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South Hylton Christopher Robins Head M 60Sawyer IRL
Elizabeth Robins Wife M 45DUR Ford
Elizabeth Robins Dau 14DUR Ford
Catherine Robins Dau 4DUR Ford
John Robins Son 6DUR Ford
South Hylton William Brown Head M 51Waterman DUR Hylton
Jane Brown W 56DUR Biddick
Ann Robins Dau 28DUR Hylton
William Jobling G'son 9DUR Hylton
Sarah Jobling G'dau 3DUR Hylton
South Hylton Elizabeth Davison Head Wid 66DUR Hylton
Thomas Hale Vis M 49Ship Carpenter DUR Hylton
South Hylton John Thompson Head Widr 61Shoemaker DUR Bishop Auckland
South Hylton John Thompson Head M 47Ship Joiner NBL Belford
Margaret Thompson Wife 44WES Appleby
George Thompson Son 20Ship Carpenter NBL Alnwick
Ellen Thompson Dau 17NBL Alnwick
Richard Thompson Son 14App. Blacksmith DUR Conside
Mary Ann Thompson Dau 12DUR Conside
John William Thompson Son 5DUR Ford
Newrick Thompson Son 3DUR Ford
South Hylton James Kidlam Head M 50Agricultural Labourer IRL
Agnes Kidlam Wife 45IRL
Edward Kidlam Son 14App. Ship Carpenter DUR South Shields
Henry Kidlam Son 12DUR Ford
South Hylton Margaret Johnson Head U 75DUR Hylton
Margaret Johnson Dau U 45MDX
Margaret Johnson G'dau 15DUR Hylton
Thomas Broad G'son 26Ship Carpenter DUR Hylton
George Broad G'son 23Ship Carpenter DUR Hylton
Mary Ann Broad G'dau 17DUR Hylton
South Hylton James Harding Head M 46Potter SCO
Margaret Harding Wife 42DUR Southwick
James Harding Son 18Ship Carpenter DUR Hylton
William Harding Son 16Sawyer DUR Hylton
Adam Harding Son 13Sawyer DUR Hylton
George Harding Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Thomas Harding Son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert Harding Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
John Harding Son 1DUR Hylton
South Hylton Edward Henderson Head M 51Blacksmith DUR Hylton
Ann Henderson Wife 48YKS Leeds
Elizabeth Henderson Dau 23DUR Sunderland
Robert Henderson Son 20Shipwright DUR Hylton
Mary Ann Henderson Dau 18DUR Hylton
Hannah Henderson Dau 16DUR Hylton
Pricilla Henderson Dau 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Anthony Henderson Son 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Thomas A Henderson Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Isabella Henderson Dau 4DUR Hylton
Frederic Henderson G'son 2DUR Hylton
South Hylton George Barclay Head M 31Rivet Maker NBL Belford
Isabella Barclay Wife 30DUR Hylton
Jane Barclay Dau 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Margaret Barclay Dau 4Scholar DUR Hylton
John Barclay Son 1DUR Hylton
Andrew Barclay Son 1DUR Hylton
Mary Turnbull D-i-L 12Scholar DUR Hylton
John Turnbull B-i-L 20Ship Carpenter DUR Hylton
South Hylton John Jefferson Head M 40Ship Carpenter DUR Hylton
Leopard Inn Frances Jefferson Wife NBL Throckley
John J Jefferson Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert Jefferaon Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Edward Jefferson Son 4Scholar DUR Hylton
South Hylton Henry Bunton Head M 37Shipwright DUR Hylton
Jane Bunton Wife 37DUR Hylton
Mary Jane Bunton Nce 4Scholar DUR Hylton
South Hylton Thomas MacReady Head M 65General Dealer IRL
Mary MacReady Wife 42IRL
Margaret MacReady Dau 15DUR Hylton
Catherine MacReady Dau 13Domestic Serv DUR Hylton
Thomas MacReady Son 12DUR Hylton
Jane MacReady Dau 10DUR Hylton
South Hylton Jane Cannivan Head Wid 49Charwoman IRL
Sarah Cannivan Dau 16Charwoman DUR Sunderland
Jane Cannivan Dau 12DUR Deptford
South Hylton James Harwood Head M 38Labourer DUR Barnard Castle
Ann Harwood Wife 40DUR Hylton
South Hylton Thomas Burrell Head M 39Sawyer DUR Hylton
Margaret Burrell Wife 40DUR Hylton
Sarah Jane Burrell Dau 15DUR Conside
John William Burrell Son 13DUR Conside
Charlotte Burrell Dau 7NBL Howdon
Robert Burrell Son 4DUR Hylton
South Hylton William Pattison Head M 24Ship Carpenter DUR Whitburn
Hannah Pattison Wife 22DUR Hylton
John George Pattison Son 1Dur Hylton
South Hylton Thomas Reay Head U 47Ship Carpenter DUR Bishop Auckland
William Fenwick Lodg 26Labourer DUR Felling
William Tweddle Lodg 19Ship Carpenter DUR Hylton
Willam Herd Lodg 36Labourer YKS Skipton
South Hylton Sarah Hodgson Head Wid 77DUR Pontop
South Hylton Mary Borth Wid 51DUR Sunderland
John George Borth Son 20App. Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Isaac Borth Son 16App. Potter DUR Sunderland
Thomas Borth Son 14App. Potter DUR Sunderland
Isaac Turnbull Head 57Potter Dur Hylton
Mary Turnbull Sis U 72Dur Hylton
South Hylton John Ellerington Head M 50Ship Carpenter Dur Hylton
Elleanor Ellerington Wife 44DUR Gainford
John William Pousty S-i-L 7DUR South Shields
Thomas Lee Nichol Head M 48Blacksmith DUR Sunderland
Sarah Nichol Wife 47Dressmaker DUR Sunderland
Thomas M Nichol Son 20Shipwright DUR Monkwearmouth
William Nichol Son 12App Shipwright DUR Deptford
John Thomas Nichol Son 10Scholar DUR Ayre's Quay
South Hylton Elizabeth Marshall Head U 56Laundress DUR Hylton
South Hylton William How Head U 48Joiner DUR Sunderland
Edward P How Son 23Shipwright DUR Hylton
Mary J How D-i-L 19Housekeeper DUR Hylton
Thomas How Son 14App Joiner DUR Penshaw
South Hylton Robert Henderson Head M 64Shipwright DUR Hylton
Dorothy Henderson Wife 50DUR Sunderland
South Hylton George Hodgson Head M 55Keelman DUR Hylton
Eleanor Hodgson Wife 56DUR Hylton
Vincent Hodgson Son 25Shipwright DUR Hylton
Willaim Hodgson Son 21Shipwright DUR Hylton
John Hodgson Son 19Shipwright DUR Hylton
Cuthbert Hodgson Son 15App. Shipwright DUR Hylton
George Hodgson G'son 6DUR Hylton
South Hylton Mary Taylor Head Wid 75DUR Sunderland
Margaret Taylor Dau U 42DUR Sunderland
Jane Leonard Board U 29IRL
South Hylton Henry Calvert Head M 46Earthenware Dipper SCO
Mary Calvert Wife 44DUR Hylton
William Calvert Son 18Shipwright DUR Hylton
Ann Calvert Dau 10DUR Hylton
Mary Calvert Dau 4DUR Hylton
Jane Trotter Nce 19Potter DUR Sunderland
Jolly Potter Michael Ainsworth Head M 48Painter NBL St. Anthony's
Public House Sarah Ainsworth Dau 23Dressmaker DUR Hylton
Mary Ann Ainsworth Dau 22Dressmaker DUR Hylton
Harriet Ainsworth Dau 18DUR Hylton
Margaret J Ainsworth Dau 15Scholar DUR Hylton
Emma Ainsworth Dau 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Abigail Ainsworth Dau 4Scholar DUR Hylton
South Hylton George Johnson Head M 52Ship Carpenter MDX West Middlesex
Elizabeth Johnson Wife 46Staffordshire
Samuel Buckley S'son 17App. Painter DUR Hylton
South Hylton James Clasper Head M 30Potter DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Clasper Wife 24SCO
Catherine Clasper Dau 11m DUR Hylton
Catherine Gallin S-i-L 27SCO
South Hylton Ralph Simpson Head M 30Rivet Maker DUR Aycliffe
Ann Simpson Wife 24DUR Sunderland
Mary Simpson Dau 5Scholar DUR Sunderland
John Sparke Head Widr 45Engine Man DUR Bill Quay
Robert Jobling S-i-L M 27Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Ann Jobling Dau 26DUR Sunderland
Ann Blackin G'dau 5Scholar DUR Sunderland
Margaret Blackin G'dau 3Scholar DUR Sunderland
John Blackin G'son 6m DUR Sunderland
Ford Dock Yard William Naisby Head Head 65Shipbuilder emp 10 men DUR Saggerson
Ann Naisby Wife 54and boys DUR Staindrop
Elizabeth Naisby Dau 19DUR Hylton
William Burket G'son 2DUR Bishopwearmouth
Margaret Aitken Nce 20General Serv NBL North Shields
Ford Cottage Ann Gales Head Wid 48Landed Proprietess DUR Washington
William M Gales Son 23Lieutenant Druham MilitiaDUR Bishopwearmouth
Alfred R Gales Son 21Solicitor & Articled Clerk DUR Bishopwearmouth
Elizabeth Laverick Serv 34House Serv DUR Chester le Street
Hannah Stephens Serv 21House Serv DUR Bishop Auckland
Waterside Joseph Austen Head M 34Agricultural Labourer YKS Cotherstone
Elizabeth Austen Wife 42DUR Cockfield
Isabella Austen Dau 9Scholar DUR Ford
Waterside John Smith Head M 33Fireman in Paper Mill CUL Deston
Isabella Smith Wife 34?????
