The National Family History Fair

At Gateshead International Stadium

Saturday, 12th September 10.00am - 4.30pm

Entrance £4.00

We shall be participating in the following events during 2009

Yesterday Belongs To You 9

The “Yesterday Belongs To You 9” exhibition takes place on Saturday, 16th May at County Hall, Durham.  This is a biennial event organised by Durham County Council.  It will be open from 10.30am through till 4.00 and entrance is free.



We shall be holding our next major exhibition on October 3rd in The South Hylton Tansy Centre from 10.00 am to 3.30 pm.  There will be an extensive display of photographs etc.  This will be our first major exhibition in the new centre so please come along.

There will be refreshments available throughout the day.  Entrance will be 50p.  We look forward to seeing you.

Sunderland Community Lectures 2009

Will be held in

The University of Sunderland’s Sir Tom Cowie Lecture Theatre

Prospect Building, Sir Tom Cowie Campus at

St. Peter’s, Sir Peter’s Way, Sunderland



George Patterson – Curtain up...and down. The Rise and Fall of the Theatre in Sunderland.

From 1768 to 1884 The Theatre, Drury Lane, in Sunderland’s East End was the town’s most important entertainment venue.  We will trace its rise and fall from legitimate beginnings through music hall to decline and collapse, and see the actors and managers who kept it alive for so long.

Tuesday, 5th May (2.30 pm)


David Archer – Great Floods of Northumbria

Great floods like those in Morpeth and Rothbury in September excite our curiosity.  They also provide a new perspective for flood risk management.  Were these floods really the biggest ever to occur or are there historical precedents?  The lecture will explore the history of floods in Northumbria including references to the Tyne, Wear, Wansbeck and Coquet...and the Great Floods of 1771.

Wednesday 3rd June (2.30 pm)


John Addyman – Thomas Elliott Harrison

T.E. Harrison (1801 to 1888) who came from Sunderland was one of the leading railway engineers of the nineteenth century.  He had a very important role in the development of railways in the North East and his achievements will be outlined in the talk.

Tuesday 23rd June (2.30 pm)


Colin Wilbourn and Craig Knowles – Reflections

Colin and Craig will show slides and talk about their work on the St Peter’s Riverside Sculpture Project in Sunderland.  The project was one of the longest running Public Art projects in Europe and resulted in a series of large scale sculptures along the north bank of the River Wear, involving many local people in the process.  They claim to give an insight into the ideas and processes which went into the making of the works and how local people became involved.

Wednesday 22nd July (2.30 pm)


Iain Moffatt – Trafalgar, Nelson and Collingwood – The Royal Navy Supreme

This talk will include a description of the organisation, ships and men of the Royal Navy of 1805 before introducing Nelson and Collingwood.  The great victory over the Combined Fleet of Spain and France off the Cape Trafalgar and its impact upon history will be described.

Wednesday 12th August (2.30 pm)


Sir Arnold Wolfendale – The Origin of the Universe

A tour of the Universe to see what is there.  This is followed by the latest theory as to the origin of life and everything.  Outstanding problems are addressed such as “what was present before the Big Bang?”

Wednesday 2nd September (2.30 pm)


All lectures are free and open to all.  Easy access and (pay) parking.

Refreshments available...


To everyone who visited our stand on Saturday, a big thank you.

Although there wasn’t as many people overall, it was a huge success.