E. Legat Head U 26General Practitioner - DUR South Shields
Constance C. Legat Sis U 25DUR South Shields
Charlotte Robertson Serv U 24Domestic Serv SCO
10 Railway Terrace George Bartram Head Widr 80Ship Owner (Iron Steam) DUR Hylton
Martha Welsh Serv U 65Domestic Serv DUR Pensher
11 Railway Terrace UNINHABITED
12 Railway Terrace UNINHABITED
13 Railway Terrace Ralph Usher Head M 37Clerk in Forge DUR Houghton-le-Spring
14 Railway Terrace James Hedworth Head Widr 47Forgeman DUR Stella
James Hedworth Son U 22Forgeman DUR Stella
Jane Hedworth Dau U 16NBL Midudepoint
John Hedworth Son 13Scholar DUR Jarrow
Margaret A. Reed Serv U 20General Serv DUR Coxgreen
1 Union Street Mary Hodgson Head Wid 53Housekeeper DUR Bishopwearmouth
William Hodgson Son U 26Railway Porter DUR Houghton-le-Spring
Henry Hodgson Son U 17Working Crane in Forge DUR South Hylton
Sarah Hodgson Dau U 29General Serv at home DUR Bishopwearmouth
Ann Greener Head Wid 60Housekeeper DUR Philadelphia
Richard Denwood S-i-L M 30Labourer in Ship Yard CUL Kirkbride
Sarah J. Denwood Dau M 21DUR Hylton
Sarah A. Denwood G'dau 1m DUR Hylton
2 Union Street John Scarr Head M 40Railway Cabin Man YKS Northallerton
Mary A. Scarr Wife M 40DUR Hylton
David Scarr Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Alfred Scarr Son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Watson Scarr Son 4Scholar DUR Hylton
Matthew Hildrew Head M 54Shipwright & Sawyer DUR South Hylton
Mary Hildrew Wife M 61DUR Sunderland
Joshua Lynn Hildrew Son U 33Forgeman DUR Deptford
Thomas Hildrew Son U 29Shipwright DUR Deptford
John Hildrew Son U 18Blacksmith DUR South Hylton
Hannah Hildrew Dau 15General Serv at home DUR South Hylton
3 Union Street Hylton Carr Head M 70Shipwright unemployed DUR South Hylton
Isabella Carr Wife M 63DUR Jarrow
Henry Henderson S'son U 49Ship Carpenter DUR Hylton
Isabella Henderson Dau U 28Dressmaker DUR Hylton
Thomas W. Pye G'son 2DUR Millfield
John Redpath Board U 32Hammerman in Forge NBL Elswick
William Sawell ???? U 28Forgeman DUR Gateshead
4 Union Street Ann Gilbraith Head Wid 56Grocer DUR Stanhope
George Gilbraith Son U 22Hammer Driver in Forge DUR Haughton
Sarah A. Gilbraith Dau U 19General Serv at home DUR South Hylton
Sarah E. Gilbraith G'dau 7Scholar DUR Fence Houses
Samuel Pells Head M 26Cartman SFK Lowestoft
Sarah A. Pells Wife M 25DUR Pallion
John Thomas Pells Son 4Scholar DUR South Hylton
Matthew Pells Son 2DUR South Hylton
Nicholas J. Groves Head M 24General Labourer DUR Hetton-le-Hole
Martha Groves Wife M 32YKS Hull
James Moore Board U 36General Labourer KNT Cliffe
5 Union Street Elizabeth Davis Head U 32Dairy Keeper DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Pays Cous 12Scholar LONDON
Frances Fulthorpe * Head M 36Seemstress NOT Retford
John Fulthorpe * Son U 15Labourer in Forge DUR Sunderland
Robert W. Fulthorpe * Son 10Scholar YKS Sheffield
George Fulthorpe * Son 6Scholar DUR Sunderland
6 Union Street William Wilson Head M 58Ford Paper Mill Porter DUR Hylton
Eleanor Wilson Wife M 54DUR Spittle
William Johnston Board U 26Boilermaker YKS Hull
7 Union Street John Surtees Head Widr 40Engine Driver in S'yard DUR Sunderland
Thomas G. Surtees Son 13Scholar DUR Sunderland
John F. Surtees Son 11Scholar DUR Sunderland
Jane A. Hutchinson Serv U 18General Serv DUR Sunderland
8 Union Street George Durrant Head M 34Labourer in Iron Forge SFK Busham
Sarah J. Durrant Wife M 33Dressmaker NFK Thornham
Mary E. Durrant Dau 12Scholar NBL North Sunderland
William Hy. Durrant Son 4DUR Hylton
Lucy R. Durrant Dau 2DUR Hylton
9 Union Street Dana Stormont Head Widr 41Ironworker in Shipyard SCO
William Stormont Son 9Scholar DUR Hylton
George Stormont Son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
10 Union Street Elizabeth Wakefield Head Wid 49Housekeeper DUR South Hylton
Edward Wakefield Son U 17Labourer in Forge DUR South Hylton
William Wakefield Son 14Labourer in Forge DUR South Hylton
Margaret Wakefield Dau 12Scholar DUR South Hylton
Thomas Wakefield Son 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
William Sykes Fath Widr 70Shipwright unemployed DUR South Hylton
13 Union Street John Barber Head M 34Cartman NBL
Mary Barber Wife M 34NBL
Thomas Barber Son 10Scholar DUR Sunderland
James Barber Son 8Scholar DUR Sunderland
John W. Barber Son 7Scholar DUR Sunderland
Robert Barber Son 4Scholar DUR Sunderland
George H. Barber Son 3DUR Sunderland
1 Cambria Street UNINHABITED
2 Cambria Street UNINHABITED
3 Cambria Street Elizabeth Usher Head U 58Housekeeper NBL Newcastle
Hannah Usher Sis U 56Housekeeper NBL Bedlington
Thomas Usher Son U 36Engineer/Iron Furnaceman DUR Gateshead
4 Cambria Street Thomas Hall Head M 66Provision Dealer DUR Gateshead
Mary A. Hall Wife M 69YKS Hive
George T. Taylor Head M 24Railway Porter DUR Sunderland
Sarah Taylor Wife M 23NBL Monkseaton
Edith L. Taylor Dau 10m NBL Newcastle
5 Cambria Street Ginelm Tate Head Widr 70Engine Brakesman NBL Seaburn House
James Tate Son 17General Labourer DUR Hylton
Thomas B. Tate G'son 16Scholar DUR Hylton
Ginelm Tate Son 12DUR Hylton
William Charlton Head M 38Blacksmith DUR Sunderland
Mary J. Charlton Wife M 35DUR Shildon
Thomas W. Charlton Son 14Mason's labourer DUR Sunderland
Hannah Charlton Dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Thomas Furness B-in-L U 25Labourer/Cement Works DUR Darlington
6 Cambria Street William Banks Head M 61Bootmaste/Ins. Agent DUR South Shields
Margaret Banks Wife M 56NBL St. Peter's Quay
Thomas W. Banks Son U 26Customs Officer DUR South Hylton
Edward Banks Son U 22Bootmaker DUR South Hylton
William Banks Son U 18Clerk in Paper Mill DUR South Hylton
8 Cambria Street George Esket Head M 46Block & Mast Maker DUR Thornley
