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South Hylton John Gray Head M 33Ship Blacksmith DUR Sunderland
Alice Gray Wife 32DUR Philadelphia
John Gray Son 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Jane Gray Dau 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Alice Gray Dau 11m DUR Hylton
South Hylton John Haswell Head M 38S'builder employs 27 menDUR Hylton
Mary Haswell Wife 38DUR Hylton
Edmund Haswell Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
George Haswell Son 4Scholar DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Haswell Sis U 40DUR Hylton
South Hylton Christopher Holburn Head M 30Shipwright DUR Bishop Auckland
Elizabeth Holburn Wife 32DUR Darlington
Mary Holburn Dau 1DUR Hylton
South Hylton William Young Head U 75Linen Weaver DUR West Boldon
South Hylton Isabella Spowers Head Wid 77Pauper, Sunderland UnionDUR Hylton
Thomas Spowers Son M 38Shipwright DUR Hylton
John Turnbull G'son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Jane Stafford Serv 14Servant DUR Hylton
South Hylton William Spowers Head M 49Shipwright DUR Hylton
Hannah Spowers Wife 51DUR Hylton
Laurence Spowers Son 18App Shipwright DUR Hylton
Edward Spowers Son App Shipwright DUR Hylton
William Spowers Son 15App Shipwright DUR Hylton
???? Servant Serv 16DUR Hylton
South Hylton William Talbot Head Widr 20Shipbuilder's Labourer Not Known
South Hylton Ralph Sutton Head M 63Shoemaker DUR Chaterhaugh
Elizabeth Sutton Wife 59DUR Washington
Elizabeth Sutton Dau U 32DUR Hylton
Ralph Sutton Son 23Shipwright DUR Hylton
Ann Sutton Dau 20DUR Hylton
Robert Sutton Son 13App. Shipwright DUR Hylton
Mary Sutton G'dau 3DUR Hylton
South Hylton Grace Tate Head Wid 66Pauper, Sunderland UnionNBL
Robert Talbot Lodg 15App Shipwright DUR Hylton
Grace Talbot Lodg 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Talbot Lodg 9Scholar DUR Hylton
South Hylton Robert Wealands Head U 35Shipwright DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Wealands Sis U 35Housekeeper DUR Hylton
South Hylton Richard Lumley Head M 37Shipwright DUR Lanchester
Margaret Lumley Wife 42DUR Chester le Street
John S Lumley Son 14App Shipwright DUR Southwick
Thomas S Lumley Son 7Scholar DUR Lanchester
Margaret Lumley Dau 4DUR Chester le Street
Elizabeth Lumley Dau 1DUR Hylton
South Hylton Ann Moir Head Wid 66House Owner DUR Sunderland
Margaret Moir G'dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
South Hylton Joshua Thompson Head M 26Shipwright DUR S.Shields
Barbara Thompson Wife 22DUR Hylton
South Hylton William Ranson Head M 36Shipwright MDX
Mary Ranson Wife 23Aslington??
South Hylton William Henderson Head M 50Blacksmith DUR Hylton
Isabella Henderson Wife 31DUR Hylton
Henry Henderson Son 21Shipwright DUR Hylton
William Henderson Son 19App Shipwright DUR Hylton
Philip Henderson Son 15App Shipwright DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Henderson Dau 9m DUR Hylton
South Hylton Jane Pratt Head Wid School Mistress DUR Houghton le Spring
John Pratt Son 25Shipwright DUR Jarrow
Rebecca Pratt Dau 20DUR Hylton
South Hylton Moses Graham Head M 24Shipwright DUR Southwick
Sarah Graham Wife 22DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Graham Dau 2DUR Hylton
South Hylton Thomas Talbot Head M 43Sawyer DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Talbot Wife 43NBL
Elenor Talbot Dau 17DUR Hylton
Thomas Talbot Son 13Scholar DUR Hylton
Isabella Talbot Dau 7Scholar DUR Hylton
??? Talbot Dau 9m DUR Hylton
South Hylton William Hobson Head M 28Shipwright DUR Newbottle
Isabella Hobson Wife 30DUR Hylton
Isabella Hobson Dau 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Hobson Dau 3DUR Hylton
South Hylton William Duke Head M 29Shipwright DUR Chester le Street
Elizabeth Duke Wife 27DUR Offerton
Margaret Duke Dau 8m DUR Hylton
South Hylton Ralph Gray Head M 37Shipwright DUR
Elizabeth Gray Wife 34DUR Hylton
George Gray Son 14App. Shipwright DUR Hylton
Blakison Gray Son 10Scholar at Home DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Gray Dau 7Scholar at Home DUR Hylton
South Hylton Thomas Davison Head M 50Shipwright DUR Ferryhill
Mary Davison Wife 47SSX Rye
George Davison Son 20Shipwright SSX Hastings
Alfred Davison Son 14App. Shipwright SSX Rye
Charles Davison Son 10Scholar DUR Offerton
South Hylton Robert Whitfield Head M 48Blacksmith & Victualler NBL Newcastle
Ann Whitfield Wife 44DUR Hylton
John Whitfield Son 22Shipwright DUR Hylton
Robert Whitfield Son 17App. Shipwright DUR Hylton
Ann Whitfield Dau 15DUR Hylton
George Whitfield Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
