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Field House Thomas Pratt Head Wdr 76Retired Builder DUR Milburn
Jane Mason Serv 25General Servant NBL Bellingham
Ellen Mason Serv 15General Servant DUR Cox Green
Railway Station Thomas Twizell Head Wdr 47Station Master DUR Milburn
Ann Twizell Moth Wid 77Annuitant
Jane Twizell Serv 32Domestic Servant
1 Railway Terrace William Wakefield Head M 60Innkeeper Wales
Railway Inn Mary Wakefield Dau 26DUR Ford
Susannah Wakefield Dau 23DUR Ford
Thomas Wakefield Son 16Labourer DUR Ford
Mary Sarah Wakefield G'dau 3Scholar Clifton
2 Railway Terrace Blyth Jolly Head M 27Clerk DUR Ford
Mary Jolly Wife 20DUR Rainton
Edoth Jolly Dau 1DUR Bishopwearmouth
Sarah Collins Serv 14General Servant DUR Hylton
3 Railway Terrace William Parin Head Wdr 63Grocer
John Parin Son 29DUR
Sarah Parin Dau 26Grocer's Assistant DUR
4 Railway Terrace Matthew Bell Head M 29? Inn Keeper DUR Gateshead
Cambria Arms Ann Bell Wife 47Inn Keeper's Wife DUR Gateshead
Robert Wm Wanless S'son 16Cartman DUR Gateshead
John George Wanless S'son 14Rivet Maker DUR Gateshead
Ann Stottley Serv 23Domestic Servant YKS
Mary Jane Lynn Serv 12Servant DUR Ford
5 Railway Terrace Elizabeth Pratt Head Wid 27Annuitant DUR Ford
Mgt Appelby Bertram Nce 5DUR Ford
Rbt Appelby Bertram Nph 4DUR Ford
Grace Hume Serv 28Domestic Servant DUR Felling
6 Railway Terrace Rbt Appelby Bertram Head Wdr 36Shipwright (WO DUR Ford
George Bertram Son 10Scholar DUR Ford
Wlm Naizby Bertram Son 8Scholar DUR Ford
Ann Naizby M-i-L Wid 69Annuitant DUR Staindrop
Mary Jane Collins Serv 19General Servant DUR Hylton
7 Railway Terrace John Lister Head M 56Shipowner DUR Ford
Ann Lister Wife 54DUR Ford
Jane Barnes Dau Wid 27Independent DUR Ford
John George Lister Son 25Shipowner & Shipbuilder DUR Ford
Henderson Lister Son 22Shipowner & Shipbuilder DUR Ford
Edgar Barnes G'son 7Scholar DUR Ford
Barbara Coulson Serv 16General Dom. Servant DUR Houghton le Spring
8 Railway Terrace George Raine Head M 43DUR Stanhope
Jane Raine Wife 40DUR Wood Lane
George Raine Nep 16Timekeeper at Forge DUR Witton Park
9 Railway Terrace Ralph Usher Head M 26Clerk at Iron Works DUR Houghton le Spring
Mary Usher Wife 23Housewife DUR South Shields
Thomas Usher Son 3DUR Ford
Margaret Usher Dau 1DUR Ford
Lancelot Usher Son 2m DUR South Shields
Mgt Cashley Vis M 62DUR South Shields
Alexander Cashley Vis 28Tailor DUR South Shields
Dorothy Dixon Vis 28DUR South Shields
Robert Dixon Vis 9Scholar KEN Chatham
Lancelot Dixon Vis 2HAM Portsmouth
David D Dixon Vis 8m DUR South Shields
10 Railway Terrace George Bertram Head Wdr 70Shipbuilder (Wood) DUR South Shields
Isabella Martin Serv 24Domestic Servant DUR South Shields
Joseph Roscamp Lod 28Curate of S. Hylton DUR Haswell
10 Railway Terrace Thomas Nicholson Head M 46Manufacturer employs 12 boys 14 men NBL Hexham
10 Railway Terrace Mary Ann Nicholson Wife 42NTH Middleton
Charlotte Ann Brown S'dau 19Teacher NTH Halleston
Sarah Nicholson Dau 16Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Charlotte Nicholson Dau 13Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Mary Bell Brown S'dau 10Scholar NTH
John Collin Brown Son 8Scholar NTH Wellingborough
12 Railway Terrace William Henry Jolly Head 44Tailor emp2 men 1 mach’t Household Duties DUR Ford
????? Jolly Wife 38Clerk - Sunderland Gas DUR Herrington
Robert Lindsay Jolly Son 19Home Duties DUR Ford
Jane Lynn Jolly Dau 14Scholar DUR Ford
Matthew Jolly Son 10Scholar DUR Ford
Laussanna ?? Jolly Dau 7DUR Ford
12 Railway Terrace Cuthbert Marr Head M 41Glass Bottle ManufactureNBL Ballast Hills
Margaret Marr Wife 39NBL Bedlington
Cuthbert Marr Son 13Scholar NBL St Lawrence
Margaret Marr Dau 7Scholar NBL Newcastle
John George Marr Son 5Scholar DUR Jarrow
Mgt Ann Thomas Serv 17Domestic Servant DUR Ford
13 Railway Terrace Phoebe Trotter Head M 59Annuitant DUR Westgate
1 Union Street William Charlton Head M 27Furnaceman at Forge DUR Sunderland
Margaret Charlton Wife 22DUR Ford
Union Street Ginelm Tate Head 60Journeyman Shoemaker NBL High Guyzance
Mary Ann Tate Wife 47YKS Knaresborough
Thomas Tate Son 15Glassworks DUR Bishopwearmouth
George Tate Son 13Glassworks DUR Bishopwearmouth
James Tate Son 6DUR Hylton
Ginelm Tate Son 2DUR Hylton
Thomas Ginelm Bell G'son 6DUR Hylton
Union Street Mary Hodgson Head Wid 46DUR Bishopwearmouth
William Hodgson Son 14Iron Rivet Maker DUR Houghton le Spring
Henry Hodgson Son 7DUR Ford
George Black Lod 46Journeyman Shoemaker LAN Manchester
Union Street John Greener Head M 51Blacksmith DUR Sunderland
Ann Greener Wife 50DUR Philadelphia
John G Greener Son 16Employed at Forge DUR Sunderland
Sarah J Greener Dau 11Scholar DUR Ford
Union Street Ralph Emmerson Head M 22Forgeman DUR Offerton Haugh
Ann Emmerson Wife 24Foregman's wife DUR Ford
Union Street John George Usher Head M 19Forgeman DUR Gateshead
