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Ford Dock Yard HouseGeorge White Head M 78Millwright DUR Wackerfield
Jane White Wife M 54DUR Sunderland
Margaret White Dau S 11Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
James Grieveson Head M 29Sawyer DUR Hylton
Eliza Grieveson Wife M 32KEN Chatham
William Grieveson Son 8DUR Hylton Ferry
Richard Grieveson Son 1DUR Hylton Ferry
Frederick Mason Rel S 20Ship Wright KEN Chatham
Robert Forbes Lodg S 24SCT Stromness
Robert Clasper Lodg S 22Ship Wright DUR Hylton
William Naisby Head M 55DUR Sacriston
Ann Naisby Wife 49DUR Hylton
Mary Naisby Dau S 10DUR Hylton
Ann Naisby Dau S 13DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Naisby Dau S 9DUR Hylton
Alexander Hepburn Head Widr 68Ship Wright IRL Kilkenny
John Hepburn Son M 34Ship Joiner DUR Hylton
Mary Hepburn D-i-L M 34YKS Barton
Jane Welford Dau S 9Scholar DUR Ryhope
Waterside Row John McMather Head M 43Journeyman Potter Newcastle St.Andrews
Jane Wife M 38DUR Bishopwearmouth
William McMather Son S 17Joiners Apprentice DUR Bishopwearmouth
Benjamin McMather Son S 15House carpenter DUR Bishopwearmouth
Hannah McMather Dau 13DUR Bishopwearmouth
Mary McMather Dau 11At the factory Paper Mill DUR Bishopwearmouth
Jane McMather Dau 9DUR Bishopwearmouth
Esther McMather Dau 9DUR Bishopwearmouth
Isaac McMather Son 2DUR Bishopwearmouth
EleanorMcMather Dau 1DUR Bishopwearmouth
Waterside Row George Johnson Head M 41Ship Wright DUR Bishopwearmouth
Elizabeth Johnson Wife M 33DUR Bishopwearmouth
Samual Johnson Son 6Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Waterside Row Robert Brewis Head M 28Joiner NBL Dinnington
Elizabeth Brewis Dau S 25DUR Hylton
Sarah Brewis Wife M 27DUR Sunderland
Waterside Row Thomas Robson Head M 56Potter DUR Lanchester
Margaret Robson Serv Wid 41H'keeper NBL Newcastle
Thomas Robson Son S 22Ship Wright DUR Hylton
Margaret Robson Dau S 18DUR Hylton
Waterside Row Richard Harker Head M 25Ship Wright DUR Herrington
Jane Harker Wife M 22DUR Coxgreen
James Harker Son 1DUR South Hylton
Esther Harker Dau 4m DUR South Hylton
Jane Casper Serv 13H'maid DUR Hylton
Waterside Row Catherine Thompson Head M 39Assistant at Paper Mill IRL Rathenmic
Ann Thompsom Dau S 8DUR South Hylton
Mary McGerey Lod U 22Paper Mill IRL Rathcarn
Mary Minding Lodg S 22Paper MIll IRL
Ann ???? Lodg U 22Paper Mill IRL
Jolly Potter's Public HouseMichael Ainsworth Head M 38Pot Painter and Publican NBL Newcastle
Mary Ainsworth Wife M 36Innkeeper DUR South Hylton
Sarah Ainsworth Dau S 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
Mary Ann Ainsworth Dau 12Scholar DUR South Hylton
Harriet Ainsworth Dau 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Mary Jane Ainsworth Dau 4Scholar DUR South Hylton
Emma Ainsworth Dau 2Scholar DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Ainsworth Dau 4m DUR South Hylton
Thomas Proctor Adop S 18Apprentice Ship Wright YKS Sheffield
Waterside Row Thomas Watson Head M 60Ship Wright DUR South Shields
Eleanor Watson Wife M 54DUR South Shields
Thomas Watson Son S 23Ship Wright DUR South Shields
Eleanor Watson Dau S 19DUR South Shields
Richard Watson Son S 16Ship Wright Apprentice DUR South Shields
Anthony Watson Son 10School DUR South Hylton
Waterside Row George Hodgson Head M 45Lighterman/Waterman Dur Hylton
Eleanor Hodgson Wife M 46Dur Hylton
Jane Hodgson Dau S 20Dur Hylton
Anthony Hodgson Son S 19Ship Wright Dur Hylton
George Hodgson Son S 13Joiners Apprentice Dur Hylton
William Hodgson Son 11Dur Hylton
Vinc Simpson Hodgson Son 15Apprentice Shipwright Dur Hylton
John Hodgson Son 9Dur Hylton
Cuthbert Hodgson Son 5Dur Hylton
Jane Irving Sis Wid 41Dur Hylton
Anthony Elliot B-i-L S 33Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
Waterside Row James Doyle Head M 75Pauper form Paper Maker IRL Dublin
Esther Doyle Wife M 70IRL Dublin
Waterside Row Henry Calvert Head M 34Potter Journeyman SCT Glasgow
Mary Calvert Wife M 35DUR Hylton
William Calvert Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Ann Calvert Dau 3m DUR Hylton
Selby Trotter Lodg 69Waterman on River DUR Hylton
Waterside Row Robert Henderson Head M 54Ship Wright DUR Hylton
Dorothy Henderson Wife M 34DUR South Shields
Waterside Row Robert M ???? Head M 30Paper Maker WEST Kendal
Mary ???? Wife 23IRL Sligo
Bridget Walters Lodg U 25Pottery IRL Longford
Waterside Thompson Taylor Head M 29Potter DUR Sunderland
Ellen Taylor Wife M 24IRL Monaghan
Mary Ann Taylor Dau 3DUR Hylton
George Taylor Son 11m DUR Hylton
Catherine Young Lodg S 20Works at Pottery IRL Longford
Waterside Row Elizabeth Marshall Head S 43H'keeper DUR Hylton
Thomas Reay Lodg 37Shipwright DUR Bishopwearmouth
Waaterside Row John Coffy Head M 36Paper Mill Labourer IRL
Ann Coffy Wife M 35IRL
Patrick Costello Lodg Widr 66Paper Maker IRL
Patrick Fosley Lodg S 36Railway Labourer IRL
James McCormack Lodg S 24Quarryman IRL
Henry O'neil Lodg S 25Railway Labourer IRL
Patrick Cunningham Lodg S 22Railway Labourer IRL
Waterside Row William Reed Head M 47Keelman Waterman DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Reed Wife M 40DUR Sunderland
John Reed Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Mary Reed Dau 3Scholar DUR Hylton
Jane Ann Reed Dau 6Scholar DUR Hylton
James Reed Bro S 24Ship Wright DUR Hylton
Waterside Row William Trotter Head M 48Potter YKS Castleford
Mary Trotter Wife 45DUR South Shields
John Trotter Son 19Joiner DUR South Hylton
Mary Ann Trotter Dau 17DUR South Hylton
Sarah Trotter Dau 15DUR South Hylton
Robert Trotter Son 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
Waterside Row John Elrington Head M 39Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
Mary Elrington Wife M 41SAL Bromley
Waterside Row Mary Turnbull Head S 52Domestic Duties DUR South Hylton
Isaac Turnbull Bro S 42Potter DUR South Hylton
Waterside Row Sarah Hodgson Head Wid 68Formerly the Wife of... DUR Hylton
Peter Mustinson Lodg U 45Rail Labourer SCO Dumfries
James Peddefor Lodg U 36Rail Labourer NBL North Shields
Waterside Row Catherine Ball Head Wid 54Formerly a potters wife DUR Felling Shore
Thomas Ball Son S 23Ship Wright DUR Felling Shore
Charles Ball Son S 24Ship Wright NBL North Shields
Waterside Row Wm Chris Stothard Head M 31Ship Wright DUR Monkwearmouth
Mary Ann Stothard Wife M 29DUR Sunderland
William Stothard Son 8LIN East Stock...