Elizabeth Esket Wife M 43DUR Sunderland
Katherine Esket Dau U 18Pupil Teacher DUR Southwick
Phillis Esket Dau 12Scholar DUR Southwick
10 Cambria Street Robert Forster Head M 65Ship Blacksmith DUR Heaton Banks
Jane Forster Wife M 65CUL Brampton
Mary J. Forster Dau U 25General Serv DUR Hylton
Robert Forster Son U 23Ship Blacksmith DUR Hylton
Margaret A. Forster Dau U 20DUR Hylton
12 Cambria Street James Bell Head M 36Shipwright DUR Hylton
Isabella Bell Wife M 37DUR Hylton
Ellen I. Bell Dau 10Scholar DUR Hylton
13 Cambria Street Robert Allen Head M 50Mason DUR Pensher
Ann Allen Wife M 48DUR South Hylton
George W. Allen Son U 24Bricklayer DUR South Hylton
John Allen Son U 19Joiner DUR South Hylton
Sarah E. Allen Dau U 17General Serv at home DUR South Hylton
Mary E. Allen Dau 15General Serv at home DUR South Hylton
Frederic Allen Son 11Scholar DUR South Hylton
James Allen Son 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
14 Cambria Street Robert Park Head M 48Engine Fitter DUR Whitburn
Esther Park Wife M 47DUR Monkwearmouth
15 Cambria Street BEING BUILT
16 Cambria Street Robert Emmerson Head M 33Iron Forgeman DUR South Hylton
Ann Emmerson Wife M 34DUR South Hylton
John W. Emmerson Son 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
Mary E. Emmerson Dau 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
Ralph A. Emmerson Son 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
Grace Emmerson Dau 4Scholar DUR South Hylton
Isabella Emmerson Dau 2DUR South Hylton
Ann Emmerson Dau 1DUR South Hylton
17 Cambria Street Joseph Markham Head M 27Engine Driver Rail DUR Sunderland
Mary E. Markham Wife M 24DUR Hylton
Robert W. Markham Son 4DUR Sunderland
Jane Markham Dau 1DUR Hylton
William M. Markham Bro U 29Engine Driver Rail DUR Sunderland
18 Cambria Street Thomas Hackett Head M 34Blacksmith DUR South Hylton
Mary Hackett Wife M 30DUR South Hylton
William Hackett Son 3DUR South Hylton
19 Cambria Street Robert Jefferson Head M 27Engineman in a Forge DUR South Hylton
Dorothy Jefferson Wife M 23DUR Deptford
John W. Jefferson Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Elizabeth F. Jefferson Dau 4Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert Jefferson Son 2DUR Hylton
20 Cambria Street Charles Carr Head M 47Joiner DUR South Hylton
Jane Carr Wife M 45NBL Warden
21 Cambria Street Robert Little Head M 55Iron Forgeman DUR Wolsingham
Annie Little Wife M 51DUR Wolsingham
John W. Little Son U 30Iron Forgeman's helper DUR Wolsingham
Robert Little Son U 21DUR Wolsingham
Jane W. Little Dau U 18DUR Wolsingham
Elizabeth Little Dau 16DUR Wolsingham
Thomas Little Son 13DUR Wolsingham
22 Cambria Street Sarah Surtees Head Wid 78NBL Warden
Jonathan Surtees Son U 49General Labourer NBL Warden
Margaret A. Surtees G'dau 6Scholar DUR Sunderland
Sarah A. Surtees Serv U 14General Serv DUR Hylton
23 Cambria Street Ralph Alders Head M 49Blacksmith DUR Hetton-le-Hole
Christiana Alders Wife M 41SCO
Frederic Alders Son 14Scholar DUR Sunderland
Henry Alders Son 12Scholar DUR Sunderland
Robert Alders Son 9Scholar DUR Sunderland
Christiana Alders Dau 7Scholar DUR Sunderland
Minnie Alders Dau 2Scholar DUR Sunderland
24 Cambria Street Joseph Surtees Head M 42Blacksmith NBL Bywell
Hannah Surtees Wife M 47DUR Pensher
John J. Surtees Son U 20Blacksmith DUR South Hylton
Nicholas Surtees Son 16Blacksmith's Apprentice DUR South Hylton
Mary A. Surtees Dau 14General Serv at home DUR South Hylton
Hannah Surtees Dau 11Scholar DUR South Hylton
William T.B. Surtees Son 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
26 Cambria Street Matthew Gibbon Head M 32Commercial Clerk in DUR South Hylton
Isabella Gibbon Wife M 34Timber Trade DUR Castle Eden
Jacobina Gibbon Dau 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Isabella Gibbon Dau 8Scholar DUR Hylton
William Gibbon Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary S. Gibbon Dau 2DUR Hylton
28 Cambria Street John Jameson Head M 28Engine Fitter at Forge DUR Heighington
Margaret A. Jameson Wife M 28GLM Merthyr Tydvil
Thomas Jameson Son 4Scholar DUR Boldon
Mary H. Jackson Serv U 17General Serv DUR Evenwood
30 Cambria Street Joshua Spencer Head M 53Blacksmith DUR Swallwell
Mary Spencer Wife M 53DUR Swallwell
John Spencer Son M 27Blacksmith DUR Swallwell
Elizabeth Spencer Dau 21DUR Swallwell
Joshua Spencer Son 18Blacksmith's Apprentice DUR Swallwell
32 Cambria Street David Davis Head M 29Metal & Gen.Merchant DUR Swallwell
Dorothy A. Davis Wife M 24DUR Monkwearmouth
Jane R. Davis Dau 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Dorothy E. Davis Dau 5Scholar LAN Manchester
Rosina Davis Dau 2DUR Sunderland
Arthur C. Davis Son 7m DUR Hylton
34 Cambria Street Robert Carr Head M 24Checker DUR Stella Gill
Dorothy Carr Wife M 21DUR Haswell
Thomas Burn Head M 56Gardener CUL Brampton
Rebecca Burn Wife M 39NBL Greenhead
William Henry Burn Son 10Scholar NBL Greenhead
Mary A. Beatty M-I-L M 62CUL Wigton
36 Cambria Street George T. Farmer Head M 24Ship Blacksmith KNT Haversham
Mary A. Farmer Wife M 22KNT Maidstone
Eleanor M. Farmer Dau 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
Stephen Farmer Son 2DUR South Hylton
John Francis Head M 26Paper Maker NFK Earsham
Annie Francis Wife M 27SFK St. Lawrence
Frederic W. Francis Son 1m DUR Hylton
38 Cambria Street James Shaw Head M 38Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Frances A. Shaw Wife M 26DUR South Hylton
George H. Shaw Son 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
James Shaw Son 4DUR South Hylton
Thomas Shaw Son 2DUR South Hylton
William Shaw Son 3m DUR South Hylton
Jane Rontree M-i-L Wid 60NBL Morpeth
40 Cambria Street Frederic Jackson Head M 33Hammerman in Forge NFK Hethersett