Sarah Usher Wife DUR South Shields
William Lawson Usher Son 9m DUR South Shields
Union Street Stephen Shaw Head M 33Shipwright NBL North Shields
Esther Mary Shaw Wife 28KEN Sheerness
William James Shaw Son 3Scholar KEN Sheerness
Eleanor Frances Shaw Dau 2KEN Sheerness
Union Street Hylton Carr Head M 60Shipwright DUR Ford
Isabella Carr Wife M 52DUR Jarrow
Henry Henderson S'son 40Unemployed shipwright DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Carr S'dau 21Dressmaker DUR Hylton
Isabella Carr S'dau 19Dressmaker DUR Hylton
Rebecca Carr S'dau 14Scholar DUR Hylton
Union Street William Young Head M 33Forgeman DUR Hetton
Catherine Young Wife 31DUR
Ellen Young Dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
James Young Son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
William Young Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Union Street John Scarr Head M 30Railway signalman YKS Northallerton
Mary Ann Scarr Wife DUR Hylton
Union Street Thomas Lynn Head M 56Forgeman DUR Houghton
Mary Lyn Wife 51DUR Hylton
Joshua Lynn Son 22Forgeman DUR
Ann Lynn Dau 16Employed at Paper Mill DUR
Sarah Lynn Dau 14Employed at Paper Mill DUR
Union Street William Robinson Head M 78Labourer NBL Alnick
Mary Robinson Wife 70NBL Alnick
Union Street John George Cooper Head 30Joiner DUR
Elizabeth Jane Cooper Wife 33NBL Alnick
Joseph Cooper Son 7DUR Hylton
Mary Jane Cooper Dau 6DUR Hylton
William Cooper Son 4DUR Hylton
Rbt Westmorel'd Cooper Son 2DUR Hylton
Sarah Cooper Dau 2m DUR Hylton
Union Street Thomas Davis Head Wdr 56Ship Joiner DOR
Elizabeth Davis Dau 23Schoolteacher DUR Hylton
John Davis Son 24Domestic Servant DUR Hylton
David Davis Son 19General Servant DUR Hylton
Alfred Davis G'son 2m DUR Hylton
Mary Jane Melvin Vis 18Domestic Servant DUR
Union Street William Wilson Head M 46Gardener DUR Hylton
Eleanor Wilson Wife 43
Ellen Wilson Dau 21DUR Ford
Robert Wilson Son 20Shipwright DUR Ford
Sarah Wilson Dau 17DUR Ford
William wilson Son 13DUR Ford
James wilson Son 11DUR Ford
Union Street Thomas Woodward Head Wdr 53Engineman at Iron Works YKS
Ann Woodward Dau 11Scholar YKS
Mary Woodward Dau 9Scholar YKS
Thomas Woodward Son 7Scholar YKS
Frederick Woodward Son 4Scholar DUR
Elizabeth Woodward Dau 3DUR Darlington
Mary Ann Groves Serv 47Domestic Servant DUR Darlington
Union Street John Charlton Head M 33Labourer DUR South Shields
Isabell Charlton Wife 32DUR Sunderland
Sarah Ann Spraggon Cus 9Scholar DUR Hendon
Union Street Robert Ridley Head M 44Labourer NBL
Ann Ridley Wife 27NBL
Frances Ridley Dau 8Scholar NBL
Jane Ridley Dau 6Scholar CUL
Francis Ridley Son 4Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Ann Ridley Dau DUR Bishopwearmouth
Union Street Edward Wakefield Head M 38Brickmaker BKM
Elizabeth Wakefield Wife 39DUR Ford
Mary Wakefield Dau 16DUR Ford
Elizabeth Wakefield Dau 12DUR Ford
Susannah Wakefield Dau 10DUR Ford
Edward Wakefield Son 8DUR Ford
William Wakefield Son 4DUR Ford
Margaret Wakefield Dau 2DUR Ford
Cambria Steet William Banks Head M 51Bootmaker emp. 3 menDUR South Shields
Margaret Banks Wife 46DUR St. Lawrence
Thomas William Banks Son 16Clerk for N.E.Railway Co.DUR Ford
Edward Banks Son 12Scholar DUR Ford
Elizabeth Banks Dau 10Scholar DUR Ford
William Banks Son 8Scholar DUR Ford
Mary Ann Banks Dau 7Scholar DUR Ford
Cambria Steet John Rennison Head M 38Cement Works Foreman NBL Newcastle
Elizabeth Ann Rennison Wife 33DUR Sunderland
George Rennison Son 8Scholar DUR Gateshead
Robert Rennison Son 6Scholar DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Ann Rennison Dau 9m DUR Sunderland
Cambria Street William Richardson Head M 54Paper Mill Enginesmith DUR Biddick
Jane Richardson Wife 57CUL Wigton
Elizabeth Richardson Dau 20Household Duties DUR Washington
Cambria Street William Pringle Head M 55Bricklayer DUR Sunderland
Frances Pringle Wife 55DUR Sunderland
Ralph Pringle Son 31Bricklayer DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Pringle Dau 23Househod Duties DUR Sunderland
Cambria Street James William Bell Head M 26Shipwright DUR Ford
Isabella Bell Wife 27DUR Ford
Ellen Isabella Bell Dau 1m DUR Ford
Ellen Gill M- i- L 56DUR Ford
Cambria Street Sarah Burney Wid 54Assistant Dressmaker DUR Ford
G. Storey Board U 50Labourer SCO
Cambria Street John Elliott Head M 30Butcher DUR Gainford
Alice Elliott Wife 34LAN Manchester
Frederick Wm Elliott Son 6DUR Sunderland
Isabella Elliott Dau 3DUR Sunderland
Thomas Elliott Son 1DUR Sunderland
Cambria Street Elizabeth Kirtley M 58Shipwright's wife DUR Houghton
Jane Kirtley Dau 23Household Duties DUR Ford
Mary Kirtley Dau 20Household Duties DUR Ford
Cambria Street John Surtees Head M 60Chief Surfaceman NBL Bywell
Sarah Surtees Wife 68NBL Warden
Jonathan Surtees Son 39Iron Shipyard Platelayer DUR Warden
Cambria Street Joseph Surtees Head M 39Blacksmith NBL Bywell