Thomas Stothard Son 6DUR Bishopwearmouth
Sarah Ann Stothard Dau 4DUR Bishopwearmouth
Mary Stothard Dau 2DUR Bishoowearmouth
Cath Ball Stothard Dau 6m DUR Bishoowearmouth
Waterside Row Jane Young Head Wid 65Formerly a Watermans .. DUR Hylton
Thomas Jolly Lodg S 23Rail Labourer LAN Preston
Samuel Walker Lodg S 17Rail Labourer LAN Preston
John Reed Lodg S 25Shipwright DUR Hylton
Waterside Row Joseph Jackson Head M 32Ship Wright DUR Hylton
Mary Jackson Wife M 30DUR Hylton
Mary Ann Jackson Dau S 9DUR Hylton
Joseph Jackson Son 5DUR Hylton
Robert Jackson Son 1m DUR Hylton
Waterside Row Robert Todd Head M 41Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
Ann Todd Wife M 41NBL Newcastle
William Todd Son S 13DUR South Hylton
Waterside Row William Hudson Head M 32Ship Wright DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Hudson Wife M 26NBL Newcastle
Mary Hudson Dau 9DUR South Hylton
Jane Hudson Dau 6YKS Middlesbrough
Thomas Hudson Son 4YKS Middlesbrough
William Hudson Son 2DUR South Hylton
Waterside Row Ann Short Head Head Wid 57Publican DUR Chester-le-Street
Thomas Short Son Widr 32Joiner DUR Bishopwearmouth
Matthew Short Son S 19Joiner DUR South Hylton
James Short Son S 17Joiner DUR South Hylton
Waterside Row James Haldon Head M 35Potter SCO Haddington
Margaret Haldon Wife 29DUR Sunderland
???? Haldon Son 8DUR Sunderland
William Haldon Son 5DUR Sunderland
Adam Holdon Son 2DUR Sunderland
Richard Galiher Vis S 27Rail Labourer IRL
Waterside Row Isabella Willets Head Wid 59DUR Monkwearmouth
George Willets Son S 29Potter DUR South Shields
E. Wilmot Adop 14MDX London
Waterside Row Joseph Hall Head M 41Shipwright DUR Hylton
Jane Hall Wife 39DUR Hylton
Waterside Row Margaret Johnson Head Wid 64Formerly Publican DUR Witton Gilbert
Margaret Johnson Dau S 33MDX St.John
M.A. Johnson G'Dau 3DUR Bishopwearmouth
William Johnson Son Widr 29Ship Wright MDX St.John
Nicholas Broad G'son 8Apprentice DUR Monkwearmouth
Waterside Edward Hepburn Head M 29DUR South Hylton
Margaret Hepburn Wife M 28IRL Dublin
John Drody Bro Widr 58Paper Maker Hampshire
Waterside Row Richard Ball Head M 32Potter DUR Sunderland
Mary Ball Wife M 32NBL Newcastle
Thomas Ball Son S 10Potter DUR Hylton
Sarah Ball Dau 6At School DUR Hylton
John Ball Son 3DUR Wolviston
Charles Ball Son 1DUR Southwick
Waterside Row Carr Brown Head M 43Ship Wright DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Brown Wife M 46DUR Monkwearmouth
William Todd Vis S 43Sail Maker DUR Monkwearmouth
Waterside Row Mary McReth Head Wid 67Papermakers Widow LAN Garting
Elizabeth McReth Dau S 32Paper Mill WES Kendal
Henry McReth Son S 15Paper Maker YKS Bingley
Mary Trotter Dau Wid 36Paper Makers Wid WES Kendal
Jane Trotter G'Dau 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Trotter G'Dau 8Scholar DUR south Hylton
Waterside Row Joseph Barrow Head M 42Shipwright/Publican CUM Alston
Elizabeth Barrow Wife 43DUR Heworth
George Barrow Son 19Blacksmith DUR Heworth
Thomas Barrow Son U 17Scholar DUR Heworth
John Barrow Son 8Scholar DUR Southwick
Joseph Barrow Son 6Scholar DUR Southwick
Waterside Row Thomas Jeffries Head M 68Earthenware Printer GLS Maryatesfield
Ann Jeffries Wife M 70WIL Bro...
Stephen Jeffries Son M 35Tailor GLS Maryatesfield
Mary Ann Elean Jeffries G'Dau 9YKS Middlesbrough
Waterside Row John Jobling Head M 29Ship Wright DUR Darlington
Elizabeth Jopbling Wife M 24DUR Coxgreen
Margaret Jane Jobling Dau 2DUR South Hylton
Mary Amelia Jobling Dau 11m DUR South Hylton
Waterside Row John O'Connor Head M 23Shipwright IRL
Sarah O'Connor Wife 21IRL
John O'Connor Son 1DUR Hylton
Waterside Row Robert Thompson Head M 27Ship Sailmaker DUR South Shields
Margaret Thompson Wife M 26DUR South Shields
Eliz Ann Thompson Dau 18m DUR South Shields
Waterside Row William Brown Head M 42River Waterman DUR Bishopwearmouth
Jane Brown Wife M 48DUR Houghton-le-Spring
Jane Brown Dau S 19NBL All Saints
Ann Brown Dau S 17DUR Bishopwearmouth
James Brown Lodg S 25Rail Labourer SCT
John Miller Lodg S 24Rail Labourer SCT
Waterside Row Thomas Wheatley Head M 32Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
Isabella Wheataaley Wife M 30DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Wheatley Dau 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
Jane Wheatley Dau 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Isabella Wheatley Dau 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
Sarah Wheatley Dau 3Scholar DUR South Hylton
Margaret Wheatley Dau 9m DUR South Hylton
Waterside Row William Lloyd Head M 40Shoemaker DUR Sunderland
Hannah Lloyd Wife 30DUR Sunderland
Mary Ann Lloyd Dau 12DUR Sunderland
Isaac Lloyd Fath 75Agricultural Labourer DUR Sunderland
Waterside Row James Harwood Head M 31Weaver DUR Barnard Castle
Ann Harwood Wife M 38DUR Sunderland
Watersside Row Isabella Twaddle Head S 30Employed at Pottery DUR South Hylton
William Twaddle Son 10Ship Wright Apprentice DUR South Hylton
Rosetta Jeffreys Lodg S 18Employed at Pottery DUR South Hylton
John Shaw Lodg M 36Sawyer NBL North Shields
Mary Shaw Lodg W 40NBL Newcastle
Waterside Row Michael Hackett Head M 45Sawyer IRL
Mary Hackett Wife M 33DUR Sunderland
Mary Ann Hackett Dau S 10DUR Sunderland
Thomas Hackett Son 4DUR Sunderland
Riverside Row George Stothard Head M 36Shipwright DUR Hylton
Ann Stothard Wife 32DUR Bishopwearmouth
John Stothard Son 13DUR Ford
Jane Stothard Dau 8DUR Ford
Blakeston Stothard Son 6DUR Ford
Mount Pleasant William Wilson Head M 27Potter DUR South Hylton
Eleanor Wilson Wife M 23DUR Spittal
Eleanor Wilson Dau 1DUR South Hylton
Robert Wilson Head M 58Potter DUR Gateshead
Sarah Wilson Wife M 58DUR Gateshead
Henry Wilson Son S 23Potter DUR South Hylton
Robert Robson G'son 11DUR Sunderland
Isabella Wilson Dau M 16DUR South Hylton
Thomas Gee Head Widr 78Shipwright LEI Ashby
Eleanor Gee Dau U 33DUR Hylton
Eleanor Gee Dau 7DUR Hylton
George Short Head M 35Joiner DUR Bishopwearmouth
Elizabeth Short Wife M 30DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Ann Short Dau 11DUR Hylton
Margaret Short Dau 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
Mary Short Dau 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
William Short Son 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
George Short Son 3DUR South Hylton
Joseph Short Son 3m DUR South Hylton
Chapel Row George Bunton Head M 31Ship Wright DUR Monkwearmouth
Esther Bunton Wife M 30YKS Malton
John Bunton Son 10Scholar DUR Stockton
George Bunton Son 3DUR South Hylton
Hud...Ester Bunton Dau 6m DUR South Hylton
Robert Haddock Head M 44Journeyman Sawyer DUR South Hylton
Alice Haddock Wife M 42DUR Monkwearmouth
Margaret Haddock Dau S 22DUR South Hylton
Richard Haddock Son S 20Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
William Haddock Son 17Ship Wright Apprentice DUR South Hylton
Jane Haddock Dau 14Ship Wright Apprentice DUR South Hylton