William Whitfield Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary Whitfield Dau 6Scholar DUR Hylton
South Hylton Thomas Davis Head M 33Carpenter & Joiner DOR
Jane Davis Wife 32DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Davis Dau 3Scholar DUR Hylton
William Pratt S'son 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Thomas Davis Son 1DUR Hylton
South Hylton George Simpson Head Widr 65Forgeman atCopperas NBL
Elizabeth Simpson Dau U 32(D & D) House Servant NBL Apperley
Mary Simpson Dau U 30House Servant NBL Ryton
Ann Simpson Dau 16House Servant NBL Jarrow
Ann Gray G'dau 5DUR S.Shields
South Hylton Ann Rodgerson Head Wid 67Property Owner DUR Hylton
William B Rodgerson Son 30Shipwright DUR Hylton
Elizabeth B Rodgerson Dau 24DUR Hylton
South Hylton Henry Rontree Head M 34Butcher & Victualler DUR
Jane Rontree Wife 30NBL
George???? Nep 16App. Butcher DUR
Frances Henderson M in L Wid 72NBL
Catherine Lovat Serv 15Servant DUR
South Hylton William Snowdon Head M 55Shipbuilder's Labourer DUR Woodham
Mary Snowdon Wife 51DUR Sunderland
George R Snowdon Son 20App. Potter DUR Hylton
William Snowdon Son 14App. Potter DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Snowdon Dau 17DUR Hylton
John Snowdon Son 12Potter DUR Hylton
Charles Snowdon Son 9Scholar DUR Hylton
South Hylton Thomas Grainger Head M 25Shipwright DUR Bishopwearmouth
Sarah Grainger Wife 23DUR Hylton
Margaret Grainger Dau 1m DUR Hylton
South Hylton Newton Snowdon Head M 40Blacksmith DUR S.Shields
Margaret Snowdon Wife 45DUR Hylton
Isabella Snowdon Dau 12Scholar DUR Cox Green
Robert Snowdon Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
South Hylton William Bell Head M 58Mason DUR
Hannah Bell Wife 72DUR Hylton
Jane B Harrop Niece U 20DUR Gateshead
Robert Turnbull Nep 7Scholar DUR Hylton
South Hylton Margery Rontree Head Wid 69DUR Murton House
William, Rontree Son U 33Tailor DUR Hylton
South Hylton Charles Potter Head M 39Joiner WOR Bardley
Attes?? Potter Wife 39DUR Sunderland
South Hylton Thomas French Head M 27Joiner DUR Hylton
Dorothy French Wife 27NBL Wallsend
Margaret H French Dau 2NBL Wallsend
Mary A French Dau 9m DUR Hylton
South Hylton James Smith Head M Shipwright YKS Middleham
Mary J Smith Wife 21DUR Offerton Haugh
Anthony Smith Son 2DUR Hylton
Margaret J Smith Dau 5m DUR Hylton
Margaret Henderson M-I-L Wid 66Pauper, Sunderland UnionDUR Offerton Haugh
South Hylton William Duke Head M 63Hind DUR Chester le Street,
Isabella Duke Wife 61DUR Lanchester
Anthony Duke Son 29Shipwright DUR Chester le Street
Luke Duke Son 26Shipwright DUR Chester le Street
Isabella Henderson G'dau 10Scholar DUR Chester le Street
South Hylton Jane Wilkinson Head Wid 50DUR Sunderland
Hudson Wilkinson Son U 22Shipwright DUR Houghton le Spring
South Hylton Patrick McCormick Head M 30Shipbuilders Labourer IRL
Mary McCormick Wife 28IRL
Dennis McCormick Son 9Scholar IRL
Michael McCormick Son 5DUR Hylton
James McCormick Son 2DUR Hylton
James Nolan Lodg30Rail Labourer IRL
Matthew Hanny Lodg 24Rail Labourer IRL
South Hylton Susan Dunn Head Wid 77(Blind) Pauper, S'ld Union DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Dunn Dau U 38DUR Hylton
South Hylton Christoper Robbins Head M 48Sawyer IRL
Elizabeth Robbins Wife 36DUR Hylton
Ann Robbins Dau 10DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Robbins Dau 5DUR Hylton
Catherine Robbins Dau 5Shipwright DUR Hylton
William Richardson Nep U 21Shipbuilders Labourer DUR Lamesley
South Hylton John Hall Head Widr 54Shipwright DUR Bishopwearmouth
Thomas Hall Son 24DUR Hylton
Margaret Hall Dau 23DUR Hylton
Elenor Hall Dau 17DUR Hylton
Ann Hall Dau 10Scholar DUR Hylton
South Hylton Thomas Brown Head M 35Store/Stone? Dealer NBL
Sarah Brown Wife 36DUR Hylton
Grace Brown Dau 6Scholar NBL Newcastle
Mary S Brown Dau 9m DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Millen S’Dau 12Scholar NBL
South Hylton Edward Henderson Head Widr 37Shipwright DUR Offerton Haugh
Elenor Henderson Dau 11DUR Hylton
South Hylton John Richie Head M 35Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Jane Richie Wife 36DUR Offerton Haugh
South Hylton Richard Hudson Head M 27Sawyer DUR Westoe
Mary Hudson Wife 24DUR Hylton
John W Hudson Son 7m DUR Hylton
John Peddie Lodg M 29Shipwright NBL Holy Island
Margaret Peddie Lodg M 30NFK Webburn
Sarah Peddie Lodg 4m NBL Holy Island
South Hylton John ?? Head M 30Shipwright/Grocer DUR Hylton
Mary ?? Wife 29YKS Hunslet
Sarah ?? Dau 1DUR Hylton
John Inman S’son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary Davison Serv 13Servant DUR Hylton