Sarah Smith Dau 7??????
Isabella Smith Dau 5DUR Durham
Margaret Smith Dau 4DUR Durham
???????? Smith Dau 2DUR Durham
Claxheugh Grove Francis Blackbird Head M 47Surgeon not practising NBL Newcastle
John B Blackbird Son 9FRCS - London NBL Newcastle
Anne B Blackbird Dau 4DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Caise Serv 23House Maid NBL Boston
Mary Purdy Serv 20Cook NBL Morpeth
Ford Paper Mill Robert Robinson Head M 37Pape Maker SCO
Ann Robinson Wife 37DUR Coxhoe
Robert Robinson Son 10Scholar DUR Coxhoe
Elizabeth Robinson Dau 9Scholar DUR Coxhoe
George Robinson Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Henry Robinson Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
William Robinson Son 3DUR Hylton
Thomas Robinson Son 10m DUR Hylton
Ford Paper Mill John Coffee Head M 47Labourer IRL
Ann Coffee Wife 43Rag Dipper IRL
Patrick Keenan Head M 40Fireman PaperMill IRL
Bridget Keenan Wife 30IRL
Terrence Keenan Son 4DUR Hylton
Mary Keenan Dau 1DUR Hylton
Ford Paper Mill Matthew Armstrong Head M 46Paper Maker NBL Hexham
Agnes Armstrong Wife 41SCO
Matthew Armstrong Son 22Millwright Durham
George Armstrong Son 19Bricklayer Durham
William Armstrong Son 17Paper Maker Durham
Margaret Armstrong Dau 9DUR Hylton
Wiliam Kelly Vis M 28Paper Maker NBL Hexham
Ford Paper Mill Willam Giles Head M 42Engine Man CUL Carlisle
Ann Giles Wfe 45CUL Carlisle
Samuel Giles Son 19Blacksmith DUR Hylton
Thomas Giles Son 18Agricultural Labourer DUR Hylton
Jane Giles Dau 16CUL Carlisle
Margaret Giles Dau 13DUR Ford
John Giles Son 11Scholar DUR Ford
Mary Ann Giles Dau 9Scholar DUR Ford
Willam Giles Son 4DUR Ford
Samuel Giles Fath M 77Agricultural Labourer CUL Carlisle
Ford Paper Mill Robert Thompson Head M 42Paper Mill Labourer NBL
Margaret Thompson Wife 26SCO
Henry Thompson Son 2DUR Ford
James Thompson Son 5DUR Ford
Euphemia Thompson Dau 6m DUR Ford
Samuel Thompson Bro Widr 36Mason NBL Howden
Ford Paper Mill George Clark Head M 51Paper Maker LIN Leasingham
Dorothy Clark Wife 50NBL Scotswood
Ford Paper Mill Robert MacReath Head M 41Paper Maker WES
Biddy MacReath Wife 37IRL
Mary MacReath Dau 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Catherine MacReath Dau 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Margaret MacReath Dau 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Ford Paper Mill George Henderson Head M 50Keelman DUR Cox Green
Esther Henderson Wife 48DUR Cox Green
Catherine Henderson Dau 20Paper Mill Worker DUR Durham
Mary Henderson Dau 15Paper Mill Worker DUR Ford
Esther Henderson Dau 12Scholar DUR Ford
Ford Paper Mill Matthew Smyth Hesd M 53Paper Maker IRL
Elizabeth Smyth Wife 50IRL
Edward Barriott Head M 26Labourer NTH Weldon
Elizabeth Barriott Wife 26Formerly Worc. Spinner YKS Barnley
James Barriott Bro U 24Brick Maker NTH Weldon
James W C Barriott Son DUR Hylton
Ford Paper Mill Joseph Carrol Head M 32Paper Maker IRL
Margaret Carrol Wife 26DUR Easington
Anne C Carrol Dau 3DUR Ford
Ford Paper Mill James Lawrence Head M 54House Joiner DUR Sunderland
Sarah Lawrence Wife 49DUR Sunderland
Thomas Lawrence Son 19Ship Carpenter DUR Sunderland
John Lawrence Son Ship Carpenter DUR Sunderland
Robert Lawrence Son 12Scholar DUR Sunderland
George Lawrence Son 10Scholar DUR Sunderland
Mary Lawrence Dau 8Scholar DUR Sunderland
Ford Paper Mill Robert Cavan Head M 61Labourer at Paper Mill SCO
Jane Cavan Wife 60SCO
Janet Cavan Dau 15Rag Teaser DUR Bishopwearmouth
George Cavan Son 12Mason's Labourer DUR Ford Mill
Robert J Cavan Son 10Scholar DUR Ford Mill
Elizabeth Ann Cavan Dau 6Scholar DUR Ford Mill
Ford Paper Mill Robert Lynn Head M 39Engine Man DUR Lumley
Elizabeth Lynn Wife 44DUR Houghton
Robert Lynn Son 17Paper Maker DUR Ford
Margaret Lynn Dau 12Scholar DUR Ford
Hannah Lynn Dau 10Scholar DUR Ford
John Lynn Son 6Scholar DUR Ford
Ford Paper Mill James MacReath Head M 39Labourer at Paper Mill DUR Felling Shore
Mary MacReath Wife 45NBL Newbrough
Christiana MacReath Dau 15Rag Teaser DUR Hylton
Jane MacReath Dau 14Scholar DUR Hylton
James MacReath Son 9Scholar DUR Hylton
George MacReath Son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary MacReath Dau 0
Ford Paper Mill Peter Brown Head M 23Paper Mill Manager NBL Newcastle
Anne M Brown Wife 21NBL Glanton
Elizabeth M Brown Dau 1DUR Ford
Ford Paper Mill John Simpson Head M 33Millwright NBL Backworth
Mary Simpson Wife 33NBL North Shields
Ralph Simpson Son 2DUR Blaydon
Claxheugh William Sproat Head M 50Agricultural Lab.& Farm.YKS Fingele
Ann Sproat Wife 54YKS Laybourn
Elizabeth Sproat Dau YKS Richmond
Claxheugh John H Robson Head M 30Ship Carpenter DUR Sunderland
Margaret Robson Wife 30SCO
John H Robson Son 6DUR Hylton
James Caisley Head M 42Ship Carpenter NFK Lynn
Margaret Caisley Wife 41NBL Berwick on Tweed
Margaret A caisley Dau 10DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Caisley Dau 8DUR Sunderland
Claxheugh David Cunningham Head M 48Labourer at Paper Mill IRL
Mary Cunningham Wife 40IRL
Alice Cunningham Dau 19Work at Paper Mill DUR Sunderland
Patrick Cunningham Son 1DUR Hylton
Owen Farnen Board U 68IRL
Edward Farnan S-i-L 8DUR Sunderland
William Burn Head M 48Labourer IRL
Ellen Burn Wife 48IRL
Claxheugh Ann Robson Head Wid 69Beer House Keeper DUR Pelton
Thomas Robson Son 41Shipbuilder DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Robson Dau 39DUR Sunderland
Isabella Robson G'dau 9Scholar DUR Sunderland
Jonathan Chipchase Lodg M 62Shipwright DUR Stockton
North Ford or George Short Head M 47Ship Builder employs DUR Pallion
Mowbray Quay Martha Short Wife 441 man and 12 boys DUR Pallion
George Short Son 19Shipbuilder's son DUR Pallion
John J Short Son 17Shipbuilder's son DUR Pallion
Martha Short Dau 15DUR Pallion
Maria Short Dau 12DUR Pallion
Thomas Short Son 9Scholar DUR Mowbray Quay
Margaret Short Dau 7Scholar DUR Mowbray Quay
Mary Ann Short Dau 5Scholar DUR Mowbray Quay
Joseph Short Son 3DUR Mowbray Quay
Pallion New Quay Ralph Newburne Head M 60House Carpenter DUR Southwick
Jane Newburne Wife 59DUR Sunderland
James Newburne Son 30Shipwright DURMonkwearmouth
North Ford Farm Reginald Orton Head M 50Surgeon in practice, Coll. of SAC employs 5 men East Indies, island of ? British Subject
Mary J Orton Wife 39Surgeon's Wife DUR Sunderland
James J Orton Son 19Surgeon's Son/Farming DUR Sunderland
Bridget Mooran Serv 20House Serv IRL
North Ford Farm Thomas Gaffney Head M 30Agricultural Labourer IRL
Winifred Gaffney Wife 26IRL
John Gaffney Dau 5DUR Sunderland
Sarah Gaffney Son 3DUR Sunderland
Eleanor Gaffney Son 2DUR Sunderland
Mary Gaffney Dau 3m DUR North Ford
John Burdon Lodg 37Farm Labourer DUR Herrington
Ford Hall William Hay Head M 48Timber Merchant DUR Monkwearmouth
Julia W Hay Wife 42WIL Chippenham
??? J Hay Dau 5DUR Bishopwearmouth
Alexander J Hay Son 4DUR Bishopwearmouth
Reynoll W Hay Son 1DUR Bishopwearmouth
Beatrice Hay Dau 7m DUR Bishopwearmouth
Eliza Snow Serv 46Cook DUR Tanfield
Mary Morse Serv 33Ladies Maid HAM Newtown
Elizabeth Hutchinson Serv 31Nurse YKS Leam??