Martha S. Jackson Wife M 33MDX London
42 Cambria Street Robert Cockburn Head M 63Blacksmith NBL Hexham
Ann Cockburn Wife M 64NBL Warden
John Cockburn Son U 22Blacksmith DUR Houghton
Thomas Cockburn G'son 14Scholar DUR Hylton
Catherine Reynolds Dau Wid 32General Serv DUR Houghton
Annie I. Reynolds G'dau 7Scholar NBL Newcastle
Emily Reynolds G'dau 5Scholar NBL Newcastle
44 Cambria Street William B. Smith Head M 37Police Sergeant DUR Trimdon
Violet Smith Wife M 37DUR Framwellgate
Violet M. Smith Dau 15DUR Marley Hill
Matthew D. Smith Son 14Grocer's Assistant DUR Seaham Harbour
Susannah Smith Dau 12Scholar DUR Low Barnes
John W.B. Smith Son 10Scholar DUR Low Barnes
Margaret Smith Dau 7Scholar DUR Silksworth Colliery
Jane Smith Dau 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Adam K. Smith Son 3Scholar DUR Hylton
Alice Smith Dau 1DUR Hylton
George Mitham/Witham Board U 21Police Constable CAM Swansey
46 Cambria Street William Faid Head M 35School Board Officer SCO
Dorothy Faid Wife M 35DUR South Hetton
Jane Faid Dau 8Scholar DUR South Shields
Mary O. Faid Dau 6Scholar DUR South Shields
57 Cambria Street Joseph Harvey Head M 23Agricultural Labourer ESS Shalfield
Jane Harvey Wife M 23DUR South Hylton
Jane Harvey Dau 1DUR Sunderland
Margaret Harvey Dau 11m ESS Blackmoor End
Lewis Hutchinson Head M 44Agricultural Labourer SCO
Susannah Hutchinson Wife M 50SFK Southfold
John Hutchinson Son 12Scholar NBL Truick
Robert Hutchinson Son 9Scholar NBL Wylam
59 Cambria Street William Lawson Head M 48Iron Forgeman NBL Blythe
Ann Lawson Wife M 52NBL Bedlington
Thomas W. Lawson Son U 20Iron Forgeman DUR South Hylton
Mary A. Lawson Dau U 17DUR South Hylton
William Lawson Son 14Iron Forgeman's helper DUR South Hylton
Margaret J. Lawson Dau 12Scholar DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Gordon Dau M 24DUR South Hylton
61 Cambria Street Robert Lubbit Head M 39Iron Forgeman DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Lubbit Wife M 26DUR South Hylton
John Lubbit Son 4DUR South Hylton
Isabella Lubbit Dau 2DUR South Hylton
Henry Talbot Nep 11Scholar DUR South Hylton
61 Cambria Street Alfred Davison Head M 45Ship & House Joiner SSX Rye
Elizabeth Davison Wife M 39DUR Hylton
Mary Davison Dau U 18Factory Girl/Paper Mill DUR Hylton
Thomas Davison Son U 16Braking Forge Hammer DUR Hylton
Margaret Davison Dau 14Domestic Serv DUR Hylton
Charlie Davison Son 12Scholar DUR Hylton
John H. Davison Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Alfred Davison Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Elizabeth A. Davison Dau 4Scholar DUR Hylton
George Davison Son 2DUR Hylton
63 Cambria Street John Todd Head M 30Shipwright DUR Offerton Haugh
Margaret Todd Wife M 29DUR Monkwearmouth
William L. Todd Son 3DUR Monkwearmouth
Thomas R. Todd Son 3m DUR Hylton
1 Albion Street Mary Dixon Head U 31Teacher in Elem. School NBL North Sunderland
Jane Dixon Sis U 16Scholar DUR Gateshead
2 Albion Street Nicholas Surtees Head M 37Blacksmith NBL Bywell
Jane Surtees Wife M 39DUR Bishopwearmouth
Charles Surtees Son 11Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Edith A. Surtees Dau 8Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
George W. Surtees Son 3DUR Bishopwearmouth
Sarah J. Surtees Dau 1DUR Bishopwearmouth
3 Albion Street Robert Kirtley Head U 52Shipwright DUR Ford
Dorothy A. Cook Sis M 49Housekeeper DUR Ford
6 Albion Street Thomas Todd Head M 36Waterman DUR Offerton Haugh
Jane Todd Wife M 35NBL Bellingham
John R. Todd Son 5DUR Hylton
7 Albion Street James Durrant Head M 33Labourer in Iron Forge SFK Basham
Sarah Durrant Wife M 31Dressmaker DUR Hylton
Sarah I. Durrant Dau 5Scholar DUR Hylton
William T. Durrant Son 4Scholar DUR Hylton
Sarah Burney M-i-L Wid 64Housekeeper DUR Hylton
8 Albion Street William Banks Head M 44Engine Fitter in Works DUR Houghton-le-Spring
Margarette Banks Wife M 50DUR South Hylton
10 Albion Street UNINHABITED
25 Albion Street Jane Thompson Head Wid 45Housekeeper NBL Whitfield Chevington
Mary A. Thompson Dau 9Scholar
Edward Surwaks Board M 32Marine Engineer LON Brompton
Thomas P. Dale Lodg U 22Minister Met Free Church CHS Macclesfield
26 Albion Street Joseph Snowdon Head M 49Ship Joiner DUR South Hylton
Hannah Snowdon Wife M 50DUR East Rainton
Joseph Snowdon Son U 22Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Thomas Snowdon Son 14Paper maker's ApprenticeDUR South Hylton
Mary J. Snowdon Dau 12Scholar DUR South Hylton
John G. Snowdon Son 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
Robert Ryce Head M 23Paper maker SCO
Jane Ryce Wife M 22SCO
Ann Ryce Dau 2SCO
Robert Ryce Son 6m SCO
Alexander Scott Board U 21Paper maker SCO
27 Albion Street Harriet Longridge Head M 39Housekeeper DUR South Hylton
Mary B. Longridge Dau 13Scholar DUR Jarrow
Thomas Longridge Son 10Scholar DUR Jarrow
27 Albion Street Robert S. Robson Head M 40Blacksmith DUR Sunderland
Hannah Robson Wife M 43DUR Hylton
Hannah Robson Dau 13Scholar DUR Hylton
John T. Robson Son 12Scholar DUR Hylton
William Robson Son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Elizabeth A. Robson Dau 5DUR Hylton
Sarah Robson Dau 3DUR Hylton
Robert S. Robson Son 9m DUR Hylton
28 Albion Street George Caven Head M 33Fireman DUR Hylton
Mary A. Caven Wife M 28DUR Hylton
Mary A. Caven Dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert Caven Son 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Emma Caven Dau 6Scholar DUR Hylton
George Caven Son 4Scholar DUR Hylton
29 Albion Street Jane Redhead Head Wid 76S'keeper & E'ware Dealer DUR Hylton
Jane A. Errington G'dau U 22General Serv at home DUR Hylton
Mary Errington G'dau 19General Serv at home DUR Hylton