South Hylton Joseph Ball Head M 35Shipwright NBL Newcastle
Catherine Ball Wife 26DUR Ravensworth
William Ball Son 6m DUR Hylton
South Hylton Matthew Moir Head M 36Bread Baker DUR Hylton
Jane Moir Wife 40DUR Chester le Street
John G Moir Son 4DUR Chester le Street
Jane Moir Dau 2DUR Hylton
Thomas Conroy Lodg 20App. Baker SCO
South Hylton William Lee Head M 23Butcher DUR Staindrop
Jane Lee Wife 25DUR Hylton
John M Lee Son 4Scholar DUR Hylton
William Lee Son 2DUR Hylton
South Hylton James Byers Head M 48Sawyer & Victualler SCO
Agnes Byers Wife 47SCO
William Byers Son 20App. Joiner CUL
Agnes Byers Dau 17App. Joiner CUL Carlisle
David Byers Son 14Scholar CUL Carlisle
Elizabeth Byers Dau 10Scholar DUR Hylton
James Byers Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Ann Byers Dau 6DUR Hylton
South Hylton Margaret Wilson Head U 48Confectioner DUR Hylton
South Hylton Thomas Howe Head M 73Proprietor of Houses DUR Penshaw
Elizabeth Howe Wife 73DUR Hylton
Thomas Richardson Lodg U 23Shipwright DUR Hylton
South Hylton Thomas Hudson Head M 60Keelman CUL Penrith
Jane Hudson Wife 59DUR Hylton
Sarah Hudson Dau 21DUR Cox Green
James Hudson Son 18App. Shipwright DUR Cox Green
Thomas Hudson Son Widr 39Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Isabella Hudson Dau 8Scholar DUR Hylton
John Hudson Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
South Hylton Anthony Landers Head M 28Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Sarah Landers Wife 19DUR Felling
South Hylton John Henderson Head M 49Shipwright DUR Hylton
Mary Henderson Wife 48DUR Tunstall
South Hylton Margaret Henderson Wid 78Proprietor of Houses DUR Fatfield
South Hylton Nicholas Henderson Head M 28Blacksmith DUR Offerton Haugh
Hannah Henderson Wife 27DUR Ayre's Quay
Hannah Henderson Dau 2DUR Hylton
Thomas Henderson Son 7m DUR Hylton
South Hylton Anthony Henderson Head U 61Shipwright DUR Hylton
Hannah Henderson Sis U 50Housekeeper DUR Hylton
Thomas Henderson Nep U 25Shoemaker DUR Hylton
South Hylton Henry Wilson Head M 73Tailor & Chelsea Pensioner WAR Nuneaton
Eleanor Wilson Wife 73DUR N. Hylton
South Hylton Joseph Ranson Head M 56Shipwright DUR Norton
Marian Ranson Wife 57DUR Hylton
Hannah Ranson Dau M 29DUR Hylton
Joseph Ranson Son U 23Shipwright DUR Sunderland
John C Ranson Son 14Scholar DUR Sunderland
South Hylton Joseph Young Head M 31Shipwright DUR Bishopwearmouth
Jannet Young Wife 27SCO
Jane A Young Dau 4m DUR Hylton
South Hylton Michael Martin Head M 40Shipwright DUR N. Hylton
Elizabeth Martin Wife 30DUR Ford
Matgaret Martin Dau 8Scholar DUR Ford
Isabella Martin Dau 6Scholar DUR Ford
Elizabeth Martin Dau 1DUR Ford
South Hylton Robert Davison Head M 70Potter DUR Houghton le Spring
Elizabeth Davison Wife 60DUR Hylton
South Hylton James Brown Head M 37Shipwright DUR Hylton
Isabella Brown Wife 37DUR Hylton
Edward Brown Son 14App Shipwright DUR Hylton
Carr Brown Son 13App Shipwright DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Brown Dau 7Scholar DUR Hylton
James Brown Son 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Margaret Brown Dau 3DUR Hylton
South Hylton Robert Twizell Head M 37Grocer DUR Monkwearmouth
Jane Twizell Wife 43Shoemaker DUR Heworth
South Hylton Ralph Sanderson Head M 37Scholar DUR Sunderland
Jean Sanderson Wife 34Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Charles P Sanderson Son 10Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Elizabeth P Sanderson Dau 7DUR Bishopwearmouth
Mary J Sanderson Dau 5DUR Hylton
Ralph M Sanderson Son 4m DUR Hylton
South Hylton John Carr Head M 40Tailor SCO
Susannah Carr Wife 37SCO
Mary Carr Dau 12Scholar SCO
Joseph Carr Son 10Scholar SCO
John Carr Son 6Scholar SCO
William Carr Son 4SCO
South Hylton Thomas Lawson Head M 59Agricultural Labourer NBL
Mary Lawson Wife 57DUR Whickham
Robert Lawson Son U 29Shipwright DUR Gateshead
George Vass Nep 8Scholar NBL Newcastle
George Errington Lodg U 29Shipwright DUR Bishopwearmouth
South Hylton Edward Henderson Head M 42Blacksmith DUR Hylton
Ann Henderson Wife 39YKS Leeds
Jane Henderson Dau 20DUR Hylton
Edward Henderson Son 18App Shipwright DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Henderson Dau 13Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert Henderson Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary Henderson Dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Hannah Henderson Dau 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Priscilla Henderson Dau 2DUR Hylton
Frederick Iddleston Nep U 16App Shipwright North????