Hannah Surtees Wife 37DUR Pensher
John Surtees Son 10Scholar DUR Ford
Sarah Jane Surtees Dau 8Scholar DUR Ford
Nicholas Surtees Son 6Scholar DUR Ford
Mary Ann Surtees Dau 4Scholar DUR Ford
Hannah Surtees Dau Scholar DUR Ford
Cambria Street Robert Twizell Head M 57Retired Grocer DUR Monkwearmouth
Jane Twizell Wife 63DUR Felling
Cambria Street Joseph Lowden Head M 32Engine Fitter DUR Lamesley
Isabella Lowden Wife 30DUR Lamesley
Isabella Lowden Dau 7Scholar DUR Ford
Alice Lowden Dau 5Scholar DUR Ford
Joseph Lowden Son 3DUR Ford
Cambria Street Thomas Marr Head M 33Forgeman DUR Monkwearmouth
Jane Marr Wife 31DUR
Joseph Marr Son 11Scholar DUR Ford
Thomas Marr Son 9Scholar DUR Ford
Alice Marr Dau 4DUR Ford
Elizabeth Marr Dau 1DUR Ford
Cambria Street Ann Byerley Head U 49NBL Broomshaugh
Cambria Street John Watterson Head M 29Forgeman NBL Bedlington
Jane Watterson Wife 31DUR Derwenthaugh
Dorothy Clasper S-i-L 10Scholar DUR Gateshead
Dorothy Margarett Ryle N-i-L Scholar NBL Benwell
Cambria Street Mary Ann Seymour Serv Domestic Servant DUR Ford
Forge Houses William Harrison Head M 38Forge DUR Hastings Hill
Mary Harrison Wife 37DUR Blackfell
Jacob Marquis Harrison Son 16Blacksmith NBL
Margaret Ann Harrison Dau 14NBL
Henry Harrison Son 11Scholar DUR Ouston
Christine Harrison Dau 8DUR Ford
John Joseph Harrison Son 6DUR Ford
Simon Harrison Son 1DUR Ford
Forge Houses James Bainbridge Head M 48Engine Smith DUR Wallsend
Lydia Bainbridge Wife 47NBL Willington
Andrew Wm Bainbridge Son 12NBL Walker
William John Bainbridge Son 9NBL Newcastle
Rbt Alex'der Bainbridge Son 4DUR Ford
Forge Houses William Lawson Head M 37Furnaceman NBL Blyth
Ann Lawson Wife 41NBL Bedlington
Eliz. Mary Lawson Dau 14DUR Ford
Thomas Usher Lawson Son 10Scholar DUR Ford
Mary Ann Lawson Dau 7Scholar DUR Ford
William Barnes Lawson Son 4DUR Ford
Margaret Jane Lawson Dau 1DUR Ford
Forge Houses William Robinson Binks Head M 34Engine Fitter DUR Houghton
Margaretta Binks Wife 40DUR Ford
Forge Houses William Binks Head M 74Manager Iron Works LAN Liverpool
Elizabeth Binks Wife 69House Duties SCO
Forge Houses Robert Cockburn Head M 52Blacksmith NBL Hexham
Ann Cockburn Wife 54NBL Hexham
John Cockburn Son 16DUR Houghton
Forge Houses John Lockey Head M 29Lime Burner ???
Ellen Lockey Wife 31DUR North Hylton
Dorothy Coates M-i-L 61DUR North Hylton
James Wlliam Lockey Son 4DUR North Hylton
Sarah Jane Lockey Dau 3DUR Ford
John William Lockey Son 2DUR Ford
Alfred Lockey Son 8m DUR Ford
Albion Street George Allen Head M 38Mason DUR Rainton
Ann Allen Wife 39DUR Bishopwearmouth
Sarah Allen Dau 9Scholar DUR Gateshead
Albion Street James Todd Head M 30Joiner DUR Bishopwearmouth
Margaret Todd Wife 25DUR Bishopwearmouth
Emma B Ainsworth S-i-L 22Teacher DUR Bishopwearmouth
Albion Street Mary Todd Head W 59DUR Hylton
Thomas Todd Son 26Waterman DUR Hylton
Edward Hesley Bro Wdr 64Gardener DUR Hylton
Albion Street Thomas Thompson Head M 34Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Jane Thompson Wife 37NBL
Margaret Maddison M-i-L 67NBL
Albion Street Nicholas Smiles Head M 70Cartman YKS Whitby
Ann Smiles Wife 67???
Albion Street Jonah Lisle Head M 25Marine Engineman CUL Carlisle
Ann Lisle Wife 26DBY
Albion Street Joshua Lisle Head M 49General Carter NBL Hexham
Elizabeth Lisle Wife 52NBL Berwick
Thomas Palfreyman S'son 20Shipwright DUR Ford
John Wm Lisle Son 14Clerk DUR Ford
Elizabeth Lisle Dau 13Scholar DUR Ford
Dorothy Lisle Dau 9Scholar DUR Ford
Albion Street Joseph Snowdon Head M 39Ship Joiner DUR Ford
Hannah Snowdon Wife 40DUR East Rainton
Isabella Snowdon Dau 9Scholar DUR Ford
Sarah Snowdon Dau 7Scholar DUR Ford
Thomas Snowdon Son 4Scholar DUR Ford
Mary Jane Snowdon Dau 2DUR Ford
Albion Street Robert Kirtley Head U 42Shipwright DUR Ford
Dorothy Ann Cook Sis M 39Joiner's Wife DUR Ford
Joseph Wm Cook Nep 17Ironmonger DUR Ford
Dorothy Ann Cook Nce 14Scholar DUR North Hylton
Albion Street Michael Martin Head Wdr 61Shipwright DUR Ford
Margaret Martin Dau 28Dressmaker DUR Ford
Jane Martin Dau 16Scholar DUR Ford
William Martin Son 13Scholar DUR Ford
John Wm Martin Son 9Scholar DUR Ford
Mount Pleasant John Speight Head M 60Labourer CUL
Hannah Speight Wife 59NBL Slaley
Henry Harrison Speight Son 17Carver and Gilder DUR North Hylton
Martin Speight G'son 8Scholar DUR Ford
Mount Pleasant Robert Redhead Head M 61Tailor DUR Sunderland
Jane Redhead Wife 65DUR Ford
Jane Ann Errington G'dau 14Scholar DUR Ford
Mount Pleasant Jeffrey Pattison Head M 66Labourer (out of employ) DUR Seaham
Alice Pattison Wife 67House Duties DUR Houghton
George Pattison Son 30Ship Joiner DUR Ford
Robert Pattison G'son 14Paper Maker DUR Ford
Alice Pattison Dau 22Home Duties DUR Ford
Isabella Pattison G'dau 10Scholar DUR Ford
Mount Pleasant John George Booth Head M 29Shipwright DUR Bishopwearmouth