George Errington G'son 20Shipwright DUR Hylton
29 Albion Street James Donaldson Head M 39General Labourer DUR Sunderland
Bartram's Property Catherine Donaldson Wife M 35DUR Darlington
Hannah E. Donaldson Dau 7Scholar DUR Fatfield
William D. Donaldson Son 4Scholar DUR Browney
Thomas Donaldson Son 1DUR Hylton
Thomas K. Donaldson Bro U 35General Labourer DUR Sunderland
Albion Street David Reay Head M 57Gas Labourer DUR Bishopwearmouth
Bartram's Property Margaret Reay Wife M 45DUR Darlington
Edward Reay Son U 18Labourer in Iron Forge DUR Hylton
Christiana Reay Dau 13Scholar DUR Hylton
Margaret E. Reay Dau 11Scholar DUR Hylton
David Reay Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary A. Reay Dau 6Scholar DUR Hylton
34 Albion Street William Duck Head U 22Clerk in Shipbuilder's Off.DUR Ford
Dorothy A. Duck Sis U 23Housekeeper DUR Ford
Isabella Duck Sis U 20Dressmaker DUR Ford
35 Albion Street Samuel Newman Head M 54General Labourer NFK Tunstead
Susan Newman Wife M 55NFK Tunstead
Richard Newman Son U 23Joiner NFK Neatishead
Samuel Newman Son 14Working in B'smith's shopNFK Beeston
Ellen Spruyt Dau Adopt 1DUR Hylton
36 Albion Street George Russell Head U 28Blacksmith DUR Hylton
37 Albion Street Robert Oliver Head M 31Shipwright DUR Ford
Margaret E. Oliver Wife M 31DUR Ford
Mary Sarah Oliver Dau 5Scholar DUR Ford
Maria Oliver Dau 3DUR Ford
38 Albion Street John Errington Head M 31Blacksmith in Shipyard DUR Hylton
Rachel C. Errington Wife M 26DUR Sunderland
Esther J. Errington Dau 2DUR Hylton
39 Albion Street William Ryce Head M 51Beater Man/Paper Mill SCO Temple
Jane Ryce Wife M 50SCO
Robert Ryce Son 19Machine Ass. in P’mill SCO
Mary C. Ryce Dau 17Finishing Dept in Paper Mill SCO
James Ryce Son 12Scholar DUR South Hylton
Henry Ryce Son 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
Ralph Jobling Board M 24Ass. Blacksmith in S'yardDUR Sheriff Hill
Ellen Jobling Board M 24SCO
1 Bank Street Matthew Rutter Head M 36Timekeeper Unemployed NBL West Cramlington
Dorothy A. Rutter Wife M 30DUR South Shields
Harriet A.A. Rutter Dau 8Scholar DUR Tyne Dock
Edward Rutter Son 6Scholar DUR West Boldon
Dorothy A. Rutter Dau 1DUR South Hylton
1 New Street John Sampson Head M 30Saddler SFK Bungay
Helen Sampson Wife M 30SFK Redgrave
Helen Sampson Dau 8Scholar SFK Bungay
Emma Sampson Dau 5Scholar DUR Hylton
John Sampson Son 2DUR Hylton
Alfred Sampson Son 8m DUR Hylton
William Browning Head M 38Watchman in Shipyard SFK Bungay
Hannah Browning Wife M 39SFK Bungay
2 New Street Edward William Francis Head M 34Paper Maker SFK Eavsham
Maria A. Francis Wife M 33NFK Lingwood
Harry A. Francis Son 15Paper Maker's ApprenticeSKF Eavesham
Joseph Francis Head M 30Paper Maker SFK Eavesham
Albinco Francis Wife M 30SFK Ditchingham
Arthur J. Francis Son 13Apprentice Paper Maker SFK Bungay
Albert Edward Francis Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Harry Francis Son 3DUR Hylton
Ada M. Francis Dau 1DUR Hylton
2 New Street Being Built (2 Houses)
High StreetJohn Brown Head M 52Rivet Manufacturer DUR Cockfield
Hylton House Isabella Brown Wife M 35employs 26m+7 boys DUR Croxdale
Alexnder J. Brown Son U 23Fitter in Rope Works DUR Bishopwearmouth
Isabella W. Brown Dau 8Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Ada Guest M-i-L Wid 84DUR Bishopwearmouth
Mary Bell Brown Nce U 21NTH Wellingborough
Eleanor Foster Serv U 16General Serv DUR Sunderland
High Street Ann Carter Head Wid 34Agricultural Labourer DUR Cox Green
William Carter Son 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Jane Brown Moth Wid 86DUR Biddick
20 High Street John Cavanagh Head M 57Labourer in Paper Mill IRL
Catherine Cavanagh Wife M 43DUR Barlow
John Cavanagh Son 15Labourer in Paper Mill DUR Urpeth
Mary A. Cavanagh Dau 10Scholar DUR Birtley
Eleanor Cavanagh Dau 7Scholar DUR Urpeth
James Cavanagh Son 3DUR Urpeth
John J. Barrick Head M 25Iron Roller DUR Offerton
Margaret J. Barrick Wife M 20DUR Grindon Mill
Margaret J. Barrick Dau 4m DUR South Hylton
21 High Street George Snowdon Head M 50Potter DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Snowdon Wife M 49DUR Monkwearmouth
Robert Snowdon Son U 20Butcher DUR South Hylton
Mary Snowdon Dau 17General Serv at home DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Snowdon Dau 15Factory girl at Paper Mill DUR South Hylton
Martha Snowdon Dau 13Scholar DUR South Hylton
Louisa Snowdon Dau 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
John G. Snowdon Son 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
John Dickeson Board 87Retired Butcher DUR Monkwearmouth
22 High Street William Hartley Head M 51Grocer DUR Hylton
Mary J. Hartley Wife M 47DUR Cox Green
Matthew Hartley Son U 23Butcher DUR Hylton
Annie Hartley Dau U 21DUR Hylton
Thomas Grieveson S-i-L M 25Bricklayer DUR Hylton
Mary Grieveson Dau M 25DUR Hylton
23 High Street UNINHABITED
24 High Street Wheat SheafWilliam E. Lloyd Head M 38Innkeeper HEF Bangor
Catherine Lloyd Wife M 32DUR Sunderland
Eliza M. Lloyd Dau 12Scholar DUR Sunderland
Harriet Lloyd Dau 10Scholar DUR Sunderland
Edith Lloyd Dau 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
Louisa Lloyd Dau 2DUR South Hylton
25 High Street Edward Errington Head M 49Joiner in Paper Mill DUR Bishopwearmouth
Catherine Errington Wife M 44IRL
George Evans Head M 69Roadman Labourer SAL Wellington
Charlotte Evans Wife M 42DUR Sunderland
George Evans Son 12Scholar DUR Fence Houses
Thomas Evans Son 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
26 High Street Roseanna Dawson Head Wid 55Bread Baker DUR South Shields
Roseanna Dawson Dau U 15Paper Finisher NBL Newcastle
Ralph Grey Head Widr 65Lab. in Cement Works DUR Hylton