Ann Earl Serv 31Housemaid DUR Sundby
Margaret Newsham Serv 17Nursery Maid YKS Kirby Wiske
Martha Shotton Serv 16Kitchen Maid NBL Longbenton
Ford Hall Thomas Row Head M 46Coachman YKS Falmington
Coachman's House harriet Row Wife 48DUR Bishopwearmouth
Alice Row Dau 15DUR Bishopwearmouth
Thomas J Row Son 10Scholar DUR Ford
Emma Row Dau 8Scholar DUR Ford
Dreadwell Row Son 5Scholar DUR Ford
Ford Hall Issac Lawson Head Widr 42Gardener YKS Horforth
Gardener's Lodge Ann Lawson Dau 22Dressmaker (D & D) YKS Horforth
John Lawson Son 8Scholar YKS Fulbeck
Elizabeth Longstaff Vis 22DUR Bishopwearmouth
South Ford Farm Richard Hopps Head M 33Farmer of 47 acres DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Hopps Wife 37SSX Playton
Richard Hopps Cos 23Husbandman DUR Southwick
Margaret Best Serv 14General Serv DUR Southwick
Arch Engine Cuthbert Hale Head U 39Wagon Rider Dur Philadelphia
Sarah M Rodgers Nce 15House Keeper DUR Bishopwearmouth
Arch Engine William Taylor Head M 28Wagon Rider DUR Grindon
Isabella Taylor Wife 25DUR Longhow
Catherine Taylor Dau 1DUR Herrington
Mary Taylor Moth Wid 69NBL Ovingham
Arch Engine John Bewicke Head M 30Brakesman on Railway DUR Grindon
Margaret Bewicke Wife 27DUR Hylton
Rebecca Bewicke Dau 4DUR Hylton
John Thomas Bewicke Son 2DUR Hylton
Arch Engine John Wilkinson Head M 80Engineman DUR Birtley
Jane Wilkinson Wife 74DUR Marston
George Wilkinson Son U 58Engineman DUR NEW Painsher
Eliza Wilkinson G'dau 15DUR Grindon
Ford Farm John Mole Head M 38Agricultural Hind, DUR Houghton le Spring
Hannah Mole Wife 34owner of 80 acres Dur Staindrop
William Mole Son 10Carter DUR Littletown
Ann Mole Dau 8Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
George Mole son 6Scholar DUR Ford
John Mole Son 3DUR Ford
James S Mole Son 1DUR Ford
John Sheraton Serv U 23Carter DUR Galmondsway
Ford Thomas Walker Head M 50Farmer of 68 acres DUR Bishopwearmouth
Sarah Wlker Wife 48with 5 Labourers DUR Bishopwearmouth
Jane Walker Dau 19DUR Bishopwearmouth
Cisley Walker Dau 17Dressmaker DUR Bishopwearmouth
Sarah Walker Dau 15DUR Ford
Charles Walker Son 13Scholar DUR Ford
Elizabeth M Walker Dau 11Scholar DUR Ford
Mary Walker Dau 9Scholar DUR Ford
Harriot Walker Dau 6Scholar DUR Ford
Thomas W Walker Son 3DUR Ford
William L Walker Son 1DUR Ford
Cisley Liddle M-i-L W 82DUR Easington
Ann Oliver Nce 25DUR Bishopwearmouth
Joseph Raw Serv 31Carter YKS Ainderby Steeple
Robert English Serv 15Carter DUR Bishopwearmouth
Issac D Ditchburn Serv 13MDX London
Ford Ralph Kirtley Head U 64Farmer 110acres 2 labs. DUR Bishopwearmouth
Richard Kirtley Bro U 59Agricultural Labourer DUR Bishopwearmouth
Elizabeth D Smith Serv 40Housekeeper DUR Pallion
Elizabeth Smith Dau 17DUR Pallion
Dorothy Smith Dau 13DUR Pallion
Ralph Smith Son 12Scholar DUR Pallion
William Smith Son 11Scholar DUR Pallion
Robert Smith Son 6Scholar DUR Pallion
John Smith Son 4Scholar DUR Pallion
Low Ford Farm Robert Brack Head M 39Farmer 120 acres 6 Labs DUR Silksworth
Frances Brack Wife 38Farmers Wife DUR Sunderland
Ann Wetherall Vis 28DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Johnson Serv 20General Sevant DUR Chester le Street
John Carter Serv 17Agricultural Labourer DUR Silksworth
Alexander Potter Serv 17Ploughman SCO
Rowland Wetherall Neph 14Carter YKS Scarborough
High Ford Farm Elizabeth Betson Head Wid 45Dairy Maid NBL Chollerton
Hind's House William Betson Son 11Scholar DUR High Ford
High Ford Farm Ralph Lawson Head M 78Farmer 190 acres 6 Labs.NBL St John Lee
Alice Lawson Wife 51Farmers Wife NBL Catherside
Christopher Best Serv 22Agricultural Worker DUR Sedgefield
William Best Serv 18Carter DUR Keepin Mile??
Henry Johnson Serv 14Milk Boy DUR Washington
Margaret Thompson Serv 26Dairy Maid DUR Sunderland
Eleanor Batson Serv 17House Serv DUR High Ford
Ford Villa Thomas Peate Head 66Landed Proprietor NBL Whalton
Mary Peate Wife 64DUR Sunderland
Thomas Peate Son 19Ship Carpenter DUR Sunderland
Isabella Thompson Serv 33House Serv DUR Hetton le Hole
Ann Sotheran Serv 26House Serv DUR Sunderland
Ford Lodge Ann Gales Head Wid 74House Proprietor DUr Hylton
Jane Henderson Serv 57House Serv DUR Offerton
Ford Lodge Ann Milburne Head Wid 49House & Land Prop. DUR Hylton
John C Barnes Son 24House & Land Prop. DUR Norton
William Gales Bro 35Retired Ship Owner DUR Hylton
Amelia Robinson Serv 47Cook SCO
Margaret Moir Serv 19Housemaid DUR Hylton
Fanny W Gales Nce 12DUR Hylton
Parsonage Joseph Law Head M 67Clergyman Incumbent CUL Great Salkeld
Eleanor Law Wife 55at South Hylton NBL Newcastle
Sarah Manisty Board Wid 90DUR Sunderland
Jane Maddison Serv 29Housemaid NBL Warkworth
Mary Maddison Serv 27Cook NBL Warkworth
Gill Hill Terrace James Veitch Head M 40Labourer SCO
Agnes Veitch Wife 39SCO
Mary Veitch Dau 17Rag Teaser at Paper Mill SCO
Robert Veitch Son 8Scholar DUR Ford
Gill Hill Terrace William Blenkinsop Head M 27Paper Maker DUR Hetton
Mary A Blenkinsop Wife 27DUR Hetton
Gill Hill Terrace William J Edward Head M 35Master Tailor SCO
Elizabeth Edward Wife 23DUR Hylton
Elizabeth A Edward Dau 3DUR Hylton
William J Edward Son 2DUR Hylton
Margaret J F Edward Dau 1DUR Hylton
Gill Hill Terrace Thomas Minikin Head M 50Shipwright DUR North Hylton
Margaret Minikin Wife 46DUR Bisham Middleham
Robert Minikin Son 17Potter DUR South Hylton
George Minikin Son 15Paper Maker DUR South Hylton
Thomas Minikin Son 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Fawdon M-i-L Wid 72DUR South Shields
Elizabeth Binks Nce 6Scholar DUR Coxhoe
Gill Hill Terrace James T Duncan Head M 36Labourer SCO
Jessie Duncan Wife 42SCO
Mary Duncan Dau 14Working in Paper Mill SCO
Gideon Duncan Son 11Scholar SCO
Isabella Duncan Dau 10Scholar SCO
Thomas Duncan Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Alexanda A Duncan Son 3DUR Hylton
Gill Hill Terrace George Chambers Head M 53Potter DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Chambers Wife 50DUR St john Weardale
William Chambers Son 22Ship Joiner DUR Hylton
Louisa Chambers Dau 20Scholar DUR Hylton
Maria Chambers Dau 15Scholar DUR Hylton
Thomas Pallen Head M 30Potter Flatpresser DUR Hylton
Mary Pallen Wife 35NBL Newcastle
John G Pallen Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Sophia Pallen Dau 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Gill Hill Terrace Mary Trotter Head U 50Factory Worker DUR Hylton
John Trotter Son 15App Ship Carpenter DUR Hylton
Gill Hill Terrace Robert Stafford Head M 57Mason DUR Hylton
Ann Stafford Wife 55DUR Lumley
Ann Stafford Dau 31Agricultural Labourer DUR Hylton
Robert Stafford Son 19Ship Carpenter DUR Hylton
Ralph Stafford G'son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Frederic Street George Naisby Head U 51Potter DUR Hylton
Mary Naisby Sis 38Housekeeper DUR Hylton
Frederic Street Margaret Duncan Head Wid 59Fund Holder DUR Sunderland
Thomas C Duncan Son 28Joiner DUR Sunderland
Mary Hudson Nce U 33DUR Sunderland
Frederic Street John Hunt Head M 36House & Ship Joiner DUR Sunderland
Ann M Hunt Wife 33DUR Sunderland
Lee B Hunt Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Elizabeth A Hunt Dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