Robert Haddock Son S 13Ship Wright Apprentice DUR South Hylton
John Haddock Son 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
Alice Haddock Dau 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
Thomas Haddock Son 4DUR South Hylton
George Haddock Son 18m DUR South Hylton
Church House Yard Ralph Brown Head M 57Potter DUR High Felling
Mary brown Wife M 64DUR Birtley
Mary Ann Brown Dau S 18Dress Maker DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Ann Brown G'dau 5Scholar DUR Seaham
Village of South HyltonGeorge Pattison Head M 46Farm Labourer DUR Seaton
Margaret Pattison Wife M 49NBL Berwick
John Pattison Son U 23Ship Wright DUR Shiney Row
George Pattison Son S 18Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
Jane Pattison Dau S 14DUR South Hylton
Margaret Pattison Dau S 12DUR South Hylton
Jeffrey Pattison Son 10DUR South Hylton
Mary Pattison Dau 4DUR South Hylton
John Tunman Head M 58Potter YKS Hunslet
Sarah Tunman Wife M 59YKS Hunslet
William Trotter Head S 40Manager of Ford Pottery DUR Stanhope
Phebe Trotter Sis S 39H'keeper DUR Stanhope
Matthew Tunman Head M 38Mason YKS Dewsbury
Alice Tunman Wife M 39YKS Dewsbury
Mary Tunman Dau S 14Dress Maker YKS Dewsbury
Eliza Tunman Dau S 13Scholar YKS Dewsbury
Isaiah Tunman Son 11Scholar YKS Dewsbury
Unice Tunman Dau 6Scholar DUR
Rachel Armitage Vis Wid 71YKS Dewsbury
John Short Head M 29Joiner DUR Bishopwearmouth
Mary Short Wife M 23DUR Gateshead
Ann Short Dau 4DUR Bishopwearmouth
William Lambton Vis S 24Rail Contractor YKS Dewsbury
South Hylton Vill.George Mason Head M 25Ship Wright KEN Chatham
Ann Mason Wife M 21DUR South Hylton
Mary Mason 3DUR South Hylton
Michael Lovat F-in-L Wdr 67Sawyer DUR Lanchester
John Lovat B-i-Law S 19Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
George Palmer Vis M 27Ostler DUR Bishopwearmouth
Elizabeth Palmer Vis M 23DUR Bishopwearmouth
Matthew Jolly Head M 49Tailor DUR Bishopwearmouth
Jane Jolly Wife M 47DUR Bishopwearmouth
Jane Jolly Dau S 27DUR Bishopwearmouth
Matthew Jolly Son S 19Ship Wright DUR Bishopwearmouth
Joseph Jolly Son S 15Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Blythe Jolly Son 7Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Thomas Jolly Son 6Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Peter Whittle Lodg S 23Tailor SCT Berwickshire
Lees Ball Head M 41Potter YKS Swinton
Sarah Ball Wife M 47DUR Ferryhill
Elizabeth Ball Dau S 17Milliner DUR Felling Shore
Thomas Forrest Vis S 24Ship Wright SCT Berwickshire
William Charleton Head M 33Ship Wright DUR Momkwearmouth
Elizabeth Charleton Wife M 42DUR South Hylton
Sarah Jane Charleton Dau 12DUR South Hylton
Peter Charleton Son 10DUR South Hylton
William Charleton Son 7School DUR South Hylton
George Charleton Son 5School DUR South Hylton
Mary Snowdon S'moth Wid 84DUR Birtley
South Hylton Vill.Thomas Lynn Head M 27Potter DUR Lumley
Ann Lynn Wife M 20DUR South Hylton
Robert Lynn Son 4m DUR South Hylton
Hannah Graham Vis Wid 74Formerly Sawyers Wife YKS Eastern
Thomas Hall Head M 27Packer at Pottery DUR South Hylton
Mary Ann Hall Wife M 21DUR South Hylton
Ann Hall Dau 1m DUR South Hylton
Mary Jane Shaw Serv 11House Serv
Church StreetIsabella Carr Head Wid 43DUR Houghton-le-Spring
Hannah Carr Dau S 21DUR South Hylton
Charles Carr Son S 20Joiner DUR South Hylton
George Carr Son S 16ShipWright (Apprentice) DUR South Hylton
Mary Ann Carr Dau S 12DUR South Hylton
John Winderham Lodg S 25Rail Labourer SCT Berwickshire
William Wailes Lodg S 30Rail Labourer NBL Chatton
George Storey Lodg S 20Rail Labourer SCT Haddington
Robert Haylock Lodg S 36Rail Labourer CAM Ely
Josephine Bulmer Head Wid 36Green Grocer France (Brit. Subject)
Thomas Bulmer Son 12DUR Sunderland
William Bulmer Son 9DUR South Hylton
John Bulmer Son 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
James Bulmer Son 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
Mary Elizabeth Bulmer Dau 4DUR South Hylton
Jane Bulmer Dau 2DUR South Hylton
Church StreetCharles Crouch Head M 29Rail Labourer Norfolk
Susan Crouch Wife 25NBL North Shields
John Joseph Crouch Son 7NBL North Shields
Church Street John Wood Head M 34Mason YKS Dewsbury
South Hylton Vill.Joseph Hayley Head M 43Mason YKS Dewsbury
Mary Ann Hayley Wife M 47YKS Dewsbury
Ann Hayley Dau 9Scholar YKS Dewsbury
John Taylor Lodg 30Gardener SCO Edinburgh
James Thorp Head M 26Shipwright DUR Spittle
Mary Thorp Wife 22NBL Newcastle
James Thorp Son 5m DUR Hylton
Dawson Terrace Robert Minnikin Head M 69Earthenware Maker DUR South Hylton
Ann Minnikin Wife M 68DUR Tanfield
Back Street George Jackson Head M 32Ship Wright DUR Sherburn
Margaret Jackson Wife M 33DUR Piercebridge
William Jackson Son 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
Mary Jackson Dau S 18DUR Ford
Back Street Smirthwaite Peart Head M 29Ship Wright DUR Headlam
Mary Ann Peart Wife M 22DUR Hetton-le-Hole
Robert Peart Son 1DUR South Hylton
Ralph Jobson Lodg M 21Rail Labourer NBL Chatton
Elizabeth Jobson Wife M 19NBL Felton
South Hylton Thomas Wake Head M 38Potter DUR Chester-le-Streeet
Ann Wake Wife M 37DUR Southwick
Jane Wake Dau S 15DUR South Hylton
Margaret Wake Dau 7DUR South Hylton
John Wake Son 13DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Wake Dau 5DUR South Hylton
Hannah Wake Dau 5DUR South Hylton
Thomas Wake Son 3DUR South Hylton
Christopher Wake Son 1DUR South Hylton
South Hylton Thomas Bagley Head M 31Sawyer DUR South Hylton
Alice Bagley Wife M 29Stafford
Mary Jane Bagley Dau 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Bagley Dau 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
Charlotte Bagley Dau 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
Margaret Ann Bagley Dau 2DUR South Hylton
Thomas Bagley Son 4m DUR South Hylton
William Bagley Bro 21Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
Dawson TerraceWilliam Grieveson Head M 58Gardener DUR Durham
Ann Grieveson Wife M 56DUR Durham
John grieveson Son S 28Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
Mary Ann Grieveson Dau S 20DUR South Hylton
Margaret Grieveson Dau 16DUR South Hylton
George grieveson Son 15Apprentice Shipwright DUR South Hylton
James Grieveson Son S 18Ship Wright DUR
John Holmes Head M 29Ship Wright NBL Newcastle
Elizabeth Holmes Wife M 23NBL Newburn
Dawson Terrace James Nichol Head M 41Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
Mary Nichol Wife M 40NBL Longbenton
Isabella Nichol Dau 10School DUR South Hylton
Mary Nichol Dau 7School DUR South Hylton
James Nichol Son 5School DUR South Hylton
Margaret Eliz Nichol Dau 1DUR South Hylton
Dawson Terrace Thomas Thursfield Head M 34Sawyer DUR southwick
Mary Thursfield Wife M 32NBL Newbiggin
Mary Jane Thursfield Dau 1DUR South Hylton
Thom Chilton Thursfield Son 5m DUR South Hylton
Dawson Terrace N.R. Davie Head M 43Ship Wright DUR Sunderland
Jane Davie Wife M 46Guernsey (B.S.)