27 High Street Jane Scott Head U 66Laundress DUR South Hylton
Martha Heron Head Wid 40Grass Sorter in Paper MillNBL North Shields
Benjamin Heron Son 11Scholar DUR Jarrow
Robert Heron Son 10Scholar NBL North Shields
28 High Street UNINHABITED
29 High Street Crosby Grey Head M 30Shipwright DUR Hylton
Isabella Grey Wife M 24DUR Hylton
Crosby Gray Son 4DUR Hylton
Jane Grey Dau 1DUR Hylton
30 High Street William Watson Head M 57Ship Carpenter NBL Morpeth
Dorothy L. Watson Wife M 62DUR Spittle
Thomas Watson Son U 22Joiner DUR Ford
Jane Stafford S'dau U 41DUR Ford
William Watson G'son 1DUR Sunderland
William N. Stafford G'son 1DUR Seaton
31 High St. Back John William Martin Head U 23Joiner DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Martin Sis U 30DUR Hylton
Jane A. Martin Sis U 26DUR Hylton
Sarah E. Martin Nce 10m DUR Hylton
31 High Street Lister's Building George Bainbridge Head M 28Bricklayer DUR Sunderland
Alice Bainbridge Wife M 28DUR Sunderland
George Bainbridge Son 10Scholar DUR Sunderland
Ralph Bainbridge Son 6Scholar DUR Sunderland
Theresa Bainbridge Dau 4Scholar DUR Hylton
Thomas Bainbridge Son 1DUR Hylton
32 High Street Commercial Hotel George Armstrong Head M 39Publican & Mason DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Armstrong Wife M 40DUR Hylton
Robert U. Short Neph 8Scholar DUR Hylton
33 High Street UNINHABITED
34 High Street Joshua R. Thompson Head M 55Grocer & Provision DealerDUR South Shields
Barbara Thompson Wife M 51DUR South Hylton
35 High Street Jeffrey Pattison Head M 79Farm Serv unemployed DUR Seaham
Alice Pattison Wife M 76Farm Serv unemployed DUR Houghton-le-Spring
Isabell Pattison G'dau U 20General Serv DUR Hylton
Margaret Booth G'dau U 12Scholar DUR Hylton
36 High Street Samuel Newell Head M 29Gen. Lab. Cement Works ESS Magdalen Caver
Ellen Newell Wife M 23DUR South Hylton
William Newell Son 3DUR South Hylton
John Newell Son 1DUR South Hylton
James Clark S'son 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
37 High Street UNINHABITED
38 High Street John Rowe Head M 34Keelman (Barge) DUR Sunderland
Sarah A. Rowe Wife M 34DUR Hylton
John G. Rowe Son 14Scholar DUR Sunderland
39 High Street James Todd Head M 39Builder DUR South Hylton
Margaret J. Todd Wife M 33DUR South Hylton
Abbie Ainsworth S-i-L U 23Teacher unemployed DUR South Hyton
40 High Street John Miller Head M 69Weighman in Rivet Works DUR Harehill
Ada Miller Wife M 63NBL Milburn Grange
John L. Miller Son U 31Engineer in Rivet Works DUR Fence Houses
Ann Lawson S-i-L U 57Deaf & Blind DUR Seaham Grange
Robert J. Spoors Neph U 24Second Mate DUR Fence Houses
41 High Street Joshua Rodham Head U 83Retired Farmer DUR Bishopwearmouth
Sarah Thornborrow Serv Wid 31General Serv NBL Hexham
Margaret Thornborrow Vis 8Scholar DUR Southwick
Quarryhole Hannah Snowdon Head Wid 32DUR South Hylton
Quarryhole John Dickeson Head M 63Butcher DUR Monkwearmouth
Louis A. Dickeson Wife M 40SCO
Sarah Dickeson Dau 13Scholar DUR South Hylton
John Dickeson Son 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Quarryhole Robert J. Caven Head M 30Labourer & Fireman DUR Ford Paper Mill
Mary Caven Wife M 26DUR Robey Moor
Jane Caven Dau 4Scholar DUR Willington
Robert Caven Son 3DUR South Hylton
Dorothy A. Caven Dau 1DUR South Hylton
Quarryhole John Weir Head M 35Gen. Lab. in Rivet Works SCO
Jane Weir Wife M 32SCO
Margaret Weir Dau 12Scholar SCO
James Weir Son 11Scholar SCO
Jane Weir Dau 9Scholar SCO
Mary Weir Dau 8Scholar SCO
William Weir Son 5SCO
Tannet Weir Dau 4SCO
Sarah Weir Dau 2SCO
David Weir Son 8m DUR South Hylton
Quarryhole John Errington Head M 67Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Jane Errington Wife M 61DUR Pelton
Robert Errington Son U 35Shipwright DUR Hylton
William Errington Son U 28Shipwright DUR Hylton
Quarryhole Elizabeth Robinson Head Wid 34DUR Hylton
Peter Robinson Son 5DUR Whiteheugh
Elizabeth Robinson Dau 1DUR Hylton
James Gibbon Bro U 29Plater in Ship Yard DUR Hylton
William Gibbon Bro U 16Cutter in Paper Mill DUR Whiteheugh
Margaret Gibbon Sis 14DUR Whiteheugh
Quarryhole George Emmerson Head M 43Shipwright DUR Hylton
Isabella Emmerson Wife M 38DUR South Hylton
George Emmerson Son 15App. Forgeman (Iron) DUR South Hylton
William Emmerson Son 13Scholar DUR South Hylton
Margaret Emmerson Dau 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
Mary Emmerson Dau 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
Ralph Emmerson Son 2DUR South Hylton
Quarryhole William Daniels Head M 28Lab. in Cement Works SFK Hautbois
Eliza P.Daniels Wife M 25NFK Coltishall
William Daniels Son 8Scholar NFK Coltishall
Albert R. Daniels Son 6Scholar NFK Coltishall
Sarah J. Daniels Dau 5Scholar DUR Washington
Martha Daniels Dau 7m DUR South Hylton
Quarryhole William Fulcher Head M 30Watchmaker Finisher SFK Lowestoft
Elizabeth Fulcher Wife M 23DUR Hylton
Mary A. Fulcher Dau 4Scholar DUR Hylton
William Fulcher Son 3Scholar DUR Hylton
John Fulcher Son 1DUR Hylton
Quarryhole William Todd Head M 53General Labourer DUR South Hylton
Margaret J. Todd Wife M 44DUR Sunderland
James Todd Son U 19Hammer Brakesman DUR South Hylton
Sarah Todd Dau 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Back Guyse Thomas Talbot Head M 42Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Betty Talbot Wife M 36NBL Walker
Ellen Talbot Dau U 18Paper Mill Worker DUR Hylton
Jane Talbot Dau 14General Serv at home DUR Hylton
Robert Talbot Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
John Talbot Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Sarah Talbot Dau 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Richard Talbot Son 4DUR Hylton
William Talbot Son 2DUR Hylton
Ralph Talbot Son 1m DUR Hylton