John G Hunt Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Frederic Street Jane A Younger Head U 26Dressmaker DUR Barmston
Mary Younger Sis U 23Dressmaker DUR Barmston
Frederic Street Joseph Milner Head M 53Butcher MDX London
Elizabeth Milner Wife 29YKS South Stockton
Joseph Milner Son 20Butcher's Son DUR Hylton
Martha Milner Dau 17DUR Hylton
Margaret Milner Dau 15DUR Hylton
Mary H Milner Dau 12DUR Hylton
Thomas C Milner Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Sarah Milner Dau 4Scholar DUR Hylton
James B Milner Son 1DUR Hylton
Benjamin Milner Son 1m DUR Hylton
Church Street Thomas Seymour Head M 49Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Mary A Seymour Wife 50HAM Southampton
James S Seymour Son 20Shipwright NBL Walker
William G Seymour Son 14Labourer NBL Newcastle
Robert J Seymour Son 13Mason App NBL Walker
Moses Seymour Son 11Mason's Labourer NBL Newcastle
John Seymour Son 9Scholar NBL Walker
M A Matilda Seymour Dau 6Scholar Dur Hylton
Church Street Matthew Gibbon Head M 63Sawyer (Blind) DUR Witton le Wear
Barbara Gibbon Wife 62DUR Staindrop
Hannah Gibbon Dau 24DUR Hylton
James Gibbon Son 22Shipwright DUR Hylton
Church Street John Gibbon Head M 38Grocer NBL Shotley
Jacobina Gibbon Wife 39SCO
Robert Gibbon Son 15App Shipwright Dur Hylton
Metthew Gibbon Son 12Scholar Dur Hylton
Mary J Gibbon Dau 9Scholar Dur Hylton
Jacobina Gibbon Dau 6Scholar Dur Hylton
Church Street William Coulthard Head M 48Potter DUR Southwick
Margaret Coulthard Wife 48MDX London
Isabella Coulthard Dau 12Scholar DUR Hylton
William Coulthard Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Church Street Mary Ainsley Head Wid 45Rag Cutter IRL
Catherine Waters Lodg U 26Paper Finisher IRL
Ann Muners Lodg 26Rag Cutter DUR Shotley Bridge
Elizabeth Robinson Head U 58Paper Finisher Durham
Victoria Hotel James Knox Head M 37Innkeeper DUR Spittle
Mary Knox Wife 33NBL Newcastle
Eleanor Knox Dau 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Dorothy Knox Dau 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Knox Dau 4DUR Hylton
Mary Knox Dau 2DUR Hylton
James W Knox Son 6m DUR Hylton
Mary Johnson Serv 22House Serv DUR Sunderland
Church Street William Mather Head M 46Grocer & Druggist NBL Newbottle
Judith Mather Wife 45DUR Offerton
Elizabeth Mather Dau 14Scholar DUR Hylton
Alfred Mather Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Andrew Mather Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Jessie Mather Dau 3DUR Hylton
Church Street Catherine Thompson Head M 49Employed in Paper Mill IRL
Ann Thompson Dau 18Employed in Paper Mill DUR Hylton
Church Street Thomas Greenwell Head Wdr 38Sawer DUR Hamsterley
Elizabeth Greenwell Dau 11DUR Hamsterley
Mary Greenwell Dau 9Scholar DUR Medomsley
Micheal Greenwell Son Scholar DUR Hylton
John Greenwell Son 5DUR Hylton
Ford Terrace James Thorburn Head M 46Gardener NBL Biddlestone
Hannah Thorburn Wife 44DUR Lamesley
Mary Thorburn Dau 13DUR Hylton
Jane Thorburn Dau 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Hannah Thorburn Dau 8Scholar DUR Hylton
James Thorburn Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Thomas Thorburn Son 2DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Thorburn Dau 2m DUR Hylton
Ford Terrace Ginelm Tate Head M 50Shoe Maker NBL Bellingham
Mary A Tate Wife 37YKS Knaresborough
Mary A Tate Dau 16Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Dorothy Tate Dau 12Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Elizabeth Tate Dau 10Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Isaac Tate Son 8Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Thomas Tate Son 5DUR Bishopwearmouth
George Tate Son 2DUR Bishopwearmouth
Ford Terrace Jane Cooper Head Wid 63Housekeeper DUR Hylton
John B Cooper Son 21Ship Joiner DUR Hylton
Joseph Cooper Son 19Ship Carpenter DUR Hylton
Ford Terrace Cuthbert Hale Head M 60Agent at Sawmill DUR Weardale
Mary Hale Wife 50DUR Bishopwearmouth
James D Thompson S'son Asst. Agent at Sawmill DUR Bishopwearmouth
Ford Terrace William Stockdale Head M 53Draper YKS East Hittor??
Elizabeth Stockdale Wife 55DUR Sunderland
Hanry Lacey M 30Stone Merchant NFK Norwich
Ford Terrace George Jackson Head M 42Shipwright DUR Hylton
Margaret Jackson Wife 45DUR Piercebridge
William Jackson Son 20Cabinet Maker DUR Hylton
Jane Ann Jackson Dau 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert Reay Head Widr 75Master Tailor DUR Sunderland
Thomas Hudson Neph 28Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Isabaella Reed Serv U 56House Serv DUR Hylton
Thomas Watson Vis M 34Shipwright DUR South Shields
Ford Terrace Hutton Thompson Head M 60Carrier YKS Bruntonswale
Isabella Thompson Wife 53DUR Streetgate
Robert Thompson Son 24Shiwright DUR Sunderland
Thomas Thompson Son 22Shiwright DUR Sunderland
Ralph Thompson Son 19Shiwright DUR Hylton
Huyyon Thompson Son 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Ford Terrace John Usher Head M 43Forgeman DUR Brandon
Jane Usher Wife 42DUR New York
Betsy Usher Dau 18DUR Houghton le Spring
Ellen Usher Dau 15Rag Cutter NBL Walker
Jane Usher Dau 12DUR Millfield
Thomas Usher Son 10DUR Bishopwearmouth
Mary Ann Usher Dau 7DUR Bishopwearmouth
Sarah Usher Dau 5DUR Bishopwearmouth
Ford Terrace Elizabeth Longridge Head M 61Pot Printers Wife NBL Morpeth
William Longridge Son U 25Ship Carpenter NBL St Anthony's
Ann Trotter Dau M 23Ship Carpenter's Wife NBL St Anthony't
Thomas Longridge Son U 22Ship Carpenter NBL St Anthony'u
Harriot Trotter Dau U 16DUR Hylton
May C Trotter G'dau 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Ford Terrace Robert Browell Head M 59Sawyer NBL Bywell
Isabella Browell Wife 51DUR Conside
Elizabeth Browell Dau 28Laundress DUR Hylton
Robert Browell Son 18Shipwright DUR Hylton
Ford Terrace Elizabeth Heads Head Wid 42Formerly a Farm Serv NBL Hexham
John Heads Son 14Shaper/maker of ???? Dur Claxheigh
Ford Terrace Jane Robson Head Head U 60Turner of Pottery NBL North Shields
Ford Terrace Mary Ann Patterson Head Wid 35Workwoman at Pottery DUR Southwick
George Patterson Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Janet Patterson Dau 4m NBL Newcastle
Ford Terrace Robert Peart Head M 66Shoemaker YKS Startfield
Hannah Peart Wife 45YKS Startfield
Robert Peart Son 20Ship Carpenter DUR Hylton
Henry Peart Son 16Ship Carpenter DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Peart Dau 12DUR Hylton
Isabella Peart Dau 10DUR Hylton
Sarah Peart Dau 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Michael Peart Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Hannah Peart Dau 2DUR Hylton
Ford Terrace Matthew Glendening Head M 68Lab. on ths Highways NBl Hexham
Ann Glendening Wife 69DUR Barnard Castle
Ford Street James William L Short Head M 27House & Ship Joiner DUR Hylton
Sophia Short Wife 25DUR Hylton
Jane Ann Short Dau 1DUR Hylton
Matthew W Short Bro U 29House & Ship Joiner DUR Hylton
Ford Street Jane Dowie Head M 40Shipwright's Wife DUR Darlington
Robert Peter Hall Son U 17Apprentice NBL Newcastle
Isabell M Hall Dau 12Scholar DUR South Shields
Harriot J Dowie Dau 3DUR South Shields