Isabella Davie Dau 4DUR South Hylton
William Herring Lodg S 37Potter DUR Whitburn
Dawson Terrace George Wild Head M 48Potter YKS Castleford
Ann Wild Wife 44DUR Newbottle
Ann Wild Dau 22Dressmaksaker DUR Newbottle
Benjamin Wild Son 18Butcher DUR Hylton
John Wild Scholar DUR Hylton
Margaret Outterside M-i-L Wid 77H'keeper DUR Shiney Row
Dawson Terrace William Elliot Head Wdr 57River Waterman DUR Offerton HSP
Margaret Mushen Niec S 27H'keeper DUR Coxgreen
Dawson Terrace Jeremiah Schofield Head Wdr 54Potter YKS Leeds
Edward Schofield Son S 21Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
Robert Schofield Son S 19Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
Dawson Terrace John Davison Head M 46Ship Wright DUR Shiney Row
Jane Davison Wid M 46DUR Sunderland
Joseph Davison Son S 17Ship Wright DUR Sunderland
Dawson Terrace John Lees Head M 33Ship Wright NBL Newcastle
Mary Lees Wife M 31DUR South Hylton
John Shepherd Lees Son 5DUR South Hylton
James Shepherd Lees Son 2DUR South Hylton
Jane L. Nicholson Vis S 29Milliner DUR South Shields
Eliza Nicholson Vis S 22Teacher DUR South Shields
Richard Burfield Vis 9DUR South Shields
Dawson Terrace Middleton Lees Head M 56Crate Maker Pottery NBL Newcastle
Margaret Lees Wife M 54NBL Newcastle
George Les Son S 24Potter DUR Hylton
Middleton Lees Son S 14Scholar DUR Hylton
Dawson Terrace George Spoor Head M 35Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Spoor Wife M 32DUR Newbottle
Ralph Spoor Son 10DUR South Hylton
Andrew poor Son 5DUR South Hylton
Hannah M. Spoor Dau 3DUR South Hylton
George Spoor Son 2m DUR South Hylton
James Ball Head M 45Potter YKS Swinton
Thomasin Ball Wife M 53DUR Sunderland
James Ball Son S 21Potter DUR South Hylton
Robert Melvin B-i-L Wid 65Seaman DUR Sunderland
Dawson Terrace John Howat Head M 25Joiner DUR Bishopwearmouth
Ann Melvil Howat Wife 23DUR Sunderland
Lees Ball Son 1DUR Hylton
Dawson Terrace Martin Ainsworth Head M 45Potter YKS Castleford
Mary Ainsworth Wife M 47NBL Newcastle
John Ainsworth Son S 21Joiner Apprentice DUR South Hylton
Ann Ainsworth Dau S 14DUR South Hylton
Mary Ainsworth Dau S 11Scholar DUR South Hylton
Harriet Ainsworth Dau S 16Works at Pottery DUR South Hylton
Sarah Ainsworth Dau 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
William Ainsworth Son 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
Dawson Terrace Andrew Burney Head M 34Ship Wright DUR Sunderland
Sarah Burney Wife M 33DUR South Hylton
Isabella Burney Dau 3DUR South Hylton
Sarah Burney Dau 2DUR South Hylton
Dawson Terrace Martha Schofield Head Wid 73YKS Bradford
Dawson Terrace Stephen Naisby Head M 42Ship Wright DUR Hylton
Margaret Naisby Wife M 40DUR Piercebridge
William Walker Lodg S 21Rail Labourer SCT Edingburgh
Robert Pile Lodg S 26Rail Labourer NBL Alnwick
George Barclay Lodg S 20Rail Labourer NBL Alnwick
David Writson Lodg S 20Rail Labourer DUR Houghton-le-Spring
Dawson Terrace John McFarline Head M 29Potter DUR Southwick
Jannet McFarline Wife M 29British Colonies
James McFarline Son 3DUR Stockton
Mary McFarline Sis 18Employed at Pottery DUR Southwick
Dawson Terrace William Stockdale Head S 45Draper & Grocer YKS East Wilton
Elizabeth Stockdale Wife M 45Dress Maker DUR Sunderland
Dawson Terrace James Clasper Lodg S 20Potter Dish Maker DUR South Hylton
John Clasper Lodg S 18Potter Turner DUR South Hylton
William Clasper Lodg S 9Potter DUR South Hylton
Dawson Terrace Thomas McReavy Head M 51Baker IRL Down
Mary McReavy Wife M 36IRL Dublin
Mary McReavy Dau S 12DUR Bishopwearmouth
Margaret McReavy Dau S 4DUR Bishopwearmouth
Thomas McReavy Son S 2DUR Bishopwearmouth
Catherine McReavy Dau 10DUR Bishopwearmouth
Jane McReavy Dau 1DUR Bishopwearmouth
Dawson Terrace Joseph Gains Head M 34Joiner YKS
Jane Gains Wife 36DUR Sunderland
Jane Gains Dau 11DUR Hylton
Sarah Gains Dau 8DUR Hylton
Robert Gains Son 5DUR Hylton
Joseph Gains Son 1DUR Hylton
Blithe Street George Burton Head M 21Ship Carpenter DUR Sherif Hill
Tamason Burton Wife M 20DUR Bishopwearmouth
Blithe Street Ralph Kirtley Head M 20Ship Wright DUR Bishopwearmouth
Jane Kirtley Wife M 22DUR Sunderland
John Kirtley Son 2DUR Sunderland
Jane Kirtley Dau 1m DUR Sunderland
Blithe Street Elizabeth Forrest Dau 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
Ann Forrest Dau 4Scholar DUR South Hylton
John Forrest Son 2DUR South Hylton
Thomas Forrest Son 1m DUR South Hylton
Blithe Street Jane Pullin Head Wid 52Mangler of Linen NBL Hexham
Mary Ann Pullin Dau 24DUR Bishopwearmouth
Jane Pullin Dau 18DUR Bishopwearmouth
Sophia Pullin Dau 18DUR Bishopwearmouth
Sarah Pullin Dau 13DUR Bishopwearmouth
Patrick Cassidy Lodg S 26Journeyman Potter IRL
Blithe Street Evans Head M 28Potter Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Ann Evans Wife M 24DUR South Hylton
Mary Evans Dau 2DUR South Hylton
Georeg Evans Son 4m DUR South Hylton
Blithe Street William Campbell Head M 25Blacksmith DUR Bishopwearmouth
Rebecca Campbell Wife M 26DUR Penshaw
Blithe Street George Wild Head M 47Potter YKS Castleford
Charlotte Wild Wife M 48DUR Birtley
Jane Wild Dau 21DUR South Hylton
Margaret Wild Dau 17DUR South Hylton
Blithe Street Thomas Matches Head M 24Shipwright SCO
Eleanor Matches Wife 22DUR Hylton
William Matches Son 1DUR Hylton
Blithe Street John Shotton Head M 55Labourer Pottery DUR Cassop
Eleanor Shotton Wife M 49NBL ...
John SDhotton Son S 18Ship Wright DUR Hylton
Ann Shotton Dau S 16DUR Hylton
Thomas Shotton Son 13DUR Hylton
William Anderson U 27Tailor DUR Hylton
Blithe StreetJames Outterside Head M 40Tailor & Grocer DUR South Hylton
Frances Outterside Wife 40DUR Penshaw
M.Jane Outterside Dau S 15DUR South Hylton
Eliz. Ann Outterside Dau 13Scholar DUR South Hylton
Frances Outterside Dau 8DUR South Hylton
Mary Outterside Dau 2DUR South Hylton
Hannah Outterside Dau 2m DUR South Hylton
John Nesham G'Fath Wdr 48Formerly Engineman DUR East Rainton
Dorothy TaylorServ S 28House Maid YKS Middlesbrough
Blithe Street Aaron Copeland Head M 36Potter STS Burslem
Mary Copeland Wife M 31DUR Gateshead
Esther Copeland Dau 10DUR South Hylton
Margaret Copeland Dau 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
John Copeland Son 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
Mary Copeland Dau 4DUR South hylton
Aaron Copeland Son 2DUR South Hylton
Thomas Coepalnd Son 5m DUR South Hylton
Blithe Street Henry Bunton Head M 27Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
Jane Bunton Wife M 27DUR South Hylton
Blithe Street William Grieveson Head M 28Potter DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Grieveson Wife M 28DUR South Hylton
Ann Grieveson Dau 4DUR South Hylton
Jane grieveson Dau 2DUR South Hylton
Blithe Street Catherine Matthews Head Wid 74IRL Dublin
James Matthews 26Mariner & Seaman IRL Dublin
Church Street Musterman Head Wid 64H'keeper YKS Froset
Ann Musterman Dau S 23DUR Monkwearmouth
Alexander Gardin Lodg M 42Rail Labourer SCT Edinburgh