South Hylton Joseph Moir Head M 39Joiner Em. 3 men. 2 App. DUR Hylton
Ann Moir Wife 35DUR Chester le Street
George Moir Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Moir Dau 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Ann Moir Dau 5m DUR Hylton
South Hylton Wiiliam Allen Head Widr 57Mason Employs 4 men DUR Pensher
Robert Allen Son 20Mason DUR Pensher
George Allen Son 18Mason DUR Pensher
Lavina K?? Serv 58Housekeeper LAN Manchester
South Hylton John Thompson Head M 28Shipwright DUR Monkwearmouth
Frances Thompson Wife 28DUR S Shields
Isabella Thompson Dau 6Scholar DUR Monkwearmouth
Barbara Place M-i-L 64Pauper DUR Sunderland
South Hylton Thomas Talbot Head Widr 50Potter DUR Hylton
Thomas Talbot Son Widr 43? Sawyer DUR Sunderland
Caroline Talbot Dau 12DUR Sunderland
South Hylton Joseph Forge Head M 60Shoemaker & Chels. PensYKS Leeds
Mary Forge Wife 50NBL Haltwhistle
Jane Forge Dau 9DUR Bishopwearmouth
John Forge Nep 21Shipwright DUR Bishopwearmouth
Thomas Forge Nep 20Shipwright DUR Bishopwearmouth
Thomas Sanderson U 28Shipwright NBL Beadnell
South Hylton Richard Russell Head M 35Cooper IRL
Ann Russell Wife 28IRL
Catherine Russell Dau 16Employed At Pottery IRL
Mary A Russell Dau 1DUR Hylton
South Hylton John Cooper Head M 52Potter STS Hanley
Jane Cooper Wife 50DUR Hylton
John G Cooper Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Joseph Cooper Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Bradshaw Dau U 25DUR Hylton
South Hylton John Shippard Head U 23Potter (Turner) NBL Newcastle
Elizabeth Shippard Moth U 43Potter (Clay Worker) NBL Newcastle
South Hylton John Oxberry Head M 33Shipwright NBL Newcastle
Mary Oxberry Wife 34SCO
Elenor Oxberry Dau 10Scholar DUR Hylton
John Oxberry Son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Margaret Oxberry Dau 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary Oxberry Dau 3Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert Twaddle Lodg U 30Shipwright NBL Newcastle
South Hylton Dennis Conroy Head M 47Papermaker IRL
Mary Conroy Wife 47IRL
William Conroy Son 26Labourer at Paper Mill SCO
James Conroy Son 18Labourer at Paper Mill SCO
Elizabeth Conroy Dau 12Potter YKS Leeds
Ann Conroy Dau 10YKS Leeds
Dennis Conroy Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
John Conroy Son 5DUR Hylton
South Hylton Peter Thompson Head M 26Rail Labourer IRL
Margaret Thompson Wife 19NBL Newcastle
South Hylton Thomas Coffee Head M 29Labourer, Paper Mill IRL
Margaret Coffee Wife 25SCO
Mary Coffee Dau 4Scholar DUR Hylton
John Coffee Son 3DUR Hylton
Margaret Coffee Dau 1DUR Hylton
South Hylton Elizabeth Carroll Head Wid 50IRL
Margaret Carroll Dau 22Paper Mill IRL
Joseph Carroll Son 21Paper Maker IRL
Edward Carroll Son 19Shipwright IRL
Catherine Carroll Dau 18Pottery IRL
South Hylton Rachel Hill Head Wid 61Pauper, Sunderland UnionNBL
Lucinder Hill Dau 15Pottery (Stiltmaker) DUR Hylton
South Hylton George Davison Head M 50Labourer at Pottery DUR Philadelphia
Ann Davison Wife 50SCO
Nicholas Davison Son 17App. Shipwright DUR Sunderland
George Davison Son 11Labourer at Shipyard DUR Hylton
Sarah A Davison Dau 8Scholar DUR Hylton
South Hylton Mary Linon Head U 24Grass Sorter, Papermill IRL
Catherine Linon Sister U 23Pottery IRL
Jane Linon Sister U 20Pottery IRL
Bridget Linon Sister 17Pottery IRL
Elizabeth Linon Sister 15Pottery IRL
Peter Linon Brother 13App. Shoemaker IRL
Ann Young Lodger 18Pottery IRL
South Hylton Christopher Jolly Head U 64Potter DUR Houghton le Spring
South Hylton Thomas Bell Head M 53Sawyer DUR
Mary Bell Wife 50DUR Hylton
Benjamin Bell Son 16App. Shipwright DUR Bishopwearmouth
John Bell Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Joseph Grant Lodger 35Sawyer NBL Corbridge
South Hylton Patrick Keenan Head M 25Foreman, Papermill IRL
Catherine Keenan Wife 28IRL
John Thompson Lodger 32Rail Labourer IRL
Thomas Kelly Lodger 18Rail Labourer IRL
James Reid Lodger 24Rail Labourer SCO
John Crossan Lodger 35Rail Labourer IRL
South Hylton Winifred Robbins Head Wid 44IRL
Mary Robbins Dau M 24Pottery IRL
John Robbins Son U 22Shipbuilder's Labourer IRL
Catherine Robbins Dau U 21Pottery IRL
Ann Robbins Dau 19Pottery IRL
Winifred Robbins Dau 18Pottery IRL
Peter Robbins Son 13Shipbuilder's Labourer IRL
Rose Robbins Dau 9IRL
John Leigh Nephew U 25Sawyer IRL
Michael Leigh Nephew 20Shipbuilder's Labourer IRL
South Hylton Robinson Talbot Head M 30Shipwright DUR
Isabella Talbot Wife 30NBL Morpeth
Elizabeth Robinson Dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Matthew Robinson Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
John Robinson Son 3DUR Hylton
Henry Robinson Son 1DUR Hylton