Back Guyse Bridget Alcounlay Head U 45Labourer in Fields IRL
Back Guyse Thomas Nichol Head U 38Lab. in Cement Works NBL St. Peters Quay
Rebecca Nichol Sis U 24Housekeeper DUR South Shields
Back Guyse Maria Finn Head U 23Paper Mill Worker DUR Washington
Catherine Finn Sis U 20Chemical Works LabourerDUR Washington
John Finn Bro U 18General Labourer DUR Washington
Dominic Finn Bro 14General Labourer DUR Sunderland
Bridget Finn Sis 13DUR Sunderland
Margaret Finn Sis U 19Paper Mill Worker DUR Washington
Elizabeth Finn Sis U 16General Serv DUR Sunderland
Catherine Finn Nce U 33DUR Sunderland
Margaret Finn Wild Aunt Wid 50DUR Sunderland
Back Guyse Gilbert Foggin Head Wid 30? Spade & Shovel Maker DUR Gateshead
William Foggin Son 17Labourer in Forge DUR Gateshead
Margaret Foggin Dau 15Housekeeper DUR Gateshead
Gilbert Foggin Son 13Scholar DUR Gateshead
Mary A. Foggin Dau 11Scholar DUR Gateshead
Back Guyse William Whitfield Head M 38Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Hannah Whitfield Wife M 34DUR Hylton
Hannah Whitfield Dau 11Scholar DUR Hylton
John Whitfield Son 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert Whitfield Son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Thomas Whitfield Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Sarah A. Whitfield Dau 2DUR Hylton
Hannah Whitfield Dau 1m DUR Hylton
Back Guyse Robison Talbot Head Widr 64Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Matthew Talbot Son U 34Shipwright DUR Hylton
Frances Talbot Dau U 18Housekeeper DUR Hylton
Back Guyse Thomas Watson Head M 45Iron Puddler DUR Bishopwearmouth
Mary Watson Wife M 29DUR Houghton-le-Spring
Margaret J. Watson Dau 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Eleanor H. Watson Dau 4DUR South Hylton
Thomas J. Watson Son 1DUR South Hylton
Back Guyse Thomas Wheatley Head M 62Carpenter unemployed DUR Bishopwearmouth
Anne Wheatley Wife M 41DUR South Shields
William Wheatley Son 16General Labourer DUR Hylton
Lawrence Wheatley Son 13Scholar DUR Hylton
Ralph Wheatley Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
James Wheatley Son 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Burton Wheatley Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Sarah Ann Wheatley Dau 4DUR Hylton
Back Guyse William Patterson Head M 33Shipwright DUR Washington Staithes
Mary A. Patterson Wife M 28DUR South Hylton
Jane Patterson Dau 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
Sarah E. Patterson Dau 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
Back Guyse James Reed Head M 42Shipwright DUR Cox Green
Mary J. Reed Wife M 44IRL
Thomas Reed Son U 14Catcher to Rivetter (Ship)DUR South Hylton
James reed Son 12Scholar DUR South Hylton
William T. Reed Son 6Scholar DUR Cox Green
John R. Reed Son 4Scholar DUR Cox Green
Back Guyse William Spoors Head M 45Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Isabella Spoors Wife M 39DUR Shotley
William Spoors Son 14Working in Paper Mill DUR Consett
John Spoors Son 11Scholar DUR South Hylton
George Spoors Son 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
Dorothy Spoors Dau 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
Thomas Spoors Son 4Scholar DUR South Hylton
Hannah Spoors Dau 10m DUR South Hylton
Back Guyse Thomas Usher Head M 30Iron Forgeman DUR Sunderland
Hannah Usher Wife M 25YKS Malton
Richard Usher Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
John Usher Son 2DUR Hylton
Back Guyse John Robinson Head 54Shoemaker DUR Barnard Castle
Mary Robinson Wife M 56NBL Milfield
Margaret Robinson Dau U 24DUR Harraton
Farm Cottages John Smith Head M 54General Labourer CUL Dalston
Isabella Smith Wife M 54CUL Thruplin
Elizabeth Smith Dau 16Paper Mill Worker DUR Hylton
William Smith Son 14Paper Mill Labourer DUR Hylton
Mary Smith Dau 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Thomas Smith Son 9Scholar DUR Hylton
James Hutchinson G'son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Farm Cottages William Baker Head M 44Labourer in Paper Mill MDX Islington
Jane Baker Wife M 42SFK Southwold
David Baker Son 17Labourer in Paper Mill SFK Lowestoft
Jane Baker Dau 15General Serv at home SFK Lowestoft
William Baker Son 13Labourer in Paper Mill SFK Kelsingland
Georgina Baker Dau 11Scholar SFK Kelsingland
Farm Cottages John Birbeck Head M 50Cooper WES Appleby
Jane Birbeck Wife M 49WES Appleby
William Birbeck Son U 21Cooper DUR Hylton
Margaret Birbeck Dau U 19Domestic Serv DUR Hylton
Thomas Birbeck Son 17Cooper DUR Hylton
George Birbeck Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Farmstead Nicholas W. Hutchinson Head U 26Farmer, 50 acres DUR Ford
Margaret Hutchinson Sis U 38Housekeeper DUR Ford
Mary Ann Stubbs Dau U 18General Serv DUR Sunderland
Lion PlaceGeorge Broad Head M 42Innkeeper & Carpenter DUR Monkwearmouth
Golden Lion Margaret Broad Wife M 37DUR Monkwearmouth
Mary J. Broad Dau 14Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Ann Ada Broad Dau 11Scholar DUR Hylton
William H. Broad Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
George Broad Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Arthur N. Broad Son 3Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary E. Broad Dau 2m DUR Hylton
Lion Place George Bainbridge Head M 55Sawyer DUR Sunderland
Theresa Bainbridge Wife M 55DUR Sunderland
Matthew Bainbridge Son 20Striker for Blacksmith DUR Sunderland
Thomas Bainbridge Son 17Forge Workman DUR Sunderland
Isabella Bainbridge G'dau 9Scholar DUR Sunderland
Ralph Hutchinson Lodg U 19Forge Workman DUR Sunderland
Lion Place Ralph Bainbridge Head M 23Forge Workman DUR Sunderland
Annie Bainbridge Wife M 18CUL Clifton
James Bainbridge Son 7m DUR Hylton