John Sharp Lodg S 30Rail Labourer SCO
Joseph Revely Lodg M 30Rail Labourer STS Wolverton
Simon Peron Lodg 30Rail Labourer
Church Street William Mather Head M 35Drugist & Grocer DUR Newbottle
Judith Mather Wife M 34DUR Houghton-le-Spring
Elizabeth Mather Dau 6School DUR South Hylton
Hannah Mather Dau 2DUR South Hylton
William Mather Son 10m DUR South Hylton
Church Street Eleanor Brown Head Wid 44Inn Keeper Newcastle
Elizabeth Brown Dau S 14Newcastle
Mary Kirsop Moth Wid 74NBL Haltwhistle
Mary Jane Moffatt Serv 75House Servant NBL Haltwhistle
Church Street James Ferguson Head M 35Blacksmith DUR South Shields
Mary Ferguson Wife M 32DUR South Shields
Church Street John Gibbon Head M 28Potter DUR Shotley Bridge
Jacobina Gibbon Wife M 29SCT
Robert Gibbon Son 5DUR Bishopwearmouth
Matthew Gibbon Son 2DUR Bishopwearmouth
Church Street Jacob Jackson Head M 30Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
Jane Jackson Wife M 29DUR Piercebridge
Thomas Jackson Son 3DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Jackson Dau 11m DUR South Hylton
Church Street James Outterside Head M 21Potter DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Outterside Wife M 22NBL Acomb
James Outterside Son 1m DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Johnson Vis 11Scholar NBL Acomb
Church Street Jane Biggin Head M 32Sailor's Wife YKS Richmond
Elizabeth Biggin Dau 3DUR Jarrow
Margaret Anderson Vis S 36YKS Richmond
Ann Burn Serv 14IRL
Church Street William Coulthard Head M 37Potter DUR South Hylton
Margaret Coulthard Wife M 34DUR South Hylton
Isabella Coulthard Dau 3DUR South Hylton
William Coulthard Son 4m DUR South Hylton
Church Street Levi Copeland Head M 28Potter STS Burslem
Elizabeth Copeland Wife M 23DUR Bishopwearmouth
George Copeland Son 5DUR Bishopwearmouth
Susan Copeland Dau 2DUR Bishopwearmouth
Vill. of South HyltonDaniel Wild Head M 35Potter DUR Bishopwearmouth
Hannah Wild Wife M 35LIN
Mary Wild Dau 10DUR Bishopwearmouth
Benjamin Wild Son 8Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
George Wild Son 6Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Barbara Wild Dau 4DUR Bishopwearmouth
Isabella Wild Dau 1DUR Bishopwearmouth
Church Street Matthew Gibbon Head M 53Formerly Sawyer (Blind) DUR Witton-le-Wear
Barbara Gibbon Wife M 52DUR Stanhope
Joseph Gibbon Son S 32Sawyer DUR Stanhope
Sarah Gibbon Dau S 23DUR Hylton
William Gibbon Son S 21Ship Wright DUR Hylton
Hannah Gibbon Dau 14DUR Hylton
James Gibbon Son 12DUR Hylton
Elizabeth Allison Moth Wid 75DUR Stanhope
Church Street Matthew Gibbon Head M 30Sawyer NBL Hexham
Margaret Gibbon Wife M 29DUR Bishopwearmouth
John Gibbon Son 10At School DUR Bishopwearmouth
Matthew Gibbon Son 7At School DUR Bishopwearmouth
Elizabeth Gibbon Dau 4DUR Bishopwearmouth
Ninian Gibbon Son 2DUR Bishopwearmouth
Joseph Gibbon Son 1DUR Bishopwearmouth
Vill. of South HyltonGeorge Grieveson Head M 25Ship Wright DUR Gilesgate
Catherine Grievceson Wife M 24NBL North Shields
James Grieveson Son 1m DUR SouthnHylton
Church Street Nicholas Outerside Head M 42Potter DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Outerside Wife M 44YKS Leeds
Nicholas Outerside Son 12DUR South Hylton
Robert Robson Noble Lodg S 28Surgeon M.R.C.S. NBL Newcastle
John Lowton Lodg S 35Railway Plate Layer LAN
George Hall Lodg s 24Railway Plate Layer NBL
Thomas Tebay Lodg S 31Blacksmith WES
Frederick Street George Naisby Head S 45Pottery DUR Bishopwearmouth
Mary Naisby Sis S 34H'keeper DUR Bishopwearmouth
Frederick Street Joseph Milner Head Wdr 43Butcher MDX London
Elizabeth Milner Dau S 16DUR South Hylton
Ann Milner Dau S 15DUR South Hylton
Joseph Milner Son 10At School DUR South Hylton
Martha Milner Dau 7At School DUR South Hylton
Margaret Milner Dau 7At School DUR South Hylton
Mary Hannah Milner Dau 2DUR South Hylton
Frederick Street Peter Theardley Head M 23Shipwright
Jane Theaedley Wife 22DUR
Frederick Street Andrew Reed Head M 36Potter ...
Ellen Reed Wife M 38IRL
Thomas Reed Son 7School DUR South Hylton
Catherine astle Vis S 19IRL
Ford Terrace Harrison Meldrum Head M 30Sail Maker DUR Sunderland
Jane Meldrum Wife M 27DUR Hartlepool
Ann Meldrum Dau 7School DUR Hartlepool
Rob Snowdon Meldrum Son 5School DUR Hartlepool
Elizabeth Meldrum Dau 3DUR Hylton
Michael S. Meldrum Son 1DUR Hylton
Elizabeth nowdon M-i-L Wid 60House Proprietor DUR Hartlepool
Ford Terrace George Nicholson Head M 47Joiner DUR Sunderland
Alice Nicholson Wife M 43DUR Bishopwearmouth
George Nicholson Son 16House Carpenter App. DUR Bishopwearmouth
Mary Nicholson Dau 15Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Isabella Nicholson Dau 13Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
E.G. Nicholson Dau 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
W.G. Nicholson Son 2DUR South Hylton
James Nicholson Serv S 19Farm Labourer DUR Easington
Ford Terrace Robert Westmoreland Head M 27House Carpenter DUR Streetlam
Ann Westmoreland Wife M 23DUR South Hylton
Ford Terrace Mary Kirtley Head Wid 50Formerly Farm labourer... DUR Pickering House
William Kirtley Son S 21Joiner DUR Hylton
Robert P. Kirtley Son S 18Apprentice Ship Wright DUR Hylton
Joshua Liste Lodg S 25Farm Labourer NBL Linen Mill
Ford Terrace James Toun Head M 39Farm Labourer NBL Biddlestone
Hannah Thorburn Wife M 34DUR Lamesley
Mary thorburn Dau 3DUR Hylton
Jane Thorburn Dau 6m DUR Hylton
Ford Terrace William Kirkley Head M 40Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Kirkley Wife M 39DUR South Hylton
Alice Kirkley Dau S 16DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Kirkley Dau 14Scholar DUR South Hylton
Robert Kirkley Son 11Scholar DUR South Hylton
Isabella Kirkley Dau 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
Jane Kirkley Dau 4DUR South Hylton
Mary Kirkley Dau 2m DUR South Hylton
Ford Terrace John Kough Head M 56Paper Maker IRL Dublin
Rose Kough Wife M 50IRL Dublin
Anthony Kough Son S 17Apprentice Paper Maker IRL Dublin
Catherine Kough Dau 14IRL Dublin
Thomas Kough Son 6IRL Dublin
James Harvey ?? Lodg U 54Labourer Paper Mill IRL Meath
Agnes McDowell Lodg Wid 34Labourer Paper Mill IRL Tyrone
Henry Bain Lodg 2DUR Hylton
Ford Terrace John Scott Head Wdr 44Potter DUR Easington
John Young Scott Son 9School DUR Bishopwearmouth
Mary Robson Niece S 30H'keeper DUR Bishopwearmouth
Ford Terrace Robert Reay Head Wdr 64Master Tailor DUR Bishopwearmouth
Thomas Hudson Nep S 18Ship Wright Apprentice DUR Sunderland
Isabella Rud Serv U 45House servant DUR Bishopwearmouth
Church Street Robert Hastie Head M 22Paper Mill Labourer SCT Midlothian
Margaret Hastie Wife M 25IRL Dublin
James Hastie Son 6m
William Fire Lodg S 26Rail Labourer IRL Downpatrick
John Smith Lodg S 26Rail Labourer IRL Dundalk
Church Street George Forster Head M 29Sub Contractor Railway DUR Gateshead
Ann Forster Wife M 26NBL Gosforth
Ann Elizabeth Forster Dau 2NBL Alnwick
Ford Terrace John Waters Head M 42Ship Wright DUR B...