Ford Street Thomas Short Head M 41House & Ship Joiner DUR Sunderland
Mary Short Wife 33DUR Sunderland
Isabella Short Dau 11Scholar DUR Sunderland
Robert Short Son 9Scholar DUR Sunderland
John William Short Son 6Scholar DUR Sunderland
Ann Short Dau 3DUR Sunderland
Thomas Short Son 1DUR Sunderland
Ford Street William Charlton Head M 43Shipwright DUR Monkwearmouth
Elizabeth Charlton Wife 52DUR Hylton
Peter Charlton Son 20Shipwright DUR Hylton
William Charlton Son 17Forgeman DUR Bishopwearmouth
George Charlton Son 15Apprentice Shipwright DUR Hylton
Ford Street Thomas Bagaley Head M 42Potter DUR Hylton
Alice Bagley Wife 40STS Lane Delph
Mary J. Bagley Dau 20Dressmaker DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Bagley Dau 17Dressmaker DUR Hylton
Charlotte Bagley Dau 15STS Hanley
Thomas Bagley Son 10DUR Hylton
William Bagley Son 8DUR Hylton
Sampson Bagley Son 5DUR Hylton
John A. Bagley Son 3DUR Hylton
Alice Bagley Dau 9m DUR Hylton
Ford Street Benjamin Parker Head M 38Potter DUR North Hylton
Jane Parker Wife 38DUR Sunderland
Robert Parker Son 16DUR Sunderland
Richard Parker Son 11Scholar DUR Sunderland
George Parker Son 6Scholar DUR Stockton
Bertha Parker Dau 8DUR Stockton
Hannah Parker Dau 2DUR Southwick
Ruth Story Serv 21General Serv DUR Southwick
Thomas Storey Bord 19Blacksmith DUR Southwick
Alice Story Bord 11Scholar DUR Southwick
John Story Bord 9Scholar DUR Southwick
Alice Story Bord 1DUR Southwick
Ford Street Ann Westmoreland Head M 33Joiner's Wife DUR Hylton
Ford Street Joseph Davison Head M 30Potter DUR Sunderland
Julia Davison Wife 31DUR Bishopwearmouth
Johanna Davison Dau 5Scholar DUR Southwick
Mary Davison Dau 1DUR Hylton
Mary Davison Nec 2DUR Hylton
Ford Street William Bagley Head M 30Shipwright DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Bagley Wife 24NBL Newcastle
William Bagley Son 4DUR Hylton
Eleanor B. Bagley Dau 2DUR Hylton
Ford Street Thomas Smith Head M 38Labourer at Paper Mill CUM Warwick Bridge
Mary Smith Wife 39CUM Carlisle
James Smith Son 15Sawyer at sawmill CUM Carlisle
Joseph Smith Son 12Rivet Maker CUM Carlisle
Thomas Smith Sion 8Scholar CUM Carlisle
John Smith Son 1DUR Ford
Ford Street Elizabeth Carrol Head Wid 62Paper Maker's Widow IRL
Margaret Carrol Dau 32IRL
Edward Carroll Son 29Millwright IRL
Ford Street Margaret Holmes Head 24NBL Newcastle
Ford Street James Conway Head M 57Paper maker IRL
Mary Conway Wife 57IRL
James Conway Son 20SCO
Ann Conway Dau 20YKS Leeds
Deans?? Conway Son 18Labourer DUR Hylton
Ford Street Maria Oliver Head 47Schoolmistress DUR West Boldon
George Oliver Son 15App Paper Maker DUR Pelton Grange
Joseph Oliver Son 12Scholar DUR Claxheugh
Robrt Oliver Son 11Paper Mill DUR Claxheugh
Ford Street Thomas New Head 25Paper Maker DUR Eaglecliffe
Catherine New Wife 27IRL
Ford Street Thomas Swainston Head 28Tailor YKS Richmond
Jane Swainston Wife 28DUR Darlington
William Swainston Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Ford Street William Martin Head 41Shipwright DUR North Hylton
Mary Martin Wife 44DUR Gateshead
John Martin Son 17Apprentice Shipwright DUR Hylton
William Martin Son 14DUR Hylton
Thomas M. Martin Son 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary Jane Martin Dau 4Scholar DUR Hylton
Wear Street Robert Kirtley Head M 28Shipwright DUR Hylton
Mary A. Kirtley Wife 26DUR Hylton
William P. Kirtley Son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
George M. Kirtley Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary E. Kirtlery Dau 3Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert R. Kirtley Son 1DUR Hylton
Wear Street Margaret Booth Head Wid 43Laundress DUR Lanchester
Robert Booth Son 19Shipwright MDX London
Thomas Booth Son 17Apprentice Shipwright MDX London
Joseph Booth Son 15Apprentice Shipwright MDX London
George M. Booth Son 13Apprentice Shipwright MDX London
William Booth Son 11Scholar MDX London
Andrew booth Son 6Scholar MDX London
Wear Street Isabella Henderson Head M 39Shipwright's Wife NBL Ovingham
Wear Street William Lawson Head M 27Forgeman NBL Earsdon
Ann Lawson Wife 31NBL Bedlington
Elizabeth N. Lawson Dau 4DUR Hylton
Thomas A. Lawson Son 6m DUR Hylton
Wear Street William Lawson Head M 63Carter NBL Chirton
Mary A. Lawson Wife 53NBL Leithington
Joseph Lawson Son 16Engineman NBL Bedlington
Wear Street William Walker Head M 41Labourer SCO
Sophia Walker Wife 36DUR Usworth
Margaret A. Wild S'dau 18DUR Seaham
Isabella Wild S'dau 15DUR Seaham
Samuel Wild S'son 13Scholar DUR Seaham
William L. Walker Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert Walker Son 4DUR Hylton
James Walker Son 1DUR Hylton
Wear Street John Shepherd Head M 31Butcher DUR Hylton
Margaret Shepherd Wife 35DUR Hylton
James Carr S-i-L 12Scholar DUR Sunderland
Ann Carr D-i-L 8Scholar DUR Sunderland
Thomas Shepherd Son 3DUR Hylton
Wear Street Charles Carr Head U 28Joiner DUR Hylton
George A. Carr Bro 26Joiner DUR Hylton
Mary J. Carr Sis U 22Housekeeper DUR Hylton
Isabella Davie Moth M 53Ship Carpenter's Wife DUR Offerton
Wear Street Peter Whittle Head M 33Tailor SCO
Hannah Whittle Wife 31DUR Hylton
Wear Street John Chapman Head M 46Joiner DUR Barnard Castle
Jane Chapman Wife 39DUR Bishop Auckland
John Chapman Son 18Woodturner DUR Hunwick
Mary J. Chapman Dau 14DUR Hunwick
Stephen Chapman Son 10Scholar DUR Crook
Elizabth A. Cghapman Dau 8Scholar DUR Crook
Thomas C. Chapman Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Rachel Chapman Dau 11m DUR Hylton
Wear Street Robert Hunnan Head M 42Ship Carpenter DUR Hylton
Lillies Hunnan Wife 37SCO
Robert Hunnan Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
George Hunnan Son 3DUR Hylton
William Hunnan Son 1DUR Hylton
Wear Street Josiah Sanders Head M 47Paper Maker SRY Godalming
Elizabeth Sanders Wife 33DUR South Shields
Thomas Sanders Son 17Paper maker DUR Bishopwearmouth
Elizabeth Sanders Dau 11Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Jane A. Sanders Dau 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert Sanders Son 4Scholar DUR Hylton
Rebecca Sanders Dau 3Scholar DUR Hylton
William Sanders Son 5m DUR Hylton
Wear Street John Outterside Head M 45Shipwright DUR Hylton
Jane Outterside Wife 42NBL Newcastle
John Outterside Son 18Potter DUR Hylton
Margaret J. Outterside Dau 14Scholar DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Outterside Dau 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Harriot Outterside Dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
William Outterside Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
James Outterside Son 4Scholar DUR Hylton
Nicholas Outterside Son 1DUR Hylton
Wear Street Ann Kearsley Head M 52Shipwright's Wife DUR South Shields
Isabella Kearsley Dau 11DUR Hylton
William Kearsley Son 9DUR Hylton
Peter Kearsley Son 4DUR Hylton
Alice Kearsley Dau 2DUR Hylton
Jane A. Kearsley Dau 5m KEN Chatham
Wear Street Bartholomew Spoor Head M 57Joiner NBL North Shields
Wear Street John Grieveson Head M 32Shipwright DUR Hylton
Mary Grieveson Wife 28????
Elizabeth A. Grieveson Dau 8Scholar ????
Joseph Grieveson Son 6Scholar ????
John Grieveson Son 3????
Wear Street James Grieveson Head M 42Sawyer ????