Elizabeth Booth Wife 27Home Duties DUR Ford
Elizabeth Ann Booth Dau 6Scholar DUR Ford
Alice Booth Dau 3Scholar DUR Ford
Margaret Jane Booth Dau 11m DUR Ford
Mount Pleasant William Charlton Head M 26Shipsmith NBL Whitefield
Mary Ann Charlton Wife 25DUR New Shildon
Thomas Wm Charlton Son 4DUR Sunderland
Hannah Furness S-i-L Scholar DUR Sunderland
Mount Pleasant John Burton Head M 57Grocer & Draper SCO
Sarah Burton Head 56DUR Ford
Burton Wheatley Vis 13DUR Ford
Mary Wheatley Vis 11DUR Ford
Sarah Ellen Davison Serv 19Domestic Servant DUR Ford
Mount Pleasant John Rowe Head M 24Waterman DUR Sunderland
Sarah Ann Rowe Wife 27DUR Ford
John George Rowe Son 4DUR Sunderland
Mount Pleasant Jo. Aug. London Head M 34Managing Clerk P’mill OXF St. Clements
Sarah London Wife 33DUR Ford
Mary Caroline London Dau 4DUR Ford
Jos. Augustus London Son 2DUR Ford
Henry Michael London Son 1Teacher DUR Ford
Elizabeth Ainsworth S-i-L 19Teacher DUR Ford
Martha Abigail A’worth S-i-L DUR Ford
Mount PleasantMary Watson Head Wid 66Retired shipbuilder's wife DUR Sunderland
Mary Watson S'dau U 52DUR Sunderland
Mount PleasantJoshua Rodham Head U 73Retired Farmer DUR Houghton
Margaret Boland Serv 29Housekeeper DUR Sedgefield
Hylton House John Brown Head M 42Iron Man'r employs 32 men 9 boys DUR Cockfield
Isabella Brown Wife 25DUR Croxdale
John Geo. Doug. Brown Son 11Scholar DUR Ford
John Leopold Brown Son 9Scholar DUR Ford
Edith May J Brown Dau 6Scholar DUR Ford
Adah Louise Brown Dau 4Scholar DUR Ford
Ernest L Brown Son 1DUR Ford
Adah Guest Vis Wid 73DUR Bishopwearmouth
Kate Miller Vis U 23DUR Sherburn
Elizabeth Ann Smith Serv 20Servant DUR Hylton
South HyltonJoshua Thompson Head M 45Grocer & Postmaster DUR South Shields
Barbara Thompson Wife 41DUR Hylton
Anne Thompson Dau 19DUR Hylton
South HyltonJohn Pattison Head M 53Innkeeper NBL
Margaret Pattison Wife 54NBL
George Pattison Son 20Gilder DUR Hylton
Joseph Pattison Son 16Clerk DUR Hylton
Hannah Wilkinson Serv 26Domestic Servant ?????
South HyltonJoseph Patterson Head M 38Sawyer DUR
Hannah Patterson Wife 26DUR Cox Green
John Joseph Patterson Son 8Scholar DUR Cox Green
William Patterson Son 6Scholar DUR Cox Green
Elenor Patterson Dau 4Scholar DUR Hylton
Matthew Patterson Son 3DUR Hylton
Geo. Spoors Patterson Son 1DUR Hylton
South Hylton Dorothy Watson Wife M 53DUR Spittle
Thomas Watson Son 12Scholar DUR South Shields
South HyltonJudah Lister Head U 27DUR Ford
Robert Tweddle Board U 29DUR Dunston
South HyltonMary Ann Ainsworth Head Wid 31DUR Ford
Margaret Ainsworth Dau 15DUR Ford
John Ainsworth Son 9DUR Ford
Michael Ainsworth Son 8DUR Ford
Thomas Ainsworth Son 6DUR Ford
Jane Ainsworth Dau 2DUR Ford
William Martin AinsworthLodg 26Plater in Iron Shipyard DUR Ford
South Hylton James Donaldson Head M 29Fireman DUR Sunderland
?? Donaldson Wife 26DUR Darlington
South Hylton Jane Scott Head U 50Laundress DUR Ford
South Hylton ElizabethTtrotter Wife M 32Shipwright's Wife DUR Ford
Mary Jane Trotter Dau 4KEN Sittingbourn
Ralph Trotter Son 1DUR Ford
South Hylton William Nelson Head M 36Blacksmith DUR Ayre's Quay
Ann Nelson Wife 36DUR South Shields
Mary Elizabeth Nelson Dau 14Scholar DUR Ayre's Quay
Richard Nelson Son 8Scholar DUR Ayre's Quay
William Nelson Son 6Scholar DUR Ayre's Quay
George Nelson Son 4DUR Ford
South Hylton Elizabeth Ann Bell Head Wid 50DUR Chester-le-Street
John Hood Bell Son 19Shipwright DUR Ford
William Bell Son 17Blacksmith DUR Ford
South Hylton Joseph Cooper Head M 29Shipwright DUR Ford
Isabella Cooper Wife 26Kirkcarrion??
Frances Cooper Dau 2DUR Ford
Jane Cooper Dau 11m DUR Ford
South Hylton Edward Best Head U 59Greengrocer NBL Newbrough
Mary Best Sister U 66Housekeeper NBL Newbrough
South Hylton William Thompson Head M 40Tailor DUR Bishopwearmouth
Jane Thompson Wife 50SCO
Ralph Morden SandersonS'son 19Shipwright DUR Ford
Susannah Sanderson S'dau 17DUR Ford
William Sanderson S'son 15DUR Ford
James Price Sanderson S'son 12DUR Ford
Jane Alderson G'dau 7HAM Portsmouth
John Hutchinson Lodg 26Sawyer DUR Castle Eden
South Hylton Mary Heron Wife M 58SCO
Mary Heron Dau 19DUR Pallion
South Hylton Elizabeth Robbins Head Wid 55DUR Hylton
John Robinson Son 18DUR Sunderland
Wheatsheaf Inn Henry Rontall Head M 55Publican DUR Ford
Jane Rontall Wife 49DUR Morpeth
Francis Ann Rontall Dau 16DUR Hylton
South Hylton William Kirtley Head M 41Grocer DUR Ford
Mary Jane Kirtley Wife 37DUR Cox Green
Robert Pattison Kirtley Son 17Apprentice Draper DUR Ford
Mary Pattison Dau 15Scholar DUR Ford
Matthew Kirtley Son 13Scholar DUR Ford
Ann Kirtley Dau 11Scholar DUR Ford
Sarah Elizabeth Kirtley Dau 7Scholar DUR Ford
South Hylton John Dickinson Head Wdr 73Independent DUR Monkwearmouth
South Hylton John Dickinson Head 53Butcher DUR Monkwearmouth
Louisa Dickinson Wife M 30SCO
Sarah Dickinson Dau 3DUR Hylton
South Hylton Richard Russell Head M 55Cooper IRL