South Hylton John McCormack Head M 28Quarryman IRL
Ann McCormack Wife 24NBL Newcastle
James McCormack Son 2NBL Newcastle
Thomas O'Brien Lodg U 21Quarryman IRL
James Lyons Lodg U 25Quarryman IRL
Thomas Meaher Lodg U 22Quarryman IRL
South Hylton George Herrington Head M 64Shipbuilder's Labourer DUR Barnard Castle
Elizabeth Herrington Wife 57SCO
South Hylton Lancelot Hutchinson Head M 39Farmer of 56 acres DUR Whitburn
Mary Hutchinson Wife 37DUR Eppleton
Margaret Hutchinson Dau 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Hannah Hutchinson Dau 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary Hutchinson Dau 6DUR Hylton
Thomas Hutchinson Son 3DUR Hylton
Lancelot Hutchinson Son 1DUR Hylton
Ann Hall Serv U 18Servant DUR Coxhoe
South Hylton Matthew Smith Head M 38Papermaker IRL
Ellen Smith Wife 38IRL
South Hylton Margaret Hodgson Head Wid 73Proprietor of Houses DUR Ferryhill
John Hodgson Son U 31Shoemaker DUR Hylton
Margaret Henderson Serv 15Servant DUR Sunderland
South Hylton Robert Watt Head M 42Sawyer DUR Hylton
Margaret Watt Wife 40DUR Hylton
William Watt Son 20App. Shipwright DUR Hylton
Francis Watt Son 18App. Shipwright DUR Hylton
Margaret Watt Dau 13Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert Watt Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Peter Watt Son 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Jane A Watt Dau 5Scholar DUR Hylton
John Watt Son 1DUR Hylton
South Hylton Robert Hume Head M 40Shipwright DUR Wapping
Hannah Hume Wife 39DUR Hylton
George Hume Son 14App. Shipwright DUR Hylton
Isabella Hume Dau 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Hylton Hume Son 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Margaret Hume Dau 7Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert Hume Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Hannah Hume Dau 3DUR Hylton
Mary A Hume Dau 10m DUR Hylton
John Carr B-i-L U 49Shoemaker DUR Hylton
South Hylton John Hodgson Head Wdr 40Shoemaker DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Hodgson Dau 15DUR Hylton
Hannah Hodgson Dau 13Scholar DUR Hylton
South Hylton Ralph Johnson Head M 24Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Johnson Wife 25DUR Hylton
Nicholas Johnson Son 2DUR Hylton
John A Johnson Son 1DUR Hylton
South Hylton Thomas Gooderick Head M 29Shipwright YKS Hull
Alice Gooderick Wife 25Dressmaker DUR Houghton le Spring
Francis Gooderick Son 3DUR Bishopwearmouth
Thomas Gooderick Son 10m DUR Bishopwearmouth
Elizabeth Sheperd S-i-L Straw Bonnet Maker DUR Houghton le Spring
South Hylton Edward Talbot Head M 38DUR Hylton
Isabella Talbot Wife 38DUR Monkwearmouth
William Clark Neph 17App. Shipwright DUR Bishopwearmouth
Jessey Hunter Serv 19Servant SCO
Margaret Hunter Serv 17Servant SCO
South Hylton James Richie Head M 28Joiner DUR Westoe
Mary Richie Wife 24DUR Cleadon
James Richie Son 10m DUR Hylton
South Hylton Thomas Jackson Head Wdr 62Common Carrier DUR Brandon
Mary Jackson Dau 18DUR Ford
Hannah Jackson Dau 12Scholar DUR Ford
Thomas Wheatley G'son 2DUR Ford
South Hylton John Peart Head M 25Shipwright DUR Headlaw/Headland
Margaret Peart Wife 22DUR Ford
Elizabeth Peart Dau 1DUR Ford
South Hylton Elizabeth Smith Head Wid 27Pauper, Sunderland UnionDUR Hylton
Elizabeth Smith Dau 10m DUR Hylton
South Hylton William Wilson Head M 46Painter DUR
Elizabeth Wilson Wife 45NBL Ouseburn
Eleanor Wilson Dau 16DUR Hylton
Mary E Wilson Dau 8Scholar DUR Hylton
South Hylton Ralph Lister Head M 41Waterman & Victualler DUR Hylton
Jane Lister Wife 40DUR Wolviston
Mary A Lister Dau 17DUR Hylton
Jane Lister Dau 14DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Lister Dau 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Judith Lister Dau 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Margaret Lister Dau 6Scholar DUR Hylton
John G Lister Son 4Scholar DUR Hylton
South Hylton Ann Newton Head Wid 35Pauper IRL
John Newton Son 9Scholar DUR Hylton
James Newton Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Michael Leigh Son 2DUR Hylton
John Penny U 49Rail Labourer NBL
John Cane U 16App. Blacksmith IRL
South Hylton John Martin Head M 71Shipwright DUR Witton Gilbert
Jane Martin Wife 69DUR Gateshead
John Redpath G'son 18App, Potter DUR North Hylton
Jane Martin Dau U 27DUR North Hylton
South Hylton John Davidson Head M 33Shipwright DUR Hylton
Sarah Davidson Wife 33DUR Hylton
Mary A Davidson Dau 10m DUR Hylton
South Hylton Sarah Smith Head Wid 76Pauper, Sunderland UnionDUR Norton
Elizabeth Smith Dau U 46DUR Cox Green
South Hylton Joseph Snowdon Head U 19App. Joiner DUR Hylton
Sara Dickinson Sister M 17DUR Hylton
James Dickinson B-i-L M 24Butcher DUR Sunderland