Elisa Grieveson Wife 42KEN Chatham
William Grieveson Son 17Shipwright DUR Hylton
Richard Grieveson Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Grieveson Dau 3DUR Hylton
Wear Street John Williams Head M 34Journeyman Plumber DUR Jarrow
Margaret Williams Wife 32NBL Stannington
Mary Williams Dau 4DUR Bishopwearmouth
Jane Ann Williams Dau 2DUR Bishopwearmouth
John Williams Son 1DUR Bishopwearmouth
George Williams Son 3m DUR Hylton
Wear Street George Spowers Head M 45Shipwright DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Spowers Wife 42DUR Newbottle
Ralp Spowers Son 20DUR Hylton
Andrew Spowers Son 15Apprentice Shipwright DUR Hylton
Hannah M. Spowers Dau 13Scholar DUR Hylton
George Spowers Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
James Spowers Son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary Spowers Dau 4DUR Hylton
Arthur Spowers Son 1DUR Hylton
Wear Street Thomas Douglass Head M 50Stone Mason DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Douglass Wife 50DUR Wapping
Thomas Douglass Son 20Bricklayer DUR Bishopwearmouth
Joseph Douglass Son 17Mason DUR Bishopwearmouth
Elizabeth Douglass Dau 9Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Wear Street George Lees Head M 35Potter DUR Hylton
Mary J. Lees Wife 30DURMonkwearmouth
Robert Snowdon S-i-L 6DUR Sunderland
Margaret Lees Dau 1DUR Hylton
Wear Street Ann Wild Head Wid 53Potter's Widow DUR Newbottle
John Wild Son 14Pot Presser DUR Cleadon
William Herring Lodg U 47Pot Turner DUR Shadforth
Wear Street William Watson Head M 38Shipwright NBL Newcastle
Elizabeth Watson Wife 36DUR Hylton
William Watson Son 14Apprentice Potter DUR Hylton
John C. Watsoin Son 13Scholar DUR Hylton
Thomas Watson Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Wear Street Thomas Stephenson Head M 49Sawyer DURWeardale
Isabella Stephenson Wife 39DUR Monkwearmouth
Thomas Stephenson Son 20Ship Carpenter DUR Monkwearmouth
Matthew Stepehenson Son 18Ship Carpenter DUR Monkwearmouth
Tabitha Stephenson Dau 15Dressmaker DUR Hylton
Robert Stephenson Son 13Potter DUR Hylton
William Stephenson Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Isabella Stephenson Dau 7Scholar DUR Hylton
James Stephenson Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Wear Street John McLackland Head M 27Paper Maker IRL
Helen McLackland Wife 25SCO
William McLackland Son 5Scholar NBL North Shields
John McLakland Son 3Scholar NBL North Shields
Duncan McLackland Son 1DUR Hylton
Wear Street Vincent Hodgson Head Wdr 53Potter DUR Hylton
Jane Hodgson Dau 22Housekeeper DUR Hylton
Hannah Hodgson Dau 10DUR Hylton
Alma Street John Green Head M 30S'builder employs DUR Sunderland
SarahGreen Wife 3210 men & 6 boys NBL Hexham
John Green Son 7Scholar DUR Sunderland
Margaret A. Green Dau 5Scholar DUR Sunderland
Michael H. Hodgson Son 3DUR Sunderland
Alma Street Wilson Chilton Head M 28Shipwright DURSunderland
Jane Chilton Wife 26DUR Rainton
William Chilton Son 1DUR Hylton
Alma Street Peter Forrest Head M 44Shipwright SCO
Mary Forrest Wife 39DUR Hylton
Wiliam Forrest Son 12DUR Hylton
Mary Forrest Dau 10DUR Hylton
Margaret Forrest Dau 7DUR Hylton
Ann Forrest Dau 5DUR Hylton
John Forrest Son 3DUR Hylton
Frederic Forrest Son 6m DUR Hylton
Alma Street Eleanor Shotton Head Wid 60NBL Eaton
William Anderson Son 37Tailor DUR Hylton
Alma Street Eleanor Matches Head M 35Shipwright's Wife DUR Hylton
William Matches Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary J. Matches Dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Eleamor Matches Dau 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Margaret Matches Dau 9m DUR Hylton
Alma Street William Allen Head Wdr 65Mason DUR Pensher
Mary Jewell Serv Wid 63Housekeeper SCO
Alma Street Peter Gray Head M 37House Builder NBL Killingworth
Margaret Gray Wife 27DUR Hylton
Charlotte Gray Dau 7Scholar DUR Sunderland
Ann Gray Dau 1DUR Hylton
George Wild F-i-L M 57Potter YKS Yorkshire
Charlotte Wild M-i-L 59DUR Birtley
Mary Evans Nec 12DUR Hylton
William Tempest Lodg U 30DUR Bishopwearmouth
Alma Street John Martin Head M 48DUR North Hylton
Maria Martin Wife 39DUR Pensher
Mary A. Martin Dau 14DUR Hylton
Margaret Martin Dau 9DUR Hylton
Maria Martin Dau 7DUR Hylton
Sarah Martin Dau 6DUR Hylton
Isabella Martin Dau 5DUR Hylton
Alma Street Peter Cassidy Head M 35Journeyman Potter IRL
Elizabeth Cassidy Wife 34IRL
John Cassidy Son 8DUR Hylton
Joseph Cassidy Son 6DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Cassidy Dau 4DUR Hylton
Margaret Cassidy Dau 1DUR Hylton
Alma Street William Trotter Head M 58Potter YKS Castleforth
Mary Trotter Wife 55DUR South Shields
Sarah Trotter Dau 23Dressmaker DUR Hylton
Robert Trotter Son 19Shipwright DUR Hylton
Isaac W. Johnson Lodg 23Potter NBL Newcastle
Alma Street Thomas Donaldson Head M 42Potter SCO
Elizabeth Donaldson Wife 48DUR Sunderland
Frances Donaldson Dau 20DUR Sunderland
James Donaldson Son 18Potter DUR Sunderland
Thomas Donaldson Son 15Potter DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Donaldson Dau 10Scholar DUR Sunderland
William Donaldson Son 8Scholar DUR Sunderland
Blyth Street Mary Smith Head Wid 48Rag Cutter IRL
Joeph Smith Son 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Blyth Street John Errington Head M 40Shipwright DUR Hylton
Mary Errington Wife 39Grocer YKS Hunslett Moor
John Inman S'son 17Potter DUR Hylton
Sarah A. Errington Dau 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Sarah Inman M-i-L Wid 69YKS Hunslett
Blyth Street Margaret Coffee Head Wid 35Paper Finisher SCO
Mary Coffee Dau 14Paper Cutter DUR Hylton
John Coffee Son 13DUR Hylton
Margaret Coffee Dau 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Catherine Coffee Dau 9DUR Hylton
Elizabeth A. Coffee Dau 5DUR Hylton
James Coffee Son 3DUR Hylton
Blyth Street William Todd Head M 29Shipwright DUR Hylton
Margaret Todd Wife 24DUR Sunderland
Jane Todd Dau 2DUR Hylton
Mary Todd Dau 7m DUR Hylton
Blyth Street Elizabeth Kelly Head Wid 68DUR Sunderland
John McGann Lodg U 35Labourer at Paper Mill IRL
Blyth Street Michael Evans Head Wdr 38Potter NBL Newcastle
George Evans Son 10Apprentice Potter DUR Hylton
Thomas Evans Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Charlotte Evans Dau 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Ann Evans Dau 4Scholar DUR Hylton
Margaret J. Evans Dau 1DUR Sunderland
Isabella Bailey Serv Wid 38Housekeeper DUR Sunderland
Blyth Street Thomas Robson Head M 25Shipwright NBL Newcastle
Jane Robson Wife 24DUR Hylton
George Robson Son 9m DUR Hylton
Blyth Street William R. Banks Head M 63Agent at Ironworks LAN Liverpool
Elizabeth Banks Wife 59SCO
William R. Banks Son 23Engine Fitter DUR Houghton-le-Spring
Blyth Street William Wilson Head M 37Carrier DUR North Hylton
Ellen Wilson Wife 35DUR Spittle
Ellen Wilson Dau 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert Wilson Son 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Sarah Wilson Dau 7Scholar DUR Hylton
William Wilson Son 3DUR Hylton
James Wilson Son 2DUR Hylton
Blyth Street James Outterside Head M 50Grocer DUR Hylton
Frances Outterside Wife 49DUR New Pensher
Frances Outterside Dau 18DUR Hylton
Margaret N. Outterside Dau 12Scholar DUR Hylton
William N. Outterside Son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Blyth Street James Wilson Head M 61Potter DUR Southwick
Mary wilson Wife 60DUR High Felling
Henry Wilson Fath Wdr 83Musician Pensioner WAR Nuneaton
Blyth Street Henry Kearsley Head M 39Shipwright YKS Ayton
Eleanor Kearsley Wife 38NBL Newcastle
Eleanaor Kearsley Dau 14Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary A. Kearsley Dau 12Scholar DUR Hylton
John Kearsley Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Henrietta Kearsley Son 4DUR Hylton
Blyth Street John Mather Head M 53Potter NBL Newcastle
Jane Mather Wife 47DUR Hylton
Benjamin Mather Son 25Ship Carpenter DUR Hylton
Jane Mather Dau 14DUR Hylton
Isaac Mather Son 12DUR Hylton