Ann Ruissell Wife 53IRL
George Russell Son 19DUR Ford
Thomas R Cooper Son 15DUR Ford
South Hylton Annie Williams Wife M 24Miner's Wife DUR Sunderland
William Henry Williams Son 2DUR Ryhope
Jane Elizabeth Williams Dau 4DUR Washington
Uninhabited Uninhabited
South Hylton Ann Stafford Head U 31DUR Ford
Joseph Raw Lodg 41Railway Signalman YKS
South Hylton Matthew Hudson Head M 68DUR Washington
Barbara Hudson Wife 66DUR Washington
South Hylton William Weston Head M 45Iron Rivit Maker SCO
Margaret Weston Wife 44SCO
Martha Weston Dau 18Paper Mill SCO
John Weston Son 15Labourer at Rivit factory SCO
Jane Weston Dau 11Scholar SCO
James Weston Son 9Scholar SCO
Mary Weston Dau 7Scholar SCO
Isabella Weston Dau 5Scholar SCO
Infant Weston Dau 8d DUR Ford
Margaret Tait Shanks Nce 5Scholar SCO
South Hylton George Boster/Foster ??Head M 36Iron Works Puddler DUR Whitburn
Isabella B/Foster ?? Wife 31DUR Sunderland
William B/Foster?? Son 10Scholar DUR Sunderland
Mary Ann B/Foste ??r Dau 8Scholar DUR Sunderland
Isabella B/Foster?? Dau 4DUR Fencehouses
George B/Foster Son 2m DUR Fencehouses
South Hylton George Borthwick Head M 34Iron Works Roller SCO
Jane Ann Borthwick Wife 28DUR New Mill
Barbara Borthwick Dau 6Scholar DUR Sunderland
Walter Borthwick Son 3Scholar DUR Sunderland
Thomas Borthwick Son 6m DUR Sunderland
South Hylton William Henderson Head M 36Glass Bottle Maker DUR Ballast Hills
Margaret Henderson Wife 37NBL St.Peter's Quay
Elizabeth Henderson Dau 15NBL St.Peter's Quay
George Henderson Son 13NBL St.Peter's Quay
Sarah Henderson Dau 10DUR Deptford
Mgt Jane Henderson Dau 8DUR Deptford
Esther Henderson Dau 4DUR Deptford
South Hylton Jane Larkin Head U 32NBL Newcastle
John Larkin Board 26Glass Bottle Blower NBL Newcastle
Mary Ann Larkin Sis 15NBL Newcastle
South Hylton John Ranson Head M 33Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Isabella Ranson Wife 36NBL
William John Gladden Board 24Joiner DUR Burnhopfield
South Hylton George Robert Snowdon Head M 40Potter DUR Ford
Elizabeth Snowdon Wife 39DUR Monkwearmouth
Robert Snowdon Son 10DUR Ford
Mary Snowdon Dau 7DUR Ford
Elizabeth Snowdon Dau 5DUR Ford
Martha Snowdon Dau 3DUR Ford
South Hylton James Towns Head Wdr 46Blacksmith NBL Morpeth
Mary Hannah Towns Dau 15DUR Ford
William Towns Son 13DUR Ford
South Hylton Rosanna Davidson Head Wid 45DUR South Shields
Elizabeth Davidson Dau 18Paper Finisher at Mill DUR Ford
Samuel Forrest Son 16Puddler DUR South Shields
Rosanna Davidson Dau 5Scholar NBL Newcastle
South Hylton John Butcher Hodgson Head Wdr 51Boot and Shoe Maker DUR Ford
John Robson Hodgson Son 18Plater at Iron Ship Yard DUR Ford
South Hylton James Brannan Head M 39Sawyer IRL
Elizabeth Brannan Wife 38CUL Dissington
Matthew Brannan Son 14CUL Whitehaven
Sarah Jane Brannan Dau 13CUL Dissington
Edward Brannan Son 12CUL Dissington
James Brannan Son 9CUL Maryport
Celia Brannan Dau 7DUR Ford
Eleanor Brannan Dau 5DUR Ford
Elizabeth Ann Brannan Dau 2DUR Ford
Catherine R Brannan Dau 4m DUR Ford
South Hylton Alice Stonehouse Wife M 47House Duties DUR Monkwearmouth
Alice Stonehouse Dau 17DUR Southwick
Mary Ann Stonehouse Dau 15DUR Southwick
Dorothy Ann StonehouseDau 7DUR North Hylton
South Hylton Thomas Moor Head M 26Labourer at Iron Works LAN Warrington
Bridget Moor Wife 24IRL
John Moor Son 4LAN Warrington
Patrick Moor Son 3LAN Warrington
Uninhabited Uninhabited
South Hylton Bridget Conner Head U 40IRL
South Hylton Thomas Usher Head M 20Forgeman DUR Millfield
Ann Usher Wife 21DUR Mosley
South Hylton George Steel Tate Head M 31Shipwright DUR North Hylton
Eleanor Tate Wife 31DUR Ford
Hannah Mary Tate Dau 12Scholar DUR Ford
Eleanor Steel Tate Dau 3Scholar KEN Brompton
John Oxberry Tate Son 1DUR Ford
South Hylton William Patterson Head M 56Cartman DUR North Biddick
Gilbraith Wife 56DUR Marchlands
Lanc. Foster Patterson Son 26DUR Little Usworth
William Patterson Son 24DUR Washington
Joseph Patterson Son 22DUR Washington
Sarah Eleanor PattersonDau 19DUR Cox Green
George Patterson Son16DUR Ford
South Hylton Jacob Wood Head M 34Butcher DUR Monkwearmouth
Mary Wood Wife 39Housekeeper DUR Newbottle
Robert Wood Son 15DUR Deptford
John William Wood Son 9DUR Ballast Hills
Frederick Wood Son 3DUR Ford
Margaret Ann Wood Dau 2DUR Ford
Elizabeth Wood Dau 2m DUR Ford
South Hylton Edward Pickering Head M 31Labourer DUR South Shields
Mary Pickering Wife 24DUR Sunderland
Edward Pickering Son 11m DUR Ford
South Hylton George Davison Head M 40Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Davison Wife 41DUR Sunderland
John Davison Son 17Labourer DUR Ford
George Davison Son 14Scholar DUR Ford
Joseph Davison Son 10Scholar DUR Ford
Margaret Jane Davison Dau 8Scholar DUR Ford
Ralph Davison Son 5Scholar DUR Ford
South Hylton Robinson Talbot Head M 54Shipwright DUR Ford
Isabella Talbot Wife 49NBL Morpeth