Margaret Waters Wife M 45NBL Easington
John Waters Son 10School DUR Monkwearmouth
Mary Waters Dau 5School DUR Bishopwearmouth
George Waters Son 1DUR Bishopwearmouth
John Robson Lodg S 24Ship Wright DUR Southwick
Church Street William Longridge Head M 52Potter NBL Newburn
Elizabeth Longridge Wife 50LAN Liverpool
George Longridge Son 20Shipwright NBL Newcastle
William Longridge Son 15Shipwright NBL Newcastle
Thomas Longridge Son 12NBL Newcastle
Eliza Longridge Dau 6
William Dickinson Lodg S 22Rail Labourer SCT Roxburghshire
Church Street William Watson Son 8m DUR Hylton
William Watson Head M 28Ship Wright DUR Shallforth
Elizabeth Watson Wife M 26NBL Newcastle
John Watson Son 3DUR Hylton
Thomas Watson Son 1DUR Hylton
Church Street Mary Holines Head Wid 55H'keeper NBL Newcastle
William Holines Son 23Shipwright NBL Newcastle
James Holines Son S 21Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
Margaret Holines Dau S 15NBL Newcastle
Ford Terrace Isaac Shepherd Head Wdr 57River Waterman STS
Thomas Shepherd Son S 20Apprentice Butcher DUR Coxgreen
Robert Shepherd Son S 18Apprentice Blacksmith DUR Coxgreen
Dorothy Shepherd Dau 10DUR South Hylton
Sarah Shepherd Dau 8School DUR South Hylton
Lyndin Shepherd Dau 6School DUR South Hylton
Mary Ann Shepherd Dau 3DUR South Hylton
Ford TerraceJohn Outerside Head M 35Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
Jane Outerside Wife M 33DUR South Hylton
Mary Ann Outerside Dau 12DUR South Hylton
John Outerside Son 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
Mary Jane Outerside Dau 4Scholar DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Outerside Dau 2DUR South Hylton
Margaret Ann Outerside Dau 10At Work DUR South Hylton
Church Street Alexander Harker Head M 68Farm Labourer DUR Sunderland
Mary Harker Wife M 66KEN Sheerness
Thomas Harker Son S 21Shipwrights Labourer DUR Houghton-le-Spring
Peter Gray Lodg S 25Joiner NBL Killingworth
Back Church StreetJoseph Coates Head M 55Ship Wright DUR Sunderland
Ann Coates Wife M 55DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Coates Dau M 29DUR Sunderland
Thomas Coates Son S 19Ship Wright DUR Bishopwearmouth
Jane Coates Dau 10DUR Bishopwearmouth
Emma Coates Dau 9Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Joseph Aitkin G'son 1DUR Bishopwearmouth
Margaret Aitkin G'Dau 1m DUR South Hylton
Back Church StreetJames Robson Head M 42Retired Captain Sailor YKS Boulby
Jane Robson Wife M 40SFK Ipswich
Ann Robson Dau S 16NBL Newcastle
Thomas Robson Son 15NBL Newcastle
Frances Robson Dau 13NBL Newcastle
James Robson Son 12NBL Newcastle
Elijah Capstaff Lodg M 54Ship Wright NBL Newcastle
John Grant Lodg U 13Farm Servant NBL Newburn
Back Church StreetRobert Browell Head M 48Sawyer NBL Bywell
Isabella Grant Browell Wife M 41DUR Shotley Bridge
Mary Jane Browell Dau 12School DUR South Hylton
Robert Browell Son 8School DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Browell Dau 10School DUR South Hylton
Vill. of South HyltonJohn Askew Head Wdr 56Sawyer NBL Allendale
Jane Askew Dau S 18DUR South Hylton
Thomas Askew Son 17Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
Mary Askew Dau 15DUR South Hylton
Thomas Marshall Lodg S 26Blacksmith NBL Gosforth
Johnathan Lynn Lodg S 29Blacksmith NBL Cramlington
Robert Mason Head M 32Ship Wright KEN Woolwich
Mary Mason Wife M 33IRL Dublin
Mary Mason Dau 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
Joseph Mason Son 7Scholar DUR South Hylton
Margaret Mason Dau 4DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Mason Dau 1DUR South Hylton
Thomas Gray Lodg S 30Rail Labourer SCO
James Wilson Lodg Wdr 30Rail Labourer SCT Coldstream
Thomas Stephenson Head M 39Sawyer DUR St.John's Chapel
Isabella Stephenson Wife M 30DUR Monkwearmouth
John Stephenson Son 15Ship Wright Apprentice DUR Easington
Thomas Stephenson Son 13Scholar DUR Monkwearmouth
Eliz Ann Stephenson Dau 11Scholar DUR Monkwearmouth
George Stephenson son 9Scholar DUR Monkwearmouth
Matthew Stephenson Son 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
Mary Jane Stephenson Dau 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
Isabella Stephenson Dau 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
Robert Stephenson Son 3DUR South Hylton
William Stephenson son 1DUR South Hylton
Back Church Robert Peart Head M 55Shoemaker YKS Startforth
Hannah Peart Wife M 38YKS Startforth
Mary Ann Peart Dau S 12School YKS Startforth
Robert Peart Son 8School DUR South Hylton
William Peart Son 7School DUR South Hylton
Henry Peart Son 5School DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Peart Dau 3DUR South Hylton
Isabella Peart Dau 8m DUR South Hylton
Vill. of South HyltonMatthew Glendening Head M 56Farm Labourer NBL ...lam
Ann Glendening Wife M 56DUR Bishopwearmouth
John Walker Glendening G'son 2DUR Bishopwearmouth
Walker Glendening Son 20Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
Robert H ???? Lodg 33Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
William ???? Lodg 31Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
Church Street Hutton Thompson Head M 50Farm Labourer YKS Brunton
Isabella Thompson Wife M 43DUR
Margaret Thompson Dau S 16DUR Sunderland
Robert Thompson Son S 14DUR Sunderland
Thomas D. Thompson Son 12DUR Sunderland
Ralph Thompson Son 10DUR South Hylton
Hutton Thompson Son 8DUR South Hylton
Peter Alinson Lodg S 20Rail Labourer SCT
John Little Lodg S 24Rail Labourer SCT
John Denham Lodg S 23Rail Labourer SCT
John Twaddle Lodg U 22Rail Labourer NBL Newcastle
John Crome Lodg S 20Rail Labourer CUL Penrith
Ford Lodge Ann Gales Head Wife 64House Proprietor NBL Acomb
Jane Henderson Serv S 40House Maid DUR Houghton-le-Spring
John M. Gales Head M 67Ship Owner DUR South Hylton
Dorothy Gales Wife M 62NBL
Ann Milburn Dau Wid 39DUR South Hylton
Thomas Charles Gales Son S 18Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
John Barnes G'son 14Scholar DUR Norton
Froule Serv S 19Cook Maid DUR Washington
Elizabeth Sedgwick Serv S 18Housemaid DUR Rainton
Hall?? Villa Lawson Gales Head M 38Ship Builder Employing DUR Bishopwearmouth
Frances Gales Wife M 30DUR Stockton
Frances Elizabeth Gales Dau 3DUR Stockton
Dorothy G. Gales Dau 1DUR Stockton
Ann Robson Serv S 27House Serv DUR Rainton
Mary Elizabeth Kirtley Serv S 16House Serv DUR South Hylton
Vill. of South HyltonWilliam Lynn Head M 35Earthenware Dipper DUR Castle Eden
Barbara Lynn Wife M 29DUR Thinfall
Ann Lynn Dau 5DUR South Hylton
Robert Lynn Son 2DUR South Hylton
Barbara Hunter Aunt S 43NBL Prudhoe
Church Street Charles Huntley Head M 35Ship Wright DUR Sunderland
Gwen Huntley Wife M 34Dress Maker YKS Driffield
Grace Dennis Niece 7Scholar YKS Driffield
South Hylton Thomas Brayfield Head M 30Master National School YKS Melenby
Elizabeth Brayfield Wife M 24DUR Whitburn
John Brayfield Son 1DUR Heighington
Ford Gill Houses Frances Godrick Head M 65Ship Wright LIN
Elizabeth Godrick Wife M 60LIN Counton
Henry Godrick Son S 23Ship Wright YKS Hull
Elizabeth Davison Dau M 30YKS Hull
John Godrick Son S 29Ship Wright SFK Rye
Mary Godrick Dau 5DUR Hylton
Ford Gill Houses Thomas Minikin Head M 40Ship Wright DUR Hylton
Mary Minikin Wife M 37DUR Middleham
Robert Minikin Son 6Scholar DUR Hylton
George Minikin Son 4Scholar DUR Hylton
Ann minikin Dau 2DUR Hylton
James Harper Lodg U 19Mason Yorks
Ford Gill Houses Thomas Gateshouse Head M 40Engineman DUR Newbottle
Eliabeth Gateshouse Wife M 34DUR Newbottle
George Gateshouse Son 7Scholar DUR Penshaw
Ford Gill Houses George Chambers Head M 47Potter DUR Monkwearmouth
Elizabeth Chambers Wife M 44DUR St.John's Chapel
Elizabeth Chambers Dau 16Dress Maker DUR Bishopwearmouth
Mary Jane Chambers Dau 14Scholar DUR South Hylton
William Chambers Son 12Scholar DUR South Hylton
Louisa Chambers Dau 10Scholar DUR South Hylton
Maria Chambers Dau 6Scholar DUR South Hylton
Emma Chambers Dau 3DUR South Hylton
Gill Houses Henry Pallin Head M 21Potter DUR South Hylton
Mary Pallin Wife M 25NBL Newcastle
John George Pallin Son 4m DUR Bishopwearmouth
Gill Houses Mary Wilson Head Wid 38Laundress Dents Hole NEW
Thomas Wilson Son 12Carpenters Apprentice DUR Hylton
Mary Ann Wilson Dau 7Scholar DUR Hylton
George Moir Lodg S 18Potter SCT
Vincent Hodgson Head M 43Potter and Overman DUR Bishopwearmouth
Elizabeth Hodgson Wife M 35YKS Guisborough
Havelock Hodgson Son 14Potter Handler DUR South Hylton
Jane Hodgson Dau 13Scholar DUR South Hylton
Mary Hodgson Dau 5Scholar DUR South Hylton
Hannah Hodgson Dau 1DUR South Hylton
Peter Forrest Head M 34Shipwright Master Emp DUR South Hylton
Mary Forrest Wife M 29DUR South Hylton
Elizabeth Forrest
Gwen Forrest Dau 8Scholar DUR South Hylton
William Forrest Son 2DUR South Hylton
Mary Forrest Dau 6m DUR South Hylton
Gill Houses Robert Stafford Head M 47Mason DUR South Hylton
Ann Stafford Wife M 45DUR Lumley
Mary Jane Stafford Dau 17DUR Coxgreen
Blakeston Stafford Son 15Apprentice Ship Wright DUR South Hylton
Ann Stafford Dau 12Scholar DUR South Hylton
Robert Stafford Son 9Scholar DUR South Hylton
Pottery Gill George Trotter Head Wdr 85Potter DUR Cockfield
Mary Trotter Dau S 35Employed at Pottery YKS Caterforth
John Trotter G'son 5Scholar DUR Hylton
Ford HallWilliam Hay Head Wdr 37Timber Merchant DUR Monkwearmouth
Ann Elizabeth AlexanderM-i-L M 61DUR Jarrow
Sophia Louisa AlexanderS-i-L M 34DUR Bishopwearmouth
Chas Douglas AlexanderNep 7Scholar East India(B.S.)