Lion Place Richard Thompson Head M 32Carpenter DUR Berry Edge
Jane Thompson Wife M 32DUR Sunderland
Lion Place Edward Pickering Head M 40Cement Miller DUR South Shields
Mary A. Pickering Wife M 33DUR Sunderland
Edward Pickering Son 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
Margaret Pickering Dau 4Scholar DUR South Hylton
Alice Pickering Dau 1DUR South Hylton
Lion Place Thomas Mackersy # Head M 32Carpenter DUR South Hylton
Olivia Mackersy # Wife M 29DUR Sunderland
Sarah E. Mackersy # Dau 7Scholar DUR Sunderland
Thomas Mackersy # Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
John Mackersy # Son 3DUR Hylton
Mary Mackersy # Moth Wid 64IRL
Lion Place William Lomax Head M 23Cartman DUR Sunderland
Jane R. Lomax Wife M 24SFK Bungay
Lion Place James Nichol Head M 71Provision Merchant DUR Ford
Mary Nichol Wife M 70NBL Longbenton
James Douglas Nichol G'son U 17Comm. Clerk-Paper Mill DUR Ford
Ferry Boatstead James Lomax Head M 53Boatman Ferry DBY Burywash
Mary A. Lomax Wife M 53NFK King's Lynn
Walter Lomax Son 15Boatman's Helper DUR Southwick
Sarah A. lomax Dau 13Scholar DUR Southwick
Ann M. Friend Nce 14Dressmaker's ApprenticeNFK King's Lynn
Charles Friend Neph 5Scholar DUR Castletown
Ferry Boat Row Mary Jenkins Head Wid 61Annuitant DUR Felling
Thomas Reed Jenkins Son Widr 34Grocer DUR Felling
Samuel A. Jenkins Son U 29Grocer DUR Felling
Charlotte Hunter Dau M 39DUR Felling
Thomas Hunter G'son 2DUR South Hylton
Ferry Boat Row John G. Cooper Head M 40Joiner DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth J. Cooper Wife M 43NBL Alnwick
Joseph Cooper Son 17Labourer in Paper Mill DUR Hylton
William Cooper Son 14Labourer in Paper Mill DUR Hylton
Robert Cooper Son 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Sarah Cooper Dau 10Scholar DUR Hylton
James Cooper Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
John Cooper Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Roger Cooper Son 4Scholar DUR Hylton
Elizabeth A. Cooper Dau 2DUR Hylton
Ferry Boat Row Thomas Richardson Head M 54Shipwright DUR Hylton
Sarah Richardson Wife M 51DUR Cox Green
Mary E. Richardson Dau U 18Worker in Paper Mill DUR Hylton
Robert Richardson Son U 14DUR Hylton
Ferry Boat Row Jane Hudson Head Wid 91DUR Hylton
John G. Richardson G'son U 26Shipwright DUR Hylton
James Richardson G'son U 24General Labourer DUR Hylton
Ferry Boat Row William Hutchinson Head M 48Labourer in Rivet Works YKS Richmond
Jane Hutchinson Wife M 42DUR Hylton
Isabella Hutchinson Dau 12Scholar DUR Springwell
William Hutchinson Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
John G. Hutchinson Son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
James Hy. Hutchinson Son 4DUR Hylton
Watson Hutchinson Son 1DUR Hylton
Ferry Boat Row Thomas I. Henderson Head U 55Boot Maker DUR Hylton
Ferry Boat Row Sarah Patterson Head Wid 67Annuitant DUR Marshlands
Lancelot Patterson Son M 38Carpenter DUR Usworth
Joseph Patterson Son U 32Joiner DUR Washington
George Patterson Son U 26Tailor DUR Hylton
John Farey S-i-L M 28Boilersmith DUR Pallion
Sarah Farey Dau M 28DUR Cox Green
Jane Farey G'dau 1DUR Hylton
James Patterson G'son 7DUR Hylton
Ferry Boat Row Joseph Tennet Head M 34Baker DUR South Shields
Elizabeth Tennet Wife M 30DUR Monkwearmouth
Lancelot Tennet Son 7Scholar DUR Monkwearmouth
Elizabeth A. Tennet Dau 5Scholar DUR Monkwearmouth
Joseph Tennet Son 4Scholar DUR Hylton
Rachel E. Tennet Dau 1DUR Hylton
Ferry Boat Row Jane Moir Head Wid 70DUR Chester-le-Street
Jane Paddon Dau M 32Emp. at Ford Paper Mill DUR South Hylton
Sarah J. Paddon G'dau 11DUR South Hylton
Ferry Boat Row John Oxberry Head M 51Joiner DUR South Hylton
Jane Oxberry Wife M 50DUR Gateshead
Jane A. Oxberry Dau U 19Dressmaker DUR Hylton
Ellen Oxberry Dau U 18Paper Mill Finisher DUR Hylton
Ferry Boat Row Margaret Wilson Head U 78Retired (Annuitant) DUR Hylton
Ferry Boat Row Christopher Reed Head M 21Steam Hammer Driver DUR Cox Green
Mary E. Reed Wife M 19DUR South Hylton
Mary E. Reed Dau 2DUR South Hylton
George Brown Board U 24Steam Hammer Driver DUR South Hylton
Ferry Boat Row- John Chapman Head M 66Innkeeper & Joiner DUR Stanton
George & Dragon Margaret Chapman Wife M 49DUR Hetton
Rachel Chapman Dau U 20DUR Hylton
Margaret Clorres S'dau U 16General Serv at Home DUR Gateshead
Isabella Clorres S'dau 13Scholar DUR Washington
Aaron Ridley Lodg M 29Boilersmith NBL Newcastle
Luke Hutton Lodg Widr 76Coal Miner DUR Fatfield
John Donn Lodg U 24Iron Worker in Ship Yard NBL Newcastle
Francis Brannan Lodg U 23Boilersmith SCO
Ferry Boat Row William Turner Head M 28Labourer in Ship Yard DUR Deptford
Margaret J. Turner Wife M 26DUR Hylton
Thomas Turner Son 4Scholar DUR Hylton
High Row William Chris. Stothard Head Widr 64Ship Carpenter DUR North Hylton
Robert Stothard Son U 24Ship's Carpenter DUR North Hylton
Catherine J. Robinson S'dau 26Dressmaker DUR North Hylton
High Row Robert Henderson Head M 40Ship Carpenter DUR South Hylton
Sarah A. Henderson Wife M 35DUR South Hylton
William Henderson Son 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
Mary Ann Henderson Dau 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Henderson Dau 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
Margaret Henderson Dau 4DUR South Hylton
High Row James Allison Head M 43Ship Carpenter DUR Monkwearmouth
Sarah Allison Wife M 42DUR South Hylton
Catherine Allison Dau 18General Serv at Home DUR South Hylton
William Allison Son 14Labourer in Paper Mill DUR South Hylton
Margaret Allison Dau 12Scholar DUR South Hylton
John J. Allison Son 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
Mary B. Allison Dau 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Sarah E. Allison Dau 5DUR South Hylton