John Talbot Son 24Shipwright DUR Ford
Henry Talbot Son 22Shipwright DUR Ford
Mary Ann Talbot Dau 17DUR Ford
Isabella Talbot Dau 15DUR Ford
Frances Ann Talbot Dau 8DUR Ford
South Hylton Matthew Talbot Head M 26Shipwright DUR Ford
Mary Ann Talbot Wife 21DUR Ford
South Hylton Agnes Kelling Head Wid 54IRL
Henry Burns Son 22Labourer DUR Ford
South Hylton Jane Mather Head U 29Employed at Paper Mill DUR Ford
South Hylton Thomas Talbot Head M 63Labourer at Glass Works DUR Ford
Elizabeth Talbot Wife 57NBL Wooler
Grace Talbot Dau 29DUR Ford
Robert Talbot Gr'son 2DUR Ford
South Hylton James Reed Head M 67Waterman DUR Cox Green
Jane Reed Wife 68DUR Cox Green
Jane Lynn Dau Wid 40DUR Cox Green
Ellen Lynn G'dau 8Scholar DUR South Moor
Margaret Jane Lynn G'dau 4Scholar DUR Ford
Thomas Reed G'son M 20Waterman DUR Cox Green
Margaret Ann Reed D-i-L M 20DUR Ford
Thomas Reed G’g'son 3w DUR Ford
South Hylton Thomas Wheatley Head M 57Shipwright DUR Ford
Ann Wheatley Wife 30House Duties NBL North Shields
Isabella Wheatley Dau 23DUR Ford
Thomas Wheatley Son 18Shipwright DUR Ford
Barbara Wheatley Dau 16DUR Ford
John Wheatley Son 14Shipwright DUR Ford
William Wheatley Son 5DUR Ford
Laurence Wheatley Son 2DUR Ford
Ralph Wheatley Son 3m DUR Ford
Eleanor Wheatley G'dau 5DUR Ford
Sarah Wheatley G'dau 1DUR Ford
South Hylton William Hodgson Head M 46Labourer YKS Bedale
Mary Hodgson Wife 44DUR
Sarah Ann Hodgson Dau 24DUR
John J Hodgson Son 18Labourer DUR Ford
Andrew Hodgson Son 16Labourer DUR Ford
George Hodgson Son 13Scholar DUR Ford
Barbara Hodgson Dau 10Scholar DUR Ford
Mary Ellen Hodgson Dau 7Scholar DUR Ford
South Hylton Alfred Davison Head M 34Ship Joiner SSX Rye
Elizabeth Davison Wife 28DUR Ford
Mary Davison Dau 8Scholar DUR Ford
Thomas Davison Son 6Scholar DUR Ford
Margaret Davison Dau 4Scholar DUR Ford
Charles Davison Son 2DUR Ford
John Henry Davison Son 1m DUR Ford
South Hylton John Patterson Head M 31Blacksmith DUR Chaterhaugh
Sarah Patterson Wife 27DUR Ford
Mary Ann Patterson Dau 6Scholar DUR Ford
William Patterson Son 3DUR Ford
South Hylton John Errington Head M 56Shipwright DUR Hylton
Jane Errington Wife 50DUR Pelton
John Errington Son 21Blacksmith DUR Ford
William Errington Son 19Shipwright DUR Ford
Elizabeth Ann Errington Dau 13DUR Ford
South Hylton John Carter Head M 46Ironworker STS Stafford
Susan Carter Wife 36SCO
John Joshua Lodg 20Puddler WLS
South Hylton John Scott Head M 29Bottlemaker NBL Newcastle
Jane Scott Wife 26DUR Bishopwearmouth
Thomas Scott Son 5DUR Deptford
John Scott Son 3DUR Ayre's Quay
Franc Scott Son 10m DUR Ford
South Hylton William Hartell Head M 28Puddler YKS Dudley
Mary Ann Hartell Wife 26YKS Dudley
Elizabeth Hartell Dau 3YKS Stockton
James Hartell Son 1YKS Bilston
William Hartell Son 1m DUR Ford
South Hylton Margaret Bewick Wife M 43YKS Haughton
John Bewick Son 15Labourer DUR Offerton
Jane Bewick Dau 13DUR Offerton
William Bewick Son 6Scholar DUR Ford
South Hylton Lancelot Hutchinson Head M 61Farmer of 40 acres DUR Wellings
Mary Hutchinson Wife 59DUR Eppleton
Margaret Hutchinson Dau 25DUR Ford
Hannah Hutchinson Dau 23DUR Ford
Thomas Hutchinson Son 21DUR Ford
South Hylton William Doughery Head M 60Shoemaker DUR South Shields
Hannah Doughery Wife 56DUR Cox Green
South Hylton Edward Brown Head M 34Shipwright DUR Ford
Mary Brown Wife 36IRL
George Brown Son 16Employed at Iron Works DUR Ford
South Hylton William Todd Head M 41Shipwright DUR Ford
Margaret Todd Wife 35DUR Sunderland
Jane Todd Dau 13DUR Ford
Mary Todd Dau 10DUR Ford
James Todd Son 8DUR Ford
Golden Lion Inn John Usher Head M 55Forge Man DUR Ford
Jane Usher Wife 52DUR New York
Jane Ann Usher Dau 23DUR Millfield
Mary Ann Usher Dau 17DUR Millfield
William Milborn Board Wdr 58Foundryman NBL Bellingham
Adam Archer Board M 34Contractor CUL
William Coulthard Board M 23Labourer YKS
South Hylton Thomas Talbot Head M 37Shipwright DUR Ford
Elizabeth Talbot Wife 27DUR Houghton le Spring
Ellen Talbot Dau 7DUR Ford
Jane Talbot Dau 3DUR Ford
Robert Talbot Son 5m DUR Ford
South Hylton Elizabeth Sutton Head U 45DUR Ford
South Hylton Mary Ann Spencer Head Wid 66Household Duties CUL Stainton
Sarah Spencer Dau 27Employed at Brickyard LAN Barton
Johnson Spencer Son 22Shipwright DUR Offerton
South Hylton Thomas Grainger Head M 48Shipwright DUR Bishopwearmouth
Sarah Grainger Wife 46DUR Ford
Ralph Grainger Son 18Joiner DUR Ford
James Grainger Son 12Scholar DUR Ford
Elizabeth Grainger Dau 10Scholar DUR Ford
Sarah Grainger Dau 5Scholar DUR Ford
South Hylton Ralph Robinson Head M 60Labourer NBL Newcastle
Elizabeth Robinson Wife 61DUR Monkwearmouth
Mary Black S-i-L Wid 54Imbecile DUR Monkwearmouth
South Hylton William Snowdon Head M 33Grocer DUR Ford
Margaret Snowdon Wife M 33STS
South Hylton Michael Hackett Head M 58Sawyer SCO
Mary Hackett Wife 54DUR Ford