South Hylton Elizabeth Palfreyman Head Wid 32Pauper, Sunderland UnionNBL Berwick upon Tweed
Robert Palfreyman Son 10Shipbuilder's Labourer DUR Hylton
Philip Palfreyman Son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
George Palfreyman Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary Palfreyman Dau 3DUR Hylton
Thomas Pal;freyman Son 11m DUR Hylton
Joseph Dover Lodg U 26Mason CUL
John Gibb Lodg U 22Rail Labourer NBL Alnwick
William Sutcliffe Lodg U 27Rail Labourer YKS Bolton
Jane Snowdon Vis U 21DUR Hylton
South Hylton Edward Wilson Head M 52Shipwright DUR Hylton
Sarah Wilson Wife 48NBL Acomb
Eleanor Wilson Dau 22Dressmaker DUR Hylton
Mary Wilson Dau 11Scholar DUR Hylton
John W Dixon Lodger U 30Police Constable DUR Billingham
South Hylton John Hill Head M 38Shipwright CUL Brampton
Mary Hill Wife 36DUR Sunderland
Lucinda Hill Dau 3DUR Hylton
Isabella Hill Dau 1DUR Hylton
South Hylton Robert Cockburn Head M 28Shipwright DUR Chester le Street
Mary Cockburn Wife 25YKS Brampton
Elizabeth Cockburn Dau 2DUR Hylton
Jane Cockburn Dau 10m DUR Hylton
South Hylton Ruth Minnikin Head Wid 56Lodging house Keeper DUR Norton
Ruth Ranson Niece 18Servant DUR Hylton
James Towns Lodger U 26Blacksmith NBL Morpeth
South Hylton Ninian Nichol Head M 80Pauper, Sunderland UnionDUR Hylton
Elizabeth Nichol Wife 71DUR Hylton
John Smith Lodger U 21Shipwright DUR
South Hylton Margaret Humes Head M 63DUR Philadelphia
Dinah Humes Dau U 40Servant DUR Philadelphia
Thomas Humes Son U 26Shipwright DUR Hylton
John Humes Son U 24Shipwright DUR Hylton
Margaret Humes Gr.dau 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Ralph Humes Gr'son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
South Hylton John Dickinson Head U 32Butcher DUR Monkwearmouth
Elizabeth Dickinson Sister 18Housekeeper DUR Monkwearmouth
South Hylton Eleanor Ramsey Head Wid 68Schoolmistress DUR Offerton haugh
John Ramsey Son U 35Blacksmith DUR Houghton le Spring
South Hylton George Lees Head M 63Potter DUR Carr Hill
Jane Lees Wife 62NBL
Patrick Hilling Lodger 18Mason's Labourer IRL
Michael Gorman Lodger 25Copperas House LabourerIRL
John Smith Lodger 25Pottery Labourer LAN Liverpool
South Hylton John Errington Head M 39Shipwright DUR Monkwearmouth
Jane Errington Wife 31DUR Pelton
Robert Errington Son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Martha Errington Dau 3DUR Hylton
John Errington Son 1DUR Hylton
South Hylton Charles Hastings Head M 30Shipwright SAL Shrewsbury
Ellen Hastings Wife 22YKS Brampton
Mary E Hastings Dau 3DUR Hylton
Thomas Hastings Son 1DUR Hylton
South Hylton James Peggman Head M 33Sawyer IRL
Mary Peggman Wife 29DUUr Sunderland
John Peggman Son 3DUUr Sunderland
South Hylton Thomas Fenwick Head M 25Baker YKS Hutton
Sarah Turner Visitor U 20DUR Hylton
South Hylton Jane Bartram Head U 40DUR Hylton
William Bartram Son 18App. Potter DUR Hylton
South Hylton William Cockburn Head Wdr 37Joiner DUR Chester le Street
George Cockburn Son 7Scholar GLS Stroud
Elenor Cockburn Dau 4Scholar BRK Newbury
Elizabeth Bulchin Servant 26Servant HAM
South Hylton John Pattison Head M 33Sawyer NBL Seaton
Margaret Pattison Wife 36NBL Hartley
George Pattison Son 11m DUR Hylton
South Hylton George Naisby Head M 24Shipwright DUR Hylton
Ann Naisby Wife 23NBL Newcastle
William Naisby Son 10m DUR Hylton
South Hylton William Henderson Head M 40Waterman DUR Pensher
Susan Henderson Wife 34DUR Bishopwearmouth
Margaret Henderson Dau 15DUR Bishopwearmouth
Sarah Henderson Dau 11Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
William Henderson Son 3DUR Bishopwearmouth
Edward Henderson Son 11m DUR Bishopwearmouth
South Hylton Crosby Gray Head M 39Shipwright DUR Fatfield
Jane Gray Wife 37NBL Newcastle
Mary Gray Dau 14DUR Hylton
George Gray Son 13App. Shipwright Hylton
Margaret Gray Dau 11Pottery Hylton
Sarah Gray Dau 9Pottery Hylton
Susannah Gray Dau 6Scholar Hylton
Ellen Gray Dau 4Scholar Hylton
Crosby Gray Son 1Hylton
Francis Mellor Lodg 20App. Shipwright MDX London
South Hylton John Martin Head M 38Sawyer DUR N. Hylton
Maria Martin Wife 29DUR Shiney Row
William Martin Son 14App Shipwright DUR Hylton
Jane Martin Dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary A Martin Dau 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Martin Dau 4Scholar DUR Hylton
South Hylton Joseph Short Head M 22Joiner DUR Bishopwearmouth
Hannah Short Wife 23DUR Gateshead
South Hylton Matthew Hudson Head M 48Whitesmith DUR Washington
Barbara Hudson Wife 46DUR Durham City
William Hudson Son 17App. Whitesmith YKS Richmond
Ann L Hudson Dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