High Row Margaret Stothard Head M 38Housekeeper DUR South Hylton
George William Stothard Son 17Lab. in Iron Ship Yard DUR South Hylton
Mary Ann Stothard Dau 15DUR South Hylton
Margaret J. Stothard Dau 12Scholar DUR South Hylton
Thomas Stothard Son 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
Dinah Is. Stothard Dau 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
James Stothard Son 4DUR South Hylton
Charles Stothard Son 1DUR South Hylton
High Row Taylor Henderson Head M 25Ship Carpenter DUR South Hylton
Jessey Henderson Wife M 20DUR West Hartlepool
William Henderson Son 3m DUR South Hylton
High Row James Brown Head M 66Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Isabella Brown Wife M 66DUR Sunderland
Hannah Brown Dau U 29DUR South Hylton
George W. Brown Son U 27Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Robert N. Brown Son U 24Striker for Blacksmith DUR South Hylton
George William Chilton G'son 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
High Row Robert Sutton Head M 43Ship Carpenter DUR South Hylton
Esther Sutton Wife M 34DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Sutton Dau 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
John Sutton Son 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
Jane Sutton Dau 4Scholar DUR South Hylton
Thomas Sutton Son 1DUR South Hylton
High Row Edward Henderson Head M 31Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Catherine Henderson Wife M 30DUR South Hylton
Mary A. Henderson Dau 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
Susannah Henderson Dau 3Scholar DUR South Hylton
High Row George Hildrew Head M 21Furnaceman in Iron ForgeDUR Pallion
Margaret A. Hildrew Wife M 21ESS Northfleet
Thomas Hildrew Son 1DUR South Hylton
High Row Joseph Clelland Head M 47Publican & Joiner NBL Newcastle
Renforth Hotel Ann Clelland Wife M 44NBL Newcastle
High Row Thomas Mason Head M 38General Labourer NBL Bellingham
Ann Mason Wife M 44DUR Woodhouse
John Mason Son 13Scholar NBL Seaton Colliery
Emma Mason Dau 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Margaret Mason Dau 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
High Row William Rogers Head U 55Blind - Unable to work DUR South Hylton
High Row Peter Charlton Head M 40Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Mary E. Charlton Wife M 35DUR South Hylton
George Whitfield S'son U 18Iron Foregman's Helper DUR Hylton
William Charlton Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Charlton Dau 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert Charlton Son 1DUR Hylton
Peter Charlton Son 1m DUR Hylton
Ann Whitfield M-i-L Wid 74DUR Hylton
High Row George Whitfield Head M 41Shipwright DUR Hylton
Margaret Whitfield Wife M 42DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Whitfield Dau U 18Domestic Serv DUR Hylton
George Whitfield Son 14Scholar DUR Hylton
Margaret Whitfield Dau 11Scholar DUR Millfield
High Row Back William Jeffrey Head M 39Ship Carpenter DUR Sunderland
Mary Jeffrey Wife M 37DUR Hylton
Thomas Jeffrey Son 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary Jeffrey Dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
James Jeffrey Son 4DUR Hylton
Robert Jeffrey Son 1DUR Hylton
High Row Back John Brent Head M 67Coachman (Domestic) MDX LONDON
Jane Brent Wife M 64DUR Sunderland
High Row Edward Spowers Head M 47Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Mary Ann Spowers Wife M 45DUR South Hylton
William Spowers Son U 24Joiner DUR South Hylton
Ann Spowers Dau 16Dressmaker DUR South Hylton
Alice Spowers Dau 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
Alfred Spowers Son 4Scholar DUR South Hylton
High Row Lawrence Spowers Head Widr 50Shipwright DUR South Hylton
Margaret Spowers Dau U 18Domestic Serv DUR South Hylton
John Spowers Son 16Ship Plater DUR South Hylton
Thomas Spowers Son 14Rivet Maker DUR South Hylton
Jane Spowers Dau 12Domestic Serv DUR South Hylton
Lawrence Spowers Son 11Scholar DUR South Hylton
George Spowers Son 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
High Row William Hobson Head M 58Ship Carpenter Unemp. DUR Newbottle
Isabella Hobson Wife M 58DUR Hylton
WhiteheughMatthew Gibbon Head M 37Ship Carpenter & I'keeperDUR Hylton
Crow's Nest Mary Gibbon Wife M 35DUR Bishopwearmouth
William Davison S'son 14Rivet Heater in Shipyard DUR Hylton
Margaret Gibbon Dau 11Scholar DUR Whiteheugh
Elizabeth Gibbon Dau 9Scholar DUR Whiteheugh
Sarah Gibbon Dau 7Scholar DUR Whiteheugh
Barbara Gibbon Dau 6Scholar DUR Whiteheugh
Mary Gibbon Dau 4DUR Whiteheugh
Matthew Gibbon Son 2DUR Whiteheugh
Offerton Lane John L. Atkinson Head M 57Gardener's Labourer DUR Jarrow
Jane Atkinson Wife M 54DUR Ford
Margaret Atkinson Dau U 21Milliner DUR Houghton
Elizabeth J. Atkinson G'dau DUR Ford
Offerton Lane William Clark Head M 48Ship Carpenter DUR South Hylton
Ellen Clark Wife M 46DUR South Hylton
Thomas Clerk Son U 19Furnaceman in Forge DUR South Hylton
George Clark Son 15Coal Wheeler in Forge DUR South Hylton
William Clark Son 13DUR South Hylton
Robert Clark Son 11Scholar DUR South Hylton
Grace Is. Clark Dau 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
Ralph Clark Son 3DUR South Hylton
Well Open Mary McCue Head Wid 41IRL
Sarah McCue Dau U 20Out of Employment NBL Blyth
John McCue Son U 19Labourer in Iron Forge NBL Blyth
William McCue Son U 11Scholar DUR Washington
Well Open Robert Carver Head M 36Labourer in Ship Yard SFK Lowestoft
Isabella Carver Wife M 36DUR South Hylton
Eleanor Carver Dau 16Domestic Serv DUR South Hylton
Sarah Carver Dau 12Scholar DUR South Hylton
Robert Carver Son 1m DUR South Hylton
Well Open ??????????????????
* Fulthorpe/Kilthorpe
# Mackersy/MacRea sy