Thomas Hackett Son 25Blacksmith DUR Ford
Margaret Jane Hackett Dau 16Servant DUR Ford
South Hylton Mary Hutchinson Wife M 44NBL Newcastle
Mary Hutchinson Dau 13DUR Sunderland
William Hutchinson Son 10DUR Sunderland
South Hylton William Warburton Head M 38Puddler LAN
Jane Warburton Wife 26LAN Manchester
Rachel Ann Warburton Dau 9m DUR Hartlepool
William ??? Lodg 26Labourer SFK
South Hylton James Hall Head M 50Mariner DUR Sunderland
Ann Bell Hall Wife 46DUR Bishopwearmouth
South Hylton George Jenkins Head U 27Grocer & Prov. Dealer DUR Felling
Charlotte Jenkins Sis U 29Housekeeper DUR Felling
South Hylton Thomas Richardson Head M 42Shipwright DUR Ford
Sarah Richardson Wife 40DUR Cox Green
William Richardson Son 19Shipwright DUR Ford
Thomas Richardson Son 17Shipwright DUR Ford
Jane Richardson Dau 11Scholar DUR Ford
Mary Eliz. Richardson Dau 8Scholar DUR Ford
Robert Richardson Son 4Scholar DUR Ford
South Hylton Elizabeth Dunn Head 60DUR Ford
South Hylton William Dickens Head M 27Labourer in Iron Works YKS Barmby
Mary Dickens Wife 26IRL
John Messenger Lodg 25Labourer CUL Hayrigg
South Hylton Francis Cooney Head M 24Labourer IRL
Margaret Cooney Wife 18DUR Hartlepool
South Hylton Thomas Henderson Head U 45Cordwainer DUR Ford
Hannah Henderson H'keep U 78Housekeeper DUR Ford
South Hylton Mary McCue Head Wid 34IRL
Elizabeth McCue Dau 11NBL Blyth
Sarah McCue Dau 9NBL Blyth
John McCue Son 7DUR Bishopwearmouth
William McCue Son 1DUR Bishopwearmouth
South Hylton Catherine Allen Head U 39Washerwoman SCO
Robert J Allen Son 3DUR Shotton
South Hylton Elizabeth Donaldson Head Wid 58DUR Gateshead
Thomas Donaldson Son 25Labourer DUR Southwick
Elizabeth Donaldson Dau 20Servant DUR Sunderland
William Donaldson Son 18Shipwright DUR Southwick
South Hylton Mary Shaw Head Wid 65NBL Newcastle
South Hylton Mary Davidson Head Wid 71SSX Rye
South Hylton Elizabeth Lister Head Wid 77DUR Brancepeth
John Lister Son U 55Blacksmith DUR Ford
South Hylton Elizabeth Gray Wife M 55DUR Ford
Ralph Gray G'son 7Scholar KEN Chatham
South Hylton Jane Hudson Head Wid 80DUR Ford
John George Richardson G'son 14Labourer at Iron Works DUR Ford
James Richardson G'son 12Scholar DUR Ford
South Hylton Margaret Oxberry Head Wid 83NBL Newcastle
Robert Lovett G'son 20Blacksmith DUR Ford
South Hylton Edward Talbot Head M 59Shipwright DUR Ford
Isabella Talbot Wife 50DUR Sunderland
South Hylton Joseph Moir Head M 59Joiner DUR Ford
Ann Moir Wife 55DUR Chester le Street
George Moir Son 31Joiner DUR Hetton le Hole
Margaret Moir Dau 29Dressmaker DUR Ford
Anne Moir Dau 20Schoolteacher DUR Ford
Jane Moir Dau 14Scholar DUR Ford
John Chapelon Vis 23Railway Porter YKS Eadt Cowton
South Hylton Alexander Ross Head M 45Fireman NBLBamborough
Felina Ross Wife 31NBLBamborough
Elizabeth Watts Cous 9NBL Newcastle
South Hylton Robert Oxberry Head M 41Joiner DUR Ford
Jane Oxberry Wife 41DUR Ford
Jane Ann Oxberry Dau 10DUR Ford
Eleanor Oxberry Dau 9DUR Ford
John William Oxberry Son 3DUR Ford
William Bell Nep 21Joiner DUR Ford
South Hylton Robert Henderson Head M 30Shipwright DUR Ford
Sarah Ann Henderson Wife 24DUR North Hylton
William Edw'd HendersonSon 3m DUR Ford
South Hylton Ellen Clark Wife M 37Shipwright's wife DUR Ford
Ellen Clark Dau 13Servant DUR Ford
Margaret Clark Dau 11Scholar KEN Chatham
Thomas Clark Son 9Scolar DUR Ford
Dorothy Clark Dau 7Scholar DUR Ford
South Hylton John Atkinson Head M 47Farm Labourer DUR Jarrow
Jane Atkinson Wife 44DUR Bishopwearmouth
Thomas Atkinson Son 16Joiner DUR Washington
John Atkinson Son 13Scholar DUR Pensher
Margaret Atkinson Dau 11Scholar DUR Pensher
South Hylton Margaret Wilson Head U 68Annuitant DUR Bishopwearmouth
South Hylton Richard Thompson Head M 55Cartwright NBL
Eleanor Thompson Wife 43DUR Bishopwearmouth
Sarah Walton M-i-L Wid 68Annuitant NBL Newcastle
South Hylton Ralph Sutton Head M 46Shipwright NBL
Margaret Sutton Wife 34DUR South Shields
Robert Sutton Son 16Labourer DUR Ford
John William Sutton Son 13Scholar DUR Ford
Elizabeth Sutton Dau 10Scholar DUR Ford
Margaret Sutton Dau 7Scholar DUR Ford
Isabella Sutton Dau 4Scholar DUR Ford
Ralph Sutton Son 10m DUR Ford
South Hylton John Richey Head M 55Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Jane Richey Wife 56DUR Pensher
South Hylton Robert Holmes Head M 60Shipwright DUR Wapping
Hannah Holmes Wife 59DUR Ford
Mary Ann Holmes Dau 20DUR Ford
South Hylton William Stothard Head M 54Shipwright DUR North Hylton
Ann Stothard Wife 49MDX London
Catherine Stothard Dau 26DUR Ford
Charles Stothard Son 19Shipwright DUR Ford
Catherine Robertson S’Dau 16DUR North Hylton
Mary Jane Robertson S’Dau 15DUR North Hylton
Jane Stothard Dau 15DUR Ford
Robert Stothard Son 14DUR Ford
South Hylton William Stothard Head M 28Shipwright DUR Ford
Margaret Stothard Wife 28DUR Ford
George William Stothard Son 7DUR Ford
Mary Ann Stothard Dau 5DUR Ford