Eleanor Mather Dau 10DUR Hylton
George Mather Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
John Mather Son 5DUR Hylton
Mary A. Mather Dau 1DUR Pensher
Blyth Street Thomas O'Neil Head M 43Labourer IRL
Ellen O'Neil Wife 48IRL
Ellen O'Neil Dau 20Lathe Turner DUR Bishopwearmouth
Michael O'Neil Son 18Blacksmith DUR Bishopwearmouth
Bridget O'Neil Dau 14DUR Bishopwearmouth
Mary A. O'Neil Dau 9Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Blyth Street Margaret Pattinson Head M 21Ship Carpenter's Wife DUR Bishopwearmouth
Mary A. Pattinson Dau 1DUR Hylton
Blyth Street David Reay Head M 31Gatekeeper DUR Bishopwearmouth
Margaret Reay Wife 26DUR Darlington
Henry Martin S'son 5Scholar DUR Pallion
Catherine Reay Dau 1DUR Pallion
Catherine Reay Dau 3w DUR Hylton
Catherine Watson Serv U 34Nurse WIL Salisbury
Blyth Street Ann Keisley Head U 57School Mistress YKS Eston
Blyth Street Thompson W. Taylor Potter DUR Sunderland
Eleanor Taylor Wife 34IRL
Mary A.E. Taylor Dau 10Potter DUR Sunderland
John G. Taylor Son 10Potter DUR Hylton
Margaret Taylor Dau 8Potter DUR Hylton
Samuel Taylor Son 4DUR Hylton
Thomas Taylor Son 2DUR Hylton
Blyth Street Margaret Robson Head Wid 80DUR Southwick
Margaret Robson Dau U 25Warehouse Woman DUR Hylton
John G. Robson G'son 2DUR Hylton
Blyth Street Robert Short Head M 48Joiner DUR Monkwearmouth
Elizabeth Short Wife 47DUR Fatfield
Mary Ann Short Dau 22Dressmaker DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Short Dau 20DUR Hylton
George Short Son 17Apprentice Joiner DUR Hylton
Isabella Short Dau 15DUR Hylton
Emma Short Dau 7Potter DUR Hylton
Lavina Short Dau 4Potter DUR Hylton
Blyth Street George Davison Head M 21Shipwright DUR Hylton
Isabella Davison Wife 22DURCox Green
Blyth Street John Sidgwick Head M 28Tailor DUR Stockton-on-Tees
Elizabeth Sidgwick Wife 29DUR Stockton-on-Tees
Mary Sidgwick Dau 7DUR Stockton-on-Tees
Ann Sidgwick Dau 4DUR Stockton-on-Tees
Jane Sidgwick Dau 2DUR Stockton-on-Tees
Blyth Street George Naisby Head M 34Shipwright DUR Hylton
Ann Naisby Wife 33NBL Newcastle
William Naisby Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
John G. Naisby Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Margaret Naisby Dau 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Catherine Naisby Dau 3Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary Ann Naisby Dau 3m DUR Hylton
Dawson Terrace Margaret Naisby Head 50Shipwright's Wife (at sea) DUR Piercebridge
Dawson Terrace James Robson Head M 22Shipwright NBL Newcastle
Mary Ann Robson Wife 18DUR Seaham
Ann Chilton Vis 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Dawson Terrace Jeremiah Scolfield Head M 27Earthenware Thrower DUR Even Wood
Margaret Scolfield Wife 43Earthenware Fireman NBL North Sunderland
James Scolfield Son 23DUR Evenwood
Elizabeth Scholfield Dau 14NBL Newcastle
John Scolfield Son 12NBL Newcastle
George A. Scholfield Son 8Scholar NBL Newcastle
Dawson Terrace William Chapman Head M 24Engineman DUR Evenwood
Margaret Chapman Wife 20DUR Evenwood
Martha Chapman Dau 1DUR Hylton
Dawson Terrace Margaret Pattison Head Wid 55DUR Beamish
Jeffrey Pattison Son 20Ship Carpenter DUR Hylton
Mary Pattison Dau 13Scholar DUR Hylton
Dawson Terrace Martha Scolfield Head Wid 85YKS Bradford
Dawson Terrace Thomas Wake Head M 48Potter DUR Chester-le-Street
Ann Wake Wife 47DUR Southwick
Mary Ann Wake Dau 21DUR Hylton
Margert Wake Dau 17DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Wake Dau 16DUR Hylton
Hannah Wake Dau 15Service DUR Hylton
Thomas Wake Son 13Potter Apprentice DUR Hylton
Christopher Wake Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Emma Wake Dau 4Scholar DUR Hylton
Sarah Wake Dau 8Scholar DUR Hylton
John Ainsworth Lodg Wdr 30Ship Carpenter DUR Hylton
Harriet Ainsworth Dau 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Dawson Terrace Robert Allen Head M 30Master Mason employs DUR Pensher
Ann Allen Wife 252 boys. DUR Bishopwearmouth
George Allen Son 4Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Robert Allen Son 10m DUR Bishopwearmouth
Dawson Terrace James Ball Head M 55Butcher NFK Swanton
Thomasine Ball Wife 63DUR Sunderland
Dawson Terrace William Grievson Head M 37Potter DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Grievson Wife 37DUR Hylton
Ann Grievson Dau 14Scholar DUR Hylton
Jane Grievson Dau 13Scholar DUR Hylton
William Grievson Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Thomas Grievson Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Dawson Terrace Isabella Young Head M 48Shipwright's Wife DUR Hylton
Thomas young Son 14Apprentice Shipwright NBL Howden
Isabella Young Dau 11Scholar NBL Howden
Charlotte Young Dau 8Scholar NBL Tynemouth
Dawson Terrace Middleton Lees Head M 66Potter NBL Newcastle
Margaret Lees Wife 64NBL Newcastle
Dawson Terrace Jeremiah Scholfield Head Wdr 60Potter YKS Leeds
Dawson Terrace Martin Ainsworth Head M 55Pot Printer YKS Castleford
Mary Ainsworth Wife 56NBL Newcastle
Anne Ainsworth Dau 23DUR Hylton
Mary Ainsworth Dau 21Transfer of Pot Prints DUR Hylton
Sarah Ainsworth Dau 19Transfer of Pot Prints DUR Hylton
William M. Ainsworth Son 16Potter DUR Hylton
Dawson Terrace William Elliott Head Wid 66Waterman DUR Offerton Haugh
Dawson Terrace Charles Finn Head M 27First Class Policeman YKS Lancaston??
Dorothy Finn Wife 30YKS Richmond
Rachel Finn Dau 9m DUR Hylton
Dawson Terrace Edward Henderson Head M 46Shipwright DUR Offerton Haugh
Elizabeth Henderson Wife 36DUR Hylton
Elizabeth A. Smith S'dau 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Edward Henderson Son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Joanna Henderson Dau 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Thomas Henderson Son 3DUR Hylton
Dawson Terrace James Nichol Head M 51Shipwright DUR Hylton
Mary Nichol Wife 50NBL Longbenton
Mary Nichol Dau 17Dressmaker DUR Hylton
James Nichol Son 15Apprentice Joiner DUR Hylton
Margaret Nichol Dau 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Ninian Nichol Son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Dawson Terrace Edward Hepburn Head M 38Shipwright DUR Hylton
Margaret Hepburn Wife 38IRL
Dawson Terrace William Grieveson Head Widr 68Gardener DUR Newton Hall
George Grieveson Son 23Ship Carpenter DUR Hylton
Dawson Terrace Jacob Jackson Head M 40Ship Carpenter DUR Hylton
Jane Jackson Wife 38DUR Piercebridge
Thomas Jackson Son 13Sawyer DUR Hylton
Hannah Jackson Dau 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary Ellen Jackson Dau 4Scholar DUR Hylton
Margaret A. Jackson Dau 2DUR Hylton
Dawson Terrace Michael Sidgwick Head M 33Shipwright DUR West Rainton
Elizabeth Sidgwick Wife 25DUR West Boldon
Catherine Sidgwick Dau 3DUR West Cornforth
Elizabeth Sidgwick Dau 1DUR Hylton
John Thompson Vis 13Scholar DUR Hylton
Dawson Terrace Edward Towns Head M 28Tailor CUM Carlisle
Mary Towns Wife 29CUM Carlisle
Thomas Towns Son 5Scholar DUR Sunderland
Edward Towns Son 3DUR Sunderland
South Hylton Thomas Watson Head M 71Shipwright DUR South Shields
Eleanor Watson Wife 65DUR South Shields
Anthony Watson Son 21Shipwright DUR Hylton
Charles Ball S-i-L M 33Shipwright NBL North Shields
Eleanor Ball Dau M 27DUR South Shields
Anthony Ball G'son 1DUR Hylton
South Hylton Joseph Barker Head M 40Joiner DUR Chester-le-Street
Margaret Barker Wife 37DUR Bishopwearmouth
Jane Barker Dau 16House Maid DUR Monkwearmouth
Margaret Ann Barker Dau 14Scholar DUR Monkwearmouth
William Barker Son 11Scholar DUR Monkwearmouth
Isabella Barker Dau 10Scholar DUR Monkwearmouth
Joseph Barker Son 8Scholar DUR Monkwearmouth
Sarah D. Barker Dau 8m DUR Hylton
South Hylton Robert Wealands Head M 35Shipwright DUR Hylton
Margaret Wealands Wife 35DUR Offerton Haugh
Elizabeth Ann Wealands Dau 4DUR Hylton
Robert Wealands Son 2DUR Hylton
South Hylton Alexander Roddon Head M 49Sawyer CUM Carlisle
Elizabeth Roddon Wife 51????
Sarah Roddon Dau 18DUR Gateshad
Henry Clark F-i-L Widr 70Tile Maker CUM Nandalston??