Helen Louisa Alexander Niece 5Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Emma Douglas Vis M 33MDX L.....
Frances Mary Douglas Vis 9MDX Knightsbridge
Agnes Huic Serv 20Governess SCO Edinburgh
Margaret Robson Serv Wid 41Housekeeper NBL Newcastle
Esther Stafford Serv Wid 40Nurse DUR Waldridge
Sarah Martin Serv U 24Cook West India (Br. Subject)
Mary Gayden Serv S 20House Maid NBL Newcastle
Mary Ann James Serv S 17Kitchen Maid YKS ...
William Tarrin Serv M 57House Serv YKS ...
Jane Tarrin Serv M 64House Serv YKS High Worsall
Ford Hall Cottage Thomas Raw Head M 30Coachman YKS ...
Harriot Raw Wife M 37DUR Bishopwearmouth
Ann Raw Dau 5DUR Bishopwearmouth
Thomas Raw Son 9m DUR Bishopwearmouth
Ford North Farm Robert Storey Head M 65Farming 130 Acres emp.. DUR Raby
Ann Storey Wife M 61Yorkshire
John Fortune Serv S 22Farm Labourer YKS Whitby
James ???? Serv U 15Farm Labourer
William ???? Serv U 23Farm Labourer
Ann Milburn Serv S 23House Servant NBL Newcastle
Mowbray Quay George Short Head M 36Ship Builder employing.. DUR Bishopwearmouth
Martha Short Wife M 33DUR Bishopwearmouth
George Short Son 9Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
James Young Short Son 7Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Martha Short Dau 5Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Maria Short Dau 2DUR Bishopwearmouth
Claxheugh Cotts.Thomas Davison Head M 47Railway....Employing DUR Butterknowles
Annie Davison Dau 8GLS Cheltenham
Emma Barker H'keep S 30H'keeper Kent
Claxheugh Cotts.John Motson Head M 61Shipwright DUR Hylton
Ann Motson Wife 59DUR Pelton
Thomas Motson Son U 31S'buider empl 3 men/2 boys DUR Sunderland
Elizabeth Motson Dau 30DUR Sunderland
Ann Thompson Dau M 28DUR Sunderland
Matthew Thompson G'son 7m DUR Sunderland
William Naisbitt Lodg S 36Joiner DUR South Shields
Claxheugh Cotts.John Dixon Head M 28Ship Wright DUR Sunderland
Harriot Dixon Wife M 26DUR Monkwearmouth
Claxheugh Cotts.Matthew Hutchinson Head M 54Sawyer YKS Auburn Dale
Jane Hutchinson Wife M 47NBL Rainton
Claxheugh Cotts.James Bryness Head M 35Sawyer IRL Amagh
Alice Bryness Wife M 39IRL Armagh
Patrick Bryness Son 8IRL Armagh
Claxheugh Cotts.William Bain Head M 36Paper Mill Labourer IRL Lough
Ellen Bain Wife 30ITL Dublin
Claxheugh Cotts.James Caisley Head M 32Ship Wright NBL Berwick
Margaret Caisley Wife M 30NFK Lynn
Mary Ann Caisley Dau 11m DUR Bishopwearmouth
Claxheugh FarmJohn Hope Head M 62Farming 20 Acres CUL Brampton
Mary Oliver Dau Wid 37
Frances Jane Oliver G'dau 15
Sarah Oliver G'dau 13Employed at Paper Mill Durham
William Oliver G'son 9Employed at Paper Mill DUR Bishopwearmouth
Thomas Oliver G'son 7Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
George Oliver G'son 5DUR Bishopwearmouth
Joseph Oliver G'son 2DUR Bishopwearmouth
Robert Oliver G'son 1DUR Bishopwearmouth
Claxheugh Mill CottageJohn Lynn Head M 36Paper Mill Foreman DUR Castle Eden
Ann Lynn Wife M 33DUR Ford
William Scott Lynn Son S 6Scholar DUR Ford
John Lynn Son 4Scholar DUR Ford
Thomas Lynn Son 3DUR Ford
Robert Lumsden Lynn Son 1DUR Ford
William Scott F-in-L Wdr 60Retired Farmer DUR Ford
Eleanor Gillon Serv S 20Housemaid SCT Glasgow
Claxheugh Mill Cottage Abigail Lynn Head Wid 63DUR Shotton
William Jolly S-i-L M 24Tailor DUR Hylton
Jane Jolly Dau M 23DUR Houghton-le-Spring
George Pringle Lodg M 28Rail Labourer SCT
James Pringle Lodg M 26Rail Labourer SCT
Claxheugh Mill CottageJames Lawrence Head M 44Joiner DUR Sunderland
Sarah Lawrence Wife M 41DUR Sunderland
James Lawrence Son 10Scholar DUR Sunderland
Thomas R. Lawrence Son 9Scholar DUR Sunderland
John Lawrence Son 6Scholar DUR Sunderland
Robert Lawrence Son 2DUR Ford
Claxheugh Mill CottageRobert Lynn Head M 29Engineman DUR lumley
Elizabeth Lynn Wife M 33NBL Haught...