South Hylton John Jones Head M 41Officer of Inland Revenue CON Liskeard
Elizabeth Jones Wife 38DEV Dartmouth
Maria Jones Dau 8Scholar YKS Whitby
South Hylton William Lovat Head M 29Shipwright DUR
Margaret Lovat Wife 22DUR Hylton
Robert Lovat Son 11m DUR Hylton
Robert Oxberry B-i-L App. Joiner DUR Hylton
South Hylton John Turner Head M 28Shipwright DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Turner Wife 30DUR Hylton
South Hylton William Robinson Head M 43Shipwright DUR Sunderland
Ann Robinson Wife 40DUR Norton
James Robinson Son 18App. Shipwright DUR Pallion
Mary Robinson Dau 15Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
William Robinson Son 4DUR Southwick
South Hylton William Carr Head M 40Shipbuilder 8 men, 5 app. DUR Hylton
Mary Carr Wife 40DUR Bishopwearmouth
George Carr Son 15App. Shipwright DUR Hylton
William Carr Son 13Scholar DUR Hylton
Hylton Carr Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary A Carr Dau 8Scholar DUR Hylton
John Carr Son 4Scholar DUR Hylton
Ralph Carr Son 2DUR Hylton
South Hylton ???? Rontree Head M 30Grocer DUR Hylton
Mary Rontree Wife 28DUR Tinsford
South Hylton William Jackson Head Wdr 49Butcher DUR Bishopwearmouth
William Jackson Son 8DUR Hylton
Ann Jackson Dau 6DUR Hylton
John Jackson Son 3DUR Hylton
Mary Oates Servant 27Housekeeper DUR Bishopwearmouth
South Hylton Jane Kirtley Head Wid 57Victualler DUR Beamish
Isabella Kirtley Dau 20DUR Hylton
South Hylton George Walker Head M 74Joiner NBL Bywell
Ann Walker Wife 64NBL Derwent
South Hylton Joseph Richardson Head M 27Joiner DUR Sunderland
Ann Richardson Wife 26IRL
John Richardson Son 1DUR Hylton
South Hylton Thomas Steel Head M 46Potter DUR Southwick
Elizabeth Steel Wife 52SCO
Thomas Steel Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
South Hylton Mary Taylor Head Wid 63DUR Sunderland
Margaret Taylor Dau U 33Potter DUR Sunderland
Samual Taylor Son 27Shoemaker DUR Sunderland
John Smith Lodg 30Rail Labourer NFK Terrington
Nathanial Barker Lodg 30Blacksmith CAM
South Hylton John Collins Head M 34Letter Carrier CUL Carlisle
Ann Collins Wife 30CUL Penrith
Sober Collins Son 8Scholar CUL Penrith
Sarah Collins Dau 4Scholar DUR Hylton
Adam Collins Son 1DUR Hylton
South Hylton Margaret Scott Head Wid 70DUR Kelloe
Jane Scott Dau U 36DUR Hylton
South Hylton George Spencer Head M 31Potter YKS Driffield
Jane Spencer Wife 27DUR Hylton
William Peel Lodger M 28Mason YKS Bradford
Margaret Peel Lodger M 27NBL Berwick upon Tweed
William Peel Lodger 9m NBL Berwick upon Tweed
South Hylton James Wilson Head M 57Potter DUR Southwick
Mary Wilson Wife 48DUR Chester le Street
Henry Kearsley S-i-L M 28Shipwright YKS Ayton
Eleanor Kearsley Dau M 27NBL Newcastle
Eleanor Kearsley G'dau 4Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary Kearsley G'dau 2DUR Hylton
South Hylton Thomas Bartram Head Wdr 83Potter NBL Newcastle
South Hylton Taylor Henderson Head M 29Shipwright DUR Hylton
Isabella Henderson Wife 29DUR Deptford
South Hylton Henry Wilson Head M 25Shipwright DUR Southwick
Jane Wilson Wife 24DUR N, Hylton
Mary Wilson Dau 6m DUR N, Hylton
South Hylton Ann Haswell Head U 30Dressmaker DUR Felling
John W Haswell Neph 15App. Shipwright DUR Sunderland
South Hylton Andrew Bell Head M 37Shipwright NBL
Eliza Bell Wife 30DUR Low Flats
James Bell Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
Margaret Bell Dau 4Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary Bell Dau 1DUR Hylton
South Hylton William Watson Head M 29Shipwright NBL Morpeth
Dorothy Watson Wife M 33DUR Spittle
William Watson Son 8m DUR Hylton
Jane Stafford D-i-L 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Dorothy Stafford D-i-L Scholar DUR Hylton
South Hylton Lawence Wheatley Head M 24Shipwright DUR Hylton
Ann Wheatley Wife 24DUR Hylton
Thomas Wheatley Son 2DUR Hylton
Sarah A Wheatley Dau 5m DUR Hylton
William Edger Lodg U 27Stone Mason IRL
South Hylton Jeffrey Pattison Head M 39Agricultural Labourer DUR Seaton
Alice Pattison Wife 39DUR Murton
Ann B Pattison Dau 20DUR Sunderland
John Pattison Son 18App. Potter DUR Bishopwearmouth
William Pattison Son 16App. Shipwright DUR Whitburn
Thomas Pattison Son 14App. Shipwright DUR Hylton
George Pattison Son 11Scholar DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Pattison Dau 9Scholar DUR Hylton
Alice Pattison Dau 2DUR Hylton
South Hylton Jane Todd Head Wid 66Pauper DUR Shadforth
William Todd Son 19Shipwright DUR Hylton
South Hylton George Bartram Head M 50Shipbuilder 16 men 6 boysDUR Hylton
Margaret Bartram Wife 42App. Shipwright DUR Hylton
Robert Bartram Son 16Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary Bartram Dau 12Scholar DUR Hylton