Margaret Jane StothardDau 2DUR Ford
South Hylton Susan Henderson Head Wid55DUR Ford
Will. Taylor Henderson Son 22Shipwright DUR Ford
Edward Henderson Son 21Shipwright DUR Ford
Taylor Henderson Son15Shipwright DUR Ford
South Hylton James Allison Head 37Shipwright DUR Monkwearmouth
Sarah Allison Wife M 37DUR Ford
Catherine Allison Dau 8DUR Ford
Susannah Allison Dau 7DUR Ford
William H Allison Son 5DUR Ford
Margaret Allison Dau 2DUR Ford
John James Allison Son 1m DUR Ford
South Hylton James Brown Head 56Shipwright DUR North Hylton
Isabella Brown Wife M 56DUR Sunderland
Hannah Brown Dau 19DUR Ford
George William Brown Son 17Shipwright DUR Ford
Frances Brown Dau 15DUR Ford
Robert Newton Brown Son 13Paper Maker DUR Ford
South Hylton Newton Snowdon Head 60Blacksmith DUR South Shields
Dinah Snowdon Wife M 60DUR Wapping
South Hylton Elizabeth Chilton Wife 27DUR Ford
Thomas Chilton Son 5DUR Ford
Leonard Chilton Son 3DUR Ford
Charles Chilton Son 9m DUR Ford
South Hylton William Rogerson Head U 45Shipwright NBL Newcastle
South Hylton Robert Whitfield Head M 68Blacksmith DUR Ford
Ann Whitfield Wife 64DUR Ford
George William Whitfield G'son 8DUR Ford
South Hylton ???? Charlton Head M 20Shipwright DUR Ford
Mary Eleanor Charlton Wife 25DUR Ford
South Hylton Joseph Ranson Head M 43Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Ann Ranson Wife 45DUR Ford
South Hylton John Whitfield Head M 41Shipwright DUR Ford
Isabella Whitfield Wife 40DUR Ford
Elizabeth Ann Whitfield Dau 15Servant DUR Ford
Robert Whitfield Son 14Scholar DUR Ford
Isabell Whitfield Dau 6Scholar DUR Ford
South Hylton William Hobson Head M 48Shipwright DUR Newbottle
Isabella Hobson Wife 48DUR Ford
Elizabeth Hobson Dau 23Servant DUR Ford
Ralph Hobson Son 14DUR Ford
South Hylton George Emmerson Head M 32Shipwright DUR Ford
Isabella Emmerson Wife 27DUR Offerton
George Emmerson Son 4DUR Ford
William Emmerson Son 2DUR Ford
South Hylton William Whitfield Head M 28Shipwright DUR Ford
Hannah Whitfield Wife 24DUR Ford
Ann Whitfield Dau 1DUR Ford
South Hylton William Emmerson Head M 64Labourer DUR Westgate
Mary Emmerson Wife 55DUR Sunderland
Thomas Emmerson Son 20Engineman DUR Offerton Haugh
Hannah Emmerson Dau 19Servant DUR Offerton Haugh
Robert Emmerson Son 16Apprentice at Forge DUR Offerton Haugh
John William Emmerson Son 14Apprentice at Forge DUR Offerton Haugh
John Henry Emmerson Son 12Scholar DUR Offerton Haugh
South Hylton Thomas Mason Head M 28Copperas Manufacturer NBL Bellingham
Ann Mason Wife 35DUR Woodhouse
David Pluse S’son 16Copperas Manufacturer DUR Shiney Row
Richard Graham Pluse S’son 10Scholar DUR Shiney Row
Eleanor Mason Dau 5Scholar DUR Easington Lane
John Mason Son 3Scholar DUR Seaton Colliery
John Laverick Vis U 69DUR Fishburn
South Hylton Elizabeth Welands Head U 54Schoolmistress DUR Ford
South Hylton Richard Lumley Head M 57Shipwright DUR Lanchester
Margaret Lumley Wife 62DURChester le Street
Marion Lumley Dau 18DUR Ford
South Hylton Edward Spowers Head M 37Shipwright DUR Ford
Mary Ann Spowers Wife 34DUR Bishopwearmouth
William Spowers Fath Wdr 58DUR Ford
William Spowers Son 14Scholar DUR Ford
Ann Spowers Dau 7DUR Ford
Hannah Spowers Dau 4DUR Ford
Alice Spowers Dau 10m DUR Ford
South Hylton Lawrence Spowers Head M 39Shipwright DUR Ford
Elizabeth Spowers Wife 36DUR Picktree
Hannah Spowers Dau 9Scholar DUR Ford
Margaret Spowers Dau 9Scholar DUR Ford
John Spowers Son 7Scholar DUR Ford
Thomas Spowers Son 5Scholar DUR Ford
Jane Spowers Dau 3Scholar DUR Ford
Lawrence Spowers Son 1m DUR Ford
??? House Matthew Gibbon Head M 50Shipbuilder DUR Shotley Bridge
Whiteheugh Margaret Gibbon Wife 49DUR Ford
John Gibbon Son 30Shipwright DUR Ford
Elizabeth Gibbon Dau 24DUR Ford
Joseph Gibbon Son 21Shipwright DUR Ford
William Gibbon Son 6Scholar DUR Whiteheugh
Margaret Gibbon Dau 4Scholar DUR Whiteheugh
Whiteheugh Mary Gibbon Wife 25DUR Monkwearmouth
William Davison Son 4DUR Ford
Margaret Davison Dau 1DUR Ford
Whiteheugh William Jeffrey Head M 29Shipwright DUR Monkwearmouth
Sarah Jeffrey Wife 27DUR Offerton Haugh
Thomas Jeffrey Son 3DUR Offerton Haugh
South Hylton William Lee Head M 22Engine Fitter DUR Hylton
Mary Lee Wife 22DUR Boldon
Lissie Lee Dau 1m DUR Ford
Barnabas Turnbull F-i L 66Railway Signalman ??????
South Hylton John Lowdon Head M 55Engine Builder DUR Renton
Near the Forge Alice Lowdon Wife 56DUR Eighton Banks
Daniel Lowdon Son 20Engine Builder DUR Eighton Banks
Alice A Lowdon Dau 22Dressmaker DUR Washington
Margaret Ranson Serv 13General Servant DUR Leamside
Albion Street William Willis Head M 41Employed at Glass WorksNFK Yarmouth
Rabrona Willis Wife 33SCO
John Willis Son 12Employed at Glass Works SCO
Mary Elizabeth Willis Dau 9NBL St.Peter's Quay
Susannah Willis Dau 5DUR Winlaton
Esther Jane Willis Dau 3DUR Ford
Daniel Willis Son 8m DUR Winlaton