Peter Carruther S-i-L M 28Shipwright NBL Tweedmouth
Margaret Carruther Dau M 27CUM Carlisle
Jane Carruther G'dau 8DUR Monkwaermouth
Elizabeth Carruther G'dau 84DUR Monkwaermouth
Margaret Carruther G'dau 4DUR Hylton
South Hylton John Wake Head M 20Shipwright DUR Hylton
Mary Ann Wake Wife 22DUR Hylton
William Wake Son 2DUR Hylton
Thomas Wake Son 1m DUR Hylton
South Hylton James Flemming Head M 24Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Hannah Flemming Wife 22DUR Hylton
James Flemming Son 3m DUR Hylton
South Hylton Josephine Bulmer Head Wid 46House Keeper FRANCE (British Subject)
Thomas Bulmer Son 22Shipwright DUR Sunderland
John Bulmer Son 18Shipwright DUR Hylton
James Bulmer Son 16Shipwright DUR Hylton
Mary E. Bulmer Dau 14DUR Hylton
Jane Bulmer Dau 12DUR Hylton
South Hylton John Pattison Head M 31Shipwright DUR Hylton
Margaret Pattison Wife 27DUR Hylton
Isabella Pattison Dau 6DUR Hylton
Mary Jane Pattison Dau 1DUR Hylton
South Hylton William Pattinson Head M 35Joiner YKS Gainsborough
Harriot Pattinson Wife 37Dressmaker YKS Grimsby
Thomas C. Pattinson Son 10Scholar DUR Sunderland
Marie E. Pattinson Dau 8Scholar DUR Washington
William Pattinson Son 6Scholar
South Hylton Matthew Jolly Head M 60Retired Tailor DUR Houghton-le-Spring
Jane Jolly Wife 58DUR Offerton
Blythe Jolly Son 17Teacher DUR Ford
Thomas Jolly Son 16Scholar DUR Ford
South Hylton Susannah Carr Head Wid 70Formerly a Farm Serv NBL Seaton
South Hylton Robert Liddle Head M 25Boatbuilder DUR Monkwearmouth
Jane E. Liddle Wife 26CUM Carlisle
William C. Liddle Son 4Scholar DUR Monkwearmouth
Henry A. Liddle Son 2DUR Monkwearmouth
South Hylton John Short Head M 40Joiner DUR Bishopwearmouth
Mary Short Wife 33DUR Sheriff Hill
Ann Short Dau 14Scholar DUR Hylton
John Short Son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary Jane Short Dau 2DUR Hylton
George H.J. Short Son 3m DUR Hylton
South Hylton Thomas Brayfield Head M 49Schoolmaster YKS Melsonby
Elizabeth Brayfield Wife 33DUR Whitwell
John Brayfield Son 11Scholar DUR Heighington
Thomas Brayfield Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary Jane Brayfield Dau 4Scholar DUR Hylton
Barbara Brayfield Dau 3m DUR Hylton
Sunniside John Miller Head M 49Cartman DUR Hallgarth
Adah Miller Wife 44NBL Ponteland
Iasabella Miller Dau 15Scholar DUR Sunderland Bridge
Catherine Miller Dau 14Dressmaker DUR Shincliffe
Frances Miller Dau 9Scholar DURSunderland
Barbara Miller Dau 5Scholar DUR Hallgarth
Isabella Lawson M-i-L Wid 73Scholar NBL Stamfordham
Ann Lawson S-i-L U 36Deaf & Dumb from birth DUR Bishopwearmouth
Sunniside John Hodgson Head Widr 50Boot & Shoe Maker DUR Hylton
Hannah Hodgson Dau 20Housekeeper DUR Hylton
Sunniside Sarah Wilson Head Wid 65Shop keeper DUR Gateshead
Isabella Scholfield Dau M 24Housekeeper DUR Hylton
Henry Wilson Son Widr 33Pot Painter DUR Hylton
Robert Robson Gson U 21Blacksmith DUR Sunderland
Martin Wilson G'son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert Wilson G'son 2DUR Hylton
Frederic Sedcole G'son 7Scholar DUR Sunderland
Sunniside George Short Head M 45Joiner DUR Bishopwearmouth
Elizabeth Short Wife 40DUR Hylton
Margaret Short Son 19DUR Hylton
William Short Son 16Joiner's Apprentice DUR Hylton
George Short Son 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Joseph Short Dau 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Short Dau 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Emily Short Dau 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Eliza Short Son 4Scholar DUR Hylton
James Short Son 2DUR Hylton
Sunniside Bridges Rontree Head M 40Ship Carpenter DUR Hylton
Mary Rontree Wife 38DUR Linzford
Sunniside Robert Plumpton Head M 24Carpenter NFK Buckenham
Sarah Ann Plumpton Wife 29NFK Buckenham
Elizabeth Ann Hnt?? S'dau 10NFK Buckenham
Margaret A. Plumpton Dau 3DUR Hylton
George William PlumptonSon 2DUR Hylton
Sunniside William Richardson Head M 29Shipbuilder DUR Lamesley
Ann Richardson Wife 30DUR Hylton
Jane Richardson Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
William Richardson Dau 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert Richardson Son 1DUR Hylton
Hannah Aills?? Vis 17DUR Bitley
Sunniside Robert Haddock Head M 54Sawyer DUR Pensher
Alice Haddock Wife 51DUR Sunderland
John Hadock Son 17Forgeman DUR Hylton
Alice Haddock Dau 15Scholar DUR Hylton
Thomas Haddock Son 13Scholar DUR Hylton
Frederic Haddock Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Sunniside Thomas Stothard Head M 39Shipwright DUR North Hylton
Isabella Stothard Wife 29KEN Woolwich
William Stothard Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary Ann Stothard Dau 3Scholar DUR Hylton
Joseph Stothard Son 1m DUR Hylton
Mary A. Mason M-i-L Wid 73??? Bristol
South Hylton William Emmerson Head M 53Labourer DUR Westgate
Mary Emmerson Wife 45DUR Sunderland
Mary Emmerson Dau 17DUR Hylton
Ralph Emmerson Son 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Thos. Emmerson Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Dor.Emmerson Dau 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert Wm. Emmerson Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
John Wm. Emmerson Son 4DUR Hylton
James Hy Emmerson Son 1DUR Hylton
Georgina Sutherland Bord 4DUR Hylton
South Hylton John Brown Head M 33Rivet Manuf.employs 5 men and 2 boys DUR Cockfield
Isabella Brown Wife 33DUR Sunderland
Alexander T. Brown Son 5DUR Ford
John G.D. Brown Son 1DUR Ford
Stanley W.J.Brown Son 1m DUR Ford
William J.Guest F-i-L M 63Clerk DUR Sunderland
Adah Guest M-i-L M 63DUR Ford
South Hylton George Walker Head M 51Blacksmith/Dealer DUR Bishopwearmouth
Sarah Walker Wife 51DUR Hylton
Thomas R. Walker Son 20Blacksmith DUR Hylton
Sarah E. Walker Dau 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Martha Walker Vis 10DUR Hylton
South Hylton Elizabeth Jobling Wife M 36Ship Carpenter's Wife DUR Hylton
Margaret Jobling Dau 12DUR Hylton
Mary Jobling Dau 10DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Jobling Dau 8DUR Hylton
South Hylton John Shepherd Head M 33Potter DUR West House
Mary Shepherd Wife 27DUR Southwick
Mary E. Shepherd Dau 8DUR Hylton
John McF Shepherd Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Isabella Shepherd Dau 3DUR Hylton
Margaret J. Shepherd Dau 11m DUR Hylton
South Hylton William Gibbon Head M 32Shipwright DUR Hylton
Christian Gibbon Wife 35SCO
Walter Gibbon Son 7DUR Hylton
Matthew Gibbon Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary Jane Gibbon Dau 2DUR Hylton
South Hylton Margaret Hale Head U 32Working at Paper Mill DUR Hylton
Ann Hale Sis U 20Working at Paper Mill DUR Hylton
South Hylton Jane Fenwick Head Wid 38Dressmaker DUR Stranton??
South Hylton Mary Oxberry Head Wid 47Laundress SCO
John H. Oxberry Son 18Ship Carpenter DUR Hylton
Margaret Oxberry Dau 15DUR Hylton
Mary Oxberry Dau 13DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Oxberry Dau 11DUR Hylton
Ann Oxberry Dau 9DUR Hylton
Jane Oxberry Dau 3DUR Hylton
South Hylton Edward Brown Head M 24Ship Carpenter DUR Hylton
Mary Brown Wife 26IRL
George Brown Son 5DUR Hylton
South Hylton John Lighten Head M 29Agricultural Labourer CUM Little Corby
Alice Lighten Wife 26DUR Hylton
Elizabeth J. Lighten Dau 6Scholar DUR Pelton Fell
Hellen Lighten Dau 1DUR Hylton
South Hylton Mary Rutherford Head Wid 67Needlewoman NBL Ponteland
Mary Ann Askew Dau M 27Shipwright's Wife DUR Gateshead
George W. Askew G'son 4DUR Hylton
Mary Jane Askew G'dau 1DUR Hylton
William Usher Lodg U 21Labourer/Hylton Forge DUR South Shields