George Bartram Son 7DUR Hylton
Margaret Bartram Dau 7m Servant DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Wilson Serv 13DUR Hylton
South Hylton Edmund Best Head U 40Agricultural Labourer NBL Newborough
Mary Best Sis U 46NBL Newborough
South Hylton Robert Redhead Head M 50Tailor & Draper DUR Sunderland
Jane Redhead Wife 44DUR Hylton
Mary Redhead Dau 24DUR Sunderland
South Hylton James Errington Head M 24Shipwright DUR Hylton
Bell Errington Wife 28NBL Wallsend
James Errington Son 2DUR Hylton
George Errington Son 1DUR Hylton
South Hylton Joshua Rodham Head U 51Farmer of 32 acres & Grocer employs 1 man DUR Thinstonworth
John Rodham Neph U 35Shipowner DUR Sunderland
Margery Southern Serv 36Housekeeoer DUR Chester le Street
Eleanor Jackson Serv 16Servant YKS Kirkleavington
South Hylton William J Guest Head M 53Victuallar & Shipwright DUR Bishopwearmouth
Adah Guest Wife 54DUR Bishopwearmouth
Isabella Guest Dau U 33DUR Bishopwearmouth
Isabella Ball Serv 22DUR Pensher
South Hylton William Martin Head M 31Shipwright DUR N.Hylton
Mary Martin Wife 34DUR Gateshead
John Martin Son 7Scholar DUR Hylton
William Martin Son 4Scholar DUR Hylton
Robert Martin Son 1DUR Hylton
South Hylton George Walker Head M 41Blacksmith employs 3 boys DUR Bishopwearmouth
Sarah A Walker Wife 41DUR Hylton
Ann B Walker Dau 18Scholar DUR Hylton
Thomas B Walker Son 10DUR Hylton
Sarah E Walker Dau 9m DUR Hylton
South Hylton Matthew Hudson Head M 29Potter DUR Sunderland
Jane Hudson Wife 27DUR South Shields
Thomas Hudson Son 2DUR Hylton
John W Hudson Son 6m DUR Hylton
South Hylton Robert Short Head M 37Joiner employs DUR Bishopwearmouth
Elizabeth Short Wife 362 men & 3 app DUR Washington
Mary Short Dau 13DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Short Dau 11DUR Hylton
Gwye Short Son 7DUR Hylton
Isabella Short Dau 4DUR Hylton
South Hylton John Burton Head M 37Grocer Potter SCO
Sarah Burton Wife 36DUR Bishopwearmouth
Sarah A Myers Nce 8Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
South Hylton Richard Walker Head M 29Butcher DUR Cox Green
Margaret Walker Wife 28DUR Hylton
Ralph Walker Son 3DUR Hylton
Mary J Walker Dau 1DUR Hylton
Mary J Sutherland Serv 16Servant DUR Hylton
James Armstrong F-i-L U 67Agricultural Labourer NBL
South Hylton William Taylor Head M 30Commission Agent DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Taylor Wife 20NTT Mansfield
Hutton Taylor Son 1DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Cowley Serv 21Servant DUR Pensher
South Hylton John Rodgerson Head M 42Shipbuilder employs 2 menDUR Hylton
Mary Rodgerson Wife 38DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Rodgerson Dau 1Servant DUR Sunderland
Ann Dickenson Serv 15DUR Sunderland
South Hylton Charles F Dawson Head M 28Earthenware Manufacturer DUR Hylton
Mary Dawson Wife 25NBL Scremerston
Charles Dawson Son 1DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Goodrick Serv 21Servant YKS Hull
South Hylton Barbara Dawson Head U 82Proprietor of Houses DUR Bishopwearmouth
Thomas Moore Neph M 34Ship Broker DUR Durham City
Anna Moore Nce M 26DUR Hylton
Anna F Moore G' Nce 3DUR Bishopwearmouth
Thomas Moore G'Nep 1DUR Hylton
Margaret Browell Serv 17Servant DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Jackson Serv 15Servant DUR Hylton
South Hylton Robert Wealands Head U 25Shipwright DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Wealands Sis U 34DUR Hylton
South Hylton Ann Kearsley Head U 38Annuitant YKS Eston
Jane Kearsley Dau U 18YKS Great Ayton
South Hylton Elizabeth Lister Head Wid 60DUR Brancepeth
John Lister Son U 35Blacksmith DUR Hylton
Mary A Errington Nce 10DUR Hylton
South Hylton John Turnbull Head Wid'r 56Shipwright DUR Hylton
Isabella Turnbull Dau U 20DUR Hylton
Jane Turnbull Dau 14Scholar DUR Hylton
Hannah Turnbull Dau 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary Turnbull Dau 2DUR Hylton
South Hylton James Martin Head M 33Fireman at Paper Mill IRL
Elizabeth Martin Wife 34CON
Owen Martin Son 7Scholar DUR Sunderland
William Martin Son 5Scholar DUR Sunderland
Ann Martin Dau 1DUR Sunderland
South Hylton William Wills Head M 59Keelman DUR Sunderland
Jane Wills Wife 59DUR Stockton
Elizabeth Wills G'dau 7Scholar DUR Sunderland
South Hylton Joseph Newbegin Head M 47Blockmaker DUR Monkwearmouth
Hannah Newbegin Wife 44DUR Monkwearmouth
Mary Newbegin Dau U 24Dressmaker SCO
Elizabeth Newbegin Dau 20DUR Monkwearmouth
John Newbegin Son 16App. Shipwright DUR Monkwearmouth
James Newbegin Son 15App. Blockmaker DUR Monkwearmouth
Ann Newbegin Dau 11Scholar DUR Monkwearmouth
Jane Newbegin Dau 7Scholar DUR Monkwearmouth
Ralph Newbegin Son 4Scholar DUR Hylton