Robert Lynn Son 7DUR Ford Mill
Margaret Lynn Dau 2DUR Ford Mill
Hannah L.umsdon Dau 3m Dur Ford Mill
Claxheugh Cotts.James Macreith Head M 26Labourer Paper Mill DUR Felling Shore
Mary Macreith Wife M 34NBL Newbrough
Christiana Macreith Dau 5Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Jane Macreith Dau 1DUR Bishopwearmouth
John Cunningham Lodg M 31Rail Labourer IRL
James Friskew Lodg 26Rail Labourer SCO
Claxheugh Cotts.Robert Cavan Head M 52Labourer Paper Mill SCT Galloway
Mary Ann Cavan Wife M 38NBL Simonburn
Jannet Cavan Dau 5Scholar DUR Bshopwearmout
George Cavan Son 2DUR Bishopwearmouth
Robert John Cavan Son 1DUR Bishopwearmouth
Emma Hindmarsh Serv S 21House Serv DUR Bishopwearmouth
Claxheugh Cotts.Robert Hastie Head M 56Labourer Paper Mill SCT
Hellen Hastie Wife M 55SCT
Margaret Hastie Dau S 23SCT
John Hastie G'son 8SCT
Robert Hutton G'son 2DUR Ford
Claxheugh Cotts.George Henderson Head M 41Waterman DUR Coxgreen
Esther Henderson Wife M 36DUR Coxgreen
William Henderson Son 14Scholar DUR Coxgreen
Susannah Henderson Dau 12Scholar DUR Coxgreen
Catherine Henderson Dau 10Scholar DUR Coxgreen
Mary Ann Henderson Dau 5DUR Coxgreen
Esther Henderson Dau 2DUR Ford
Claxheugh Cotts.Robert Smith Head Wdr 56Paper Maker SCT Berwick
Robert Smith Son S 22Paper Maker SOM Bath
William Smith Son S 20Paper Maker SOM Bath
Isabella Smith Dau 12Scholar DUR Hylton
Jane Smith Dau 16SCO Pennycuik
Claxheugh Cotts.Joseph Smith Head M 28Paper Maker IRL
Mary Smith Wife M 36IRL
Elizabeth Drody Vis U 21IRL
Claxheugh Cotts.Josiah Saunders Head M 37Paper Maker SRY Godalming
Margaret Jane Saunders Wife M 31DUR Monkwearmouth
Martin Saunders Son 7Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Elizabeth Saunders Dau 2DUR Bishopwearmouth
Claxheugh Cotts.John Heads Head M63Paper Maker NBL Warden
Elizabeth Heads Wife M 32DUR Hexham
John Heads Son 4DUR Bishopwearmouth
Robert Heads Son 1DUR Bishopwearmouth
Susan Carr M-i-L 60NBL
Robert Jackson Head M 29Millwright DUR Sunderland
Claxheugh Cotts.Elizabeth Jackson Wife M 28DUR Sunderland
John Frederick Jackson Son 8Scholar DUR Sunderland
Emma Jackson Dau 5Scholar DUR Sunderland
Alfred Jackson Son 1DUR Bishopwearmouth
Claxheugh Cotts.William Giles Head M 31Engineman CUL Carlsile
Ann Giles Wife M 35CUL Carlisle
Samuel Giles Son 10Scholar DUR Hylton
Thomas Giles Son 8Scholar DUR Hylton
Jane Giles Dau 6CUL Carlisle
Margaret Giles Dau 3DUR Ford Mill
John Giles Son 8m DUR Ford Mill
Samuel Gile Fath M 67Farm Labourer CUL Carlisle
Claxheugh Cotts.Matthew Armstrong Head Wdr 36Paper Maker NBL Low Warden
Margaret Armstrong Moth Wid 66NBL Low Warden
Matthew Srmstrong Son 11Apprentice DUR Durham
John Armstrong Son 10Scholar DUR Durham
George Armstrong Son 9Scholar DUR Durham
William Armstrong Son 7Scholar DUR Durham
Barbara Brown Serv S 18House Serv DUR Felling Shore
Claxheugh Cotts.John Lambett Head M 39Stoker DUR Cockerton
Mary Lambert Wife M 40NBL North Shields
Claxheugh Cotts.Robert Hezeltine Head M 55Paper Maker Engineer DUR Darlington
Ann Hezeltine Wife M 57NBL Prudhoe
Ann Hezeltine Dau S 21Paper Maker O'looker DUR Durham
Claxheugh Cotts. Richard Lynn Head M 20Paper Maker DUR Murton
Margaret Lynn Wife M 21Paper Maker IRL
Claxheugh Cotts. Joseph Law Head Widr 57Incumbent of South Hylton CUL Salkeld
Margaret Law Sis S 60CUL Salkeld
Edward Law Nep S 26Mariner Valleta, Malta
Richard Law Nep 13HEF Ledbury
Susan Law Serv S 18House Maid SCT Dunbar
Charlotte Brown Serv S 26House Maid SRY Kingston on Thames
Ford Cottages Joseph Ousnett Head M 34Farm servant YKS Cotherstone
Elizabeth Ousnett Wif 32DUR Cockfield
Ford Cottages Francis Burnes Head M 40Rail Labourer IRL Armagh
Sarah Burnes Wife M 35IRL Armagh
James Burnes Son 7DUR Bishopwearmouth
Michael Burnes Som 5DUR Bishopwearmouth
Francis Burnes Son 17m DUR Bishopwearmouth
John McKennett Lodg M 23Stone Mason SCT Dumfries
Margaret McKennett Lodg M 20SCT Dumfries
William McKennett Lodg 7m Newcastle
Ford Cottage Farm Thomas Gales Head M 38Farmer employing DUR Hylton
Ann Gales Wife M 382 Labourers DUR Barmston
Robert Matthews F-in-L 76Retired Farmer DUR Evenwood
Ellen Brown Serv 24Cook YKS Marske
Elizabeth Richard Serv 19Housemaid DUR Hylton
Low Ford Farm Thomas Hutchinson Head M 45Farming 120 Acres DUR Whitburn
Barbara Hutchinson Sis U 38H'keeper DUR Whitburn
John Hopper Serv U 25Farm Serv DUR Wolviston
William Heslop Serv S 20Farm Serv YKS Northallerton
Margaret Conn Serv S 19House Serv DUR Sedgefield
High Ford Farm John Batson Head M 32Farm Serv NBL Ryle
Elizabeth Batson Wife M 34NBL Chollerton
Alice Batson Dau 9Scholar DUR Ford
Eleanor Batson Dau 7Scholar DUR Ford
William Batson Son 10m DUR Ford
High Ford Farm Ralph Lawson Head 65Farming 180 Acres NBK Acomb
Alice Lawson Wife 39NBK Kirkwhelpington
William Bowman Serv 24Farm Serv DUR Gilesgate
Anthony Pattison Serv 17Farm Serv DYR Hylton
Ann Revely Serv 22House Serv NBL Walsford
Mary Curry Serv S 17Laundry Maid DUR Wapping
High Ford Farm Ralph Kirtley Head S 54Farming 106 Acres DUR Bishopwearmouth
Henry Ferry Nep S 19DUR Bishopwearmouth
Margaret Robinson Serv S 21Dairy Maid NBL Allendale
Ford Hill Thomas Walker Head M 40Farming 86 Acres DUR Bishopwearmouth
Maria Walker Wife M 38DUR Bishopwearmouth
Jane Walker Dau 9Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Emley Walker Dau 7Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Maria Walker Dau 5DUR Ford
Charles Walker Son 4DUR Ford
Elizabeth Mary Walker Dau 4DUR Ford
Ann Olivia Nurse 16DUR Auckland
John Burdon Serv S 35Farm Serv DUR Chester-le-Street
Agnes Loweshead Serv S 22House Serv DUR Chester-le-Street
Jonathan Wigham Serv S 14Farm Serv DUR Bishopwearmouth
Arch Engine Cotts.John Wilkinson Head M 70Engineman DUR Birtley
Jane Wilkinson Wife M 64DUR Quarrington
George Wilkinson Son S 28Waggon Rider DUR Penshaw
Eliza Wilkinson G'Dau 5DUR Grindon
Arch Engine Cotts.Matthew Robinson Head M 29Plate Layer DUR Houghton
Elizabeth Robinson Wife M 24DUR Houghton
Elizabeth Ann Robinson Wife 7m DUR Bishopwearmouth
Arch Engine Cotts.Mary Wigham Head Wid 42LAN Bolton
Thomas Wigham Son S 22Engineer DUR Lumley
William Wigham Son 18Rail Labourer DUR Burn Moor
Robert Wigham Son 16Rail Labourer DUR Bishopwearmouth
Arch Engine Cotts.Robert Allsion Head M 25Waggonman DUR Shiney Row
Ann Allison Wife M 25DUR Stanhope
Thomas Allsion Son 2DUR penshaw
John Allsion Son 6m DUR Bishopwearmouth
Arch Engine Cotts.Cuthbert Hall Head S 27Waggon Man DUR Houghton
Ann Hall Sis S 21H'keeper DUR Grindon
Christopher Hall Nep 8DUR Bishopwearmouth
South Ford Farm Joseph Baty Head M 26Farm Serv DUR Stanhope
Isabella Baty Wife M 25NBL Kirkharle
Mary Baty Dau 1DUR Herrington
Ann Walker Serv 11House Serv ENG
South Ford Farm William Davison Head M 50Farm Serv NBL Rothbury
Sarah Davison Wife M 50NBL Felton
Mary Ann Davison Dau S 19Dress Maker NBL Rennington
Ford Lodge Hall Thomas Bradfield Head M 35Gardener DUR Auckland
Isabella Bradfield Wife M 39DUR Jarrow
Mary Ann Bradfield Dau S 17DUR Chester-le-Street
Sarah Bradfield Dau 9Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Thomas Bradfield Son 7Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
George Bradfield Son 5Scholar DUR Bishopwearmouth
Isabella Bradfield Dau 3DUR Bishopwearmouth
Mary Jane Bradfield Dau 1DUR Bishopwearmouth
Ford House Joseph Burbeck Head M 54Farm Serv DUR Harington
Mary Burbeck Wife M 66DUR Auckland
Ann Burbeck G'Dau 4DUR Bishopwearmouth
Elizabeth Jefferson S-i-L Wid 78DUR Auckland St.Andrew
Ruth Kington Serv 16House Servant CUM
John Cass Serv 16House Servant DUR Bishopwearmouth